1998-10-26-Draw Upon Strength of Your Fellows

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Topic: Draw Upon the Strength of Your Fellows

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I AM ABRAHAM. Please excuse the delay. I am indeed happy to meet with you and be witness to your efforts at the upholding of one another. You support and yet, always does the truth go first. Your truth to one another is loving and lighthearted. What a wonderful example of ego less-ness. Your small steps here towards the Brotherhood of man leads towards larger steps within your society.


When the apostles had set forth to go out and spread the good news, each one had looked after the other. In all areas of mortal living, steps were taken to ensure the apostles comfort to leave home and go out to teach the Master's message. Your weekly meetings are extraordinary in that each one receives support mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Each one is respected and looked upon as God's child. What an excellent source of divine energy.

These weekly meetings serve you in unforeseen ways that endows you with the strength and courage to go into a world where this particular group comfort is not apparent. Your communications during the week is also energy promoting and brings to you a realness in spirituality. By all means, seek to communicate throughout the week. You can always be made a better teacher knowing your fellows are in support of you.

The bearers of Michael's light find it difficult to go into such darkness without that knowing their fellows stand by them, support them, and love them for who they really are. Most of Jesusapostles went forth to teach with such a comfort. At first, some held the belief that the showing of the need for support was a sign of weakness. An occasional spark of the ego would say to an apostle, "I need not help or support from anyone... I would not be seen as needy or weak."

Through the Master's teachings the apostles discovered anyone who would not utilize the support of their fellows were haunted by doubts and less equipped to make divine decisions. Yes, mortals need one another. Minds that are unified are more likely to make decisions from a divine standpoint instead of from an ego base. The universe operates in this technique where beings can rely upon one another. Planets can learn from each other's experiences. The broadcast circuits can lessen the space between each one of us and our Creators.

The learning to enjoy the support from your fellows now is only a small step in joining your mind with that of the cosmic mind. Worlds settled in light and life, enjoy communicating back and forth and discussing those everyday events that would help them grow spiritually. A group or planet would not continue to have successful spiritual growth without the sharing and interaction with others. As you have been witness to many companies or even individuals, would choose to withhold information to appear superior or powerful, is this not unthinkable in Father's Kingdom? Yet, you must have this experience.

We are making progress within our Correcting Time and it appears to be so time consuming. Each of our participants are thoroughly tested and taught so that these divine understandings become everlasting and eternal. Seek comfort from Father and His host of helpers, yes, but maintain a balanced mentality through your connection with one another. Only a few questions.


CALVIN: (Acknowledgment of how our Internet connections with our fellows out in the world helps during the week, beyond the group interactions. And... Do you have any words for Angus, who is an extended part of our group?)

ABRAHAM: Words are difficult to find when a specific question has not been asked. My brother, our love and greetings are with you. Your questions are welcome and from my knowledge at this point, you do indeed do well. That is all.

HARRISON: (A thank you for being our teacher, and all those who assist.)

ABRAHAM: My son, your participation within this group has been wonderful for all of us. Also, we thank you.

MIRIAM: (Asks if Abraham can share with us his daily, weekly process of how he interacts with us... what's that like?)

ABRAHAM: I can convey we are made to exercise extreme patience in waiting. (Laughter). Father has His plans. Michael has His techniques from which we can draw upon. Various beings arrange and coordinate, but none of this would do well without the permission of the mortal subject. Many times do we repeat the same processes over again for the mortals to comprehend the meanings, and at times we are not to do anything because we have not been given permission. Those mortals that ask receive, and those that allow participate in Michael's relating of Father's divine destiny. Is this helping?

RACHEL: (A question of if it is possible to be too comfortable when you are in touch with Michael. She feels that she is too comfortable sometimes.)

ABRAHAM: No. Certainly not. It is Michael's fondest hope for all mortals to look upon Him as their brother, father, friend, and helpmate. Your comfort with Him is indeed our honor Rachel. Yes. One more question.

CALVIN: (Is it possible to read and study too much? I feel like I take in way more than I can assimilate.)

ABRAHAM: Mostly, this is known internally in that those spiritual ideas that you require will be with you in that moment you need them. There are several factors in which one might seek to study. Always is there the satisfaction of curiosity; when a subject has been pondered and the answers found. There is a factor of an entertainment of sort when you are made to understand certain types of humor and lightheartedness. There is comfort one may receive from the books reinforcement of faith and good will. Is this helping? (Very much thank you.)


Again, my thanks to each one and I will be present with you throughout the week again. I am not far. My love is with you each. Until next week, Shalom.