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Topic: Balance

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to greet you all again after our break.



You are each learning many things, lessons, that will give you additional guidance in the future. You are all looking forward into the future with open hearts and willing minds. With coming spring, you are feeling anticipation and a subtle excitement about what adventures are coming. You should all be at ease and more calm than you are. All of you are having some minor stresses and fears.

Nothing should disturb your balance. Learning how to balance well involve s keeping balance during times of disturbance. Balance and mental equanimity is crucial to success in any endeavor. If you can keep a good balance in the small whirlwinds, your chances of keeping a good balance when a larger wind comes is greatly enhanced. Everyone must deal with difficult situations, difficult people and part of balance is the learning of not allowing someone else to push you off balance. Sometimes, this involves the step of removing yourself from another's influence and other times it involves learning to weather the wind storm that another sends in your direction.

When someone's behavior is objectionable to you, you must always pray for that person. In other words, you must pray for your enemies and in this prayerful attitude find understanding and compassion. This prayerful attitude may not alter their objectionable behavior toward you, but it will help you be flexible enough to weather the storm that is sent your way. You must all also realize that there are some people that you personally cannot help. You all take your relationship with Jesus, our Father/brother Michael, very seriously and so you seek to help everyone who comes into (your) sphere of influence. Jesus recognized that there were very many people that he could not personally help and people that he could not help spiritually even if he healed the body.

People will come to you with various motives who don't always wish for spiritual help. Like the woman who followed the Master seeking physical healing but who would not listen to his sermons. People come to others with various expectations, wants, and needs. You must all understand that you cannot be all things to all people and you must understand that the Master does not require you to be. Part of recognizing the Father's will is recognizing your own limitations.

Be at ease with each other. Have freedom and openness. Wear the Master's mantle lightly, do not cause your tasks to be more of a burden than they should be. Are there any questions at this time?



Q: You advised us to pray for our enemies and who are difficult and in our way, is it also wise to pray for those who are not are enemies but involved in business and social endeavors?

Ham: Yes, absolutely.

Q: I appreciate this lesson, because I struggle with how to balance my response to people. The Urantia book says that when we pray for another person, it is more effective that we inform that person that we are praying for them. Would you address that and say why it might be so and whether we should inform people we are having problems with that we are praying for them.

Ham: This information usually will soften the other person's attitude toward you while your praying softens your attitude toward them. This is why it is more effective, but it is not always possible. Prayer is I suppose somewhat mysterious from your viewpoint. Often times, the prayers of humans are misguided and do not necessarily influence the Father or his angels. But, prayer always influences the one who prays.

Q: I always figured that when you pray for somebody, it helps you to identify with them and see their viewpoint better. Kind of puts you on their side.

Ham: Yes.

Q: What are some of the things we can do to try to find and keep our balance?

Ham: Again, prayer is you most powerful tool. Praying to the Father to help you maintain your balance is crucial, and then in addition if you pray for those who set you off balance this is very powerful in helping you transcend your problem and thus keep spiritual balance.

Q: I am seeing balance here as remaining calm and not letting emotions like anger and fear overwhelm me, is that how you are seeing it?

Ham: Yes.

Q: Ham, is prayer a technique we can use to communicate with you and our teachers?

Ham: No, you should differentiate praying to the Father or to Michael from simply talking things over with your teacher.

Teacher Contact, Spirit of Truth

How about meditation?

Ham: Yes, meditation will help you to receive any messages from your teacher, certainly.

Q; Is my communication with Daphney through the Spirit of Truth channel circuit? Ham: No, but you respond to the truth received through this channel.

Q: Can you say a little more and make me understand that.

Ham: The human mind is receptive to communication on many levels, conscious, superconscious, and even subconscious. All these levels of mind are encircuited with the Spirit of Truth, so where ever truth is received in whatever state of consciousness, the spirit of truth rings through the soul. The Spirit of Truth circuit belongs only to the Creator Son and is not ever tapped into by any other source.

Q: The reason I ask was because whenever I attempt to reach Daphney, I concentrate on the Master and receptive to him and maybe just the concentration allows her to come through. Anyway, it works.

