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Topic: Collection, Bertram & Malcom

Group: Hamilton TeaM


Teacher: Bertram, Malcom

TR: Tara Logan

Session 1


TARA: Today is the beginning of a new year. Is there a new message for us regarding this year ahead of us as we count down to the year 2000?

BERTRAM and MURIEL: Greetings little one. It is such a pleasure to be with you again on this new beginning. May this coming year be a period of growth in the spirit for all of God’s children all around this beautiful globe we call, Urantia. Great is the need for peace, for harmony, for love, for co-operation, international trust and a true spirit of good will among men.

Pray daily for the Kingdom of Heaven to come on earth. Prepare yourselves now to be the loving examples of His peace on earth; for only the peace offered by Christ Michael can truly bring this world to the brink of Light and Life, for which we all pray.

You are truly His vessels of light to the world. Do not underestimate the part you are all called to play and will partake in.

As we have said to you so many times, we have come to prepare you, to guide you into the paths of truth and righteousness. To expand your understanding so that those you meet every day in your daily walk in life will see the better way of living, and serving and loving one another.

As you demonstrate Michael’s way, then will peace and love spread abroad throughout your world Then will corrections be made for the betterment of all who share Urantia. When you truly become your brothers keeper in your hearts and their needs are fully recognized and supplied by the works of your own hands, working together in unity and harmony no matter what the task at hand, then will prosperity and abundance come to all.

Do not fret and despair at the magnitude of the work at hand. How shall we feed the poor. How shall we clothe them, nurture them, educate them? How can we lift them up to where even their basic needs are supplied? By working together as brothers, caring for the whole family. When one suffers, all suffer. Through united worldwide effort much can be done to feed the hungry, the starving, heal the sick and clothe the naked on your world.

You can start right where you are. Be mindful of the very poor even on your own doorstep. Listen and be aware of the pleas you hear. They are your brothers no matter what their circumstance. How many will die in the bitter cold on the very streets of your city? How many homeless are there in your cities? How many children go to school hungry each day ? How can you help? Seek where you can offer your loving service. Ask the Father within to guide you in your service.

Only by changing your own attitudes towards the poor can you hope to be of loving service, unconditional loving service not seeking reward or praise or recognition. But realizing that they, your brothers, your unfortunate brothers, are also children of the living God, children of the family of God. When you serve those less fortunate in any manner you can, you are surely serving the Father and acting according to His will.

There is much unity in diversity. Many loving people, who aren’t aware of our mission are also doing their part to bring this world peace and prosperity. Always honour these efforts of bringing brotherhood on earth. Work together in unity and give support when and in whatever way you are able.

Much will be accomplished in the harvest fields of the Father in this coming year. Be joyful and do all to the glory of the Father and to his Son, Michael and Nebadonia.

We leave you now in the peace of the Father that you have come to know. Pray that all His children will someday live in this wondrous new way of light and life and love, that is daily becoming apart of your new life in Christ Michael as He intended it to be, lives shared in the acknowledgment of the Fatherhood of God and the true worldwide brotherhood of mankind.

This vision of unity is what we will strive for in the coming year, the family of God becoming visible on earth. May Michael’s peace be upon you all. Bertram and Muriel.

Session 2


January 5, 1999

BERTRAM: I have a message regarding UNITY IN DIVERSITY, for you. We closed last time, expressing our hope and vision for unity on Urantia.

Unity doesn’t mean conformity There is much unity in diversity as you can see all around you The Universal Father, in His infinite wisdom created diversity throughout all His creations.

In your studies of science and cosmology you have learned that there is great variety in all things created. No two snowflakes are alike, yet they make up a whole, which is beautiful indeed as you can see in your most recent snowfall. Each individual has unique and diverse fingerprints, no two are ever exactly alike. There are different and diverse creatures and species and yet there is still unity within each family. Ponder the insects, birds, animals, fish and mankind himself. You are all different, yet make up a complete and whole human race in your diversity. Rejoice in the truths of your differences, in the variety of each and every child of God. Appreciate and love one another in your diversity and realize you are all a part of even a greater extension of diversity in unity throughout the universes.

It is of utmost importance that you accept and learn to love one another, now in this life, for in accepting your present realm of diversity, you will be better able and prepared to meet and accept the diverseness of the worlds beyond. Take to heart and apply the lessons taught now for there is also divine purpose behind them. The Father wills that you be come perfect and in your ascent to Paradise, in the worlds you will visit, you will meet and experience much diversity and you will see unity in all its increasing perfection.

As mankind begins to accept and love his brothers and sisters who share his beautiful world in all its beauty and diversity, and begins to live in harmony with one another, then will peace come to those of good will, who do not judge one another or try promote only their own ways, but love one another and accept the brotherhood of all. Acceptance and tolerance are worthy attributes of a child of God. Worthy fruits of the spirit that foster peace and unity in all your diversity.

