1998-07-12-Expansion of Gospel

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Topic: Expansion of Gospel

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Jessona

TR: Jonathan



Jessona (Jonathan TR): Hello to you, I am Jessona, as you might expect. [Tom had requested Jessona to address some personal matters.] I am willing to provide feedback to you regarding your episode of this past week and am willing to address other questions as well. Hopefully it will prove to be of benefit in increased insight and the fostering of your faith.



There is a twofold process in spiritual attainment. This process you are familiar with, however, I bring it up to remind you so that you may perceive your current situation in that light. That is, the first cycle of internalizing your new knowledge, your acquired insights; the second phase of the cycle being your expression, outpouring, the exercise of sharing, of enacting your recently acquired state of being. It is said that it is your intentions that the Father evaluates, but it is also true that it is from your extension that the kingdom is furthered on this world. Though the Father is most keenly concerned with your inner progress, we who hover about you are keenly concerned with the outward progress of your world and with your contribution to this world. Perhaps in light of this statement we could address your question.


Tom: This recent expansion of the gospel, the preaching and the being, the stillness and small kindnesses sum up this expansion. In light of the recipe being the gospel and our "being the gospel", we were discussing the recipe, the gathering, cooking, serving, eating of the food, saying grace, and the value derived from that. Using these material analogies could you corroborate the spiritual reflections on that example by analogy?

Jessona: I have this to say: It is an excellent portrayal of the process of assimilating the truth of the gospel, of transforming it into your being and therefore making it effectively possible to preach the gospel. What I mean is that your acquirement of the living qualities of the gospel makes it possible for others to witness its fruits. This is a form of preaching that exceeds the spoken word. To follow your analogy, imagine -- for that matter, there is no need to imagine; you have experienced this -- what it is like to describe a dish that you have partaken of to one who has not tasted. Your description never satisfies the other's sense of taste. it may appeal through the ears to the mind, but it has not gone through the proper avenue of consumption. Even the aroma, though closer to an accurate portrayal of the gospel food, still ends up short. This aroma is akin to witnessing the bearing of spiritual fruit. However, when another directly encounters and becomes entangled, or confronts the gospel personally -- and I mean this positively, rather than through struggle to resist -- this is the eating, the actual partaking of the gospel and is superior to aroma or description. Though aroma and description whet the appetite, it is the literal consumption, the intaking by the individual, that makes the gospel become part of them. Your best ministry is, in a sense, for them to be able to smell the meal on your breath!

You have expressed here today some fine examples that interpret this analogy. Each stage of doing requires a degree of being. Being begets doing, which brings into existence new stages for being, much like your shopping now has created the potential for preparing the recipe. It is a level of function that did not exist prior to shopping. With this we can see that doing good for others transforms you into goodness itself. Goodness, in reality, does not exist apart from personality.


Tom: Sounds good to me! When you are good then you are being. It all goes together at the same time, right?

Jessona: Yes.

Tom: I was trying to see this as an exploded view. It's action and reaction at the same time. You can't do without being, and you can't be without doing.

Jessona: Yes. Correct. Imagine all your food items cut up on the counter, simply sitting there for weeks, none of which would end up in the casserole dish without you being the preparer. They do go hand-in-hand, the doing and the being.

You are familiar with the phrase of Michael, when he was described as being "good" he responded by saying, "Why do you call me good?" (196:0.9) This could be thought of as a statement which distinguishes separately the person from goodness. But I convey to you that Michael was demonstrating his complete faith in, devotion to, and work for the Father. To be the good that he was in his earth life amounted to him forgetting himself and becoming that conduit of goodness. Such a process truly made him good. Since he was good, he was capable of doing good. Being the very truths that he taught, he did well doing good. The lack of personal experience with truth can make one function poorly when attempting to do good. Experience is not only the best teacher, but the best preparation for teaching.


Your current work with intuition is a favorable exercise, in my view, and will help us both in our relationship, for it is a key part of the process of communication. The human mind is not always favorably oriented toward contact. Intuition is a valuable plug-in point to the mind. Your experience of intuitive precognitions is demonstrating that faith is likewise an active element, as well. You not only receive, but you are acting upon this reception, all built upon the witness of receiving and not acting.

I offer only one caution and that is, to return to your analogy, intuition can be like the temperature setting on the oven. It can become overly intensified and miss the level at which it was intended to be of benefit. It can also be under-intensified and lack the ability to be informational. This applies to your ability to receive and transmit, as well, for it is up to the human subject to grasp and to effectively express. We would be more than happy to dispense with this medium for contact and communicate with you from the outside as you do with one another in your physical forms. However, we are at this point in evolution here left with the other option, that is, access to you through your mind circuits and through the willing participation of the Father's presence.

