1998-03-30-Universe Mother

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Topic: Universe Mother

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome to you here this evening. What a wonderful display of friendship. Each one upholding, together in everyday mortal living. This kind of support and upholding are sometimes rare. We are blessed to have this circle of friendship. I can see, you find it easier to love one another here with a Fatherly affection. Each of you share a common ground, a mutual respect.


In your basic mortal living however, do you find it difficult to use spiritual concepts with those who seem to understand you less than your fellows here in this group? However, we are able to meet weekly to drink from the well of spiritual refreshment.

Mother’s lesson on "loving with a Fatherly affection" will take time and practice for you to see positive results. Our Mother endeavors to upgrade the thinking patterns of all Urantians to promote Light and Life.


Nebadonia: My greetings are with you my children, I am your Mother. It is said, that our Father did not say the way to him was easy, but only that you would never have to endure it alone. Our lessons regarding relationships have a great deal to do with the growth of the mind. The mind has a direct influence upon the growth of the soul. The mind is what filters information leading to meanings and values which the soul can comprehend.

Urantian psychologists have a great deal of research data concerning mindal development. They have made great strides in promoting good mental health, and I would say that this is well but not complete, for you see that those who radiate well balanced mental health are involved in some sort of spirituality.

As small children grow they take in the habits of those who teach them. They learn that when touching a hot stove there is indeed pain. They also learn that certain behaviors attract varying degrees of punishment. The good parent learns to put a spiritual emphasis on the good as well as the bad. That in the pain of a burn, a good parent explains the important value of experience, the experience of positive and negative.

The good parent is ever willing to confess an incomplete knowledge of many topics on mortal living and always leaves room for flexibility and change. With evolution, there is growth and understanding. The good parent can rejoice in the new knowledge instead of regretting the past.

The good parent can carry on without self chastisement or self aggrandizement. There is only the understanding that mortal living is always in transformation. Always moving at its own momentum.

Do you see, in the ways of the mind there is always new growth, new possibilities, and new potentials. Your regret from the past can be the lessons on good mental health of today. I would seek to assist you in your understanding on your personal evolutional revelation, (196:3.15) your transforming of confusion and pain into spiritual meanings and values.

I have made it my task to consult with each one of you who would have me to assist in understanding past pain and confusion. I would seek to assist you in changing certain mind set patterns into productive spiritual meanings and values. Your relationships help to create your mindal make up.

From birth to death, your mortal fellows do have influence and you also have an influence on them.

For Urantia to move successfully to move into the stages of Light and Life, their needs to be a great deal of work and research study on the mind and its environment. I would not confuse you with more lessons, tasks, than to just request that you seek to make effort to love with a Fatherly affection, to bestow freedom and take example from the good Parent. In your stillness practice, have on hand pen and paper; I should attempt to touch base with each of you during the week. Have your questions ready.


I am Abraham. Our gratitude to you Mother for your time spent with us in an out pouring of love. Your time taken to carefully educate our beloved students is a wonderful show of Fatherly affection.

In Father's affection we find freedom, and many times we find ourselves in turmoil. Fatherly affection is not mere pleasantries, no, but a magnificent show of passion for truth. When you love with a fatherly affection, bestowing freedom and truth, there is a love without conditions. And yet, I can say that there is some possibility that there is a tendency to cover over with pleasantries or niceties. I would say that to love with a Fatherly affection, bestowing freedom, is to embrace truth. It is said that truth will set you free. Our Master was indeed a recipient of this freedom.

My friends, our spiritual mission is not for the half hearted, but for those who can take the hard truths with grace. Time permitting, have discussion on loving with a "Fatherly affection," bestowing freedom and truth, and the good Parent. A few questions?

  • (Personal questions omitted.)


Q. (Paraphrased) In our human relationships, is there a time when it is best to walk away from a non productive relationship, like throwing in the towel?

Abraham: There are relationships that will not find resolution on this world. And, there is a time for detachment there is a time for pause. If the doors are open to remain, or be detached, then your Father makes it known to you. There is "love," and then there is a "fear of loss" or "fear of separating." Your best example would be found in the life of Jesus. The Master loved his human family with all his heart. Yet, when there was demand to compromise his spiritual beliefs, the Master had to follow his internal compass and become detached. This doesn't mean love is lost, no. This means that there is freedom and removal of pressures that causes individuals to repeat certain patterns, to pacify the "fear of loss." The Master, being as devoted as he was to his Father in Heaven, had freedom from this "fear of loss." His deepest love lies within his very being. Does this answer?


If there are no more questions, I would express my faith in each of you and know that you have my love. Be not discouraged on the difficulty of these lessons. You will more clearly discern Mothers message with Her assistance. Look for Her during the week. Shalom.