True unity in diversity fosters enjoyment and happiness to your evolving soul! What a mundane, dull, repetitious, boring life you would live if everyone believed exactly the same, looked the same, thought the same, lived the same way.

In His infinite wisdom the Father has decreed diversity throughout all the cosmos. Even the heavens are diverse in their beauty of stars, suns, nebulae, of every colour, size and activity.

All is there for you to experience in your climb to Paradise! As you have read in your text even the central universe in all its perfection is diverse, each of the one billion worlds is different! You can not even imagine it, what the Father has planed for you to experience! All the more should we praise Him and be ever thankful for His love for us to have created for us such diversity to enjoy for all eternity. It is a friendly, warm and loving universe, of which we are all a part. The journey home will be an adventure worth striving for and you will ever rejoice in the great diversity you will experience, in all its unity and wholeness. I leave you now to ponder this lesson, each one come to an appreciation of diversity in unity now, Bertram.

Session 3

New Age

January 8, 1999 A.M.

TARA: Am I really receiving messages from you Bertram, Malcom? How can I really know? I do not want to mislead or misrepresent the truth, the Teaching Mission, or the will of the Father. I am asking again how to trust and know that I am not being mislead. I would feel terrible if I were to mislead and harm those I love, my spiritual brothers and sisters who might someday read what I believe I am receiving from you. Please give me a definite answer to the validity of these transmissions.

BERTRAM: Our little one, have we not told you over and over, we are here! You need not fear! You ARE receiving OUR WORDS meaningful for you and your brothers and sisters on Urantia. We are very pleased with the progress of you all. We would not harm any of you or mislead you. You must trust in our sincerity also, just as we trust in yours.

This is not your work. Neither is it ours. We are all in the service of the Father and Christ Michael. We are the custodians of the plan they have set in motion eons ago. We are here to oversee and guide you in those plans and purposes for you, that you may all, someday achieve your divine destiny. You have chosen to be a part of this Mission. It is because you have chosen and are willing, that you are called now to serve in this manner. Do not think it unusual. This method of communication seems unusual, only because your planet home has been in isolation for so long. Now that the spiritual circuits are being opened once more, many more will become accustomed in communicating in this way.

You are setting an example and you can rest assured, we are truly here to guide and teach those who are willing to hear. Each of you “hear” these transmissions just a little differently and express us just a little differently. Remember our most recent lesson on diversity? With time you will be better able to distinguish each of our personalities.

It is the MESSAGES that you hear that is the important thing to be considered. We use your own individual methods of expression, but it is the TRUTH of those expressions that one must be mindful of. Consider:

-- Is it consistent with the life and teachings and faith of Christ Michael?

-- Does the Spirit of Truth validate the messages received?

-- Do they ring true?

-- Are they consistent with what you have been taught in the Fifth Epochal Revelation, your Urantia Book?

Little one, you are in sync with us. You need not fret your self that this is a genuine transmission. Continue to do your service, in a loving and trusting, child-like attitude and you will do the Father a great and much needed service in this stage of the Teaching Mission.

There is much work to be done and still so few workers in the fields. As you learn to truly trust in your calling, you will go on to perform even more service for your brothers and sisters in your own arena there on Urantia, if you so will. It is because you are willing and able to do so, that we are using you in this way of service.

Even we were called to come here to serve you in this way because we were also willing and able, and volunteered to do so. It is our pleasure to be able to work with you, and we rejoice in your response and in your own willingness to serve in this way, so that together we can accomplish and do the will of the Father on earth today, at this most critical time in Urantia’s history.

This present time is heralding the beginning of a new age on Urantia, a great time of correction for all of mankind. Watch and you will see. Be forewarned so that you will not be dismayed at what shall transpire over the next year and the years immediately following the year 2000!

You need not fear, it is NOT the end of the world. Severe correcting will be made. More and more of humankind will turn to right and moral ways of living and surviving.

But it is important for you to change your own ways and attitudes now, to learn and to be examples of righteousness on the earth. So show forth the better way of loving service towards all.

Go back to your rest now little one. We will contact you again later today. I am Bertram.

Session 4


January 8, 1999 P.M.

BERTRAM: We are pleased, little one, to be with you once more this evening. The coldness of winter has settled upon your area of Urantia and tonight there is the beauty of a fresh new snowfall.

You have felt somewhat isolated today. We can draw an analogy to this isolation with the isolation of your planet in the universe. Like the snow, your world has been covered in default and rebellion. You have literally been in darkness, under your blanket of sin and evil. You have not been aware of the greater universe and universes of which you are really a part. You had no way of knowing your true purpose and destiny, the true plan of the Universal Father for all his children on all worlds.