Q: Speaking of communications, now that we are no longer considered an isolated planet, can we expect in our lifetime to see outside communications to this plane t on a greater scale than just what we are seeing through the Teaching Mission?

Ham: The Father always seeks the most natural and unobtrusive method of communication. Michael is likewise dedicated to this ideal. You, therefore, should not expect a grand demonstration or physical display that would overawe the weaker minds among you.


Q: I was thinking about the book that it talks about there are announcements or broadcasts to the planets. Thank you Ham. I saw something the other night on the Learning Channel that raised more questions about the existence of aliens and their ability to come to this planet and kidnap humans for experiments. Some of what I saw raised questions and what occurred to me is that one of the greatest gifts the Father has given is the ability to create our own reality.. In observing the different people who have been claimed to be abducted by aliens. I have wondered that with their own power of believing they are creating these experiences and the circumstances. There has to be an explanation because I don't think they are what they are claiming them to be. Is the mind powerful enough to create these sorts of experiences?

Ham: The human imagination is very, very powerful. It is the escape route whereby you are not subject to space and time and all the material restraints that normally confine you. I will not comment one way or the other about what this UFO phenomena on is or is not in reality.

Q: I did not want a validation on that, but whether we as humans are able to create such a reality through our belief?

Ham: To actually create the physical reality, no.

Q: This last week or so I attempted to communicate with Lisa on several occasions and I feel I made some progress in this regard. Could you comment on that?

Ham: Lisa informs me that yes you are truly breaking ground and that there are always new communications ready for you when you are made ready to accept them.

Q: I would love any guidance you have for me this week.

Ham: Certainly, daughter, you are doing better getting rest and are much more accepting of your limitations and need for balance. Don' t worry about the unknowable events in your future time. Bring your consciousness into the now time more and mo re and you will find a greater peace.

Q: I would appreciate a personal message also.

Ham: Kellan, you are in a true transition time where much or your life, including the spiritual, is undergoing a metamorphosis. Let go of your old habits, especially the habit of worrying, and embrace the now time also letting everything come to you without fear or anxiety.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are doing very well in handling the many transitions that you are experiencing. You are learning to let go of things that are out of your control and most importantly not to worry about them. You are finding a new freedom and love of life that you have not known before.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, stay strong and remain in the Father's loving arms. Do not allow anxiety to weaken your health or create other imbalances. Be at ease, daughter, all is well.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you have done well in this task so far. Be happy and at peace for all is well and as it should be.

Q: Myself?

Ham: Jarad, your life is undergoing a great change as well. Remember to meditate every day and you will have better balance.

Q: Ham do you have any advice and counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Yes, Dillman, you are learning the great lessons of patience and humility like the Master's apprenticeship and years of labor. Your soul is being readied for greater work. For now, whatsoever your hand finds to do, do that with all your might and all will be well.

Q: Z asked me if you had any advice or feedback or wisdom for her in regard to looking for a new house and what she has been going through with that.

Ham: Clarify, is this a residence for you both?

Q: Yes and also a place where she can have her office and do her work and a place that is large enough for a child if we are able to be successful with that.

Ham: Yes, you must relax and remember that you have angels who will work for this greater good. When you find the house they have guided you to, you will both feel warmth, comfort, and affirmative. Wait until this happens before you try to work something that isn't quite right.

Q: Do you have feedback for me this week too please?

Ham: Son, you are truly making great progress. I am very pleased with all your work and all you efforts to help humanity with a serious problem. Know that you a re being brought into higher spheres of influence rung by rung so that your influence will be lasting because it is built on solid ground. All your efforts will bear fruit. Fear not, the way is opening and everything is looking very good. In this, you are where you need to be.

Q: I wanted to say thank you and wanted to say that I always find you exquisitely balanced and that is an inspiration to me.

Ham: Thank you son, I appreciate the compliment. I am informed that Vontiss desired a message.

Son, you are learning some hard lessons but also are inspiring in your balance and reliance on the Father. Continue your mediation practice every day. Everything is now working itself out, so have no fear, you are doing well. The one thing I would say son is that you must be more persistent in your pursuit of goals. Do not be s o quick to give up.


If there are no further questions I will tell you all farewell until next week. My prayers are with you.