1998-06-21-Purpose Of Life

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Topic: Purpose of Life

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Welmek

TR: Unknown



Welmek: Good morning, my friends. This is your friend and teacher, Welmek. Today I would like to continue with our procedure. Imagine a friend has come to you. They are sad and discouraged and ask you what is life about; what is the purpose of life? I want you to think about how you would respond and then we shall begin.

Comments from students.


Purpose, Life

Welmek: Thank you, my friends. If I would attempt to answer this question, I think my answer would be a summary of all that you have said. If I were to summarize all that you have said, I would say the purpose of life is to learn, to love and to learn to love life. Imagine in your mind a triangle and the three words are learn, love and live. Now begin to see them in combination. We learn to live, we must learn to love. We must love to live. We must love to learn. We must live to learn and we must live to love. All of these interact. Each is important. Life is not complete, life is not full, life is not real if any of these are missing.

The greatest gift we have been given is life, is it not? Because life itself has given us the opportunity to learn and to love, to love to learn, and learn to love. From this basic model your friend might ask further questions, because when you ask questions you learn what you need to know. Then you must begin to make choices. You cannot learn everything in one short lifetime. Even in eternity you cannot know everything there is to know. And so you must begin to make choices about what is most important to learn. You must learn something to make your living, to survive on this world. You need to learn something to understand what the meaning of life is all about. You need to learn about spirit reality so that you understand what it means to progress and grow. When you ask the question of love, who should you love? Your friends need to learn how to love themselves. As you know, this is not so easy. They need to love God, and they need to love their brothers and sisters. When you join learning and loving, you live a more balanced life and you feel more alive.

And so, to learn to love life or to love to learn life is the key, or purpose, or the central understanding. For in this you see that you have been given life, you have been an eternal future and learning, loving and living is all there is. But it is more than enough. For to learn to love and to live will produce feelings of peace, joy, happiness, feeling loved, of loving others. All that you seek and all that is good in life is wrapped up in this simple process. But the choices you make of what to learn and who to love are important. You are making choices now that are important to you. That is reflected in why you are here. You are making choices to learn to love yourself more, to learn to love others more, to learn to love God more. You are making choices to learn about God, to learn about reality, to learn about yourself through stillness. As you continue in this process, your life will become even more alive and you will continue to grow and to love to learn. What a wonderful gift to be able to learn and love! What else could be given to you? To be able to make the choices in what to learn and who to love.

You celebrate this day called Father’s Day. Let us call this Parent’s Day for we did not have this discussion on Mother’s Day. What does a parent give a child? They give them life, do they not? Is that not what you as parents have given your children; you have given them life…the opportunity to learn and the opportunity to love. And then, while they are learning to love and loving to learn and living, you provide them with support and you give them guidance. Has our Heavenly Parent not given us the same? Has our Heavenly Parent not given us our spiritual life? The ability to learn and love. Has our Heavenly Parent not given us love and guidance? People wander this planet so alone, so in need, struggling to see the purpose in life, when it is right in front of them, within them, around them, and yet they do not see. Share this purpose with them when you can. Help them realize what life really is, what a tremendous gift it really is. Tell them how fortunate they are to have life and to have eternal life.

Understanding, Love

When a parent brings a child into the world, they naturally love them. They do not have to learn to love the child. Then, why is it that we cannot have or feel the same love for everyone else?


Student comments: we don’t have the same relationships and we don’t see everyone this way.

Welmek: You must first see yourself as a child of God. These are words that everyone has heard, but they do not understand the true meaning. When you see yourself as a child of God, as a loving parent, you feel that love, that zest for life. You feel that if you make mistakes as a child you will be forgiven. So there is an attitude, there is an understanding in this meaning of a child of God that would help you be more forgiving of yourself. And many of your brothers and sisters do not see themselves as a child or as a child of God. They are judgmental and very hard on themselves, and are very lost. When you view yourself as this child, does it not make you feel freer? Do you not feel that if you make a mistake that your parent will still love you? There is no reason to give up this feeling, for in the universe sense you are truly just a child. To recapture, to understand the essence of this is to understand the essence of what it means to be a child of God. And that is an understanding that will make life more meaningful and loving for you.

Imagine, my friends, that you walk down a street and pass by a dark alley. There is a garbage can and you hear a rattling. You begin to wonder what it is down this dark alley. As you proceed down the alley suddenly you see a young child in tattered clothes. They are filthy, they smell, they have not eaten in days, they are afraid and the look of fear permeates their eyes. As you draw near them they curse at you, throw stones at you and yell at you to get away from them. But yet, what do you know? You know that their need for love is there and they are afraid. So, if they are a child you continue and approach them. And you pick them up, embrace them, and whisper to them, “Have no fear I will take care of you. I will love you, and I will feed you, and life will be good for you.”

Well, my friends, when you look at your brothers and sisters, no matter how tattered and torn or fearful or filthy or smelly, or whatever it is that you do not like about them, they are still this same young child. They are still loved by God. Within them is the smile and bright eyes the same as it was when they stood at two years of age in their crib and looked at their parent with love. Yes, it is hidden and buried, and it may be difficult to bring out, but are they not indwelt by a fragment of God? Have they not been given the same gift of life? If there is anything you can do to give them even a moment of greater understanding, peace or love; whatever you do for the least of my brethren, you do for me.

Whatever you can do to erase any of that smell or filth or fear or ignorance, you help that child take one more small step to growing closer to the discovery of who they are. Every day of your life, be it nothing more than a smile, a kind word, a loving touch, a word of advice, sharing of a meal, whatever you do, no matter how small, no matter how great, you help this person grow closer to the discovery of who they really are.

Let me ask you, you now who know you are as a child of God. Has this truth not set you free? Has this truth not helped you to experience life more to the fullest? Are you not now loving life more? Do you not love to learn more? Are you not learning to love more? Are you not learning to love life more? Are you not loving to learn life more? This gift has been given to you so how can you hide it? You must share it, no matter how small, how seemingly fragmented it might be. Every touch, every gesture of kindness and love gives to that other person a taste of life and love. They more they taste, the more they will want. The more starved they have been, the more fearful and mistrustful they may be, but the slightest bit of good is infinitely more powerful than all of the fear and mistrust can ever be. For when you taste of love, truth, goodness, beauty, mercy, and compassion how can you ever want to lose that taste?

So on this Parent’s Day, my friends, my message to you is you must learn to be more than a brother or sister. You must learn the love of the parent and you must learn to love each of your brothers and sisters not just as a brother and sister, but as a parent. The parent’s love does not disappear with the inappropriate or immature behavior of their children. A parent is there to continue to nurture, to continue to love and guide. You are not physical parents of your brothers and sisters, but in a way you are becoming the spiritual parents. The Master was not the biologic father of his brothers and sisters, but when his father passed did he not serve the role and responsibility of their parent, and did he not serve the responsibility of spiritual parent to all the children of this planet? Even those who put a crown of thorns on his head, spit in his face, mocked, scorned and whipped him. He looked at them as a parent would look at their child and said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” This is the height, the acme, the goal of love.


I am not there yet and you are not there yet. But we are learning, are we not? Are we not learning to find this kind of love, is that not our purpose? Are we not loving more to learn how to do this? And in this process are we not loving life more? Ask yourself, do you not love life more than you did a year ago or 5 or 10 years ago? If your answer is yes, then you are truly following the real purpose of life. Good day, my friends.]