1998-06-14-Encouragement & Transcendence

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Topic: Encouragement & Transcendence

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Mantutia, Elyon

TR: Sheila, Jonathan



Mantutia (Sheila): Greetings, I am Mantutia. If your discussions today were term papers, you would all have A's. Your discussions included intellectual thoughts, feelings, wonderment, and this is precisely the process which we are hopeful will be the result of our teachings to you. Most of all each and every discussion included love. Whether your wonderment or your intellectualization of these topics are correct in their perspective does not matter, for your perspective and willingness to apply love are the one and only important factor in all subjects and all matters at hand, in all discussions. If you were to say, "I love this weather today; how about you?" would be better off than, "How about the weather?" In all communications bringing in the factor -- even the word -- love, God, Father, you have served the conversation well. I will only add now that I do indeed love you. Thank you.


Demonstration, Dissemination

Tom: I have a question regarding the recent emphasis on being the gospel as opposed to preaching the gospel. Is this a new mandate? Should the old be considered less or should they go hand-in-hand?

Elyon (Jonathan): I greet you; this is Elyon, and I will answer your question.

The information that is the gospel is valuable, for it is the recipe for fulfilled spiritual living and must be presented to all in order that they each can begin to order their lives through this recipe and experience the results, that is, the result of being the gospel. The natural result of learning the gospel is that it will be undertaken as a lifestyle. However, we are all too familiar with the tendency to grow complacent through understanding and not to go the second mile and challenge oneself to actually, literally, adopt the teaching in every action.

For you who understand, the best advice we can give is for you to live reflective of Michael. For those who do not understand, restatement of the gospel is the beginning of their growth in the truths contained therein. However, for that to be recognized as valuable and truth-filled, you must, yourself, grow with the results of having adopted the teaching.

In a way, it is a new proclamation, for this is the era that begins the restoration of interplanetary contact, of celestial and terrestrial communication. Until now -- and even now -- humankind perceives itself as isolated, unworthy, and fearful of assumed divinity, of the warning of blasphemy. Because of this, humankind has tended to content itself with the verbal proclamation. While many have sought to transform themselves through the application of the teaching, now we begin to transform all. So, it becomes your task to do both, to make the statements, but you must also demonstrate the results. Just as no recipe is worthwhile without the dish being cooked, the gospel sits idle without its servants actively being its content.

Have I answered your question?

Tom: That was quite a feast! Thank you.


Elyon: I will make a few more comments under the heading, "Transcendence". What I observe in your conversation today is your ability to understand events in your lives and principles of truth by rising above and taking a broad view of the conditions that contribute to a situation. This is transcendence. By undertaking this process, you have been rewarded with enhanced insight. You have better prepared yourselves to act in the events of your lives that are connected to the situations that you transcended in order to understand.

Transcendence in no way implies removal, distance, insensitivity. To transcend is not to kick the dust from your feet and walk away as though you are above it all. It is the method for comprehension of situations. In the illumination provided, the duty falls to you to act accordingly. I encourage you to use this method of comprehension often, even continually, for it will then give your life a twofold course that you travel. Know that the Father's presence within you is functioning in this manner at all times. Paradise is its goal while yet actively engaged in the events of your moments.


The Master said that he came to teach self-forgetfulness. You know the value that has been derived from your efforts to improve yourself through spiritual and psychological work. This is not denied in his teaching; rather it points to this transcendent ability. To be self-forgetful is to be divinely mindful. With this perspective, ministry to others is improved and ministry to yourself becomes equally as valuable as ministry to others. You do not forget yourself to the detriment of your well-being. Rather you seat yourself in the position of the Father and through His perspective undertake your work.

I hope I have provided you with another insight that may further your growth and improve your ministry. Thank you.

Sandy: Why can't we just ask the question: Is there reincarnation? What is the light of life? Explain God.? We fight to understand these big questions all our lives. We should just be able to ask.

Light, Presence

Elyon: I will address your point. You mention three questions: reincarnation, light of life, and God. Perhaps we can deal with all three at the same time.

The value of life is light. In a physical sense life on this world would not be without the sun. In the spiritual sense, your life has meaning because of the light that indwells you. This is the principal, important focus for you to have. In the rise from ignorance to enlightenment over the course of time on this planet, you have gained increased understanding of life. It has evolved slowly and has ventured down many philosophic paths. Revelation, on the other hand, has brought to you better knowledge of the light. Understanding this light will clarify the questions of life.

But to simply limit oneself to the correlation of the manifold factors of life will only yield a hazy understanding of this life. This is why the revelators of The Urantia Papers chose to focus away from the reincarnation descriptions yielded by your religious teachers of ages past, for many of those questions take on secondary importance when you are well informed and experientially versed with the spiritual presence.

To comprehend who is God requires description upon description upon description, yielding further questions and increasing complexity of the subsequent description. Yet no one individual from the most brilliant of minds to the most simple of heart can ever deny the experience of this presence. It is a spectacular unfoldment that we witness as the many evolutionary worlds develop their comprehension of deity -- all of which err in one respect or another, yet never once have we found an individual who truly experiences the presence to have missed the import of that embrace of the Father. Therefore, I say to you that your primary teaching to others is to have this experience with the Father. Following this, you can be of great encouragement to the mind of that soul who experiences the Father by leading them to the information sources that would benefit them as it is qualified by their nature and character.

Has this been helpful?

Sandy: It has been. Wow, so much was said. I'll have to go home and analyze it. I think you are great, Elyon, thank you for the answers.

Elyon: You are welcome.


John: We were talking about an incident [a black man being dragged to death behind a truck]. Questions come up about why it happened. The universe considers him a hero. Is there preexistence? How could he be a hero? Did he know ahead of time? Is there reincarnation? From the answer that you gave, I gather the revelators didn't want to go there because it is too complicated for us. This is why we ask these questions. I realize the evolutionary process; I guess I am just commenting.

Elyon: I will comment in return. You are well aware that truth is eternal. It has its base in the absolute that never changes. You are also aware that truth is dynamic, ever flowing, ever conditioning itself to the situations of life that it may be revealed to the mind. In understanding events in your life, seeking to grasp the eternal truth will bring greater understanding of a situation or an event, as you have cited. Whether this situation had to occur for the truth to be revealed is not as important as to understand that the truth contained in the event is ever-present. Be it a thousand miles away or right around the corner, another event will also reveal this same truth.

So, as far as comprehending the reason for an occurrence, it is beneficial to transcend and proceed from the truth perspective. Then the events themselves become the scaffolding through which enlightenment is brought forth.

John: I'd like to get you in a headlock and ask you, "Is there preexistence?" I'd just like to know. I know there is a purpose, a universal way of looking at all this. You know what can be revealed to us. Thank you, what you say is helpful.

Elyon: You are welcome. I would comment about this preexistence. I know -- for I detect in each of you survival qualities; this is confirmed by the Father's presence -- you all have post-existence. It is coming; it is now credited to you.

In your question of preexistence, consider this: Did God have a preexistence? He has always been. Nothing preceded His existence. You are His children; you reside within Him.


I leave this with you to ponder.