Your world has stumbled and faltered in the darkness of ignorance and superstition. Even when truth was partially revealed, it was misunderstood and perverted in its understanding, and so you have had a mixture of truth sprinkled throughout all religions on earth. A little light was indeed better, than none at all. So never must you judge your brother when they do not seem to see as clearly as you do today. In the Fifth Epochal Revelation more has been revealed to your world now, than has been possible in ages past. It is not because you were more worthy to receive expanded truth, but that mankind has now developed to the point where his understanding is such, he CAN understand.

In the days of the Master, the apostles were taught directly by Michael, Himself, yet they could not grasp completely what He was trying to reveal to them. The subsequent scriptures were not a complete revelation, just as the Urantia Book is not complete today. You are given what you are able to understand for now which is needful for your soul growth, and for the advancement of the nations on earth today. The quest for truth is an ongoing experience for all to enjoy.

Now, as the Spirit of Truth spreads over Urantia, more and more light will come to the nations, and a richer and fuller and more satisfying life will be experienced by all. Light and Life will dawn upon Urantia and the epochs of darkness will be no more.

The golden dawn of a new age for mankind will finally arrive. A time of true peace and harmony will prevail, as your world is united in brotherhood of all, and all come to the realization to the divine Fatherhood of all, then will there be less and less darkness.

The Father loves you more than you can ever know and has sent you this expanded revelation of truth, for you to study and to understand, and we are here to help, guide and direct you in your study, and in your understanding.

Call upon us. We are here to serve you, in the service of the love of the Father, and His divine son, Christ Michael. We will labour together to bring their plan to fruition on the earth, to

bring light and life to all nations and into the hearts of all men of good will.

The Father’s peace we leave with you. We bid you good evening. I am Bertram.

Session 5

Free will

January 12, 1999

TARA: My mind was really in a whirl this morning, Malcom. Could you come and help me sort out all these issues? I know you understand. Sometimes I feel so isolated from those I love. I feel I really fall down in being able to express my love. How can I be of more help to my son? To Cheryl? To my friends so far away? There are also spiritual issues that need clarification. I truly feel I have found the ultimatetruth” revealed to us today in the Fifth Epochal Revelation. Help me to get these thoughts and issues into some kind of order. Thankyou.

MALCOM: Our little one, you are so near and dear to us in you loving attitude and quest for truth. Long have you searched and great is your desire to share.

As we have explained to you, all will be made very clear to all, in time. You need not fret. We have also told you of the value of expressing the ”fruits of the spirit” in your life, showing forth your confidence, trust and faith in this revelation from the Father.

As yet His revelation is not as wide spread or as well known as the ancient scripts. The Christian teachings have tried to keep alive many of the concepts of Christ Michael, as they have understood those concepts and how they were taught and passed down over generations. You can read the story from the higher view in your text. The very truth of God can be known today, the divine plan of God has been made known and clear. You have come to realize this in your own life, but have patience in respect to your brother. Remember it was not so long ago that your understanding was not as clear as it is now, and even today not as clear as it will be. My child, you are all growing in faith and in understanding. Is that not why you are called, “faithers?”

Your friend is seeking on her own path, what is needful for her at this time. Do not worry about her or be over much concerned. She also is in the loving care of the Father and is seeking. We all learn in different and diverse ways.

As regards to your son, realize he too is learning the lessons needful for him at this time. Lessons can be hard and very difficult to bear, as you realize from your own life, but all must persevere.

We are not at liberty to give specific lessons that is to tell anyone exactly what to do. We give lessons of right action, right attitude, right thoughts, concepts and truth. It is up to each individual to apply those lessons in their lives, as they see their application.

We enlarge upon the concepts of truth, beauty, and goodness, and their levels of application. Do you understand? We would not for example tell someone not to take this or that job, marry this or that person, or that such a thing will happen tomorrow if one do this or that. Humankind has free will which must not be violated. That is the Father’s divine mandate. Of course we mourn and suffer with each of you, when we see your actions bring on sorrowful consequences, when it could have been avoided had you known, believed and obeyed the wise counsel of the Father.

But therein lies the difficulty under which your world suffers. The vast majority do not know the truth, and those who do, don’t always understand it clearly or refuse to obey and apply it, as often it takes trust, faith and confidence in the love of the Father, that as a parent, He guides us for our own good. So the lessons learned must often come by trial and error.

It is within the power of each individual to change his destiny. He has the divine right to choose. The life anyone lives is a consequence of the effect of choices made one at a time day by day, moment by moment. These decisions and choices and actions all go back to thought concepts regarding self, God and ones outer environment. Goes back to attitude and the experiences that shaped those attitudes. Our thoughts can be changed, if one is willing and wants to change; until then nothing can bring about change, or until the consequences become so great, the suffering so great, that the will to do something about it becomes strong enough to start a new direction.

