1998-03-01-Michael Is Your Father

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Topic: Michael Is Your Father

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Unknown, Malvantra

TR: Sarah, Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Sarah: I'm not getting a name of who this is.


unidentified (Sarah TR): Let us speak today of the ladder that we all are climbing. On top of this ladder is God, below Him is Jesus, below them the Spirit of Truth, the Mother Spirit, and way down at the bottom are God's children. As mortals we need to worship God, try to make Him happy all the time, and sometimes we don't know why you are even bothering to create such a ridiculous scene. In your mind you know better. Not one spirit or mortal is better than another. We have God, Jesus, spirits. We are all involved in this same parallel design. You are part of God, and God is part of you, the same as Jesus. As far as worship, let us all go into creation together.

As God creates, it is only a beginning. Each spirit must do his own unfolding, his own creation. As the spiritual family on Urantia, you hold together in unison to create a god. This filters down until we see the newborn baby who has to begin a creation of himself to the world and on into the heavens. The amount of creation you establish before leaving Urantia is the same amount you bring into the circle of God. There are no particular ways of living or chores to manage or any particular acts. As creation unfolds it is a matter of being able to create unto yourself. This is not easy; this takes a lot of faith in yourself that you are on the same plane of ascension as God Himself. We need to have you not looking at God and Jesus and the higher powers on a pedestal, or you will never understand them. Let them fall off the pedestal and join you in the daily life, in your lessons of life. Relax to know that all are in this together.

Sarah: That is all I am seeing here.

Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon, and I would once again come among you with joy as we strive together to be of service to each other and to Michael.


Teacher Contact

It is witnessed with joy your sharing of significant aspects, lessons in your lives, experiences you each have. These are how we can put back into play some previous truth balls as well as bring out of the footlocker new ones from time to time to play with. Indeed, it is true that there are many individuals on my side who desire to be useful and in service to you in some way, many teachers willing to discourse or be called into play. It is your familiarity with myself and with other leading personalities that confines your contact to these select individuals. It is in no way your shortcoming or fault that you are unaware of who to ask for, as until you have been exposed to a different personality you could not be expected to be familiar. It might be helpful to you on occasion to attempt to widen your sphere of influence to a greater teacher base available to you. I realize that this may challenge some of your comfort zones, as the unknown can be initially uncomfortable. But I encourage you to expand your horizons, to be open in your lives to teachers other than myself or the rather select group you have become familiar with. You should not have fear attached to this circumstance. I would suggest you pause to reflect on the comfort you experience in our contact together and realize that contact from another may be equally as comfortable to you in the end and, indeed, may prove enriching for your growth experience, as many times new insights are derived from fresh perspectives. For every question one seeks to answer, there are many answers to be given, all of which may help to fill the entire answer.

We have developed the relationship we enjoy together over a lengthy period of time, each of us investing ourselves as time goes by to build the relationship we now enjoy. This is true of teachers and students, of students with other students, of teachers with other teachers. It takes some effort on your part to build and maintain a relationship with any other individual in all the cosmos. So therefore, by word of encouragement, not only go out and meet and foster relationships with your brothers in the flesh, but also look forward to the opportunity between yourself and the as yet unmet personalities available to you through the grace of our sovereign Michael.

I would pause for you to examine in your own lives the many benefits you have derived from your contacts with others and how there may have been times of discomfort involved in any relationship, but a relationship fostered in love and tended to with great care can be a wellspring of enjoyment for your experience and for your growth. It truly would be a sad and isolated existence to not have the richness of this contact between yourselves. You should realize that as rich and fulfilling as these relationships have been, there are an unlimited number of opportunities for you to cultivate relationships equally as enjoyable and beneficial as the ones you now enjoy.

Would anyone care to interject a thought, observation, or truth ball into play at this time?


Creation, Personality

Evelyn: This is off the topic. I understand from the book that both God and Michael are our creators. I'm stumbling over conveying that briefly to another. I understand Michael as a brother but not as our father, seeing as how our personality comes from God.

Elyon: Michael is your father in the respect that from him you originated. While it is true that personality is a divine gift from the Father, you still need to be created to enjoy and access this gift of God, this personality. Michael was created to be a creator, and in some limited sense you were created by Michael to be a creator. This same relationship holds true in that you, as you may create another living creature, do not bestow on them personality. This gift comes from the Father. And so on up through Michael; he is able to create universes and vast numbers of individuals. But it is still the personality fragment from God that is unique to each individual.

Do you have any comment?

Evelyn: I think of what humans do as procreate, not create, or is that the comparison, that procreation is comparable to his creation? Are we supposed to see him as creating us each individually rather than that he created mankind, or set the wheels in motion for us all to procreate? Or should we see it as he created us each one individually? I'm not sure my question is clear. Thank you for your comments.

Elyon: By referring to your ability to create more life on this world, your ancestry must be traced back to a dawn of mankind, which was the creation of Michael.

Mark: I'm sorry, I'm not able to pull this picture together. Perhaps another TR would be more effective.

