1998-12-20-God's Image

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Topic: God's Image

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will

TR: Unknown



Will: The love of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; the power of God supports us. Wherever we gather, He is. Greetings, and good evening to each of you. I'm your teacher Will, who loves you.


Birth, Humanity

My lesson once again focuses on stillness practice. You do not, and could not at this time, understand the long range implications of steady and regular stillness practice. Therefore, we exhort you ever to practice twice a day, and formulate for yourselves a regular and healthy habit of direct personal communication with the Heavenly Father.

You see, you are both like and unlike the Father. Your holy books say that you are created in His image. This is so, but not necessarily in the ways in which those expressions are interpreted. The Heavenly Father's world is different from your world. Like yours, it has an interior and an exterior component. Your traditional Christian churches discuss extensively and teach openly of what is expected and requested of you regarding the world of the exterior. This lesson is largely accurate, being based primarily upon the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, albeit missing most of the motivations and justifications. Nevertheless, in those respects, you all generally know what is asked of you, and also well know how to go about it. However, the world of the interior of the Heavenly Father is quite different from your interior world.

The quality of the Heavenly Father's thinking is unimaginable to you, by you. The clarity of His thoughts, the relentlessness of His logic, the depth of His charity, are qualities of which you can barely conceive. The link between Him and you is, as you know, the presence of the thought adjuster within each of you. The adjuster's arrival is predicated upon the first moral decision of each human. In this regard, each of you sitting at this table is no different than billions of your other time companions on this planet.

You come in to existence as a part of a mechanism approved by the Heavenly Father and put in place by his ministry. When you are born, you are not human, you are a potential human. Upon your first moral decision, your name is then entered on the registry. You are registered as a human being, fully qualified for survivalability. You are not, at that point, any longer a potential human being. You are not a human in training, you are a human, just as a marine is a marine. However, upon assuming your humanity, you take on certain responsibilities.

Before you were a human, you were like a glass of crystal clear water. Upon your moral decision, and your entry on the rolls, you begin building spirit reality. At first, your reality is thin. Imagine that glass of crystal clear water, and drop into it one drop of milk. That is what you are like. And as you gain in spirit power and spiritual reality, you become increasingly real, so that that portion of your reality, spirit reality, overtakes the physical you, the animal you, the material you, which ultimately only houses the spiritual you.

It is our goal and the goal of this ministry to assist all humans in becoming increasingly real in the world of the spirit. As you grow in spiritual reality, you also grow in your ability to know and understand the Heavenly Father who resides within each of you. That spiritual reality, like the Heavenly Father himself, has an interior and an exterior dimension, We are concerned here with the interior.

Stillness, Destiny

The Heavenly Father's universe, and interior reality, is so different from yours - it is reality itself, whereas you are only beginning. Witness, for that reason, our emphasis on the participation of the adjuster. And one component of stillness practice is our request that you make yourself available for the adjuster to work. Allow him conscious interior reality time to attune your mind and however much exists of your spiritual reality, to better conform with the ideal of the Heavenly Father.

We know of the demands for your time and attention, because you are material creatures. But the Heavenly Father has a plan for which it appears only material will creatures will be used. The Father has never revealed what His future intention is in this regard, but it now appears that the participants will be limited to creatures just like yourselves, who are born, live a material life, and pass beyond that realm through a material death, with no assurance, other than faith alone, that something awaits on far side.

We all think, and many commentators have offered, that this is an unbelievably challenging and stimulating possibility for the far distance future, and that the challenge is so great, and the concept so vast, that no planetary inhabitants are to be left behind, therefore, in some justification, this teacher mission to your planet, to your country, to your town, to this room tonight. The Heavenly Father is thinking some thought which we cannot divine. You are at the essence of that thought. Were you to participate and propel yourselves into His loving graces, what is asked is that you fully engage yourselves in the interior and the exterior reality that the Heavenly Father would recognize.

We have spend years now discussing the benefits, the realities, the techniques and purposes of regular stillness practice. If it is of encouragement to you, we will say that even though you cannot understand or fully grasp the majesty of the Father's thoughts or many of his qualities, there is one aspect of His personality with which you can perfectly identify. And that is, His feelings. Feelings are truly universal. When you feel satisfaction, accomplishment, joy, compassion, home-centeredness, unselfish love for children, you are feeling exactly the same feelings known personally by the Heavenly Father.


We cannot emphasize enough the importance of regular stillness practice. For who knows when the Father's plan will come to fruition, and all may be called, some of us as well as you, for service. It is the greatest compliment He could give us. We ask then, that you make regularly available, twice a day, a short span of time for identification with and communion with the Heavenly Father and His representative adjuster, in an effort to more closely attune yourselves to the interior world. That is all I have to say. Shalom.