1998-05-01-Perfection Hunger

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Topic: Perfection Hunger

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Minearsia, Aaron

TR: Bill K., Cathy



Sharing and Prayer


Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel, your teacher, friend, companion and your older brother. Once again my pride in you, my siblings, is justified by the confirmation provided in your words, but mostly in your actions, which reflect the decisions of your heart. Your discussion on perfection hunger as it is distinguished from perfectionism was very enlightening and truth-bearing. The desire for perfection is the work of God in your hearts. It is the job of your Indweller to foster such yearning, such stretching, such growth, for indeed it is the goal of the evolutionary universes to achieve perfected status as each individual member works for that overall culmination through their individual journey on the Road to Perfection as mortal ascenders.


Much of the confusion between perfectionism as you have termed it and perfection hunger is due to inadequate teaching over centuries of time so that these notions are attributed, generation upon generation to the overall mix of cultural error. Many religions have recognized the impossibility of perfection in one short lifetime, at least for most mortals (the exception being the incarnation of Michael in which he did achieve mortal perfection status in his lifetime) - the perfection of a mortal's fullest possible completion of potential. But these religions have often postulated reincarnation as inevitable and in this aspect, they are correct, not in reincarnation mechanics but in the recognition of incompleteness attendant upon completion of one mortal lifetime career. The notion that perfection is instantaneous upon passing through the door of death has been misunderstood by other religions. And indeed it is one of the main goals of the Fifth Epochal Revelation to enlarge this perspective so that it is clearly understood that perfection status is the result of a long process of growth.

Therefore, perfectionism is an error in thinking that postulates the possibility of achieving such status in a mortal lifetime and has been the harbinger of much sorrow and discomfort, even as Ralph has so ably pointed out. It is our desire that you fully liberate your perfection hunger while at the same time, realistically recognize your limitations while giving due recognition to progress. I thank you for the several responses to my assignment and I wish that these thoughts now would illuminate your gut reactions to our attempts at encouragement.

Remember, my friends, that I and other teachers from mortal status backgrounds are experiencing the beginning the next phase of our ascension career. We have a much broader perspective, even though we are only a few years ahead of you, for as time expands, hundreds of years and even thousands of years are, from our perspective, more like months or years in your perspective. And now, Minearisa wishes to be present with you and share his thoughts on this evening's discussion.


Minearisa (Cathy): Good evening, friends. This is Minearisa, your instructor in residence. Tonight I would like for you to think about a prior lesson in which we discussed the metaphor of a crystal with many facets and the fact that many mortals often peer through one facet of the crystal when there are a rainbow of opportunities awaiting discovery. I would like to state firmly tonight that all of you have made tremendous progress in dusting off different facets of your crystals, looking at life from new perspectives, trying new things, feeling the wind beneath your wings.

I would expand on the metaphor and have you consider this evening two crystals in the shape of lenses. If you were to think of a microscope, the light must pass through two separate sets of lenses before focus is achieved. The lens nearest the object under observation I would like for you to think of as your Indwelling Spirit that which is always clear. The second lens is the one you have control over. It is analogous to the eyepiece which you can rotate side to side in order to bring things into clearer focus. It is important to remember that you DO have control over that lens, but that BOTH lenses are essential in order to bring things clearly into view.

The same analogy holds for a telescope still two lenses are required, still you have control over that lens or crystal which is closest to you. And if you take the metaphor a step further, you have in your possession both the microscope and the telescope. You can use the microscope to look within at your behaviors. And you can use the telescope to look at the world around you, to bring that which is seemingly distant into closer view. I have no particular assignment this week, although Daniel may have further comment or assignment.


Daniel (Bill): My friends, this is Daniel. I am aware that you have been diligent and faithful in your purusal of our suggestions, our assignments as you call them. I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time by giving thought to these requests on our part. And in so doing you have displayed your trust in guidance from God. You have allowed those of us who have volunteered to do this work the pleasure of seeing our teaching take root, even as we have brought pleasure to our superiors who have evolved further in their universe careers.

I do wish to commend you for your consideration of my oft-repeated assignment. It has brought you to a larger understanding of your tendency to diminish and misunderstand your progress. With the microscope you can enlarge that which is obscure due to its apparent smallness, and you can see the wonder of physical creation down to the status of living cells and, with electron technology, beyond that to the molecular level. This is in the physical realm, of course. With the microscope of spiritual opportunity you have focused upon your behaviors and discovered in many cases the origins in your past, or if you have not been able to get to the molecular level. you have been able to see the pattern clearly at the cellular level, analogously, and you have been able to alter your behavior accordingly.

