1998-04-26-Prayer & The Silence

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Topic: Prayer & The Silence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Lantarnek

TR: Jonathan



Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): I, Lantarnek, address you this day. I welcome you again. All your attention and focus on the truths being presented to you is rewarding to each of us as we endeavor to work for Michael in the upliftment of his cherished world.


Silence, Stillness

I am motivated to elaborate on your conversation regarding prayer and silence. I observe that each of you makes efforts in your own way to commune with the Father as He resides in you. Each of you has developed methods that facilitate making this embrace more recognizable to you. You know the Father has no need for technique, but it does serve well his mortal associate. In your practice you are acutely aware of both external and internal distractions while you seek to quiet your mind, to still the actions of your body and focus on Him.

The Midwayers have said of Michael, when here on this world, that he ministered the most when he said the least. This is the time when the receiver becomes expanded in the desire to access enlightenment, understanding. When you are in stillness, the Father speaks in silence, for much that you understand in mind, that you feel in your heart, is amplified through this receptive state. There isn't a need to further educate when you are so positioned to receive His presence. It is acknowledgment of God that energizes your soul, that illuminates your mind; not further instruction, but simply the recognition of that which you have already attained. I would expand this recognition to that which you will attain, that being the Father Himself who awaits your eventual fusion. Even when you are eternally united with the spirit, you will still remain unknowledgeable about events and actions and information that lie in your future, even though you are united completely with God Himself.

So, your time alone in your soul chamber is a time for embrace where words dissipate.

I convey to you that in your pause even today to be receptive to our ministry, many have joined you in this receptive attitude that you are now conveying to us, for we know that we, ourselves, are only conduits for divine ministry. It is a privilege for all to function in this way. You minister to yourselves when you allow yourself to be a conduit for the Father's love as it wells up within.

It is upon this foundation of stillness that the activities of growth may build into a ministry for others. All too often the rush to attain, the desire to accomplish, distracts the seeker from that subtle foundation residing within you. Every painting begins with a white canvas; every song begins with silence. Every communication rides upon receptivity. You have rightly discerned our encouragement to be willing and to be active. You are also encouraged to be willing to be receptive. One direction results in the reciprocal aspect coming to its fruition.

We of the order of Melchizedeks are self governing. We have no external rules of government. We have no need, for we are naturally able to focus our willpower to the Father and with sincerity enact His will. Then we freely have established our own mechanism for social and cooperative interaction. It is because of this primary focus that we can independently regulate ourselves and interdependently function as a large body of teachers throughout a rather immense array of planets. So, this can hold for you, as well, who seek to evolve yourselves spiritually and leave behind you on this world a greater sense of the reality that you are so diligently striving for in your short life. It is all a matter of focus on God. Then it is a matter of following this focus by focusing with God on your activities.

Communion, Worship, Prayer

So, again we endeavor to remind you of this practice of communion, this feeling the presence of the Father even when you have nothing to convey to Him, even when you are not distraught, even when you are not elated, simply realizing your coordinate association. This communion is beneficial for, if I may illustrate today, your carrot juice was separated, and a simple stir blended it into a delightful drink. Communion with the Father aids in blending you with Him, that you may be His radiance.

I would hope to encourage each of you to continue to deepen your experience in this manner.

I am willing to receive comments, as I have finished presenting my thoughts to you.


Ann: In seeking the chamber of the soul, is it a matter of sitting in silence and spiritually going to that place? Can we know when we are there?

Lantarnek: My advice to you is that technique and method for situating yourself in this worshipful state, though beneficial, are best approached in a regressive manner. I mean to convey that the techniques you use to help enter into this condition are best if they are removing, that is, if they remove the distractions around you, remove the agitations within you. Rather than adopting techniques that may distract you from eventually attaining the silence, it is best to use methods that clear the way. However, we know enough about the material mind of man to realize that you will have to invent many tricks to aid you to, in a sense, lead the horse into the corral. In some respects I could liken this to your practice of physical cleansing. It is important to remove your attire before the process can have its benefits. Rather than adopting more artifacts that can be placed upon you to prepare yourselves, this is the best approach. Have I conveyed myself clearly?

Ann: Yes, you have. Thank you.

As we clear and sit in silence, then what is received spiritually in silence will, in time, manifest in our lives and through us. Is that correct?

Lantarnek: Most definitely. You illustrate how you are able to pass the Father's ministry through you. Your time in stillness is not a time for study or construction of argument or method for service. That is more appropriate in times of prayer and in times of educating yourself. As you know, any ball player whose arms aren't open isn't able to receive the ball when it comes his way. It can only be passed on if the arms were open to begin with. This receptivity will bring up within you a perceivable array of understanding that is not describable sequentially. This panoramic experience will infuse itself throughout your being. As you live, you are benefited from the ability to pan across this field of insight and use fragments of it at appropriate times in your life.

Ann: So, we not only have the study of the mind but the inner awareness, knowledge, that flows through us as we live in accordance with the Father's will.

Lantarnek: Well said, my sister, for you indicate how even in years past each of you had this inner awareness of the Father when, at that time, your understanding of cosmic reality was less than it is today. The sense of communion with the Father has really not changed; only your enlightenment has changed. You have summarized my point that even following fusion there will still be study; there will still be mistakes to be made. Then -- and even now -- you are not alone.

Ann: Thank you.

Lantarnek: You are welcome.

Mary: I appreciated how you facilitated a moment of embrace, communion on my part with my spirit. I know that stillness should be a time of embrace. The angle of presentation, the angle of reception today between us was particularly profitable. I realize that as sometimes you can experience a good hug. There's usually no words involved. You feel a flow of energy between your two persons. In stillness that is what we are seeking with the Father.

Thank you also for, in our desire to be active and get something done of value, to not let that desire and the activities that result distract us from communion with the spirit, which is foundational to enacting and getting results from our desires.

Lantarnek: Thank you for your comment and your acknowledgment of our embrace today. I would add one point. You mentioned the human activity of hugging. I would play with you and say that "H" stands for your human self and "G" for your God-self. What is in the middle? The real "U". It is in this relationship that the profound implications reveal themselves of what the Father is doing in creating creatures who inhabit bodies like yours and live lives under conditions like this world. He is revealing a remarkable miracle to all of us when he created creatures who can not only know God but become one with Him. It is the Supreme hug.

Mary: I thought you were going to say the "U" stands for union. The union of the human-and God-self is the real you, your soul that you are growing together.

Lantarnek: Excellent.

Mary: Not all human hugs are good ones where you feel that transfer of loving energy. In stillness time, too, you don't always hit the mark you're shooting for.

Lantarnek: This illustrates how you can be at ease, that your approach to the Father need not be evaluated as to better or lesser effectiveness or appropriateness, for the Father receives every gesture, even if it is frail in its attempts, with just as much acceptance as the most polished and refined worshiper.


I extend my greetings to you for Elyon, who is with one of your associates today. He trusts you to apply your lessons well. His trust is based on experience with you, and he is looking forward to your further reflections upon this day's focus.