1998-08-30-Apostles, Circuits, Investment

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Topic: Apostles, Circuits, Investment

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Machiventa, Elyon

TR: Jonathan




Michael (Jonathan TR): I greet you today; I call you my children, but I embrace you as friends. I simply would like to express to you my great appreciation for your giving, for your energy expressed as love in recognition of my bestowal and work here on Urantia. You I regard as my apostles, and though you hold an ideal of apostleship that oftentimes you feel unworthy of being, I assure you that you are my apostles. In this modern day with its extensive inter-connectivity between cultures and races there is great need for 12 times 12 times 12 apostles, and it does not end here. So, it is not a privileged status symbol to be an apostle; it is a solemn duty. Again I embrace you and ask you to always be as loving and embracing of others as you are toward me.



Machiventa (Mark): You have heard the words of our sovereign this morning, and you have witnessed firsthand the desire and willingness of Michael to come among you over the course of his celebration last week. In future contacts he most definitely desires to be closer to you, to have greater access to you. This is but another result of the re-expansion of the broadcast circuits. All of you have witnessed recently an upstepment of these circuits and the conditions under which they operate. This is as a direct result of your willingness and efforts to interact with them. It is truly because of your efforts that this recent expansion has occurred and will be continued.

All of the teachers, personal and group teachers, are under the mandate of Michael with certain instructions directly from him. We operate under his guidelines and with his approval. Now the configuration of the circuits has been altered to include direct-line circuits to the sovereign himself. The personal and group teachers and all of their associates will enjoy the access we had previously, but now we have connected another link to our chain, a more direct link which enables us to hear from the creator more directly without the use of the extensive reflectivity required previously. Expect that collectively you will hear more from Michael and personally expect this as well. He has personal interest in the outworking of this mission on his cherished world and is keenly interested and aware as changes progress. We all will benefit from the strengthened circuits, as we will be far easier in our efforts to communicate and far more successful as we reach one towards the other. This represents the fruits of the labor, not only on your parts, but of those behind the scenes, your unseen assistants who have been laboring on your behalf tirelessly.

It is, indeed, a time to rejoice, a time to spread good cheer. As the circuits become more open and accessible, they provide abundant opportunities previously not present.

It is very pleasing for all on our side who witness your dedication and devotion to this process. It enables us to move forward. We realize we will be able to count on you to take the final steps which turn our lessons and messages into action on your world. We are extremely grateful for this partnership, and we desire nothing more than to work together, side by side, in this mission we have jointly accepted.

This is Machiventa, and I appreciate your time in hearing my words today. I and the other teachers are in attendance during most every one of your group functions. Should you desire to engage us, we are here.


Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to you, this is your friend and associate Elyon. It is always exciting to have the Master-teacher and our famous Melchizedek attending.

I would like to encourage you in your spiritually focused endeavors. My focus is on the word "investment". You use this word in relation to monetary gain and application of time in hopes of future return. When it comes to the realm of spirituality, it is better to look at this word as "becoming clothed in", to take upon you all that is true, beautiful, and good. Spiritual investment has no lag factor in its rewards. How you apply yourself today rewards you today. True, it may require an interval of time before your mind acknowledges, becomes aware of, your reward. But on the level of soul, in association with the Father's Spirit, you have what you invest in now. In a sense, you reap as you sow.

One of the personally beneficial aspects of service is that it allows you to witness your growth. Michael has said that whatsoever you do for his little ones you do for him. I also ask to remember that whatsoever you do for others you are doing for yourself. It is because you display to your uncertain minds your attainment, and as you give you immediately receive. Fraternity in the Father's family is always mutual. It is co-relational, mutually uplifting and equal. So, when you are feeling poverty, spiritually speaking, be invested in the light of Michael. Spend time in stillness. It will increase the percentage of your return. Worship is a great lever to ward off the hardships of life.

I have finished sharing my thoughts with you. If you are inclined, we can discuss things.



Evelyn: I am not sure I understand this change, upgrade, in the circuits. Is there anything more you can add that might help us?

Elyon: Michael's attainment of sovereignty brought about in Nebadon a significant change in the way it will function from his recognition as a Master Son on into Light and Life. Until that time had occurred much of circuit connectivity had the effect of hand-to-hand and on to another hand, a sense of transfer through appropriate lines of delivery. This still holds for many interpersonal communications much like how, when you mail a letter, it goes through certain hubs for transfer. But Michael has brought the element of Supremacy into the circuits, and it is in this manner that you are more directly in touch with him. His Spirit of Truth resides with you; this you always have had. The Spirit of Truth is a witness of Michael's presence, and he is truth. The enhanced circuitry is for better recognition of his communications. The Spirit of Truth embraces all; this enhanced circuitry intensifies each embrace. Because of this, we are all experiencing what you might call an instant transfer in our intercommunication with each other. It has heightened universe-wide our ability to be interconnected.

Unfortunately Urantia has missed out on the evolution of circuits due to isolation. You will witness its unfolding. The administrators are making efforts to further the process expeditiously. However, we must consider the ever-present element of evolution and not over-burden you with more than you can accommodate. Machiventa's address to you has now alerted you to a greater and enlarged function of universe circuits. Over time it will clarify for you.

May I also add one last comment? The elevation of the Mother Spirit to co-sovereignty greatly contributed to this enhanced distribution of circuits.

I hope this has been helpful.

Nebadonia is the manifestation of the mind of the Infinite Spirit throughout Nebadon. Your mind is encircuited with hers. She is equal to Michael. Michael is the sovereign ruler. He and Nebadonia have created many intelligent creatures, all of which are more directly encircuited. With the lifting of the quarantine, you are now receiving these benefits.

Mark: I want to tell you and the other teachers and Michael how inspiring it is to be located in such a far reach of the universe and yet feel connected through this system of circuits. To even be alerted to the fact that there are modifications to these circuits is overwhelming. It is a blessing for which I will remain eternally grateful. I want to express that "wow" and my thanks; it is a privilege.

Elyon: You are welcome, my friend. On an evolutionary world where lightning strikes are a threat in the dry months and create fires, and your great servants of protection are ever on the alert for the smoldering embers which could become inflamed and blaze wildly out of control, we who are in the inflammable realms of spirit actually are excited to perceive these smoldering embers in this forest of evolutionary souls. We are always wanting to fan the flames to create the forest fire of love that will consume this world and bring great warmth to all souls and all personalities.

Mark: As you are aware, you meet with certain, definite success as evidenced by this group and the many others we are aware of who have had their flames fanned by you and the others and have derived such great benefit.

Mary: Thank you for elaborating on Nebadonia.

Elyon: You are welcome. Michael may stand in all people's minds as a pillar representing the Father. Nebadonia is the platform upon which we all stand.

Mary: I appreciate your elaborating on her because we often look to Michael to see qualities that we try to emulate. There are also qualities unique to her that would behoove us to recognize and emulate. Thank you.


Elyon: Philip, I have a task for you. Place where you discern to be valuable these three words in the tree of the triangles: awareness, accommodation, and application. I would be thrilled to hear your reasons at our next meeting.

I will take my leave at this time and give you my love which is really the transformation of Michael's love through me to you, that we all share with one another. Farewell.


TeaM Group was known as Coeur d'Alene Teaching Mission Group at the time of this session.