One of the balances which this teaching mission strives to attain is to keep you in an enlightened status with regard to time so that in the present moment you can enjoy the smell of the flowers. Not only can you see them and inhale their fragrance, but you know why they are there, why you are here, where you have been and where you are going. You illuminate the present with the destiny of the future and you can accept without fear the lessons of your past.

I now wish to open this meeting to your involvement. Make comments or questions as you wish. We will do our best to interact with you. I am finished.


Virginia: Thank you, teachers for picking up on our discussion. I think perfectionism and the desire for perfection is something that we deal with all the time; and I have often said I have to be better today than I was yesterday. But it is very difficult to evaluate ourselves in terms of spiritual progression. I'm wondering if I'm correct in separating the fact that perfectionism is a much more material concept or attempt on this plane whereas the desire for perfection is obviously a much more spiritual goal. I'm not sure I can separate it that way. I'd like your comments.

Daniel (Bill): As we differentiate perfection hunger from your term "perfectionism" we focus on the erroneous concept of its possibility within a mortal time frame. However, if this planet were in an advanced state of Light and Life, many mortals would experience the fulfillment of all mortal potential, resulting in perfect union with their Thought Adjusters and consequent fusion. So when I say "nearly impossible" I cannot rule out there have been a few who have achieved this perfection status as mortals. In addition to our Creator Son who had achieved this perfection by the time of his baptism by John, there have been others, two recorded in the scriptures of the Hebrews, but others unknown to you. And the essence of this perfection has been in what you might term "spiritual progress." And so, Letah, my friend, your comments are most insightful, for perfectionism as it is practiced on this planet does not focus on spiritual growth, but rather on aspects of mortality such as intellectual certainty in a "know it all" attitude or "wishing to know it all" or physical perfection in some manner or another. And the impossibility of this attainment does lead to a lack of satisfaction and enjoyment. I thank you for your perceptive remarks. Your question was well-taken.

Aaron (Cathy): This is Aaron. Virginia, my dear, perfectionism is different in the material realm and the spiritual realm. For in the material realm, perfection is synonymous with achieving a goal. In the spiritual realm, it is the process of achieving a goal that is of even more importance than the goal itself. For nothing can substitute for individual experience. Does this make sense?

Virginia: Yes, Aaron, it does. Certainly the book says it very well, that other entities wish they had our experience. However, there are days I'd be happy to give it to them! (laughter) Thank you both for your comments.

Teacher Contact

Steve: Yes, Daniel, I had a question. A few weeks ago, Amy had her candles go on, both of them. It's happened a couple of times. And she was kind of wondering if it's her teacher trying to contact her, or if it's the guys are just making sure they work. And she said she went into silence and tried to hear a name or something. I think she's getting real close. I just had that question.

Daniel (Bill): My dear Steven, I was present on that occasion as well as another teacher. As you know, the process of learning a teacher's name is in itself valuable education. Actually you are both improving in sensitivity and desire for this experience. I am quite sure this will result in your hearing a name. Tell Amy she is a much beloved daughter not only of her earthly parents, but of her divine parents, and that she should continue to establish her habit of silence and I also tell you, my friend, that your progress, though frightening at times to you, is most impressive. Have I answered your question satisfactorily?

Steve: Yes you have, and thank you very much.

Daniel (Bill): You are becoming more aware of my presence at times. Do you realize this?

Steve: Yes, I really do at times. It's scary, like you said, but I realize it.

Daniel (Bill): Thank you for your honesty.

Ralph: I have two questions. The first one is if you teachers can discern our thoughts.

Daniel (Bill): We are not allowed access to a person's thoughts without their permission and the reason to do this would not be to practice telepathy experience or any purpose which would demonstrate our objective existence, per se. In terms of knowing your thoughts as you asked it, many of us who are serving as personal teachers have been with our clients, our students, for many years. And to the extent that a person is willing to work with the guidance of his Indwelling Thought Adjuster, we have been given transcripts, copies, partial information, until that time when our students consciously recognize us and under the protection, as they deem it, of their Thought Adjusters, are willing to share their thinking. In the case of Isaac, this TR, I am informed by his teacher, Alkon, that this kind of interaction has been occurring for a long time. Alkon does not snoop through the memory banks of his student, but when there is a concern for help and to the extent that Isaac is willing to share, then does his teacher have, through the permission and control of his Thought Adjuster, access to his memory banks. Have I answered your question?

