1997-12-07-Assumptions About Teachers

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Topic: Assumptions About Teachers

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Evanson, Jessona

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan, Mary Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings. I have come amongst you once again today. This is your friend and spirit guide Elyon. I would address some of your comments made here today in an effort to correct some assumptions on your part as well as to bring you increased perspective as to how we the teachers operate on your behalf.


The Teachers

As you know we are in attendance whenever you assemble for this purpose as observers to determine from your communications with one another what the issues are that you have been grappling with at any one time. We learn much from these encounters. It is the issues at hand that are most primed to be helpful to your spiritual growth. If your discussion revolves around a particular topic, this means you already have given some thought, or are giving some thought, to the subject matter. Therefore, we deem it appropriate at this time to expand your understanding of the given topic to increase your perspective.

Sometimes you may ascribe to us more credit than we are due in that we are not all knowing, all encompassing beings. We are merely in the classroom a few grades ahead of you. Still must we make our observations based on your realities, your interests, your desires. We must tailor our lessons to your relative levels of comprehension. We are restricted in any way to force any truths upon you which are out of your realms of comprehension. Therefore, as I have stated before, it is literally true that you determine the lesson plans for the group by your actions and by your desires. We are subject to your plans should we be aware of them.


When you assemble in larger groups this presents more of a challenge to us, as there are far more diverse platforms on which you all observe reality. We must cater the lessons to somehow be beneficial and effective to all who are present at a meeting. Therefore we look to you for our direction. When we observe you sharing amongst yourselves, we witness growth plainly and openly. It is as you would picture the snake shedding its skin. When you embrace another new level or ideal, when you increase your base of experience, you outgrow your old skin, your old confinement. You shed this just like the snake. You do this so regularly that it is splendid for us to watch. You should never fear that you would run out of skins to shed, as this is not possible. Each time you embrace a higher ideal, each time you earnestly desire to understand and discuss truths outside of your realm of knowledge, you grow; you gain in capacity. Each time you step outside you outgrow your old limitations and embrace new ones. I would also add to this metaphor that each time your skin becomes more brilliant and shines more light than the one before.

I praise you in your efforts to help each other in the understanding of these deeper truths, as you are equal, valid instructors to each other. You each have a perspective, a viewpoint, that can help illuminate the dark corners for another. If all perspectives were laid out, there would be no more dark corners to illuminate, as the total truth would be in full light. So, openly and freely share with those who desire similarly to share your perspective, your views, your impressions, your interpretations. These greatly aid your brothers and sisters in determining how their perspective fits in and how they may gain some of your perspective, as well.


Now we must talk more about grace. Grace is all of the things that you have attributed to it. It is an aspect of your triangle. It is a force to deliver a gift. It is a gift from the Father. It is all these things combined. It is your cooperation, your engagement, with this grace which brings into reality the gift of grace. The gift of grace is there on the table for each and every one of you to pick up at any time. It is correct that it is your growth that both allows you to see this potential of grace and also to access it. By the act of involving yourself with this grace, growth is inherent. By the act of choosing to involve yourself with this grace, growth has been present. It is more than an ideal, and by describing it as a potential I would not minimize its effect on your lives.

Grace comes to you as you are able to accept it. As you recognize it, it arrives on the scene. As you use it, it manifests in reality. It requires your action to complete the circle -or the triangle- requires your recognition and growth, as well. But it is indeed never withheld, always available to you as you already and can be viewed as the reaching down of the Father to complement the reaching up of the mortal. It takes both to reach together to join hands and complete the circuit. The Father is ever willing to reach down in His gift of grace to you. As you are able and willing to reach up to the Father, you actualize this grace, you realize this grace. You make this grace real in your life and in those lives around you when you take active part with the Father.

Grace does not shower gifts down upon you which you have not earned. It is not divine providence upon which you can lean. It is active between you and the Father. It must be fluid between you and the Father. When an opportunity arises, presents itself, that is grace. When you present yourself within this opportunity, that is your growth. Together you make this grace real; you manifest this grace.

Would anyone else care to share any perspective?


Jonathan: Grace seems to come in the middle of an experience. It is neither a reward nor are we deprived of an experience. It is a commingling of our experience and God's, that active participation, the point of impact where grace is realized.