As it is noticeable of mortals, there is a tendency to believe what is heard from the outside over what is heard from within. External verification is valid, however, learning to trust an internal presentation is valuable for developing spiritual insight, trust, and the confidence of connectedness.

Would you like to comment?

Tom: I felt on several occasions that I had a new level of understanding, sparked mainly from asking you questions while in meditation. You seemed to be answering me in my mind's matrix. I understand transmitters going to each other with questions rather than directly. [Asks for confirmation of two recent incidents] Was I over-cooking or under-cooking? Am I in the range?

Jessona: You have discerned the possibility that in no small way exists. What the situation is, to return again to your analogy, is that the oven is on, set at temperature, but as it stands now, the timer has not been started. However, at any point the timer could begin, and you could witness the outworking of your intuitive grasp.

I will make comment about seeking confirmation of received transmission within yourself from another transmitter. It is like this: If you pull a shirt over your head but not pull it over completely, and take a look around from within that shirt, you see the pattern of the fabric; you see construction techniques; you see unraveling, little details that are not obvious from the outside. Often the patterns of the fabric are not as clear and these details can distract from the intended beauty of its appearance. Yet you are receiving a great deal of information, not necessarily apparent from without. Yet, when you view this same garment on another from the outside, you have a different perspective. The two enrich the entire experience of gaining understanding. It is beneficial to seek confirmation through another TR. I would also reverse this and state that it is beneficial for you to seek internal confirmation of that which is received through another TR.

Tom: You aren't saying I should go see another TR, are you?

Jessona: This you are doing at this moment in time. This is fine.

Tom: This shirt that I am looking through, I'm not getting the whole picture. The timer hasn't started. Am I right so far?

Jessona: You are receiving the perspective of being inside the shirt. This is what you have experienced earlier. At this moment you are experiencing viewing the shirt from without, viewing it upon this TR. But I need to point out that my comment about the timer refers to the facts of the situation you have expressed regarding your friend and had to do with intuition and its outworking, that is, the transpiration of events and occurrences that confirm the intuitive view.

Tom: Intuition doesn't have a lot of facts, yet it is all facts, if it is correct. I have a vague impulse of what it is, but I don't want to intrude on the freewill of my brother by directing him in a path that may not be the Father's will. In the other case, I thought you had something to do with it, but while it was going on I had no idea. Looking at the shirt on someone else, I thought I saw how you operate; that's what I am trying to figure out. I know you don't want to intrude on my life so that I lean on you too much. But I would like to understand how we function. With this intuition I thought I was on to something. Machiventa says to learn to use it more; get it into your life. A flag doesn't always come up saying "yes" or "no". I'm walking around like I have a shirt over my face. I'd like to see what is going on.

Reserve Corps

Jessona: You have made some very good statements, and they are illustrating our relationship. You expressed that you do not wish to lean upon me. Use of intuition is the safeguard for not leaning upon me, for it requires your active application of mind and is distinct from being directly told by me what the reality of a situation is. We are a partnership, and though I can function in many ways that do not require the presence or actions of a human, I do lean upon you. Our entire corps has a large amount of enlisted human beings that we lean upon to effect changes. So, there is a beneficial quality to teamwork that is not undermining of freewill, that is not subjugating one's powers to act and choose to the direction of another. Does this provide perspective about our work together?

Tom: I'm starting to get a glimmer here and there. Sometimes I think you are involved in healing; sometimes I think you are involved in music and other things. I know the Master avoided over-specialization, so I'm keeping my options open. I'm not sure what you do or how I can be of service to you other than to use the truth I have experientially unified to further the gospel. The puzzle is starting to come together. I appreciate you talking with me today, and I will study it to refine our contact.

Jessona: If I could switch our metaphor for a moment from shirts to hats, I wear a few. In my assignment with the master seraphim of this world and work with the Reserve Corps of Destiny, I wear a hat that fits a uniform. In my work with you I wear a different hat, for I have also adopted the assignment of the Teaching Mission and the role of a personal teacher with you. Some of what I do at work, so to speak, is not the same function as I undertake with you personally. This is enlarging my experience as well as being a minister for you and with you. Do understand that as we together wear the hat of teacher/student, you have in no way received a hat too large for you to wear. You have all the presence of mind necessary to be my equal associate in working for Michael. Many within this Correcting Time mission are only beginning to discover their potential arenas for function. Few have actually found and are directly engaged in an active role. The cycle of discovery is still underway.


I look forward to greater work with you in the future and am enjoying our current success.

Tom: I sure thank you. I feel like you wrapped your wings around me.

Jessona: You are welcome, and I thank you in return. If you are content today, I will take leave.