Ralph: Yes you have.

Daniel (Bill): Does this pose any concerns for you?

Ralph: Not at all. That's exactly the way I feel that it should be. If it assists your understanding of my question, I would want you to know my thoughts in that case so you could be more effective in assisting me with your answer.

Daniel (Bill): I thank you for this display of trust, my friend, and your offer is helpful to me. Be assured that your teacher, who's name I am not authorized to share yet with you, appreciates this confidence. Always remember that even though your Thought Adjuster knows you better than you know yourself, that this loving Spirit, this Essence of God within you, never compels you, never forces, never takes advantage of you in any way. But when you are willing to progress and to learn new things and have your thinking change, does this wonderful Mystery Monitor upstep your thinking and with your decisions, adds more substance to the "real you" your morontia soul. The infinity of God, the First Source and Center, is beyond the reach of mortal or morontial comprehension, but the love of the author of all things, of the very Source of existence, is comprehensible, that is, is felt profoundly in your heart. It is the will of God that you have free will, that I have free will to choose our destinies either to assist by our decisions in our own ongoing transformation, or to resist and shrink away to the status of non-being. This fact is not a fearful one, but puts all responsibility on each individual. It is literally true, you can become that which you desire to be.

Ralph: Sounds wonderful to me!

Daniel (Bill): Yes, it is wonderful. And I attest to the fact that even in my limited growth in the morontial spheres that I understand this much more profoundly than you do. I do not say this to embarrass you, but to encourage you, for you will all grow in the wonder of the marvelous love of the authors of countless universes and in their wonderful plan of administration. For God, the First Source and Center, wills that he share all of Himself that He can. And from this bounty are we all created and do we all share in our own destinies. Are there other questions for myself or Minearisa?

Ken: Greetings, teachers and resident instructors. Minearisa, I believe it was about the first of last August that you brought up the crystal, to gaze into it. I thank you for that repeated lesson in using the two lenses. Daniel, I thank you for the expansion of that concept. I also thank Lorenzo for prodding me to read, and guiding me. I think that what you have given us this evening in that lesson is a lesson I'll be following for some time. I will cherish it. Thank you.

Lorenzo (Bill): This is Lorenzo. Hello, my good friend. I profoundly cherish you. I want you to know that you are indeed becoming sensitive to my guidance as you are becoming more sensitive to all spiritual guidance, especially from your precious Monitor. Know what a pleasure it is for me to continue to be your companion. When you hear these things in your mind that you question, I suggest you let them come through, you control the degree to which this experience of hearing can be yours. It is not required of you. If you prefer, you can stay at the level of intuitive emotional guidance and encouragement. I am very pleased and satisfied with our relationship, and I sense that this is true for you as well. Be at peace, my friend.

Ken: Thank you, Lorenzo.

Steve: I just wanted to follow up a minute with you, Daniel. I want to thank you again. I hope you can feel what I'm thinking because I can't put it in words but what a dear and special friend and the love I do have for you what you did for Debbie and the friend you were to her. What you helped her through and what you helped both of us through. And what I meant about it being scary, it's not scary to the point that you're more than welcome. It might be more scary for you coming at me because of who I am it's a scary thing. (laughter) Dang it, I love having you be there, and I'll be there for you when you need me.

Daniel (Bill): Dear Steven, know that I cherish you as I cherished Debbie when she was present on this planet, and as I continue to have the joy of relating to her. When I said "scary" in your reference I was talking not about my presence with you, I was referring to your reactions to the newness of your human experiences now that your life partner is no longer in your pattern. It is understood that you're not afraid of me, and I will be glad to share my wisdom and encouragement with you. This is in fact the arrangement that was agreed upon by my superiors that I could be to you as a personal teacher. You have been aware of this before, for I have presented it to you. If you desire other assistance, some mortals have benefitted from female and male duos and this by the way is always a possibility for any of you. But remember that we are a team, we teachers, and so our love for you all is involved here. While we are assigned to individuals on their agreement, we are also available to others, to anyone. This is why I sometimes visit groups or individuals not of this particular location. Thank you, Steven, for your heartfelt words. I cherish our relationship and know that it will bring us both great pleasure.

