1998-10-18-Motivation For Service

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Topic: Motivation for Service

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Malvantra, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings once again, my friends, this is Elyon. It is always exciting and a great pleasure to meet at our appointed time each week, and one of my very favorite parts of our encounter is the time in which I am silent and you speak to each other. I learn very much about what is on your minds and in your hearts at this time. I become infused with encouragement as I witness your interactions together. I see such vast and immense potentials rising to the surface simply waiting to be exposed and to flower.


I would address the question most recently on your minds, of which you had your discussion, and I would seek to direct your thoughts to a recent lesson between us in which it was stated that you would come to feel motivations of service. In this latest phase that we have entered together it is a natural by-product of your growth for you to desire to reach out beyond yourselves, beyond your group, to go about doing good for others. Indeed, this sentiment has long been with you, but the latest transformation has caused you to feel an increased desire in this realm. This is as it should be, and you, as individuals, simply must decide how much this force will motivate you to go out and do what is on your minds. Let me attempt to remove from your consciousness the idea that your desires for service are somehow incompatible or inappropriate for this mission we are engaged in together. Indeed, we welcome your desires to do for others and to be more than you are at this time.

It is not in our mandate to pass out orders to you regarding what next should be done to further your ascension. It is in our mandate to seize on ideas brought forth from within your beings and seek to encourage to the best of our ability for you to follow through with these ideals. I have said in the past that there is little that can go wrong with your attempts to do what you see as the right thing. Therefore, I encourage your sentiment to be about this business in a stronger, bolder fashion. In fact, I have asked you to be bold so many times it has about worn off. I would once again choose to use this word 'bold' in cheering your forward and supporting your desires.

It might be as somewhat of a frightening prospect for you as individuals or even as a group to offer the pearls and gems that you have come to possess in our experience together to those around you, but I can assure you that by so doing you will gain the strength and the certainty in your actions which will allow you to be exceedingly productive in your cause.

You know that I am committed to you as a teacher and that there are many other teachers who are likewise committed to your growth, to your experience. Michael himself has given you his commitment and has recently asked you to follow him. This is what we have to offer you: our encouragement, our gentle prodding, our loving example. It is up to you to choose your level of interactivity with us. These are the very things you have to offer to those around you: words of encouragement, words of love, words of support. These are what many desire to hear.

I will at this time offer you my further commitment, and I would be so bold as to extend the same for my fellow associates, that if you decide to move forward in a public fashion, I will support you. I will be there for you as I have been in the past. As many times as I have been there for you, you still harbor some doubt that, at some critical moment, I will leave you. I realize this is your human natures, and I accept and forgive you this trait. I simply am left to demonstrate to you my commitment, which I will do. It is an exercise in faith for you to extend yourselves to think about the ramifications of taking your faith to those outside. I will assure you with my words that you will benefit greatly from such an experience and that in the end it will not have been a trying and unpleasant experience but rather a trying and rewarding experience. Once again, I will be there with you as will the many who are with you always, including our sovereign Michael.

There will come a time when, through experience, your groundwork will be strengthened and be secure enough that the element of fear will be lost. In these initial, beginning times we must battle this element of uncertainty and fear and overcome these emotional hurdles to gain the wealth that is the experience itself. I look at you and I have no doubts that these many things that are in your minds on a slow cook will eventually come to a full boil and be able to be served out and nourish the many who will come in search of these key ingredients. It is a matter of time; that is all before you are infused with such desire to be of service that you are simply unable to contain yourselves. This time may be now; it is, in the end, up to you. We are a vast support network which remains poised for your signal, your extension of your faith to activate us. We are awaiting your nod. I tell you this by way of encouragement, not to attempt to illuminate any shortcomings, as there are none, but to assure you that your feelings that are stirring your souls to be about this work are genuine, are real, and are necessary for us to go forward in this process. So, while we are the teachers, you call the shots. While we may provide and seek to provide motivation, in the end you are the ones to be motivated. So, I encourage you to go there where your hearts lead you. Go there. See where they take you, realizing that, if you are sincere and if it is your desire to do the will of the Father, any path that you choose to pursue is a road in that direction. No path is a waste of time, a dead end. All actions taken in love and sincerity and born of the desire to do good to others are not only acceptable but desirable.