For you, little one, you must be patient. Maybe now is a time to begin our next lesson on the “fruits of the spirit,” confiding trust.


Confiding trust is essential to your spiritual growth. Not only must you trust the Father, but also your brother and sister and yourself! And indeed, your celestial teachers, now come to guide you in service of the Father and Christ Michael.

Without trust you could have hardly begun this present journey of ascension and progression.

In trust you have accepted the truths of God and His love for you and His plan for you.

Trust leads directly to faith in the very teachings of Michael for all His children on Urantia.
Trust leads to the realization of the Father’s love and Michael’s mercy.
Trust leads to service to your brothers and sisters.
Indeed trust, confiding trust, is in complete harmony with all the fruits of the divine spirit.
In trusting we find confidence in the Father and in the Son and in the Infinite Spirit.
In trusting you will begin to trust in confiding in the Father fragment within you. You will draw closer to the Father in the stillness.
In trust you will find a new desire to be of loving service to your brothers and sisters, having confidence in the fact of their kinship with you, as children of the living God.
In coming to trust and in confiding daily with the Father, desiring to know and to do the will of the Father, you will grow in the very “fruits of the spirit,” everyone, even if you are unconscious of that growth.

Have complete confidence in His love for you, for He loves you more than you can ever know. He has provided everything for you. In reality you trust Him with every breath of air you breathe, confident that the oxygen is there, your lungs are working efficiently, and your life will continue, moment by moment. Truly we do “move and live and have our being in Him.”

If it were not for the constant and infinite love of the Father, we would absolutely not exist, would not have this most precious gift of life and it’s potential destiny of eternal sonship.

Well we are off to a good start! In your perceived isolation, Tara, do not lament, for you are truly not alone. Have confidence and trust in your future destiny and present calling. You are only “shifting gears” so to speak. New responsibilities, new friends, new adventures, a truly exciting time in your life, in your next decade and in the next millennium, is just ahead of you.

Be at peace and dwell in confiding trust and faith in the Father and in Christ Michael.

I bid you farewell this evening, Malcom.

Session 6


February 2, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this morning?

TEACHER: Yes, little one. Again it is our pleasure to be with you once more. We would like to say, like to arrange with you a program of consistency in our communications. Discipline, my child, discipline. We need to communicate with you on a daily basis.

We have much work to do, and we need your sincere dedication and trust and teamwork for the task at hand. Know that we can only serve God’s children on Urantia through you, the work of your hands and your efforts in furthering the Mission in the physical realms. We are all ever with you, to guide and direct all your endeavours in the doing of the Father’s will. The Spirit of Truth is ever with you daily and Christ Michael stands beside you. Your Thought Adjuster is within you to guide your thoughts in love, to express the Father’s love to you and to those you meet, through you. So realize you are never, never alone in your work of expressing the love of the Father to all you meet.

And loved you all are! All you see about you was created by Him and for you to enjoy and to use for the maturing of your souls while in the mortal state. All is experience, all was planned for you to have relationship. Can you grasp this?

Relationship is the very beginning cause of you, going right back to the Universal Father, Himself. The Father loved, loved so much, He willed within Himself to share that love in relationship. That love He extends from Paradise and on throughout all the evolving universes and worlds of time and space into the very hearts of His children indwelt by His Spirit, your very Thought Adjuster. Such a great mystery, yet an eternal truth!

LOVE is the very highway that brings you to the Father. Love has “impregnated” your minds with a fragment from the Father. And within you now is the evolving of your morontia souls, that very part of you that will survive after your mortal release from the flesh. You are in truth the very children of the living, loving God of all creation and destiny! Conceived in love, delivered in love, nurtured in love, drawn in love to your eternal destiny in the family of God, the Kingdom of God.

The Father’s plan of love is an eternal plan of eternal destiny and it begins for you, here.

Your physical conception on the mortal plane, and under normal conditions and ideally, is the result of love. The loving embrace of your mother and father. Urantia is the planet of your conception as a physical mortal being. You evolved into a viable living human being and were delivered into this physical realm of which you are now aware. You were given the very spark of life and all developing systems were functioning as patterned and programmed. Another great mystery! Gradually you became aware of your extended environment and began to experience relationship, first with the bonding of your mother, later father and then the family and environments beyond. Your entire life has been relationship and will continue to be so.

Within humankind is the capacity to LOVE. The loving bond you were to receive even before your births and all through your lives, is very often missing or deprived of you. Unfortunately that has been the case for many Urantia mortals up to this time in your history. Under normal development of a planet of your age, living circumstances are much more advanced in life and in the concept of love and living in accordance to the Father’s plan.

