1998-08-02-More Discussion of Triangle Relationships

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Topic: More Discussion of Triangle Relationships

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, my friends. As you would likely guess, I am Elyon. I assure you that there are many in attendance today. I tell you this because, as you seek to experience connectiveness with the Father deep in your own being, we also desire to heighten your sensitivity to those present around you that exist beyond your present sensory organs. This is not intended to overly excite you but rather to remind you of a reality that is ever the case on this world and on this world in particular, for this planet is one of the biggest draws of spirit travelers in all of Nebadon. Orphanhood has been the sense of Urantia for far too long. We will continually remind you that this is no longer the case. Since Michael's appearance here, this world has been crowded.

Today I have not prepared a lesson. I am rather impressed with your diligent efforts at extracting meaning and making connections with my, and my associates, prior efforts to stimulate your growth. It is extremely rewarding to observe you in this manner. Therefore, today I would be more than happy to head right on into dialogue with you and perhaps address your questions.


Pattern, Triunity

Tom: In light of the recent lesson on triangles, how there are triangles hanging from each point of a triangle above, I chanced on a passage of Machiventa on circles. Thinking of the periodic chart of elements, a nucleus surrounded by electrons. When it gets to seven electrons, a new level is reached where mystery appears. He talked of truth being encompassed by beauty encompassed by goodness. When you equip a kitchen you get a canister within a canister for flour, sugar, etc. In light of the effectiveness of spiritual systems, it occurs to me that there are triangles within triangles. About sevens, we have seven psychic circles. If you turn a triangle on its point like a pyramid, you have three sides and a base. In chemistry you add one element to another and you make a compound. What if you stick two of these triangles together at the base? Seven sides. Maybe you are spiritual chemists. Is there some truth to that?

Elyon: You are approaching a topic of vast proportions, and there is much truth contained in what you have expressed. You mention superimposition of triangle upon triangle. Let us return to the idea of circles for a moment and create the image in your mind of three circles superimposed such that you view what appears to be one, only its three in layers. Now spread them out so that they overlap, and you will geometrically see seven areas within that three circle arrangement. You can count nodes where circles cross that, when connected, create triangles. This is physical geometry, but it reflects the pattern of deity.

You know from your studies in your text about the Sevenfold God. Your expression of two pyramids base-to-base expresses the principle of God in time and space. It is what creates the tensions for evolutionary growth. Now, if we were to, instead of discussing grand universe repercussions, take a look at personal growth, then the triangles that this group here is studying you can associate these pyramidal structures such that you can create new potentials for growth. Take your triangle of truth, butt it up to your triangle of beauty, fill in the names we have supplied for the various points, and you will begin to delight yourselves over the variations of meanings and insights that will apply to your life.

Another comment: the principle of the repetitive pattern of seven, as you have stated regarding your periodic chart of elements and as you are aware, there is the same form of repetition in the octaves of sound; you are composed of three basic dimensions: your spiritual, mindal, and physical parts. These do associate into sevens. These seven associations are the drivers of your living experience. Remove one of the three and there is disruption of the associations, and you are then without experience. This is the reason why the Solitary Messenger told you, when addressing the psychic circles, that balance in all three aspects of your life is important for psychic circle growth. Upon the completion of a circle, a new element -- to use your words from your question -- is formed. Thus becomes a new ascender, in a sense, a transformed individual from prior experience, in another regard, a potentially new and creative universe expression of will and personality in the universe.

Many years back I made comment to you that there are growth levers that aid you in your ascension. We have not spent much time specifically addressing this as a topic, rather we have been indirectly applying it as you have received and massaged the lessons. In the imagery of a lever, there are three elements: the leverage arm, the fulcrum point, and the object that is to be lifted. Does this not apply to the recent pattern/triad of trust, discernment, and action? I would like your responses.

Tom: Nothing gets lifted unless you put some force to it. So, your action, the one. The fulcrum would probably be the Father. The arm might be the brotherhood. The object to be moved can be varied. I don't know if I am on the right track.

Elyon: There really is no precise correct answer, for these mota meanings are designed to stimulate insight and to encourage creative application. Yes, the Father as viewed being the fulcrum is quite appropriate. The movement itself is your growth. All of this becomes a system because of your will. In a sense, your will is the apex of your pyramid with the fulcrum, lever, and object being the three pointed base.

Now, if we take a moment and return to your bipolar pyramids with your will at one point, this leverage metaphor in the middle, and another's will at the opposite point, here is the secret to conflict resolution, of understanding one another. It is the secret to cooperative and constructive joint action. Physically you understand the power of a lever arm in lifting weight far greater than your own. Join another on the end where you press, even more power is available.

Are there other comments to be made?

Evelyn: I was trying to coordinate the arm of the lever, the fulcrum, and the object with trust, discernment, and action. You trust the fulcrum; you discern where the arm is to apply the leverage, and the action is the lifting of the object.

Elyon: This is good. To conjoin your observation with Philip's, I would point out that the Father, the fulcrum, and trust are an appropriate association; that the lever arm, the brotherhood, and discernment are likewise appropriate, for is it not that one largely comes to discern the Father through the actions of His children?