Steve: As long as I don't frustrate you too much, I'm perfectly happy with the arrangement right now, you being my teacher.

Daniel (Bill): My little brother, you are not a frustration to me. You are a joy.

Steve: Thank you.

Daniel (Bill): One moment.

Esther (Cathy): Dear sweet Angela, this is Esther with a short message simply that when your level of pain increases it is much like interference in a TV signal, and you may not sense my presence. But know that I am with you every moment and that I love you dearly.

Angie: Thank you, Esther. Daniel, I wondered if I could ask if I have been assigned a mother and a father but I haven't been able to pick up any names. I have talked to them.

Daniel (Bill): Because you are an adopted daughter, they wish for you to call them "Mommy" and "Daddy."

Angie: I am glad to have them.

Daniel (Bill): Yes, you will eventually know them by name. They wish to make that loving intimacy real to you.

Angie: Thank you, and thank them.

Daniel (Bill): They are present here. I did not make that up, but was told that that was the answer they wished me to pass on to you.

Self Evaluation

Ralph: Is it normal that each person asks one question? I really could sit here all night long (laughter) You know, a lot of the difficulties I have in relationships or just in the way I am stem from decisions I made as a little boy, the pain that I had, hurts that I received, and chose certain paths because of that pain and fear. The question is, in order to let go of that and choose differently, do I have to go through each one of those experiences and dig it out and relive it and forgive it? Can I just jump to the top of the mountain? (laughter) Can I take a helicopter to the top instead of stubbing my toe all the way?

Daniel (Bill): I am reminded of a conversation with Letah with the very same question and my answer to her was that if your childhood memories are suppressed and the interpretations of events which those memories entail are adversely affecting your current living, if they (the patterns of interpretations of the past) are interfering with your success as an adult in interactions with others, in feeling good about yourself, in any way in which you could be benefited, then it is probably necessary to go back and discover the circumstances of those original thought patterns. But in all the areas in which your life is comfortable and efficient and you feel a sense of peace about, it is not necessary that you engage in ten years of psychoanalysis in order to bring to full consciousness all the material of your past. Most important, of course, are the relationships that you have as personalities, for these are the ones that have spiritual significance.

Your relationship to things as such have no lasting value. You will have to decide on the criterion of requirement for this introspection. I cannot offer you a helicopter ride but I am not suggesting that it is necessary to grovel in the pits of despond, to struggle in the slews of despair, to turn into a self-pitying victim. However, if you find yourself reacting in a manner which is out of proportion to the event that is occurring, this is one clue that something else was driving this reaction, some childhood misunderstanding or defense mechanism. Do you wish to interact further on this question?

Ralph: No, this has been very helpful.

Minearisa (Cathy): This is Minearisa. My dear friend, you can think of the unpleasant circumstances as a cup and the denser, more potent layers are at the bottom the dark layer. And as you get closer to the surface, it is less murky. Re-experiencing these situations is often helpful in terms of growth potential when you can re-experience them from an adult viewpoint a more mature viewpoint. And you can do this in one of two ways, my friend. You can be a sponge and plunge yourself into the cup, experience it fully, completely, dramatically, and then wring it out and rid yourself of the darkness. Or you can take a teaspoon and attack the lighter layers, then the medium layers, then the dense, dark layers when you feel stronger and more able to deal with them. The choice is yours. I am finished.

Ralph: Thank you very much. My heart is just leaping, I'm excited. I'm just beginning to understand what's going on here, but I'm so grateful for teachers and especially for my teacher.

Daniel (Bill): My dear friends, our pleasure at this repast with you knows no bounds, but your limitations are real and this is a fancy way of saying we've run out of time. I will therefore conclude our evening's session and give you no new assignment this evening.

Ken: The microscope was an assignment! (laughter)


Daniel (Bill): Recall that I said we suggest things which we term "assignments." You are always at liberty to choose when and if you decide to follow those suggestions. My sense is that we have given you sufficient assignments to last a while, and I just suggest you continue your perusal thereof. With that I conclude our meeting. My love and the love of all here present be with you tonight and into your future days. My dear brothers and sisters, we love you all with great affection. Good evening.