1998-09-23-Carry Your Own Load

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Topic: Carry Your Own Load

Group: At Large


Teacher: Andrea

TR: 0802-AB-Jack



Andrea: Hello, everyone. This is Andrea. It is wonderful to be with my little group, searching for the knowledge that we, your teachers, can bring to you to enlighten yourselves of those things and truths that can be brought to each one.


Your hearts thirst for those truths that you know are there. You are thirsty for those words to appear to guide and direct each one down this road of life that each one is trodding. When you see the fountain of knowledge and your thirst increases as it has in the past, you stop by this fountain of truth and knowledge and drink of the waters that it brings forth to satisfy your wants in the knowledge that you have and increase your spirituality by drinking these waters of truth and knowledge.

Your destinations are well entwined with others, but you must each carry your own loads to be there when the efforts are to be rewarded. The knowledge of learning the truths will always be nagging at you because of the thirst that each one has. This, within itself, is the motivation that each one has in the search for truth and understanding as you know it. These benefits are brought to you, not only by your teachers, but from all the others sources of truth and information that are out there for you to seek out and learn from because these are the waters of the fountain of truth and knowledge.

Your desires are tremendous in your quest for those answers and beliefs that each one has. The questions that you ask are the questions that you are hoping will, in some way, enhance your lovability with Those that rest on high in doing whatever They wish for each one to carry and foster the truths that we know are there.

You and the group -- not only this group but all the other groups of this Mission -- have the same thirst for the truths and knowledge that each one of this group is searching and seeking for. Your longings are there without questions, but it is your attempts to increase your knowledge in the spiritual lives that you try to live the best you can. This knowledge that you seek is the knowledge of growing day by day in the spiritual life that you seek and pray for. We, the teachers of groups as this one, are devoted in bringing to each one the words of encouragement, love, and devotion that each teacher carries for their pupil and groups. So it is with our determination to bring to you the life that you wish and the words of our savior and his Father. These words that we try to bring are not words of disappointment but words of truth and courage and encouragement to walk the road that each one is walking down, this road of life that you and all the rest are so devoted in accomplishing your goals, to reach the land where we are, to be able to talk and see your friends and neighbors and those that have gone on before, to shake hands and say "hi" to each one. But this all begins with your endeavors to learn and be a part of those things and wishes that are brought to you to live by, day in and day out.

Your soul attempts to master this and is well on the road to the accomplishment of all the things that you wish, but it takes a good foundation to build your hopes and wishes on so it will withstand the test of time. You, each and all the rest of this mission -- who take part daily or whenever it is possible so we can be together -- give us, your celestial friends and teachers, encouragement to be more and bring forth to each one those teachings that we can give to each individual or groups. Your longings as a group are the same as all the groups that take part in this mission of our savior, who has brought about the abilities of you mortals talking with us, your teachers. Knowing that your hearts are receptive to the words we give, and in that reception that you have, the knowledge of you absorbing those words and thoughts are well undertaken and gives us, your teachers, more confidence and enjoyment in talking to each one, as we are tonight. The personal teachers are there along with myself to gladly take you in their arms and embrace you with the love that they have for you in your abilities to understand what each one has said, not only now but in the future to come, because there is so much, and your lifespan is so short for us to fulfill our wants in guiding and directing each one through this maze of darkness and misunderstanding that has plagued your world for so many years.

But now you are in the process of seeking the waters of truth and knowledge and quenching the thirst that each one has, and it is us your teachers and celestial friends that wish to bring the waters of truth and knowledge to each one. So, as we go from day to day, month to month, and, yes, year to year, the abilities of you absorbing the truths as you know them and you seek the words, not only from us but other sources of truth that are at your disposal this very minute.

The Father and His Son are always there to help and direct and comfort you when things look blue and to give you joy when things are bright and glorious. But they are always there willing to hear your prayers and answer those that need answering to help increase the wants of you as mortals in helping all these others that come and seek your advice in the way of life and the way you understand what life is all about.

My talk tonight has not been very long, and the night is getting shorter, and there are things to be done. But I pray along with you that tomorrow will bring a better and more joyous life than what has happened in the past. It is time for you, all of you, to take stock of the blessings that you carry with you and hope and that they are acceptable to those that we love and cherish so much. So, as you awake in the morning and you continue your search for the waters of truth and knowledge, we will be there with you, taking each step with you to this fountain that we all seek. And with this I will say farewell for now, and we will be speaking again in the future.


Bakersfield, California September 23, 1998 9:00 PM