1998-01-22-Spirit of Fellowship

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Topic: Spirit of Fellowship

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: Berca, JohnSen

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings, I am Berca. Again it is good to bring to your mind these thoughts I will share.



The rising spirit of fellowship is adjusting your souls' capacity to grow. This flow of love , tolerance and respect is indication of your souls' growth. The soul pours forth its spiritual beauty as fruits of the spirit. Indeed does the mind adjust to the souls' growth as it gravitates towards the soul and away from the self. The mind is ever responding to the spiritual attunement of your soul through your Thought Adjuster. As the mortal begins to respond to the adjuster's will , does the soul begin to function as the spiritual center of your being. This spiritual center, the soul becomes the abode of your spirit presence, the divine Adjuster.


Fellowship is truly the arena of the soul's capacity to express itself. Your brothers and sisters become the soil of your human spiritual endeavor to plant works of spiritual fruit. The capacity to become more than yourself, is the ability to serve others with love and respect, more so from the standpoint from your own spiritual presence within. This is where the true respect lies, for the nature of the spirit is to thus function in a loving fellowship mode.

Thus does humankind begin to enjoy the spiritual endeavor of the individual. Then does God begin to function within the hearts and minds of men. The joy of this relationship of man and spirit is the harmony which begins to effectively unravel the confusion of human relationships. You cannot effectively grow spiritually all alone. It is your effort to enjoy sharing this greater life within, with everyone you interact, which brings the kingdom of heaven to function within the social arena of man's relationship with his fellows.

Mind, Soul

Begin to function from your soul. Allow your mind to respond to this soul as you begin to feel the joy of sharing spirit, not only joy but also the graciousness of spirit. To the mind poised in the rigid limits of self importance does this mind become ineffective to proclaiming a spiritual nature, thereby neglecting the capacity to grow spiritually, to become part of the greater expanse of God's will. God's will is the spiritual expansion of the universe, even to the human and social functions of your little world.

IT IS THE SPIRITUAL LIGHT OF THE INDIVIDUAL WHICH BEGINS TO DISPEL THE DARKNESS OF CLOSED MINDEDNESS. Spirit cannot function within the constricted confines of the self-motivated mind. Spirit begins to function within the mind opening to the influences of spirit. The influences of spirit are everywhere. One cannot effectively evaluate the influences of spirit by refusing to act upon the faith led mind. Spirit is less about thinking and more about feeling; less about self and more about others; less about receiving and more about giving; less about worrying and more about accepting; less about gaining it over others and more about sharing it with others.

Begin to look through the dense veil of self and see the yearning of the hearts of mankind. Begin to still the mind and begin to hear the song of righteous harmony waiting to play her melody within the hearts of mankind.

From your soul does your true nature spring. The soul is the spring of eternal life; become a spigot to dispense this water of eternal life freely amongst mankind. The soul is celestial fragrance; become a rose that you may attract others by your scent. The soul is the gateway to heaven; open it up that all may enter. The soul is evidence that God lives within; become a mirror of living truth that all may see who they truly are. The soul is love; your acts become true, beautiful, and good. Your soul is one spiritual brick; lay your brick firmly upon the spiritual foundation and become part of the temple of God on your world.

You cannot estimate your impact upon the spiritual expanse of your world. You can only live your life within your capacity to give to others; as you begin to grow spiritually you will establish a path others may follow. So, in your daily life, seek to become mindful of your spiritual nature, as you share it with others you incur credit on the storehouse of goodness, the universe response to your needs. Water loses its saltiness by evaporating from the oceans and eventually precipitating upon the land in a pure and fresh state; so must you clear your mind of the salt of self, that you begin to function within the pure and fresh will of the Father. Cleanse your mind by the practice of stillness. Allow the particles of thought which have clouded your mind to settle once again to render the mind pure and cleansed. The cleared mind is able to discern the single thought of Father's will, that still, small voice of love which yearns for expression within the daily human life.

The capacity to grow spiritually supercedes all human conflict. Through faith you allow Father's influence to reduce conflict within your own life. Living spiritually you begin to reduce the conflict in the human social arena. Spirit is the answer to all of your problems. Spirit seeks to bring everything into its resonance of perfection. "Love everyone as I truly love you", the human manifestation of divine spirit once said on your world, is truly the echo of the great circle of Paradise seeking to complete its connection here on your world.