The past defaults of the Lucifer Rebellion and Adam’s Mission have left your planet still reeling in darkness. But the Father did not leave you in complete darkness, for in His love, He has sent to you His very own revelation of truth, through the ages. The truth has been known, and has been sprinkled through all religions and cultures. The Spirit of Truth and the Father’s Thought Adjuster within, will ever lead you to that truth.

God’s truth ever expresses love, teaches love, dwells in love within you. When the Father’s love indwells and guides you, and you respond and act accordingly, you are in effect doing the Father’s will. For He wills you to love. “To love Him with all your heart and all your soul and your neighbor as yourself.”

Christ Michael came to reveal the Father, and His love for you, His children. That was the very essence of His bestowal mission, to express that love to you all, to reveal the Father of love, to live His human life as an example of human love for the Father, but also as an example of the Father’s love for you. Another mystery!

The Father’s command is for you, ”to become perfect as He is perfect,” starting here in mortal flesh. The Father realizes your imperfections and has not left you without guidance or strength to accomplish what He asks of you. All that is required is that you be willing. His love within will ever guide you daily in all your relationships with your brothers and sisters. Trust that this is so. Have confidence that the Father loves you and if you be willing, you will survive this mortal phase of you life, and will ever progress forward in your ascension career homeward.

For now be that demonstration of love, of the Father’s love, to your brothers and sisters. In doing so they will see that love within you and will want to partake of that love also. Each and everyone of you are indwelt by your own Thought Adjusters, communing with one another.

If you have difficulty in communication, ask your Adjuster for help and trust it will be so.

Love is always the answer in any situation even when difficult to express in your relationships.

Our closing thought. Relationships are important. Make them loving relationships. See your lives change for the better when you love and express love to all around you, realizing each and every person you meet is truly your very brother and sister in the family of God and it is the Father’s will that you love one another.

In love, we take leave of you now. Have a very prosperous day in your arena of love.

Your teachers, Muriel, Bertram and Malcom.

Session 7


February 5, 1999

TARA: Malcom, I woke this morning thinking of my very close friend. She has asked me some questions to ask you.

  • One regarding our friendship these last eight years which began in a psychic class in Peterborough especially after a dream she had, that we were to be very close friends, and we have.
  • Second, regarding the statement that “where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of you.” Is not Christ Michael with us daily?
  • Third, regarding our inner health.

I know this is a lot to be asking at one time, but please respond so that we can better perceive answers from a higher perspective than our own. Thankyou.

MALCOM: My what a tall order we have before us this fine morning! I will endeavour to answer you both so bear with me, and get your TEA!! We too enjoyed your joke with your dear friend. It warms us through and through to see the two of you communicating so.

The Father so loves His children and delights in their searchings for His truth. It is His desire that all His children, everywhere, would so search Him out and seek His higher ways of living and loving in the light of His revelations of truth and true reality.

What you are basically asking about here, is “relationship.”

It would be helpful for her to read our last transmission regarding relationship, human and divine. Your relationship with each other in time and your speculations of the future, also your daily relationship with your Creator Father Michael of this local universe of Nebadon, and your inner relationship with your own body. (For you, little one, contemplate how timely this morning's message is with your two television programs last night, the Milky Way Galaxy and the inner functioning of the human body)

Nothing in all creation is ever simple, nor simple to explain. Always there will be more to learn, more to teach; more to learn, more to teach, and it will be so throughout your eternal life.

Of this we here can truly attest! Life does not end at death. It is only the beginning of a new and wondrous career, as an ascending son of God, ever progressing homeward.

You can rest assured your friendship was meant to be in this lifetime. You complement and inspire one another and this is most pleasing to us all, who work with you daily in your lives, even when you are not aware of it. (example -- T. V. last night?)

For many long, long years of your time, we have been guiding and leading you both in your morontia soul growth and development. You have both been called to be of service to your brothers and sisters in this physical life. Never doubt that we are here with you daily.

All you need do is call on us and we will answer you. We are here to help you and to give insight into your daily soul struggles.

Always be mindful of your Thought Adjuster’s presence within you. Your heavenly Father, your Universal Father is there within you every moment of everyday, and desires to have relationship with you as you meditate with Him in the stillness and in your daily walk. Ask for His help in times of need, but also share your joys and successes too. He experiences you, as you experience Him. He is there in your joy and in your sorrows. Share all with Him and be mindful of His presence.

Like His Father, Christ Michael, your local Universe Father, is also with you daily for He has sent His Spirit of Truth into your world two thousand years ago. Trust that He will also guide you into all truth and understanding. Also Christ Michael has promised to be present personally, if you call upon His name when you are gathered together. You can always trust in His support and love in your lives.

