1998-08-16-Dual Nature of Teaching Mission

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Topic: Dual Nature of Teaching Mission

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Rantarason

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, I return among you once again today in joy and excitement at our upcoming service projects. This is your friend and associate Elyon. I refer to the upcoming birthday celebration as a project which we share together as, in fact, this is the case. We work closely together, more so than you might envision from your viewpoint, to orchestrate the potentials surrounding the event such as this upcoming celebration.



As has been stated to you before, you are the extension of the spiritual side of the equation. You are the physical movers and shakers who, through your efforts, physically manipulate the surroundings and accommodations so as to make opportunities available for us, your complements on the other side. We alone cannot pull individuals together, house them, feed them, and provide them with much of the stimulation that occurs as a result of the assembling of the many individuals. It is required for you all to be the representatives we have spoken of so many times, to be our representatives, to be Michael's representatives. This is an enormous opportunity before you for service and subsequent growth.

During this gathering look in all directions for the opportunities presented to you to be of service to your brothers and sisters, to minister and to be ministered to. We will be in attendance throughout the festivities seeking ways to interject, as well as simply observing the fine work you do in bringing about discussions and realizations. Consciously be aware that we are working hand in hand. This makes our connection stronger, purer. It gives us greater latitude in delivery of our lessons. It allows us more freedom to inspire when there is a conscious connection between yourselves and ourselves. I state to you plainly at this time that this is our arrangement, removing all doubt in your minds as to whether or not we are to function in this capacity together, in an effort to strengthen your resolve to do so. You all have taken many steps in reaching out beyond your comfort zones to play your hunches, to extend yourselves beyond what you would personally feel comfortable with. Before you lies another great opportunity for your growth as you, in faith, once again extend and reach out to those around you and up for assistance. I assure you, you will have success in both directions.

Many coming to this gathering are in need of the faith you may exhibit for them, which you may display. They crave your sense of surety, your steadfastness and your willingness. Openly share this with them. Demonstrate this in your every action, your every deed. Seek out every opportunity to minister to those who would assemble with you, around you. Your efforts will far more than simply benefit them but will propel you forward in your growth, as well.

These occasions which you so faithfully orchestrate are as a giant field day for the teachers and all those on the other side who observe with such favor your efforts, as there are so many opportunities concentrated in one location at one time. We will be very busy, yourselves and ourselves together, in the upcoming weekend. As much effort as it takes to be about this business, you will discover yourselves infused with the energy required as well as the added sense of satisfaction which comes from working in faith, in surety. Remain aware, as consciously as you are able, of our connection, our purpose, as we proceed together to go about doing good, to be about the Father's will in ministry to His children, as we spread the good tidings of love and peace and faith together. You are the last and vital link in our chain, without which we cannot make contact. We require your services and we offer ours. Together we will have a definite impact. I look forward to working with you and to addressing the assembled crowd this weekend.

I encourage each one to spend whatever time you can justify in your schedule this upcoming week to have extra stillness so that you are even more aligned with the will of the Father as we go into our duties side by side.

Once again I thank you. You have my love and my respect. I will be with you as will the others as the situations arise. I will allow for others to speak at this time.

Teaching Mission

Rantarason (Jonathan): Greetings to you all. This is Rantarason. I wish to reconvey focus for this Teaching Mission.

First there is the ever-important project that is the Correcting Time, that is, the push for progress toward Light and Life; primarily at this time to right the wrongs of the past, to place your progress as a planet back on track. This is difficult; it will not be accomplished perfectly, for the very turmoil that has resulted here will forever alter your course. However, this does not mean you must ever be outside of the projected plans for any evolutionary world.