May Fathers' love become a resource for all of you. Thank you,

Greetings, I am JohnSen;

Thought Adjuster

It is good to share with you once again my thoughts and words of encouragement to you and your fellows. The spiritual mind is truly the result of the effort to discern Father's will and act upon it. The Thought Adjuster, as Father within , is truly the gift of Paradise bestowed upon all mankind. This bestowal gift is your ticket to eternal spiritual life and adventure. It is also your personal certification to know God and to grow into his likeness.

Consider what it would be like on your world, if God had not chosen to bestow himself within the mortal mind. You have just to look to those of you who are the most savage and disregarding for human life and endeavor. Imagine not being able to evolve past your animal baseness. Beyond the basic instinct for a mother caring for her young, do you think that mankind would grow to love and accept others like himself who are different, even from different clans.

Do you think that man would have the nature to share what he had learned and gained with the whole of mankind. Even within a clan, it is a great soul who has the capacity to act for the highest good of the clan, rather than the narrow motive of self. So what is the evidence today of the spirit of God living within mankind. One would be quick to point to man's great intellectual and scientific achievements and would be correct in evaluating the presence of spirit within as giving rise to these achievements. Yet, consider that the greatest evidence of the spirit living within mankind would be the spiritual life that has been evolved through centuries of humankind living in God's presence. Even now you could hardly point to human social interactions on your world in general as spiritual, and this is what the spirit within is here for; To enact a spiritual kingdom within the human endeavor and social life of this world.

So from this observation, you could deduce that the spiritual nature of man does not automatically function with the presence of spirit within. Why would God choose to indwell the inhabitants of time and not instantly transform them. This is the great confusion of many of the thinking minds of your world.

The subtle nature of spirit is doused by the blatant and overt coarseness of your human/animal natures, and yet God still chooses to function within your minds!!

Human Condition, Urantia

This is much to consider. This is also the emergency nature of this teaching mission. The spiritual nature of mankind has not kept pace with the intellectual and scientific achievements of your world. In our efforts and capacity as spiritual teachers we are attempting to bring the human consciousness to the brink of action; to the awareness that the spiritual nature of man must be nurtured through a loving and conscious relationship of aligning the will of mankind with the will of Father. There are certainly individuals who have evolved into a spiritual dimension on your world. The religious institutions are certainly now beginning to allow for the social nature of their ministries to act as they purport to believe. But in general there is great discrepancy between the spiritual activity taking place within the minds of men and the spiritual activity taking place between men. It is hoped that our efforts will begin to evolve spiritual interaction between fellows, fellowshiping. This is the hallmark of a spiritual age. You are now on the verge of a spiritual age if you would but begin to evolve socially the brotherhood of man. Many people believe in God, but don't act like it. This is the challenge of your age, to begin to act like God lives within mankind.

The challenge to change lies, yes, with yourself. Personal spiritual transformation has been the essence of our teaching, and we must keep you looking ahead to the great social ministry which this transformation serves. It is not altogether unreasonable to project that your world is in great danger of spiritual neglect. Even now it is overwhelming to consider the spiritual transformation of your world. The state of deteriorating values and integrity on your world has the sluggish social aspect of disaster. This is not a gloom and doom view of your planet, yet an intelligent objective observation from our side of reality as we view your present situation with much concern. We do care wholeheartedly about conditions on your world, but aside from working with you spiritually, we cannot interfere with your world.

This is not to say even that you are not making progress, just the opposite, we are observing great progress from those who are responding to our interaction on your world.

This overview is meant to awaken your senses to the time element, in that you have all of eternity to evolve spiritually, but your planet does not. Your world is sorely behind in using its allotment of spiritual fuel given to quicken the spiritual tasks at hand. The solutions lie within the capacity for individuals to begin to live spiritually, to begin to act as children of God.

The effort which this task demands is supplied through the faith worship of the creature with the Creator. As you increasingly become aware of your spiritual nature, you become aware of the need to be of service, to deliver the capacity to grow spiritually through your awareness of the soul's potential to express itself within the mind. Allow yourselves to be led spiritually, even in those difficult situations of interaction where you would rather avoid certain fellows, it is this area which will quicken the spiritual unfolding of this social ministry of fellowship. It is to those who think that you don't care that your caring is most important.

Again, all effort is rewarded by increased faith in sonship. The soul is a bushel basket, which must be filled with spiritual fruit The mind is not a waste basket, it is an instrument of the soul, and also has the potential to evolve through the ministry of the soul functions. Your ability to express the will of Father spiritually to your fellows is your capacity to identify with Father. God lives within you that others may know Him.


Keep a daily practice to seek Fathers presence. May you grow into His likeness, Thank you.