1998-10-09-Scribbles from Lyske

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Topic: Balance in Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



I urge you to write this. We are all connected by the Golden Thread of Infinity. We are all offspring of The First Source and Center of all things. God does not mind by what name He is called. This matters only to the caller.

See each other as a piece of this Living God, who indwells the hearts of all His children. The heart is the true connection, and the brain cooperates with the heart. The heart has been relegated ‘a distant place’ on this planet, and this is the reason why so many hearts are breaking under the strain and stress. The brain has been given too great an importance, so harmony and balance in the dance of life is lost.

We have set sail upon the Living Waters to restore this sweet earth to her proper place in the universe of Michael and Nebadonia. But it needs the co-operation of its inhabitants, to wake up and spread the good news that things are not real as they appear to be in the present world-view. This outward chaos is necessary to right this insanity of over-much left brain thinking.

Left and right brain are not separate from each other; they are created equal with each having their specific functions, which need integration through play. Thinking and creativity go hand in hand, through connection with the heart, which results in balanced harmony. You will now realize where the lack is in your own system. Use movement and Educational Kinesiology, which are integrating and engaging whole brain movement through Brain Gym.

This is sorely needed at this time, for this will help tremendously the children of time to reach their full potential according to their divine blueprint. It will make the work of the Thought Adjuster so much less complicated when harmony and balance are restored between heart/mind/brain/body, so the soul can flourish to its inherent potential.

We love you in your own development. Know that we are with you and encourage you and cheer you on. All of you are beloved of your Thought Adjusters and us, the Witnesses.


It boggles my mind that after all those years I came across the first book of all my writings received in my meditations over the years. This was before I had a computer, and very little knowledge of the Celestial Teachers and the Correcting Time. I don’t know who the ‘Witnesses’ were, but Their words ring as true today as they did almost ten years ago.