If you are motivated and it comes into your mind, think of it as a prompting; think of it as a lesson you would hear from us, the teachers. You give our lessons a certain degree of weight; think no less of the prompting you get to go out and be of assistance in this plan.

So much for pep talk number too-many-to-count. I would simply share with you my great joy at your growth rings, which are widening each time we are together, and encourage you to work with us and yourselves and your motivations to the end that great things may be accomplished. I would cease my remarks today and open the floor.

One note of clarification: While it is not in our mandates to make suggestions as to the next endeavor, it is entirely within our mandate to comment on suggestions that originate from your being.


Mary: Do you have a comment on the relative usefulness of doing a presentation on The Urantia Book as opposed to the Teaching Mission as opposed to a subject such as angels?

Elyon: All aspects are equally valid in that each one would be appealing to a different section of the population and that many approaches are needed to spiritually uplift the people. No approach is considered invalid if it leads people Godward. Each of these examples you cited is extremely valid in that they are all presenting information which is of a higher nature than commonly possessed knowledge. Therefore, I encourage "yes" on all accounts. The ball would have to be in your court to make the decision as to which is appropriate based on the need you foresee and the comfort level you have with delivering each topic. From my viewpoint it is not which topic but, oh boy, we have three topics!

Mary: How about the restated gospel of Jesus? Oh boy, four!

Elyon: Indeed, there are dozens. Let's be about discovering them.

Malvantra (Jonathan): If I may interject, this is Malvantra, your resident Melchizedek instructor attending class today, and I wish to pass out a few D's. These are not report card D's. I would steer you to the understanding that you have advanced in your devotion, your dedication, and your discipline. This is witnessed through your actions, whether it is through continual attendance at this school or projects you undertake. No, these are not three D's of a triangle. Regarding your proposed event and Elyon's comments about it, I add that you focus on direction, that you cultivate your drive, and that you begin to do what you are dreaming about. Do realize that you have a Divine Director.

I would close my comments by adding a few A's. Cultivate aspiration. Follow Will's lesson on assurance and ever remember to ask. You have learned well how to displace doubt with discernment, not to bury it in dread.

I am pleased as well as Elyon is with your performance over these years and also pledge my assistance in all that you choose to undertake that honors the Father, that promotes the gospel, that uplifts your fellow Urantians -- that being all who live on this world.

Thank you, I have finished my discourse and will disconnect.


Michael (Mark): My children, I must come among you today to speak more words of encouragement. I have said to you plainly and directly that I desire that you follow me. I know that you may need to hear my words of comfort and assurance repeatedly. I will do this for you. So, I will speak them again.

It is my desire that you follow me. This is the path to our Father. When you choose, my dear ones, this path, when you follow me, I then follow you. When you think you are uncertain, I am there. When you think yourselves incapable or too small for the task ahead, I am there. Together, I assure you, we are not too small for the task. It is my desire to reach out to those around you.

For centuries those in your place have asked, "Has my hour come? Is it the right time for me to be about this business?" My children, I tell you plainly your hours have come. You possess more wisdom and more strength than you allow yourselves to accept. I accept them, and I know that we are ready to go together.

When I walked on your world I told your associates their hour had come and to follow me. I then walked forward. They followed me, literally in my footsteps. My dear ones, you must follow me with your faith, with your love that is me, that is the Father. When I tell you your hour has come and to follow me, I do not know how to be more direct or more plain with you except that I will touch your hearts, each one, and you will know with a certainty my presence and my focus. Please allow yourselves to be granted this gift. I desire to give it to you so that you will have more assurance of your role as we move forward.

Your teachers have so graciously today and on many occasions offered and re-offered their commitments. I do the same to you this day and every day. I offer you all that there is, as we grow together in our experience, in our service toward our Father. You please me greatly, each and every one. Now it is time that we join together to work for the many around you who are in need of what you have. So, let us be about this task together with great joy and great love. Remember, I am with you, and I will return to repeat this commitment to you as often as is necessary until you are in full realization of this fact. I love you, and I look forward with great joy to these times we have to share together. Thank you.