1998-12-06-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Lytske



Let us discourse on the subject of ego.

It is again necessary to focus on your mind and what is happening there -- intent on becoming more aware, and intent on listening more fully. It is so very necessary to master the art of focusing, and becoming aware from what standpoint you arrive in your speech.

Is it your ego, wanting recognition, or are these the words the Father would have you speak? By going on a word-fast, in recognition of words that ought to be eliminated, you learn to choose your words more carefully.

We recognize your willingness, and a greater awareness or mindfulness of your speech patterns will help you discern whether you are in ‘ego base’ or in ‘truth base’. This focusing exercise is designed to help you hone your skills in discernment of the way you approach to others.

It is also recognized that your low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness have tended you to withdraw and sit in a corner so to speak. Slowly on, this is becoming redundant. This wanting to sit in a corner and make yourself invisible is worthy of recognition as it is a left-over from your early, very early childhood, when you perceived the world and your home a very unsafe place to be in.

When that feeling creeps up again, recognize it immediately and tell it that that feeling is now passé. It will fade away, but do not talk about that anymore. Talking about it gives it renewed power, and so the cycle continues. The true reality is that all your previous experiences, perceived and real, have brought you to this moment in time, this moment of becoming who you are.

It is a glorious path, this path of ascension to the First Source and Center. The path to the Infinite One is shared by all who are willing recognize this. It is the only reality in Creation. We are all part of this reality -- the glory of oneness of Creation. We are all part of the ascension plan in the mind of the Infinite Creator.

You, little one, are at the beginning of an exciting eternal adventure. You, being quite well versed in the overall knowledge of the Urantia Book, can dimly grasp what a grand scheme is waiting to unfold for all of creation. Your God-Spark within, your Mystery Monitor, has given you new understandings also, which are uniquely yours. And so each and everyone grow their unique and personal understanding about life itself.


It is a glorious unfolding indeed. It is glorious to see the unfolding in you and your siblings in the spirit. Continue your mindfulness. Thank you.