1998-06-21-Relationship, Giving & Receiving

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Topic: Relationship, Giving, and Receiving

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Aaron

TR: Sarah, Jonathan



Machiventa (Sarah TR): Please excuse me this morning for avoiding the niceties, in a chatty sort of way. I need to speak more on spiritual seriousness, especially with the persons present today, as you will understand.



Your time is important in so far as living this life. You have many chores to do. As I prophesize that you will graduate long before other lives on Urantia, a lot of time should be spent improving your spiritual being. If you are to go on to be teachers, you need not spend too much time resting. As for God's will, He will show you the way. To become the soul, that energy, you need to hold that close together and to go ahead and live on.

You do need the experiences and all that you can lay your hands on to guide you. Intuition is very good. You need to use intuition a lot more. Try it a lot, experience it, and you will soon find that your intuition is very right most of the time. The big answer is love. You will find that you can love many of your brothers, and this forms a cosmic connection of the circle of oneness.

You need not worry about the trifle problems of your ordinary daily life; God will take care of those. Even into the economic struggle for survival, give all your trust to God and all your love to everyone on Urantia. This must be done to strengthen the soul that will live on beyond your physical. It is very simple, and you have the great habit of trying to make everything difficult.

I wish to step aside now.


Evelyn: I have a question about what you just said, something about prophesying that we will graduate before other lives or something like that. I wonder what you meant.

Machiventa: Yes. I meant that you were on a higher plane of existence as of now, that most people will die before they get onto this plane where you are reaching out, that you realize is there. Most people haven't come to this point in their lives, and they probably never will. You understand that?

Evelyn: Yes, I do.

Flow, Presence

Aaron (Jonathan): Hello to you all, this is Aaron filling in for Elyon this morning. I am here to present a lesson for your reflection involving relationship, giving and receiving.

Imagine, if you will, a bucket of water on a shelf with another bucket below on another shelf, below that another bucket, each connected by a hose. You know of the principle of siphoning and how the water will flow from the higher bucket into the lower, and on down. This illustrates the principle of giving and receiving. It does this well, for it points to the fact that it is one continual process. It is not merely two separate actions, giving as distinct from receiving. Spiritually speaking, every gift you receive is one you give virtually simultaneously. Involving relationship, this scenario illustrates how integrated all of us are. In spite of our progress toward the Father, in spite of our lack of progress to the Father, we are each interconnected, and continually the flow of love and truth is reaching us.

The search for truth and for the experience of love is one that can be undertaken deep within yourself, for here is the water of life, the very water of life that the master spoke of. It is forever true that he who has seen him has seen the Father. Since he resides in the Father and the Father and he reside in you, there is the beginning and end of your search.

This divine presence is brilliant in many ways. The search within always entails external expression, for it is impossible to place a containment field around this brilliance to prevent it from being observed beyond yourself. You have been given the primary and utmost gift of all that could be given to a human being. Resident within you is His own being, God at home within yourself. Naturally His love and might will flow into and out of you as does the effect of a siphon. In some ways you may rest assured that you will naturally reveal the Father. Set aside concern of your ability to be representative of Him, for it is the law of love. It is noteworthy of you all that you are continually inquisitive and seeking for better methods to express the truth experiences of your life, for this ever stimulates the mind and [Inspiration|[inspires]] the heart. But you can be certain, as well, that in spite of your striving you are revealing that very presence. You may enlarge your siphon tube, you may enlarge your holding bucket, but ever and always will the fluid flow.

I hope this has given you some things to think about, to ponder this week. I trust you will not find me all wet. If you will, I will receive your comments and questions.


Evelyn: I was thinking about what Machiventa was saying, there's all this spiritual work to be done; all you have to do is ask God, and He will tell you what needs to be done specifically. I know that's true, but I still ask, "What should I do?" I spend a lot of time on trivial things; I realize that; they take time! I don't really have a question, I just want to ask, what should we do?

Aaron: Much of mortal life entails grappling with these constraints of living which require your attention and focus your ability to choose and act as you acquire the spiritual maturity to function in larger arenas and with greater freedom. Attention to these temporal details may appear to be spiritually insignificant as you aspire to higher levels of personality manifestation. However, they are building blocks to your higher function. While as yet they appear mundane, they can be infused with spiritual fragrance; they can be actively coordinated by you into a grander objective.

As Machiventa has said today, few attain the levels that can be attained, and many of you graduate prior to such attainments. It is a challenge to maintain a perspective regarding your activities and in light of your ascension career. But all of you will, as I have done, find yourselves in your post-human lives still struggling with many issues and activities that appear to be a hindrance to your progress. As the ages unfold, it will grow clearer in your mind how vital these apparently insignificant events are.

You are a threefold being: You are spiritual; you are mindal, and you are physical. When any level is engaged, whether it is freely of your own choosing or of necessity because of the circumstances of life, you can initiate activity in any of the other remaining levels. Here is where your creativity can express itself.

I hope this has provided some inspiration as well as comfort.


Evelyn: I think of future generations. Our generation is so different from the previous. I assume succeeding generations will be different from ours. If we want to leave some useful materials in our wake, do you have any thoughts along that line? What would be appropriate beyond what we are accustomed to here now?

Aaron: May I point out a fundamental that is expressed by you, that is, that your human race, since its beginning, up to now, and including the distant future, contains quite similar longings, desires, and reactions. However, civilization is continually changing and, even on this planet, is progressing steadily towards Light and Life, necessitating the translation and redefinition of what is meaningful, yet continually fulfill these desires and longings. Therefore, what you can leave in your wake is this new translation, a fresh statement which retells the essence that has been present all through time. What one generation would receive, another would likewise. However, the terminology, the analogies, are constantly shifting as your environment and your civilization undergo change.

I encourage you to maintain a focus upon the eternal essentials that are satisfying to the human soul while you become clever in your ability to re-present these truths in ways that appeal to the current and subsequent generations. In a sense it is no different than an egg and the many forms in which it may be prepared. Does this help?

Evelyn: Yes, thank you, that's good.


Aaron: I will now take my leave and scramble on back to my associate, Simeon.