What is most important for you to understand in regards to you questions is that you are never alone, for we are all here with you to serve and help you in your daily walk in the truth. You are so loved, watched over and cared for like little babes newly born; that you are!! Tenderly do we guide and lead you into ways of peace of mind, into loving relationships with your brothers and sisters, into prosperity and health if you would but open your minds and hearts to listen and respond to our prompting. Thus do you obtain your “circles of attainment” in this life as you become more spiritual minded, as you become ever, and increasing in your desire to do the Father’s will and become more like Him.

He has supplied for your every need, in all He has created for you. Do you not see His hand in all creation? From the functioning of your mighty human machine of temporary mortal life to the creation of your outer environment which supports that life vehicle for you, on your beautiful planet home. That alone is witness to the love and magnificence of your Fathers in whom you live and move and have your being!

In love He created all, sustains all, planned it all. That mankind has been blind to it all, does not mean it is not so. Remember your poem, “from cradle to grave, some have never envisioned, what a great and magnificent journey we’re commissioned. In joy and in sorrow we live most of our lives, some never awakening to see with their eyes.” How true it is, and a sorrow to us, because humankind have not yet learned the incredible purpose of their lives, and they live in such ways that pollute their beautiful, harmonious outer environment and their own physical, mental and spiritual inner environment as well.

In her nutritional studies, your friend will be learning what a great gift this human body is, and how wondrous you are made and how necessary it is to care for and to nourish it properly. What a great service she can be to those who come to her, because more and more are becoming aware that all is not right within, wanting to know where have they gone wrong in the maintaining of these marvelous human bodies.

Mankind is at last starting to seek correction in all areas of His life inner and outer and spiritual; physical, mental, temporal. He is correcting his relationships with himself, his community, his God during this correcting time.

There has truly begun a global awakening and you all have your part to play whether ministering to man’s physical needs, his mental needs, or his spiritual needs. All works in harmony to the future creation of a world living in light and life and it all starts now, built upon past foundations, and on foundations we are now laying.

Never underestimate the importance of what you have been called to do. Every worker is needed in establishing the very Kingdom of God on earth. When all live in harmony and brotherly love for one another then will Urantia know true peace and prosperity as it was meant to be and will be.

So, our little ones, continue in your love for one another, in your kinship as children of your Father. Be courageous and loyal and loving in your service to your brothers and sisters everywhere and treat them all with kindness and with a deeper understanding of their needs. Do all you can to alleviate the suffering you see around you with both, kind words of love and encouragement, and in deeds of love and support for those less fortunate that yourself.

Don’t fret nor blame, regarding the conditions you see about you. Just do what you can to correct your own relationships in love. Start, right where you are to change the world for the better.

Ask the Father for His help, trusting He is always near and His hand is not short and reaches out to all. He desires relationship with all His children, on all worlds of time and space. He has sent His Sons and His messengers, His angelic hosts to minister and teach and lovingly care for you.

Never doubt your relationship with us and the relationship you will have with us for all eternity. As you progress forward to Paradise you will meet us face to face and many, many more teachers ready to receive you and teach you and guide you towards home. The Father is waiting in all His splendour and glory to receive you!

For now continue on, calling on us daily, spend time with the Father in the stillness, be happy and filled with joy, knowing you are loved from above and have a most glorious destiny, if you so choose.

I hope this has answered your concerns and it has been my pleasure to have been with you this morning. May the Father richly bless you as you both will to be and to do His will.

Your friend and teacher, Malcom.

Session 8

February 8, 1999

TARA: Is there a message as I go into surgery tomorrow?

MALCOM: Yes, little one. We want you to rest assured that all will go well. You have nothing to fear. The Father is ever there within you. His angels surround you. The surgery will go without complication. You are in good hands.

You are precious to us and there is yet much work to be done in these times ahead. You are needed in the harvest fields of the Father and the Son.

Take your rest for the morrow will be difficult indeed. Then we will guide you into renewed health and prosperity. Your friends are in prayerful reminder of you.

Of course, you know that life continues on after this mortal life in the flesh. So be at peace, day by day, no matter what the challenges you may face in the course of this one short lifetime.

What we desire of you is that you be at peace, cheerful and a radiant example to those you will encounter in the next few days. Look at it as an adventure of love and loving service to all those children of God you will encounter, both well and sick. Minister to them as they minister to you. Minister to those who need your kind words of hope and encouragement.

Look forward to rapid healing and a quick recovery. You are much loved and needed, so look forward to many years of service on Urantia.

We would admonish you to:

-- take your rest early this evening so as to be rested and regenerated.

-- use your healing oils to help aid of the healing of the scare.

-- ask of us and we will help you in the healing process.

Take your rest now in the Father’s loving care, your teacher and friend, Malcom.

