1998-05-03-What Is The Father's Will

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Topic: What Is The Father's Will

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Dear friends, we again greet you with love and express our fondness for your expressions about the lessons imparted in the past. We rejoice to perceive your efforts to wrest new insights from these expressions which, though dated by time of release, are equally valued today and tomorrow as when they were expressed.


Discernment, Action

You all are clear on your devotion and loyalty to the Father; each of you is likewise clear regarding your personal purpose, that being to develop spiritually, to create conditions which promote soul growth. Choosing to do the Father's will is often followed by uncertainty as to the precise actions to take in order to put into action this will of Him whom you discern. His will is simple when considering your own individual self, for He asks that you continually expand your being, your experience, through faith and trust, through intelligent risk. However, you who have dedicated yourselves likewise to being a beneficial effect upon the world where you are currently stationed have the added uncertainty of what the Father's will may be for you as it applies to the conditions of this planet. What fields, what arenas of action, of engagement on your part, can you make to be helpful, to be of service to this world? Here it becomes less clear what the Father wishes, for intervening between His world and your desire to be of service are the many personalities about you who, likewise, are making decisions in this regard, either consciously or without any consideration at all of the Father, His truths, or personal spiritual living. This added complexity makes the actions, the projects, that you purpose to enact difficult at times to bring to completion.

In this regard I offer to you the awareness that even failed attempts to accomplish an act of service that is discerned by you to be the Father's will is not, in itself, failure, for in initiating your desires through action, you have injected new variables into the matrix of freewill and created responses around you. These responses adjust the ends, the goal, of your service. Therefore, sometimes what you begin to accomplish, mid-phase may no longer require fulfillment, for other decisions have been made that alleviate the need to pursue to completion. You then can rejoice in the awareness that you have instigated growth in spite of the fact that you may not see it come to fruition as originally perceived. This is the Father's will in these matters: that you act, that you initiate, and that you, as well, are flexible enough to release your goal as the conditions change, for what the Father desires is growth in all.

You know well that you can only provide your own growth. In all others' lives you can provide incentive for growth. So it becomes clear that, in regard to your individual relationship to the Father, His will is single in intent: for you to become like Him through cooperation, through deliberate efforts to grow.

In the arena of life wherein a multitude of personalities are enacting their decisions, you can only begin to offer perspective, encouragement, and reflection for growth around you to occur. The Father does not will that you save the world or fix every one of its problems, only that you reflect upon it your understanding and your values and cooperate with all of those around you such that the greatest benefit can be derived as everyone chooses and acts upon their decisions.

This is Elyon with you today.


Insight, Instinct, Intuition

Ginny: Could you clarify our discussion about insight, instinct, and intuition?

Elyon: My lesson of today reflects some of the pattern of this triangle relation you have mentioned, for service to others is very much like the triangle corner of intelligence. In this corner resides numerous variables to consider, whereas insight into your own growth toward the Father is more specifically and more singularly directed. Your comprehension and your efforts to comprehend the will of the Father are quite similar to intuition, for it is a grasp of the reality which is grand in scope, not always specific to individual events, not always understandable by the mortal mind. Yet the application of these three elements in balance brings wisdom just as understanding the will of the Father for your life and for your opportunities of service bring about a wisdom that is reflective of cosmic citizenship.

The derivation of insight is never orphaned from intelligence and intuition. Your comprehension of the will of the Father for your own life is never divorced from an understanding of the will of the Father for all else and the will of the Father for totality.

Would you like to comment more?

Ginny: Maybe I am hung up on semantics. I understand intuition better than I understand insight and instinct.

Elyon: You might consider intuition from a visual perspective. It is, to use this visual analogy, much like seeing wherein you use both peripheral and one-point focus vision where you see everything in the field of your eye simultaneously. Insight is the one-pointed directed focus. Intelligence is your ability to comprehend every particular in your field of vision. Instinct is the natural ability to see and perceive, no matter whether you are exercising intuition, insight, or your acquired intelligence.

Does this help?

Ginny: Yes, it does. Thank you.

Elyon: Instinct has been given to you by the Father in order that you may be prepared to live life on a base foundation that allows you to function before the acquirement of knowledge, before the acquirement of skill, and long before the attainment of wisdom. It is His gift of grace. You are born primed to function. At the extreme opposite end from instinct is your wholehearted dedication to the will of the Father coupled with your enlightenment. These are the chosen acquirement of your being that integrate with your previously bestowed instinctive abilities that make you function as a well-rounded and broadly embracing individual.

