1998-12-30-Future Ideal Universe

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Topic: Future Ideal Universe

Group: Unknown


Teacher: Andrea

TR: 0802-AB-Jack



Greetings to all, this is Andrea. It is a blessing that we are all able to be together in this hour of communication with each other along with the teachers that are involved and the messages they bring for everyone. It has been mentioned in the past that you and the group and all the rest are beginning a new life and a new journey that will require a great deal from each and every one that is a part of this mission of our savior's attempt to bring this planet and universe back to his wants and in the beliefs that he tried to teach when he was a mortal as you are.


The attempts that you are facing are governed by your devotion and willingness to proceed with those things that will come to you through us, your teachers and all those others of your unseen friends. You are destined to be ever trying to understand and grow with the truth that you will represent to others that will walk in the darkness. You, all of you, will be in a situation of learning more than what you have been in the past because it is time for you to reach out to those that seek the truth and knowledge as you know it.

You and your determination to do the bidding of our Father and His son is the occasion that we all look for in our mortal friends to "pick up the ball", as you say, and carry it to the goals that you have set for yourselves as well as those goals that have been asked of you to do.

Your learning will begin to have more meaning and your understanding will be greater, but this will depend on your devotion and determination to take part in this phenomenon that our savior has created for us, your unseen friends, to talk to each and every one. This ability of communicating with each other is the source of us giving you the information and encouragement, love, and devotion that we, your celestial friends, have for each and every one.

But now that you are on this road that you are now trodding, you will have many questions in your minds of the topics that we may bring to each one. It will be your knowledge of truth and understanding that will clear these difficulties that each one will have in your attempts to understand the meanings of the words that are brought to you. It may not be from us, your teachers, but it can come from other sources of unseen friends that wish to speak to you and all the rest in regards to their knowledge and would like to share with the students and all the ones of this mission of our savior.

Our savior has a beautiful and wonderful dream of bringing this universe to the way he wishes it to be and the feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood to each and every mortal that walks this path. You will be the guiding light for those that walk in darkness. They will often ask of you your wants and your abilities to live the life that each one of you live and from where do you get your enjoyment in being a part of this mission. You will be able to answer these kinds of questions with a firm and understanding heart, expressed with love and tenderness to those that wish to have the answers that you and all the rest that are of this mission will be able to give. You dwell within this knowledge of being able to understand what is being done to bring this universe to the wants of him that is our sovereign and to all that wish to be under his banner that means truth and understanding of each and every one.

The love that you have is because you are developing in your own ways your personal feelings of other individual mortals that come to you with open arms and with love shining in their eyes for you because you were able to guide them down this lonely road that everyone must walk by themselves. They will depend on you as you depend on us to bring the truth and understanding and the setting one foot in front of the other, walking this darkened path that they are now trodding. You will be the light that will be cast for them so they will not stumble on the obstacles that are placed in front of them to keep them from reaching this light that you will cast and the understanding that you have for them as an individual mortal. But the expressions that you give will be with all the feelings that you can muster in explaining those questions and the answers that you will be able to give.

So, as the weeks and months come and go, your understanding and knowledge will increase as each day and week comes and goes. This is what I meant when I said you were on this journey of life and this road that you walk this very day in your search for those truths and knowledge that you know are there. You come to us to seek the knowledge that we have to give to you so freely and openly.

I, as your teacher, have been instructed to carry on, to educate you in your wants and feelings to be a servant of our master and of the knowledge that he possesses for each one. You, as well as we, your teachers, are longing for the day that we will be together and standing in front of them that rest on high telling us of a job well done in bringing about the wants of our savior. This will be the day of graduation for each and every individual. But the road to that graduation is going to be a long and tiresome in some cases. In some cases your attempts to maintain your life will weaken, but you have the knowledge of who you can turn to strengthen that belief and knowledge that you seek. So, hold your heads high because there are others with you leading and guiding each one down this road of life that you all seek to be as you wish to be in the service of our master.

You are like us in your attempts to do the best that we can in bringing to you the messages that we bring, and you understand those messages to the fullest. We are also given these feelings of emotion of each one of you to be able to dwell within you and absorb the wants and feelings that you have. But think of how your spirituality will grow when you serve Him that comes and seeks you out for the job that he has for each one of you. But yet this joy given to you will not be as hard as you might believe because of the time element that is involved in bringing you this goal along with your own personal efforts to reach that goal and be a part of it.

I know that you will be very lonely and desperate in your feelings of loneliness at times because of being out there in the wilderness with only your spirit and your savior and us walking with you to comfort and guide you as you walk this road of life.

The thoughts that I have for you are of love, devotion, and determination to bring to you the truths that we all know and feel is within, these truths that you want to dwell on and be a part of this great phenomenon of bringing this universe to the wants of our savior, Christ Michael.

With this, my students, as we go from day to day doing your chores for the benefit of your mortal bodies to survive in this world that you live in, and with all of the complications that are involved, we pray for you in our silent way to be able to rid you of these obstacles that you may face in the future. As you go from day to day remember that tomorrow is a new day and a new life. So live that life the way you think our savior would wish you to live and do.


My friends, I will call it a night because there is tomorrow that you must face when your mortal bodies have rested for tomorrow's chores. With this I will bid all a farewell for this time. This is Andrea.