Session 9

Reincarnation, Destiny

February 14, 1999

TARA: I am here to receive a message from you, at long last. I thank the Father for His overcare during this last week. I am ready to begin once more to be of service.

MALCOM: We welcome your return, little one, and glad you are feeling well once more. In reality you have never been away and we have never been far from you in your present trial to renewed health. All has gone well and healing will come quickly and completely. All ready we perceive that you are feeling stronger and much improved. Never doubt the Father’s love and care for you in all circumstances and trials in your physical life.

You know that you are here on this world of your nativity in mortal flesh for only a very short time in your overall life experience. Your time here is indeed limited. Your purpose of being is now being made clear to you. You are triumphantly traversing your circles, and you knew in your heart that all was well, when you went into surgery. No matter what the out come, you had no fear or doubt of your future destiny. The idea of death has most certainly lost its sting, its fear, its repulsion, its dread. No, you did not desire death; you knew that you most certainly have a work to do yet for the Father, here on Urantia, as a teacher in the harvest fields of the Master. Now, renew your dedication to your calling, to work together with us in this Teaching Mission.

Now regarding your conversation with your dear friend concerning the concept of reincarnation. Do you, or any of the Father’s children on the worlds of time and space return lifetime after lifetime to the planets of their nativity? The answer is “NO.” It is not a part of the divine plan of the Father. We will not dance around the question.

The truth is made plain in the Urantia Book. As you said on the phone to your dear friend, the Urantia Book is, indeed, generations ahead of it’s time for the general populace at large.

Now are we training, all those who are to become teachers of divine truths, beauty, and goodness, and with these qualities in their own lives are they to be physical lights in the material world to God’s children now, and in the future.

We encourage you to study God’s true ascension plan, as revealed. See for yourself the perfection of the plan already set in motion, even before your world, Urantia, came into being. A plan that has long been functioning perfectly and in harmony with and on, all of the inhabited, evolutionary worlds of time and space.

The fact that you have so long been in isolation and in darkness and have become somewhat retarded in your progress, does not mean that you are forgotten, or that the plan of the Divine Father does not include the Master’s beloved Urantia, indeed not! We are here now to play “catch-up” if you will, to indeed see, that the Correction Time continues on its course.

If reincarnation is a vital part of the Father’s Divine Plans, you would, indeed, at this time in your teachings, have had this concept made absolutely clear in your text. One must indeed be very careful not to superimpose their own interpretations onto the passages that seem to suggest the theory of reincarnation. Look for the clear and certain teachings of mortal survival therein.

Your text makes it clear that after death, there is the sleep of mortal survivors, whether it lasts three days, or hundreds, or thousands of years. The next conscious moment of any survivor, is in the resurrection halls on the mansion worlds.

You are told that you are repersonalized in a new morontia body form, much like that of Christ Michael after His resurrection.

(He DID return for a short period, but for a very divine purpose, not to show a pattern.

The morontia body is not of flesh and blood, but neither is it pure spirit. Only after Christ Himself returned to the Father on Paradise did he return again, in his original divine spirit form as a Paradise Son of God to His Universe of Nebadon, now as sovereign king and ruler, undisputedly qualified to rule His kingdom. He came to show all His children, the way. No one comes to the Father except through and by Him. Indeed on your ascension, you do indeed, and in reality, pass through Salvington, His divine headquarters, on your way to Uversa, to the Central Universe, and to the Paradise Isle.)

So, to state again, upon resurrection you receive your new morontia body and for your first ten days you are allowed to meet and visit with your loved ones who are already there before you, to acquaint yourself with your guardians of destiny and your Thought Adjuster in a more intimate nature, and to receive your new home and begin preparation for your continued teaching of your immortal soul, which you now are. You pick up in your lessons right where you left off before death intervened, whether only a few days or thousands of years ago on earth.

You do not return to earth again, even in the spirit, as you have been led to believe, because you are not spirit, and it is not permitted. Not permitted, in that present dispensation and not in you most present new state. (Some ascending mortals do return from dispensations past or from other worlds, but as teachers, and even then under special assignment to aid in the upliftment of a planet into more and ever increasing light and life)

The Urantia Book clearly teaches these truths. Study all carefully, and then decide if the theory of reincarnation fits into the Father’s Plan. Each must decide for themselves what they will to embrace, and what serves their present needs in this life in the flesh. The truth of God will be taught to you now if you are willing, or in some future time in this mortal life when you are ready, or in the morontia life on the mansion worlds after the sleep of death. All will be given their ultimate freewill choice of survival; of choosing the true path of finding the Father or rejecting it.

None can change the plan God has set in motion for all His ascending children of time and space, on all His trillions of worlds in various degrees of development. Be assured all is going absolutely according to plan and will ever do so, regardless of what evolving mankind wants to believe or embrace, as his own chosen truth or belief system.

