1998-12-19-Seeking Change & Letting Go

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Topic: Seeking Change & Letting Go

Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM


Teacher: Olfana

TR: Susan Kimsey



I am Olfana who speaks to you, now.


There are moments in all of our lives where we will face this question of "a loss." A loss of what?--a loss of our personality, a loss of our position in life, a loss in our relationship standings with others, a loss of self-pride and a sense of accomplishment, a loss of our integrity, perhaps? I would say to you that the first step to the resolution of your question of how to reconcile yourself to a sense of loss is to ask yourself, "What now am I giving up?" Ponder this carefully. "What exactly is it that is at issue here, in terms of what I am walking away from?" If you will allow yourself a sense of contemplation regarding this, you will come to understand better which "parts of yourself," as it were, are responding to this challenge. If this is ego-based in terms of your choice, you will find yourself filled with many disturbing emotions--a sense of fear, perhaps, a sense of anxiety, bursts of anger which can rise up in you. This is not, indeed, the best position from which to make this decision. I'm sure you understand this, already. But, even this brief contemplation that you will give this process will allow you better to determine which "part of yourself" is indeed responding to this question.

If, as you continue to ponder this question of, "Shall I give this up?" you begin to feel more a sense of centeredness about yourself, a sense of calm contemplation, that ideas can flow through your mind more easily without this sense of emotional turmoil and uproar, then you are getting to the "bedrock of yourself" --this connection that can allow contemplation, input, revelation, and encouragement from the Thought Adjuster. When you find yourself able to contemplate this question of "what you are to give up" with a calmer demeanor, then you are in a place of real productivity in the process. At this point, it is best to ask yourself not only, "Can I give this up?" "Will I give this up?" but also, "What can be gained from this process?"

Always in our growth and evolution, as we face the tough choices of life, there is, indeed, something important to be gained for our soul, and this is where I would wish you to put your attention. Not only on the idea of what is to be, perhaps, abandoned, but what will be --gained--. Will you, in the process of letting something go, giving something up, walking away from it, will you be garnering something for yourself? Will you be increasing in, perhaps, a sense of service to others in the process? Will you have gained a sense of strength and fortitude in your nature? Is this an ability of giving something up which allows more self-discipline within you? Are you, in the process of this "letting go," perhaps, lightening your emotional load? Are you coming to understand that in walking away, or giving up this thing, this possession, this pattern of habits, this relationship, that you are perhaps opening yourself up to gain other things, and new priorities might be set in this process?

Also, I would ask you to consider what in this process may be a "modeling" to others? If, in this process of giving something up, you have, indeed, made others who care for you aware of this challenge in your life, then you are, by your very example of how you go about this, presenting a model to others that they may indeed be heartened and encouraged by. And this, again, is where I encourage you to give the process a sense of deep contemplation, first. Always, I would say that in this process, a moment of prayer, a time of prayer, is best. Ask that you be strengthened in your releasing yourself from this--that you will, indeed, become a better man or woman, become a clearer soul, become a greater person, in your own understanding of the material possessions, the choices of habits, the patterns of living, and the relationships, in your life.

I would also ask you to consider a sense of choice, that in the very process of this contemplation, that you will be having many choices in front of you, and it is, indeed, a --choice-- to walk away from the possession of this thing, or this habit pattern, or this way of living your life. There is a choice in how you will face it, if it ever rises again in your mind. There is a choice in how you will discuss it, choose to talk about it, as a part of your personal history, in future times. There is a choice in how much you will, indeed, work with God, work with your Thought Adjuster's guidance in this process. It is not always easy for those who live a life on this planet to work with God in these tough challenges. It is so much more the case that you hop into a situation with the ego, first, as in that expression, "I will jump in 'feet first,' here." (Smiling) Well, "ego first" is not the best way to approach any of these challenges of life, and yet you see this as a model, as an example around you, constantly. So, I would close by saying to you that if you can indeed remember that you are attempting to "jump into this" with God ready to catch you, then you will find that all of what you may consider now "deep questions" in this challenge will be mitigated. And, you will come to discover that this is not quite the loss that you thought it was.


Student: Olfana, tell me again how to begin this process?

Olfana: Remember that I said that first comes this choice of, "What will I be giving up?" I am saying this is the process by which you should focus yourself.

Student: (Joking) Could you just tell me what to do?

Group: [Much laughter.]

Student: (Laughing) Olfana, I want to speak to your supervisor.

Olfana: (Smiling) Believe it or not, my students, I am not the best choice for that part of it. You are. And again, this is back to even what the Teacher, Althena, said earlier in this transmission session-- "Consider how powerful you all are. Consider how gifted you all are. Consider how creative you all are." You need to unfold yourselves, my dear children. Let this energy of love unfold you. Open up your petals! You can take on in life even so much more than you think you can! I know there have been those moments in the past when you have felt a sense of defeat. This can be overcome. You are, indeed, God's Children. Never forget this! And in this powerful definition of yourselves, you are capable, most certainly, of climbing the mountains of life. You are responsive to the vistas that you will see! You are, indeed, empowered by what God has already given you in your beings, and now the task before you is to take this, and make as much of yourselves as you possibly can.