Elyon: Grace may be seen in that scenario as the experience and what you chose to do with the experience. The experience exposed itself to you; this is the gift from the Father. Then you present yourself to the experience; this is your gift to the Father. Together you both make the most out of the potentials inherent in the experience.

Mary: When you first gave us this assignment you said that you were giving it so that we might be better able to acknowledge the way that God is at work in our lives. The more we discuss it the more I come to believe that grace is an overall presence. Our awareness is the activation. When we talk about synchronicity in our lives, angel bumps, feeling guided, all of these could be described as grace. Grace is another word to describe God in our lives. The more we acknowledge God, the more we become real, tuned in, and graceful.

Elyon: Very well said. The grace is, indeed, in the form of many different experiences in your lives, and you remain the facilitators to actualize the grace potential. If you were to only be aware of the opportunities of grace and not act on these, you would not be completing the full cycle; you would not be reaching and grasping the hand of the Father as He extends it towards you. You would simply acknowledging that the hand of the Father was there. Your step to follow up the gift of grace is to take the hand of the Father and fully materialize and realize the potentials inherent in the gift He has given you.

I perceive that you are all coming to some realization of grace, and this is very pleasing. It is always pleasing to work with you, each one, as you are so responsive. I speak of reaching back to those who reach out. Indeed, each one of you in this classroom today has a gold star on the chart for effort for reaching back to us as teachers, to God as He presents you with His gifts. This is truly a noble characteristic you each have here today, and I am humbled to witness it and to work with you.

I have no more comments today. I will remain in attendance as always, and I will make room for more teachers or for your individual comments.

Evanson (Jonathan): You have been instructed and understand the idea that to recognize God in the lives of others and for God to be recognized by others in your life you must bear or witness the fruits of the spirit. In a manner of speaking grace is the garment of God that reveals Himself directly. It is the fruit of God. Sometimes He comes to you in overcoat, hat, and boots that you may better bear the adversities in your life. Sometimes He comes in festive adornment that you may worship, commune, and celebrate with one another. He will bring His cane; He will bring His hankie. These are the ways that the Father touches you. At your level of perception and abilities to perceive, as well as mine, we are only able to perceive God through His revelations. The fruit of the spirit you bear in your lives is one more ramification of the action of God in the world.

Grace can have a secondary application. That is, it can be received by you from another of your kind and likewise received from another by you. I would turn your triangle into a square by adding the previously mentioned word "guide". As a servant to the Father you can be a guide for conveying the gift of grace for another's growth. You can be diligent in recognizing guidance of a brotherly nature from others and thereby receive God's grace. The Father reveals through His grace, and you reveal the Father through your fruits.

I am happy to be here today. I am Evanson. I thank you.


Daniel: I pick up that fruits of the spirit are a revelation of God. So, as far as we are revealing God, we are producing fruits. Are they synonymous or are fruits applicable to something else also?

Evanson: The teaching of the fruits of the spirit has been derived from the master's teaching that you know a tree by the fruit it bears. But to the untrained eye a tree is a tree. When it bears its fruit the kind of tree is recognizable; the inner qualities are revealed, spiritually speaking. The fruit, in a spiritual sense, is the outworking of grace in your life intermingled with your reactions and your decisions. They, combined, become a revelation for another.

It may not be a revelation to you to recognize the fruit you bear. It can be an enhanced awareness and appreciation of your current growth level. Bearing the fruit of the spirit is something that, in the manner of a tree, you must do through simply providing the fruit on your own limbs. A tree does not give its fruit to you; you must take the fruit from it. Therefore, the bearing of the fruit of the spirit in your lives is a revelation only when another takes this display of spirit reality into themselves.

Daniel: So, it is a contribution to the Supreme?

Evanson: Good. Yes.

Daniel: In order to contribute to the Supreme does there have to be a recipient other than yourself?

Evanson: No. Simply to bear the fruits is the contribution, but the recognition of these fruits by another is how you reveal. Much like grace and growth, bearing of fruit has the complementary element of receptivity by another. You may bear the fruit of spirit in complete isolation, but you reveal spirit in your life by socialization.

Daniel: So you discover God as fruit in your personal, and you share or reveal God when someone can benefit from it?

Evanson: Yes, the receptivity must be present much as you have discussed grace being a potential that is realizable at the moment of receptivity.

Jill: Would it be correct to say that the bearing of fruit is a daily conscious action as we choose to be the Father's will, regardless of whether there is a recipient at each moment? It's continuous as we seek to be the Father's will?

