1998-07-01-Group Dynamic Energy

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Topic: Group Dynamic Energy

Group: At Large


Teacher: Marleena

TR: JoiLin



Mary: Marleena has not really defined what we are about. I don't know where this is coming from but it's my impression that building these relationships, these bonds, and allowing our hearts to fill up with that amount of incredible love - it is overwhelming - but, that becomes part of the energy in the circuits.

A'Cilla: Indeed!

Mary: And somehow Marleena takes that and…

A'Cilla: Marleena is here. Would you like to speak with her?

Marleena: Greetings dear one,

Mary: About six weeks ago you said that people would be asked to make a serious commitment.

Marleena: I have since retracted my request within my own mind. You [the group] have much work to do and so we will continue in learning mode for yet some time.

  • Friction within the group

Mary: Are you aware of the posts and exchanges?

Marleena: Somewhat yes.

Mary: I allowed myself to be vulnerable and totally open and not having secrets

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: I posted to part of the group. The reactions... it was like opening a can of worms.

Marleena: On some level perhaps you did. It was a necessary thing for you to do.

This friction... often facilitates a much deeper level of understanding once the difficulties have been worked through. And, this is a necessary part of what we attempt to do here.

The process was begun initially, a bit earlier. You have now added another layer. There are still others that have held back, have made the commitment, yet have not followed through in this most important exercise. It is an integral part of any committed group process, however, they will be nudged, once again, to do so.

  • Working with sexual energy

Mary: I could not relate to any energy, a sense of being a healer, or having a strong ability to meditate, and through a series of different events at Spirit Fest, what I heard or what occurred to me, is that my energy is sexual in origin. At first this was unacceptable, then I found it very acceptable - there's all sorts of energy. If I can push that energy out then I believe that Steve's comment is correct: energy is energy. It involves pushing it out and letting you take it and work with it.

Marleena: Yes. That is correct.

Mary: So that is my energy?

Marleena: Not that the energy is unique to you. It is an energy that is there for all. You simply focus and move that energy more readily than you do other energy. Correct. There is nothing wrong with it.

Mary: See, I tried to deny it, to control it, tried to fight it, and then there was a turning point where I just released it and it's not even a male-female thing.

Marleena: Correct!

  • Energy and circuits

Mary: Are you aware of what I just described to A'Cilla as the work I thought we are doing?

Marleena: No child.

Mary: First I was talking about the overwhelming love that I have for certain members of our group. [Unclear sentence.] The planet is yearning for deeper levels of genuine spiritual love. I believe I said: We each have our energy and it is intermingled with that love - love is an energy also. And, that we push into that bond, that circuit we have created with each individual and somehow you take that energy and it is manifested as healing in some form.

Marleena: That is correct.

Mary: Can you elaborate any?

Marleena: We have not yet begun to do our work. We are still at the beginning, learning stages. [Two or three unclear sentences.]

  • Vibrational frequency fine tuned

Mary: At the Seraphic Redwood?

Marleena: Yes.

Mary: You were explaining to us that our energy, our vibration, was being upstepped.

Marleena: Indeed.

Mary: Can you elaborate?

Marleena: [Unclear] All of the levels you basically use - physical, mental, emotional - and indeed spiritual, have been... pushed up, to a higher level. In essence, your vibrational frequency has been fine tuned. You will now begin to perceive, on greater and greater levels, this energy you will be working with, and eventually there may be other gifts that will become yours, more or less as a by-product of this work. As I told you before there is no promise but it is our hope, it is akin to being given a new tool. One must be willing to work with this new tool and discover through experimentation all the ways in which it will be useful in implementing your work. My suggestion is that you keep your mind focused on the job at hand in this case, currently, creating and deepening the circuits between yourself and your group mates. The rest will come as a matter of course, in time.

  • Organizing as a group

Mary: Was my assessment of Henry a unit of one, Mare and Julianne a unit of two, Joi, Steve and I, a unit of three…

Marleena: That is the way it turned out, however that was not my hope. While much growth has been and will be a direct result of this most recent group experience, it fell well below my rather optimistic expectations.

Mary: Understood. We didn't plan it like that.

Marleena: I want to begin to encourage the group to attempt to come together.

[Unclear word for word but a conversation regarding the opportunity and benefits of being physically together and how it facilitates the bonding process was discussed. Marleena said it would be good to get together without “the distractions of a conference”.]

Maybe that is something you would pursue.

Mary: [Laughing] I'm already perceived as too bossy and dominating, and controlling and organizing.

Marleena: But this is not coming from you, Little One. I'm encouraging you to put it out there.

Mary: I'll put it out there for somebody else to pick up!

Marleena: That's fine.