I have one more image to convey and that is in the spirit of encouraging not only your intellectual comprehension of these patterns but also to indicate the dynamic side, in a sense the 'doing' principle. Imagine this triangle rotated about its center. It scribes a circle. When you simultaneously apply all three elements as one, you have a circle; you have growth, evolution, accomplishment, attainment. To return to psychic circles, let us imagine this triangle now in its pyramid, three dimensional, form where the base is rotated in reference to the apex. A rather large circle is at the base, higher up, a smaller circle, even higher, a smaller circle. Eventually you reach the apex, the point. Here is the moment of fusion with the Father Fragment. Also, your Thought Adjuster receives greater freedoms and function when your circle becomes smaller, for you are becoming more like Him, that absolute point of divinity. The closer you approach, the greater is His breadth.

For those of you who study the sciences, as your human scientists have developed it to date, this cone becomes like a gravity well that you cannot help but fall into when you make that decision to wholeheartedly do the will of the Father. Your volitional self is like a marble the rolls itself right down to the center.

Do you have more to contribute?


Evelyn: Last week we discussed the pattern of each triangle having a subsidiary off each point, and that we often will be dealing with issues out on these subsidiary points. Less often we will bring it back to that original love triangle. Now I see that the apex is fusion. We are trying to get up that cone, but we do spend a lot of time on the issues way out on the periphery. Once those little subsidiary triangles are in balance, we can eke our way up closer to the point.

Elyon: A wise teacher -- and in confidence I state to you all: that is our purpose here with you, to help you evolve to that status -- is one who can effectively descend to the point of reference of another and engage them in the ascent back up to the higher level. This your Father Fragment does. This the Infinite I AM has effected in all universe existence. When teaching, you may perceive the need of a spiritual nature in another from a higher triangular point. This is your wisdom overlook. But it serves not well the receiver of your teaching if you address from that point, which is the apex of their learning dimension. Rather, you descend to a lower point in that pyramid, and there, through kindness, direct them upward. It is a teaching-along-with rather than a teaching-from-above dynamic. Winning souls for the kingdom is done by closely associating oneself in friendship with another individual in a mutual embrace; thereby you walk hand-in-hand; for you retracing steps, for another discovering those steps.

A journey into the realm of uncertainty by any individual is better undertaken when the confidence of brotherly association is functioning. I am sure you all have experienced a sense of offense when another has said, "I told you so'. The art of tact is to be able to foster discovery in an individual, not to force-feed the comprehension, but rather to stimulate the desire to discover.

To return to our triangle tree, if you perceive the need in another for love, the hunger, the experience, because of its lack in their lives, a true teacher will work his way down this pattern we are speaking of to a specific point and address that issue. Love will be the result, though the immediate lesson will appear to be far removed. Patience, forbearance, is what you must apply.

Your oft-quoted phrase that "love is the desire to do good to others" (56:10.21) is the very dynamic of going out to the point where you meet your brother or sister and doing that good there. All this ties back to love. When you, as an individual, have touched upon all of these points, you reach your personal apex of Light and Life. When we all do this in the grand universe, the same will result.

To further develop this multi-pyramidal matrix, imagine it all interconnected with fibre optic cables, but lying there dark. Once the Supreme is fully realized, all of it will be fully illuminated. We will stand as the great structure of God in time and space, His most amazing work of art as yet in this universe.

Other comments?


Tom: I'd like to jump back to the triangle of truth, goodness, and beauty. I feel like I'm making progress being good. Truth is an ongoing phenomena. Jumping over to something personal, to the triangle of beauty and the strand of worship, at the base of that is faith, feelings, and focus, the areas of stillness where many of us are weak. Concerning the feeling triangle, I thought, what are the great feelings that I have? Love is the apex, music that sends me, and a belly laugh with friends, humor. I have a grip on feelings. Focus and faith are the ones I would like to know more about.

Elyon: Of course, I do not desire to create a formalized doctrine. I would restate that many of these words we use to illustrate a principle and a pattern in the universe are interchangeable. Eventually, once all of these connections are assembled, it could be as your mirror ball, multifaceted in many ways, reflecting the light of the Father throughout and, even more greatly than your mirror ball, these mirrors will have a depth all throughout this sphere reflecting much like the transparent crystal diamonds on your world.

However, let me provide three words in this worship relationship under the point of feeling. To experience worship in the element of feeling, there are three words that can be applied: willingness, welcoming, and wonder. If you desire, or rather, feel like you ought to worship yet the feelings to do so feel at the moment absent, step down to willingness, welcoming, and wonder. Apply yourself from one of these, and you will rapidly begin to ascend to the worship point.

Is this helpful?

Tom: It sure sounds like it. Thank you.

Elyon: Of course, I encourage you all to be creative in this manner, for these are methods for acquiring love, which is the greatest thing of all. If you were to derive some of your own threefold associations under any point, I would not discredit you but rather applaud you in your efforts.


As we have covered much ground today, I would pause here in our discussion and let you continue your daily activities. Farewell.

Tom: Thank you so much.