Evanson: Yes. May I put it this way: Imagine you are an orange tree, and you bear fruit season after season, much of which falls to the ground and moistens the soil. When another plucks the fruit and peels it then revelation is taking place. Does this help to clarify?

Jill: Yes, thank you.

Mark: It's like if a tree bears fruit in the woods and nobody sees it, does it still bear fruit? The answer is yes whether or not it has been revealed to others.

Daniel: Is it still an experiential attainment of the Supreme?

Evanson: It is within the orchard of the Supreme.

Daniel: But not necessarily for sharing with the overall consciousness of other beings?

Evanson: Bearing fruit spiritually is in itself an end, for it is a revelation of the inner state of one's being. It is not a way of masking one's interior through artificial appearances. Grace is the garment of God which reveals who He is. He does not dress in costume. Your bearing of fruit is a result of your life, not a bag of tricks in order to entice another into spirit living. Such being the case, your contribution to the Supreme is the result of the added benefit, is when another receives nourishment from your bearing. They must then internally bear their own fruit. They do not adopt yours; you stimulate their own production. Each individually within themselves produces another revelation of the Supreme.

Daniel: We are what we eat.

Mark: And what we do. Thank you, Evanson, that was a beautiful lesson.


Tom: (asking Jessona, tape flipped) . ..the qualities of grace that one might cultivate in order to be a more effective healer? Also is the healing mission connected to the mission of nature and grace?

Jessona: I, Jessona, am present and greet you. Healing ministry through spiritual means, contact of personality to personality, soul to soul, is compensatory of the incomplete evolutionary development of physical life. Through the Life Carriers, nature provides you with a physical mechanism in which to live, your body. You know each world is conditioned by events which have contributed to or detracted from the biologic development of this life vehicle. In a larger perspective, even the developments of life on differing worlds condition what type of vehicle you inhabit on this planet. In order for the Father and Michael and Nebadonia to allow for the growth of even the Life Carriers, we find ourselves in a position where we must live in an environment with inadequacies. Herein enters the grace of healing ministry. In understanding the scope, the conditions which bear upon a specific event of illness, you are better able to be a conduit for healing; you are better able to understand who receives the credit for healing, and you are better able to cope with the apparent failure of healing, for even tragedy itself may be working great miracles in the advancement of a larger arena of beings. This is where the element of faith must be applied, for the compassion of one's heart that longs to be of service in this form of ministry is good and ought to be bestowed for another's benefit. But therein ends your task, for you must in detachment defer your desires to the overcare of the Father.

When you have heard the phrase that all things work to the good, I would underline the word "all", for there are times when singular specifics do not appear to work for the good. Eventually healing will disappear when the universe is settled in Light and Life, for all things will function appropriately. In the mean time, as you are motivated through compassion, you can be the Father's means for providing the grace of healing another, if it be His will.

Does this supply you with enough answer?

Tom: Yes, thank you. It's nice to hear from you again.

Jessona: Thank you. Beings of my order are always challenged with the conflict, if I may put it that way, of having a goal for this world and being ever confronted with the current conditions. Even when we tend to conditions which appear to be wholly mundane we are increasingly impressed at how even these apparent transient conditions and events on your world play into the ultimate goal. As this is our task for the world, I encourage you to learn to recognize this in your lives when the daily events seem to be inconsequential to your Paradise ascent. We are forever realizing new ramifications, and you may do likewise.


Jonathan: I'm getting that another teacher would like to close and would like to use a different TR for voice.

unidentified (Mary): In the overall presence of God in our lives we can discern patterns of love, grace, that manifest as opportunities, growth, beauty, goodness. It is our awareness of these presences that grows. Our ability to recognize these influences increases with experience. The ability to draw on these experiences and direct them toward an understanding of God will develop more fully with the passing of time. Within your hearts and your minds and your actions you must develop a coordination. You must strive for unity within these aspects of your being. The influences and graces of God bear down upon you to assist you in the unification of these contrasting aspects of your lives, the activities of your minds, the desires of your hearts, and the actions that you take.

Try to remember to call on God and the many influences He has provided to assist you. You are not alone in your struggle. You are watched. There are those waiting for your reach. There are beings who are bearing fruit which they desire you to pick. Avail yourselves consciously and with effort to the reception of these many gifts and graces.