1998-06-01-Act Upon Your Highest Light Within

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Topic: Act Upon Your Highest Light Within

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. As always, your discussions seem to uplift me. They fill me with hope for the spread of Father's work. You indeed receive much light through your interaction with one another. This group is certainly a wonderful example of healthful connections.


Relationship, Regret

These lessons on relationships are difficult and ongoing because we must await your time needed for relationship experiences. Father and His various assistants work diligently to help provide your needed experience. I would ask that the next time you are in the throes of unhappiness concerning relationships, look to Father's helpers and know that they work for you. Remember in the midst of relationship difficulties that your experience is valuable, and, you would do well to remain observant.

Many mortals have looked back upon their life with dissatisfaction or regret concerning decisions they have made. Many look back with regret regarding their participation within relationships. Some mortals do find this regret to be an overwhelming negative energy which is appearing to consume all thought. There were perhaps harsh words to a loved one that was uncalled for, or missed opportunities to express love. There might have been times of holding back acts of service due to hurt feelings.

Many relationships die without resolution, and these unresolved difficulties with relationships cause you to regret, to be consumed with the energy of regret. This particular energy chances to block spiritual light that would come from our Father. This blocking tends to keep us repressed and repeating past mistakes or wearing a well worn groove in the path of negativity.

Does anyone know why the Master lived without regret or dissatisfaction? Why was His life lived as a continuous prayer of gratitude? How was He able to escape the negative energy of regret? I can say to you, that the Master had no cause for regret or dissatisfaction concerning His life decisions. All Jesus' life decisions were made in conjunction with the Father's knowledge. All His earthly doings were prayerfully thought out and within the Father's will.

Jesus' closeness with His Father caused Him to live up to the highest good possible. His open mind and heart to Father's will always encouraged Him to act upon His highest light.

When one has chosen to always act upon their highest light, there is no cause for regret. There is learning, yes, also growth, yes, but no looking back and wishing you had done better. In relationships there are always opportunities to act upon the highest good within, but from experience, I know that human emotions make it difficult. Anger, fear and envy tend to distort your ties with Father and handicapping you to receive and act upon your highest light within.

It is entirely possible for us as teachers to relay to you the techniques in which you can use to access this inner goodness. I do strongly believe that mortals are ready to be free from the bondage of regrets negative energy; free from the mindal torment of desiring another chance to make things right. To live in a place of regret and dissatisfaction is exactly what you draw unto yourself a continuous cycle of unrest.

We can learn from the Master's experience of living up to His highest light in all things, concerning all relationships, always aligning the will with that of our Father in Heaven. These techniques do not magically appear, no. Through the exercising of humility do we find our ears open to our Father's grand design. Through our smallness do we comprehend His overall plan. Through the courage to take the more difficult path of controlling emotions instead of acting impulsively, do we discover the access to our highest light.

As it was with Jesus, so will it be with you, where the only choice you would desire to make is to act upon your highest light in all situations. Emotions will not be so much repressed as transformed into positive energy. Your healthful connection here in our group is certainly a positive way to touch upon Father's ideas. Your healthful connections equip you with the strength to stay aboard the ship of faith when waters are rough.

Are you understanding my meaning? Your discussions beyond this group with one another is certainly uplifting and faith promoting? It would do well for you to have discussion on these words. Only a few questions please.



RACHEL: Father Abraham, I am a little confused over our worshiping of Christ Michael and our worshiping of our Universal Father. Would our Universal Father really care if we also worshiped Christ Michael? I feel... if you show adoration, that is still a form of worship. Can you help clarify that for me please?

ABRAHAM: Yes, certainly. Michael is indeed a loving Universe Parent, as is our Mother. We do indeed hold the highest esteem and love for them, and yet, there is one who has even created them. It is altogether acceptable and proper to adore your Universe Parents, and yet, to recognize Father's all powerfulness in all that we know leads us to fall to our knees in awesome gratitude. Yes, I do certainly believe that our Father deserves our worship, and this takes not away from our Creative Parents, no. Father takes no offense at His children worshiping His Son, but I would indeed relay to you that we love and adore our Creative Parents as they do us, and we love and adore and revere and are awestruck by our Universal Father. Is this answering? (Yes, beautifully so, and I thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?


ROLAND: I hesitate to broach the subject, but it seems to me like in my development of spiritual understanding, as erratic as that might have been and is, that there are sometimes when the kindest thing to do with people who may rely on your judgment is to remain out of relationship with them. Particularly not to confuse the issues of their particular mind sets; the mind set that they are in at this particular time is beneficial to them even though it may be erroneous or appears to be erroneous to my own spiritual enlightenment. I haven't gained the poise to keep my mouth shut so to avoid any damage I might do, I've just withdrawn form certain relationships. Instruct me on this... what I need to do?

ABRAHAM: There are relationships that find no resolution when there is not equal participation. Perhaps one would seek to be productive concerning the relationship and the other would seek to guard their own welfare. It is understandable and not to worry over. There are regrets and then there are lessons learned. There are those who make rash decisions and those who endeavor to act upon their highest light. In my understanding of you, my friend, I would look back and decipher those experiences which were lessons and those that were regrets. And the participation factor of each party, was there mutual devotion to the whole of the relationship or only to ones own best interest? I would say your understanding is quite clear and your capacity to receive Father's light is quite extensive. Is this answering? (Yes it is, and thank you very much.)


HARRISON: Abraham, I am troubled over a statement I read and I would wish for some understanding. The statement is this: "It is God's will that none shall be lost and none shall." Can you help me with that?"

ABRAHAM; I can give it my best effort. I am unclear as to your troubled feelings, but I will answer as best I can. All father's children are sought out by Him. In this manner none are lost, all are called. With that statement, the actual meaning is unclear, but I can say... with regarding souls of those mortals who do not wish to carry on the eternal adventure, they are certainly lost. They wish to relinquish their eternal career, and I am understanding that to be lost, not to be necessarily bad, no, but a normal outworking of Father's divine plan. But yes, all are called, some are unfortunately lost.

For the most part though, I can say that mortals do find their way to Father through any and all measures. Most are saved and choose to run the infinite course. This is certainly a great source of joy to our Father, to receive His children, and the losses are sorrow producing, and yet, par for the course of normal evolutionary progress. Is this answering? (It is. Thank you very much.) You're welcome.


I would express to you each my love, devotion and gratitude for your uplifting participation in this the Correcting Time. Until next week, Shalom.