1998-11-22-Replacing Negative Chatter

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Topic: Replacing Negative Chatter

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. Please accept my gratitude for your patience and willingness to bear with our communication process. I am always made glad by listening to you each speak your understanding of divine realities. I realize this world is fraught with difficulties and confusion, but your diligence to Michael's cause drives you forward.

I am perceiving you to be in understanding of last weeks lesson. You have firsthand experience with this type of energy diffuser. The mortal life is quite difficult in and of itself without assisting as teacher/ambassadors to Michael's cause. It is my job to allow you the information that sustains you while you toil for the Kingdom, yes.



Many individuals believe they have their own personal dark cloud that follows them. With the negative self talk, this cloud is manifested in a variety of areas of living. Even those spiritually learned and mature do somehow believe they are the recipient of good or bad luck.

The separation from your spiritual roots made man to believe he was a child of the evil one. In this mode of negative thinking, confidence was lost, and efforts were put towards appeasing the Gods. You can understand at this point in your spiritual education that this is somewhat humorous, and yet, many still believe they need to bargain with Father in order to receive a more easy life, no not simplified, but easy.

When one believes they are from the First Source and Center of all there is they begin to cease with the negative self talk and focus more so on serving within the Kingdom. A negative inner chatter would only prove to be depleting of confidence and surety that you are indeed Father's beloved child.

This week, I ask that you continue in your exercise of exchanging negative thoughts towards your personal self and abilities, for gratitude to our Father for His loving direction and care taking He does for us. Upon recognizing negative energy depleting self talk, think about Father's watchcare, and His perfectly planned lessons He has for you. Your ability to worship is always energy generating. Tonight, I would accept a few questions. Proceed.


CALVIN: We welcome our good friends into the group that we have known for a couple of weeks. I am sure you know them more than we, but we are glad to have

Michael and Sandy here with us.


SANDY: I would just have a question on since I brought that article on the course in Miracles... Who authored it?

ABRAHAM: My understanding is many divine beings had a hand in this work, but as any other work where the human ego is involved and there are bound to be mistakes. Throughout the ages, man has found those answers his heart has longed for through revelation, and upon the receiving, there is always that tendency to lean towards the side of the extraordinary. My feelings concerning this book are that it is harmless in itself. With the opening of the circuits, and Michael's Spirit of Truth, many individuals can distinguish the authenticity of it. There has not been any real works by the actual son of self love since before the days when Michael was in the mortal flesh. Most of today's iniquitous works are either ego derived or simple tradition bound thinking individuals. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?

George Soros

CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for giving your insight in these lessons and for your patience with us. I have run across a guy who really interacts with the Jewish people of Eastern countries and so on, a Mr. George Soros, from his writing and words on the Internet. I am quite drawn and fascinated to his work. I was wondering if you could share with me your understanding of him and why his work is so impacting to me?

ABRAHAM: From what my information is... I know this man to be one who is close to making potentials into actuals, and that is fascinating to anyone. Mankind has long searched for the tools to build a better society, and yet, only recently are these tools being recognized as spiritual. Each individual has as much power and resources as Mr. Soros perhaps more so on a smaller scale, but nonetheless important. Each person can indeed make sweeping changes within their community, family, schools, and so on. I can say, that Mr. Soros' speaking out has promoted more good than has his money. Does this answer?

(Yes. Perfectly. Thank you.)


MICHAEL: Why did you initiate tithing when Melchizedek was totally trying to help you realize that it wasn't necessary that God didn't require it but you persisted on giving a sacrifice, and what has it been . .. 4,000 years now, and it still lives on?

ABRAHAM: Understood. I can also understand where this affects you personally, and your compassion for others' well being. I can say that probably fear was the main motivator for tithing and sacrificing. It began as a bargain with God to allow me to be prosperous, or at least unaffected by adversity. And yes, you are correct, this does live on to this day. Even the Apostles who worked and lived with Jesus could not be swayed from their belief that He was indeed the Messiah. I suppose my friend and mentor, Machiventa, could not have persuaded me to end a ritual that seemed to be working, if only in my own mind. I suppose I paid for peace of mind. This was my understanding then. Individuals such as you are indeed bringing this topic to the forefront of peoples mind, and yet, it does them well to ponder over the thought that they too, may sacrifice and pay out of fear. Individuals who choose to remain in traditional religions, without reaching for higher understanding, will do as they are told, but I can guarantee you, this subject goes out over the cosmic circuits, and touches individuals who choose to reach for higher realities. Does this at all answer?

MICHAEL: It's okay, but what is the resolution? When is it going to stop another 4,000 years?

ABRAHAM: Not any time soon. (Laughter) As long as people are tradition bound, there will be rules, rules to follow, and hopefully programs such as our Correcting Time will be able to affect change.


That is all, for my words are slipping, and I must take my leave. Once again, my gratitude is with you each and my love grows for you more each time we meet. Until next week, Shalom.