1998-07-26-Influence & Different Levels of Understanding

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Topic: Influence & Different Levels of Understanding

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Evanson, Elyon

TR: Jonathan, Mark Rogers



Evanson (Jonathan TR): As opening speaker today, I greet you for all of us; we are happy to be in attendance, as I am very assured that you are as welcoming and as pleased to be with us. This is Evanson.



I would like to play with your word "influence". You are all honing your understanding in regard to how you can best be effective ministers to those in your life who seek new levels of experience for broader understanding of spiritual truths. If we consider the word influence, we can derive a few thoughts such as, to in-fluence another, one need not bear upon the other from the outside, but rather let that flow of the Father within you rise out and present itself. This will create the same reaction within the other.

You have a phrase for social conditions, "breaking the ice." Most of you have experienced clashes in religious thought with other people wherein breaking the ice results only in shattering; it does not contribute to the flow of the Water of Life. Sometimes you must let this fluent of truth melt away that hard, dense rigidity. This requires patience, for, as you know, even ice in a glass of water requires time to fully melt. Michael has referred to himself as the water of life. You are his flue through which he may bring this life, the vitality of spiritual reality, to others. It is not something you grasp in your hand and pass along; it is something you take in and let rise and flow to the without.

I will now pause in my comments to let my friends continue exchanging thoughts with you.

Curriculum, Growth

Elyon (Mark): I greet you as well; this is your friend and associate Elyon. I would offer you my appreciation and thanks as well as the appreciation of those on my side for your discussion and insights. As we observe these directions, we formulate our lesson plans. As your spontaneity shows us, there are many aspects, many lessons, floating around the room at any one time. Of particular interest to us are the effects of this project we undertake together, this Teaching Mission. The effects on your everyday lives we are experimenting together, you and us. We learn from each other. We deliver the lessons, and then you, in your exchanges, dictate to us new directions we need to go, areas of clarification, and areas of success. These that we learn from you will be used for future participants in this course, and therefore, we are literally together cementing the bricks of the path on which many more will follow behind you. We are so pleased to have your cooperation and assistance. Though you may tire of hearing our appreciation, it is in the forefront of our encounter with you. It is also necessary to hear it as frequently as we offer it.

You in this room assimilate more of the lessons than perhaps you give yourselves credit for. When you make observations of how you failed or did not fully grasp the meanings, the teachings, you did, indeed, grapple with these. They did, indeed, cause growth within your being, noticeable growth which I can assure you occurs frequently and regularly. We have been undergoing this process for quite some time now, and you would all grant that the nature of the lessons between us have changed, have elevated in accordance with your abilities and desires to work with the lessons. Each new level that you find yourselves on allows for greater latitude in the lesson process. Never forget that the many who will be new to this process, this project, will not be where you are.

They will start from where you were and will never quite catch you in your state of evolution, as you have each had a head-start on them. Remember that it is important to allow beginners to be at the beginning. As your group grows, as more individuals come to your gatherings, you will find yourself diversifying to accommodate different levels of understanding. I urge you to make this accommodation fully as an aspect of your service. You are each in this for your own spiritual growth, but you each recognize the value in service to others for their spiritual growth. As your gatherings grow, you will find it necessary to at times be there to receive and at other times be there to give. This is an opportunity that presents itself for service in which you can minister to those who desire to know what you know, to learn what you have learned, indeed, to be like you. Grant them every opportunity to experience the first steps that you experienced, as in our lessons you have learned that it takes the building of solid foundations before the scaffolding and structure can securely rest on top.


You, in this room, while busy at work on the later phases of your spirit house, must remember that there are those who need assistance and guidance on how to lay the cornerstones of their foundations. Remember how much these lessons have meant to you and turn that into desire to minister to those around you who have not had the benefit of these weekly encounters as you have. Embrace the abundance which you have been given and which you have earned through your actions and through your active participation. There are those who desire to share in this but have not cemented their foundations as yet. They need your patience, your assistance, your guidance, your example, so that they may build their spirit houses following the example you will show them.

You are familiar with the pattern that, to truly understand and know, you must take the final step and teach what you know. This, in a sense, cements this knowledge into your vault of experiences. It is required for you to do this, and it is necessary for those to have this done for them. So, I urge you to be aware of the various levels of the group around you as you gather for these gatherings and to facilitate different levels of understanding and learning. Be ever ready to reach out to help your brothers and sisters take the next step. We are all as small children and desire to be led and beckoned to as we are making these tentative steps of which we are unsure. This is where your experience and understanding are a stable isle. You can be this stability to those around you as they are reaching in the darkness, and they find your hand. It will be of immense comfort to them. Be ever ready to reach to them. Don't be shy and assume that they do not need or want your help. If they are here, if they are around you in an attitude of openness, then they are desiring your help. They will not, they seldom will come directly out and ask you for it. Rather, you must see the signs in them that they are teetering and reach out to them and stabilize them with your peace of mind that you have come to throughout this process. As you have been taught, now you must teach. No surprising news here, except that now I point out that the opportunity for service will shortly be at hand.


Sheila: May I ask a question?

Elyon: Of course.