Ginny: Could instinct be connected closely to personality, to survival?

Elyon: You are correct. I was formulating my expression to you as you asked this question, that on your world in this current day and age, instinct is often seen as something near animal, something uncontrollable by you, as a subconscious process, almost something to fear, as you may lose your ability to freely choose your actions. I must emphasize to you that instinct is a gift from the Father that you may better be able to function short of understanding. It does go a long ways toward preserving your life before you are fully aware of any dangers which may impinge upon you. Physically this may prolong your life on earth, but instinct does translate into the spiritual dimension wherein you long for companionship, for association with God even if you have no vocabulary to define who this Being is, what this reality is that you long for. The search will inevitably begin for the answers long before you formulate a conscious understanding that you are hungering for this attainment. It insures the arrival of your Thought Adjuster and thereby guarantees your growth consciously.

Ginny: Thank you.

Elyon: Thank you for your inquiry.

Teacher Contact

Ginny: I would like to hear from Timothy, my teacher, if that is possible.

Elyon: He is present.

Timothy: Timothy speaking.

Ginny: Hello, I have been thinking about you.

Timothy: I appreciate your attention. It is equal on my part to you. The few words I would express to you are that you all develop more sensitivity to the beneficial effects of appreciation for the many talents you do have and for your abilities to acquire more. To appreciate is to value highly, and that which is valued is sought for. If you value your intuition or any other ability within yourself, you will find an enlarged ability to function in that manner. Appreciation is not only an expression of gratitude at the completion of a task; it is also an acknowledgment of the desire to attain the sought-for end. You can therefore be thankful at the beginning of an arduous task for its presence and the opportunities you will receive for growth in the process. This appreciation is more valuable than the sense of pleasure when you have fulfilled your goal, when you have completed your chore. As an example I know that you are very grateful that the Father has given Himself to indwell you, and you realize that this appreciation is not the end of the process. You have only begun the ascent; your appreciation acknowledges the future and all the potentials that lie therein, all the struggle and all the successes.

Ginny: I would like to develop more frequent and clear communication with you. I felt a couple of times recently that I asked for assistance, and it was given to me. If you were involved, thank you. I would like to be able to feel a closer connection with you.

Timothy: We can make efforts in this manner, however, I will inform you that the directives given to personal teachers in recent past, as you perceive time, has been to caution us about the potential that humans will offer overmuch reliance upon our presence. We certainly seek you as companions; this more so than your parent, by which I mean one who always takes you by the hand and takes you where I, your teacher, would like you to go. I have discerned in your request this desire for companionship, and we can undertake this relationship. But it may be noted by many of you that your personal teachers have refrained from interjecting comment at your crossroads of decision without your requests, for it is a supreme purpose that you struggle with indecision and that you discern that factors that will resolve this quandary...(tape flips)

Another point that I would make is that in my company are your two very majestic angel attendants. At times you may confuse one of us for one of the other. I am not concerned if you misunderstand my service to you as that from your angels, for I am honored to be mistaken for an angelic influence. One method you can apply to help you in your sensitivity is to make the conscious statement at the time that you want to be more aware of my presence, that you seek this sensitivity, and I am permitted to more fully engage with you.

Ginny: How does your assistance differ from the angels?

Timothy: I am interested in the results of your daily activities and how they apply to your growth for the betterment of your own welfare here, spiritually, as you live today on this planet and for whatever effects your growth may have on society and culture that is about you. Your angels are focused on your future life. Their guidance and ministry is to effect changes that will be helpful to you when you leave this sphere and attain eternal status. They will not be as concerned for the events of this world if they do not impact your eternal life. But we in the Correcting Time are focused on what good can be done on this world, for this world, and for all the individuals resident hereon at this time.

Does this clarify?

Ginny: Yes, thank you for your assistance.

Timothy: Thank you for your request of my comments.


Elyon: This is Elyon returning again to bring closure to our meeting and to express to you my wholehearted agreement with your use of the "appreciation break". I would ask every one of you to use this little tool to better feel the relationship you have daily with our Father. Strive this week to take these mini-vacations wherein you can step away long enough that you can acquire that panoramic view you all are able to behold at times. Make this more effective and more pronounced and more periodic in your days. Take care.