1998-09-06-More On Triangle Relationships

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Topic: More On Triangle Relationships

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): I greet you again this morning. This is your friend and associate Elyon.

I have seen many fine serves and many fine returns in your discussions this morning. It has been a joy to watch your games as you provide these learning balls back and forth to each other. It is wonderful to see the eagerness with which you step up to face the challenge of a serve and eagerly hit the return. Notice that each response, each contact with one of these serves, results in a different direction, a course of return, resulting in yet another different course, until we find the truth ball in play has been spread all over the court and has been returned by many different perspectives.


In your discussion on triangular relationships, I would call your attention to the faceted edges of a cut stone such as a diamond and would cause you to reflect that the observation of any one flat surface will be as one of your relationships, but, as you notice, as you spin the stone, there are many different facets. As the light comes from the outside and strikes each facet, it causes its own unique reflection and refraction as it is engaged by the light and as it is rotated by the course of your actions. In this way it is in a rather constant state of flux. Beams of light are reflected in all directions much as a mirror ball turning. For each instant there may be a blinding beam of light, and then it passes. This is your perception of truth. You are occasionally hit foursquare in your senses by a blinding beam of this light. This light does not originate from within the sphere but rather is reflected from the light on high. You simply at different times and places perceive this light differently. Every time you think you have captured this image that you can lock this experience down in time, it moves. The next time you look in the exact same place, you will see a different reflection of reality, because time has caused a change in your perception and in the angle of reflection of this light from on high.

Therefore, I encourage you to not attempt to crystallize this pattern into a one time set of circumstances and truths. When you go to re-examine your relationships they will take on new characteristics. The corners of their facets will be in contact with new corners and with different edges as time and as your perception dictate. These relationships are interesting and fun to consider in your approach toward problem solving and identification, but they are likely to spin and change facets on you when you look at them next.

Your self-taught lessons as your games of truth-balls are exceedingly important in that they drive home the points that are immediately on the surface and which are most helpful to you at the time of the truth game. Therefore, I encourage you to continue these truth games, to be ever willing to return the volley, to serve the first ball, or to simply observe as the truth balls are in play.

I applaud you in your efforts to form relationships with these principles. I would say that there are very few of the relationships that you have mentioned and of many more that you are yet to discover which are, in fact, incorrect. These relationships may be rearranged and altered as the light reflected on them changes. Be bold in your assembly of these truth principles, as you are destined to succeed in your correct correlations as time and your perceptions dictate.

I would withdraw at this time to allow for others. I remain in attendance as do many other teacher assistants to be engaged at your desire.

Lantarnek (Jonathan): I greet you today, as well. This is Lantarnek. I have some words of encouragement, for I have witnessed that over the course of your training you have evolved from ones who begin with an initial enthusiasm that was thrilling, your discovery of this interface that we have with you. Like your young ones, your attention span was short, and you would hop from one meeting to another. Now, as you have matured, we note your continual integration of many sessions with others and those yet to be received. It is because of your accommodation of our lessons that we bring to you increased awareness of the integration and patterns that reveal, not only the Father, but His universe as well. In your discussion, in your conceptualization, you are doing wonderfully at juggling these many aspects and deriving new insights each time. As you apply these to your life, I would let you know that this application will not have the marked differences that your discussions on these topics have. To illustrate, I call to your attention that the manifold ministry of spirit is often experienced singularly as the ministry of "spirit". In your daily lives you may not realize when any particular triangle label is being expressed. There will be more of a homogeneous expression. But this homogeneity is only realizable as you have spent the time blending the many parts.

Therefore, I applaud you and encourage you to further work over, massage, these concepts that become understandings and will, in time, be your way of living.

Elyon (Mark): This is Elyon again, and I can't resist an analogy. When we first started working together, I was as your coach in this game we play together. I had to show you that we were, indeed, on a court of play. I then had to present to you the instruments of play, the rackets. I had to identify that these were the tools to be used. Then it was necessary to demonstrate their use to you so that the game could be engaged. At first there was great hesitancy as there was no recognition of either the court or the rackets. Then, as the balls were put into play, it was demonstrated how to make contact, that this was the object of this game. You then were able to see the principles under which the game was played. Then, like any good student, you rose to the challenge. You picked up the new tools at your disposal, and you used them as best you could.

Throughout this process it has been my privilege to be with you and to instruct you in fine tuning the use of the tools to keep the ball in play. Now, after these many years together and after much diligent work on your part in practicing on the court both together and in my absence, you have become proficient in the use of the tool. You have learned how to make an excellent serve, a speedy backhand to return a lob so that it may keep the ball in play. Now I have retreated from the court. I stand on the sidelines and I watch in joy as you are in full play with each other. You have gained full use of the instruments and are now able to keep this truth game alive and in play. Now it is only up to me as a coach and assistant to watch over you from the sidelines, occasionally to point out how the game may be played a little better or to redirect a misdirected hit, or perhaps from time to time throw in a new ball. But you are doing this yourselves. You have picked up the challenge; you have done the work to be familiar enough with the game to play it.

I am impressed and pleased with this beyond description, as any coach would be who looks lovingly and fondly on a team over which he is so pleased and proud. I applaud your efforts. I know that as a team you will, we will, go on to get better and better. Someday we may be able to rise to the professional level. In the meantime I am eager to meet you for our practice sessions. I look forward to the time we have together for the boundless growth opportunities before each and every one of us. You have my thanks and my love.

Elena (Jill): I would add to the concept another idea to bat around in your own heads and with each other. You are not yet professionals but you are a school team. You attend the Melchizedek school. You know that high school teams around the nation go on the road and play with other teams, with other schools. There are similarities and understanding of the rules of the game, but each team has unique abilities. When they play each other they come home with new insights from having interacted with that other team. What you are being encouraged to do now is take yourself on the road, interact daily knowing that you are playing the game of God's love.


Do not be afraid; remind yourself how well you have prepared, how well you have studied. Remember, the school of life provides the opportunity to be eternally learning from one another. Only if you give freely everything you know then will the free will truly be free to find itself and find God within. So, I encourage you to play ball everyday, every minute.