1998-09-07-The Purifier Is At Hand

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Topic: The Purifier Is At Hand

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am so uplifted by your conversation this evening. I am always made worshipful when we can meet. Father has taken care of the small details that make it possible for me to meet with you. At times, I would be caused to worry when I am trying to complete a certain task and I become delayed in meeting my other obligations. Always when I am back on schedule, do I see how Father has opened doors for me to help me succeed. Even now do I remember the humor in my foolish worry and the awesome and complete power of God? He is a thorough God which would lay upon your minds top priorities which you need to focus on.


Worship, Thought

In your worship are you most likely to clear the spirit poisons to make way for His guidance. The Master could always be counted upon in disseminating the complete truth to His apostles. Always did He endeavor to clarify and cleanse the thoughts of His fellow associations? After the Master's mortal sojourn , was His Spirit of Truth able to do much more, His powerful Spirit was able to aid mortals in the cleansing of their poisonous thoughts.

Jesus has said, "Come to me, for I am the Purifier." Learning from the Master's mortal life can we use His techniques to be excellent expressions of our Father? Your renewed relationship with Jesus does aid in cleansing spirit poisons from your mortal minds. Upon harboring poisonous thoughts are you disconnected from those on High? Without a rapport with the Master are you likely to grow in negativity.

You each have met with those mortal associates that have assisted in pulling you from divine connection. Many know the negativity of such associates that would point them in the direction of the spirit poisons. To attempt worship from this frame of mind is difficult, but not to worry, the Purifier is at hand. With your willingness to invoke the Master's purification process, does worship come more easily. With your courage to ask for a cleansing in heart and mind, are you able to stop the increase of negativity, and begin connecting with the cosmic mind.

Ask for your Brother\Father during your next bout of spirit poisons. Ask f or Him to remind you how to be small. The Master knows all you have ever experienced, and can easily guide you toward positivity and divine wellness. Allow not your negative thoughts to snowball and increase. Call upon your Master for a purification of thought. This is certainly exchanging your mind for the mind of Christ, yes.

In attempting to be the expressions of Father, you will always come against those things which would chance to discourage you, to fill you with the spirit poisons. If worship is not easily attained, then I would indeed suggest you go to your Master, and partake of His firsthand knowledge at overcoming the spirit poisons through divine technique. In the Master's teachings have we heard Him say, "Because you desire it, child, and have such supreme faith, it is so." If your desire is to attain worship, the Master's ministry is available to see you through.

This week, I would say our goal is to seek the Master's ministry, His purification of thought. Take notice at the decline in negativity and the increase of ability to worship. That is all. Have you questions?


ELLEN: I have a couple. I have one from Marlin. He wants to know if you have any guidance for him. Also, Zachary, Nina's son, would like to know his spiritual name if possible.

ABRAHAM: Marlin, my greetings to you. Your question, as you know, should be more specific. I shall speak anyway. Your confusion at this time is only a stepping stone to give you the courage to make your next move. You have great faith in our Father and count on His gentle nudging. Worry not. Father stands by, and what appears to be failure at this time is only a gentle nudging from Father, whose guidance is unfailing and perfect. You need not have worry. That is all.

I can say to Zachary (Nina's young son) that the receiving of a spiritual name is not to be taken lightly or used in everyday conversation. The spiritual name is held sacred and an identification for you as they know you on High.

Your name (long pause) is Andrew. That is the best I can do right now. In time, he will make this name his own. Worry not on the correct pronunciation. Time will correct it. Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, I ask the question for my brother in law, who was with us last week Mark. His concern is whether he should stay in Alaska or move back here where his family is? He doesn't seem to be getting a clear answer as to which one he should do. Do you have any thoughts that you could share with me that I could give to Mark?

ABRAHAM: I cannot usually answer material questions, but I can say to him that his decisions should be made based on what is best for the whole all concerned. Father is usually more helpful in personal material questions. Relay to Mark that logic is well and good, but love is all sustaining. That is all. (Thank you.)


ROLAND: Abraham, this is kind of a personal question I guess, but it is curious to me... When you were on the earth, it was the custom to have wives and concubines. Now, where we experience in our own communities some polygamist and that, there seems to be some outrage about it lately. What is the spiritual aspect of that. If that is too heavy for you, I will accept that is none of your business' answer.

ABRAHAM: My understanding is that a monogamous marriage is closer to a divine relationship, such as that partnership between Michael and Mother. The history of polygamy has shown that original idea to stem from man's ego and need to feel important and in charge. The idea is mortally instinctive and close t o the animal nature, whereas a divine union between two people would prove to be in the area of higher mindedness. Is this helping?

ROLAND: It does, very much. Thank you. Just as a follow up when you were given the opportunity to pass through the seven mansion worlds, was there any judgment about you having more than one wife or concubines... was King Solomon criticized for that? It is a choice thing is what I am getting from you... the higher choice is to be monogamous in a one on one relationship?

ABRAHAM: Yes. The monogamous relationship leads couples to learn more fruits of the Spirit, love, tolerance, perseverance, and so on. As I reached the mansion worlds the only thing that was changed was my understanding of relationships. No, I was not chastised, nor shameful. I was only enlightened. Does this answer? (Yes, beautifully. Thank you.) You are welcome. One more question?

Adam and Eve

CALVIN: Is there anything you would like to share with us on the understanding of a "Material Son and Daughter" again to come on the planet? It seems that the space between the ‘Rebellion’ and ‘Default’ and how there has been a lot of [time spent] in the dark' ages, except for the great enlightenment of Machiventa’s adventures and Michael's sojourn here, that with the Lucifer Rebellion being over now, and great changes coming about . .. does that include a Material Son and Daughter back to the planet in your understanding?

ABRAHAM: Yes. A Material Son and Daughter will be assigned in its own time. There are many goals to achieve before this can take place. It is all with in Father's time. My understanding is that as Urantia becomes used to new spiritual ideals will the preparation begin to send the Material Son and Daughter.

Yes. Does this answer? (Beautifully, and what a great thought that we have that and many, many, more great hopes to look forward to on this planet. Thanks.) You are welcome.


My appreciation to each here this evening who step out in faith, and fear not the realities of universal truths? As always, my love is with you. Until next week, Shalom.