Second in importance in this mission is your personal spiritual advancement. I do not mean to imply that it is of secondary importance, only that it is my second comment about the two important factors. You are human beings, I think you know that by now. We are keenly aware of your attention span. Activities on a planetary scale are beyond your scope of focus. You will be enlisted in our services when the appropriate time arrives, though much that we all look forward to accomplishing may extend decades into the future before the opportunity arises to function. Therefore, most of our focus with you has been the betterment of your own selves. This is something of immediate worth to you. It benefits us, for we receive improved workers for this teaching mission. But I must underline that your personal growth is well taken care of by numerous personalities and non-personal entities. You do not need the teachers to grow. We invest in your growth for the purpose of the progress of the Correcting Mission that we have volunteered for under the banner of Michael and in allegiance to Machiventa. So, in all decisions and actions you take involving this mission, remember that it is for the good of everyone resident on Urantia, and, in order for it to be good for all, we are enlisted in your individual betterment, a program for accelerating your growth within the accepted rates permitted by our sovereign. You will grow regardless of our presence, but ask yourselves, how will you apply your growth for the betterment of this world? You have accepted this mission and are engaged in its outworking. This is a scope that few have been able to perceive in their lives. Our goal is that all will eventually do so, as the plan originally was on this and many other worlds. It is perhaps illustrated with the Golden Rule. You are doing unto yourselves in personal growth that you may do unto others. It is perfectly acceptable for all human beings to grow in their ascension paths to the Father. I must remind you in this mission that you have a parallel purpose, and that is that your growth be of benefit to others. How you go about this is highly individualized and associated with the plans of teachers assigned throughout this mission.

I hope I have provided some clarity for you today.


Evelyn: Simeon asked us to ask Elyon -- or any teacher, I suppose -- a few questions about Ham's request to speak at IC99. I feel, and I think this group agrees, that these issues were adequately addressed by Machiventa in his recent statement through Susan Kimsey. Nevertheless, since the request was made, here are the questions.

Why was Ham's announcement timed with the Teaching Mission List discussions?

Elyon: Elyon speaking. Let me answer this question in this manner: I ask you to reflect upon the twelve apostles. Many times they engaged themselves in discussions of the coming kingdom. Many times they developed plans for establishing this kingdom which were not at all aligned with Michael's chosen course. As dedicated as they were and as confused as they were about his program, he, Michael, continued to work toward his goal of fulfilling the Father's will as a revealing son of God in spite of his apostles' opinions. They had to adapt continually to his apparently surprising moves, not one move of which was unprepared in Michael's mind.

Ham has, in effect, done likewise. He has a very well established relationship with the transmitter Rebecca and has been effective in expressing his desires to her at this day. Any one of us could have made this same gesture; each of us would have selected a TR and done so according to our knowledge of the personality involved.

Plans are in the works for this gathering in the Urantia community. You are being reminded that the teachers are involved. I caution you not to expect any extraordinary address, but that will not discount its content as being highly important.

I know you have other questions.

Evelyn: Could this undermine the relationship of TeaM folk and other UB people in light of the Fellowship's tolerance being shown now?

Elyon: No, it will not. Just as Ham addressed this same body in years past, he is doing so again. Then he was seen as a mere fluke in the mind of a deluded individual. Now this same body is being given another opportunity to reckon with this mission, that has continued to grow and manifest the fruits of the growth now for many years. This will leaven the bread.

There will be no sweeping changes immediately from this event. Again, as the apostles were reluctant to journey forth into Jerusalem when Michael requested it, the mission has been, from the human perspective, the human actions, rather low-key. The incubation period will be closing in the near future, and you will all be facing another decision in your involvement in this mission. The openness shown to the Teaching Mission is patterned after the phrase, "Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find." This to us is a call to serve and we have responded.

Evelyn: What is the teachers' perspective of the Ham announcement?

Elyon: I would ask you to review my prior comments, as this has been addressed.

Evelyn: What does Ham want at the session? A big room? A big audience?

Elyon: Ham wants all willing listeners to come with trust and an open ear for truth. He in no way wishes to be confrontational and would ask any who are disturbed by his presence to treat themselves to not being present. How you work out the logistics of the site is your concern. These are matters of a physical nature. Should there be no location, we know that there are able transcribers in the mission who can make his announcement available to even those who are not at this conference.

Evelyn: Thank you, that's the list. Strikes me as much ado about nothing. Hopefully your answers will be helpful.


Elyon: I would draw closure today and repeat to spend extra time in stillness this week in preparation for your upcoming celebration. It will do you a great service in approaching a closer embrace with Michael. It will do your fellows a service as you each amplify the spiritual dimension of your life. Farewell.