Elyon (Jonathan): It would be more fitting to view Michael's creator abilities as the primary creator of you than the Father, in that the Father is a master creator, one who has revealed potential that may be enacted in time and space by Creator Sons. You may perhaps perceive it in this manner. Michael has created you as if you were a vessel such as a glass. He has created this form. He has likewise created the water that fills this glass. Not only in the broad scope of creature orders, but in the specific sense of each vessel, he has created these. It is complicated for the creature to understand the creator process. Much of your creative experience is replication, variation on creation. The Father's input is like a drop of lemon juice in this water. This infusion of personality is that additional uniqueness. But the Father did not choose to create the Urantia form of Nebadon mortal; this was Michael's design. Your specific creaturehood as one of these mortals is Michael's design.

I would like to continue this image of a glass of water, if you are satisfied with your question.

Evelyn: Sure.


Elyon: Returning to our topic of relationship, I would inform you that, as you reach the truth, this same idea of flavoring water is likewise applicable. We have often spoken of higher truths, of increasing degrees of truth recognition. We speak of truth often is this relative sense. Yet it is known by you as well as by us that truth has absolute qualities. Higher truth is often in reality a degree of recognition of the same truth that was, until now, imperceptible. When you reach for truth you receive this drop of lemon juice in your receptive water, and it flavors you. In ministry you can transfer a drop of yourself to another, and they receive the same flavoring. In ministry you are met with frustration at times for you have felt inadequate in your function as a truth revealer. This inadequacy often arises from the recognition of what appears to be dilution in your gift. But I assure you that the flavor is still lemon, it has not changed. It has merely become compatible to another's ability to taste. This essence only stimulates the thirst of the seeker for stronger flavor. You have performed the service of encouraging a greater thirst. You are fully aware that a spoonful of concentrated lemon juice is strong. The Father does not infuse you with such intensity, but allows you to become better able to receive higher concentrations. Each level of concentration contains the absolute qualities of truth.

Now may I introduce a sidelight of this image. Let us assume you are a vessel filled with milk. Your life processes in association with a Thought Adjuster unfold similar to the idea of a warm glass of milk with a concentration of this same lemon juice. All your valuable experiences curdle into a soul leaving behind the whey of mortal existence. The whey is not unimportant; it is a valuable factor in bring about the soul. Without it the entire process is impossible.

I hope I have provided you with some illumination and desired feedback.

Mark: Thank you so much. That's a great image of the glass.

Evelyn: Do we need to specifically request those other personalities you mentioned earlier? Or can we just say, "You're welcome, go ahead and surprise us."?

Elyon: We are always willing to step up to the podium. You have requested these instructors, some of whom have been present and addressed you over the past few weeks. Given the time period, only a few will speak, for we are more inclined to be intent upon the content and reception of the lesson than for each of us to have a moment at the microphone. But the processes of communication with you are established, and we can receive requests from you for instructors who are remotely located.

I now introduce you to one of your kind. He has spoken to you in the past. He is a Mighty Messenger.

Human Condition

Mighty Messenger: Greetings to you. I have come from a world not unlike yours. I have ascended and accomplished a great feat in the eyes of all us mortals, to attain the Father and to go beyond into the embrace of Trinity.

I am greatly pleased to note your enthusiasm over your life struggles, your willingness to do good when there appears to be much in our world that is not only imperfect but inclined towards evil. But I assure you as one standing among you today this is, in the outcome, quite beneficial. Do you realize that all your work for the good is of great service to the many who seek to restore order on a world that has been left directionless for a long period of time?

The events of your physical life appear trivial in the long ascent to Paradise. Such great accomplishments as comprehension of the Father, such events as attaining residential status on Salvington, seem to make your 24 hour day far too little. But you have two great tasks to perform while yet embodied as you are, and these are: One, to become wholly united with the Father's presence that now dwells in you. This accomplishment opens the door for all that follows. Second, you are to leave this world a better place than you found it. This is a service you perform for those whom you cannot see. It also incorporates service to those whom you can see. There is a lot of lemon juice to go around, and if your world is going to reach the ages of having it made in the shade, there is much work to do.

I thank Elyon for the opportunity to speak with you today. As one assigned to a world so similar to my origin, I am keenly interested in the welfare of this world. I will now depart. Thank you.


Malvantra (Mark): This is Malvantra. I will now muscle my way in here for one brief moment today to recall to mind the images we shared recently of each one of you now and here being in the Melchizedek classrooms, that there is much instruction to be given to the class and much tutoring to the individuals, and that we must remember that the surf is up, and the opportunities for growth are cresting with the waves.

I just intercede to freshen the image in your minds so that it does not become too far diluted. I stated my position in relation to these upcoming challenges, and I reconfirm my resolve to each one here as well as to the overall lesson plan. That is all that I would share with you today unless you ask for more.

It is important to focus on enthusiasm from time to time. As a surge occurs it is a useful thing to take advantage of it and to ride it for all it's worth. I would encourage each one here to be in full realization that the potentials abound around us at this time. We may make more full use of them if we are but focused on this agenda.