Sheila: You have heard of my perspective of the benefits of getting Andy's building for a healing center. (tape flipped) I know our work is wherever we are. Can I get some perspective from your view? Is it really needed, or is it the next step?

Elyon: There is great need throughout your brothers and sisters, once again, for this isle of stability. You, being of great desire, may and will be the conduit for much of this activity surrounding you. You are correct in that wherever you go there is the opportunity for ministry, for growth. However, no large scale opportunities simply occur without the preplanning and the desire and the vision of great individuals who set out with purpose upon this path. If it is your great desire, then I applaud your efforts; I support your efforts. I encourage you to pursue, not only any one single avenue, but every single avenue that could lead you toward this end, as many things are occurring which are behind the scenes but which require the last step of the process: your active participation.

These accomplishments are the fruits of your faith, your faith to pursue these avenues, your sincerity towards the pursuit of service, and lastly, your willingness, your action to be about these pursuits, to not simply sit and dream but to take action, to pick up what resources you have to pursue what avenues are in front of you with vigor and determination that something will happen. I guarantee you that something will happen. I will make no iron-clad predictions as to the specifics of one location over another. I will tell you that your efforts to form a stable isle that those around you can gather and gain support will be rewarded. This desire is also the desire of the Father. You are in parallel with His desire to be about the helping of His children. Offer yourself as a conduit to this end. Follow the leadings and pursue the paths before you, and it is simply a matter of time and details for the rest to fall into place.

Have I spoken sufficient words of encouragement for you?

Sheila: Yes, thank you.

Elyon: It is so pleasing to witness these actions born of faith and born of the desire to do good to others. These are truly motivating forces which cannot be stopped. This is the path of the universe; this is the will of the Father. These things will occur. Your role to play is one of conduit. Constantly remind yourselves that it is your will that the Father's will be done, and whatever ends you are able to facilitate this you are willing to do. This objective will be met.

Would anyone else have any questions or comments?

Planetary Government

Jonathan: In my consecutive reading I just read about the resident governor general and the master seraphim. How does the resident governor general, as acting head of the seraphim, relate to the melchizedeks heading the Teaching Mission? Is there cooperation between the governmental/ administrative group and the melchizedeks and the seraphim and their use of the reserve corps? I see that the master seraphim also use the reserve corps of destiny and that they do not usually make contact with human minds; they have to contact us in other ways. Comments?

Elyon: Rest assured that every department, as you might see them, of planetary affairs and adjudication are inextricably linked together. In your mortal mind framework you might compartmentalize different aspects of your judicial and service branches as you would your court system and your fire department, but in administering planetary affairs and service to any individual or any planet, all aspects work together. Much as a spider web reaches indirectly to every facet and aspect of the web, so access is granted from every different aspect of planetary supervision to every other aspect. If, in your mortal existence, there does not appear to be much interlinking or cooperation between separate departments, the opposite would be true in how affairs are dictated in the spirit level.

One corps or department frequently accesses others, and there is no great sheltering of resources from one department to another. All things are shared openly, and all assistance is granted regularly between all aspects, high and low and side to side. We are all in this game for one common goal, not separate as are your material departments, but one common goal of spiritual upliftment, of bringing an individual or a planet or a species into Light and Life, of fostering growth and development towards the Father. To do this we will use any means to get to the ends. We access any and all resources and potentials to allow this to happen. It is with great joy that services are offered and rendered between all celestial personalities to the accommodation of the overall goal.

Does this illuminate?

Jonathan: It causes me to reflect on how administrative bureaucracies here send you down the hall to the door on the right. You are saying that anyone at any door that is knocked on is willing to help however they can.

Elyon: Precisely. In your earthly analogy, if you were to knock on the door of a high judge in our realm, he would be equally willing to drop everything and help you as if you were to knock on the door of the janitor. There is no difference. All are in this process together with the intent of one common goal. There is no desire to shelter any resource that we might have but rather to share it and to make it available to all. This is the opening up of resources rather than the sheltering and closing off and directing you somewhere else. Indeed, this very process we are engaged in this very moment takes many different links we have formed with many different departments, if you will, all of which are working together to make this very process happen. All the participants in this chain of events are quite willing to be of service.

Sheila: Doesn't this explain how we are able to help anyone who comes in our path?

Elyon: Very well said. You have pointed to the fact that we, who you cannot see, are formed in a long chain together to be of service. If you so choose, you may also be a link in our chain, and you may also be the conduit that we are for help to those around you, for growth to yourself. Picture this final link that you are as being all important. A chain one link too short is not long enough. Simply adding one more link can make the difference between connection and separation.


I would like you all to think about that this week. You are the final link in many cases between connection and separation. If you actively and willingly choose, you may be one of our links. It is a very important aspect of the process to be a willing conduit, a willing link in our chain. It is essential in many cases for you to take this final step.

Sheila: Thank you for being all the other links in that chain that brought us to this point.

Elyon: And I reflect back to you the thanks of all the other links in the chain who at this moment are bound together allowing this to happen, and who are in appreciation of the fact that you, each one, are willing to be a link in this chain, willing to complete this chain with your link. We appreciate you as well.