You, my little ones, must grow in faith, believing what the Father has promised and planned for you, accepting in your heart and mind, having faith in your future destiny, as an ascending child of God, on your way home. You need not fear, nor worry about your future destiny.

YOUR JOB is to:

-- have faith, that you are indeed loved by your Father and Father/Brother Christ Michael and Mother Nebadonia.

-- study throughly the life and teachings of Christ Michael as divinely revealed in your text.

-- conduct your life in loving service to your brothers and sisters that you meet each day.

-- be an example of the true way of love and living, of faith in the truths of God that you are being taught now.

-- will to do, and to be the will of the Father. May your will, be His will, now in your life.

May this help you all, to understand your destiny in the ages to come; to put aside your anxieties regarding your future destiny after death.

We look forward to more teaching sessions with you.

Your teacher and friend, Malcom.

Session 10


February 16, 1999.

TARA: Do you have a message for me regarding the subject of Paganism? The subject was asked about on the phone last night, and we would like to have a higher perspective and overview. Thank you.

MALCOM AND BERTRAM: Good morning, little one. Indeed you have given us a very heavy duty subject this morning! So we will both endeavour to answer your inquiry.

You have to first realize that mankind has traveled a long way since the early rudiments of religion, so called, were conceived in his primitive and seeking mind. Just as your world has evolved over eons of time, so has mankind evolved also, though by comparison to your global home, you have only just arrived.

True thinking humankind had been on earth long before the arrival of your planetary prince, Caligastia, some 500,000 yrs ago. By the time primitive men were accustomed to standing erect, they had also developed creative imaginations. They were great hunters and fierce fighters. This was a very dark and bloody period in mankind’s history. The “survival of the fittest” is what you have called it. Truly it was, for whole races were obliterated during this time, and primitive man’s life was dominated by fear and warring for survival against each other, the elements and the over run of larger types of animals and birds, now extinct.

Such a life filled with fear, lead to early “fear religion” and such a religion of fear and ignorance prevailed. As on other worlds of time and space, Urantia, so developed for 100,000 years, until the time of the arrival of your planetary prince, whose purpose of coming was to uplift the races in true knowledge and understanding of truths they could not discover on their own, to speed their evolution in all aspects of their development.

A new era of real government had arrived with the coming of your prince and should have lasted for 500,000 yrs. The prince and his staff were to have made the first revelations of higher truths and of universe organization to mankind to the extent that he could understand it. Unfortunately for Urantia, and many other planets like your own were all caught up in the Lucifer Rebellion. Your planetary prince and half his staff joined in the rebellion and left your planet in continued darkness and chaos. Thus began a period of isolation for your planet and the other worlds of sin, by the closure of the system circuits right up to this present time.

So did your planet survive in darkness and evolutionary religion continued on its own course.

But some did remain faithful and tried to keep alive the truths of God until the times of the coming of Adam and Eve, also sent to up lift the races still living in fear, ignorance, and superstition. They arrived about 35,000 yrs ago. They brought further truth and enlightenment during their sojourn, but they also defaulted in their mission. Because of the rebellion and the default, your world has suffered greatly. Religion continued to evolve, still feeding on the fears and superstitions of evolving mankind. Some seeds of revealed truth were intermingled with evolving religions in all races. Their story you can also read in your text for further enlightenment.

Two thousand years before Christ Michael came to your planet for His final bestowal, a Melchizedek son also came to keep alive the truth on the earth. He was on your earth for almost 100 yrs and set up a mission school on the sight of present day Jerusalem. Today we see the influence of his mission teachers in today's world religions.

Then Christ Michael, Himself came 2,000 yrs ago to bring us revealed truth, which has also been diluted and corrupted over the centuries right down to these latter days.

Today you have again sent to you revealed truth recorded in your text, the Urantia Book, now understandable by thinking mankind. It has updated and expanded upon the truths already sent and revealed in these past revelations..

Your earth is now going through a correcting time in all nations. The truth and beauty of the Father’s Plan for all his children on all His worlds of time and space, is again being revealed to those who will to see. He is guiding all his children into finding the truth. A great awakening is taking place throughout the globe. Teachers are being taught and trained now, those who can differentiate between truth and error, between evolved religion and the revelation of truth from the Father.

Paganism is nothing more than evolved religion sometimes admixed with revelation, coming from the darker side of human nature run rampant in its imaginings, in its fears, in an attempt to explain life and its purpose and its origin, without true knowledge and understanding. Remnants of fear religion are seen in all religions on earth today. It is truly an admix of truth and error and superstition, ritual and ceremony and sacraments; mans attempts to appease his false concept of an angry and wrathful God. With a true understanding of the heavenly Father, a Father of love, all error will fade away. Mankind no longer needs to fear his maker, but to love and embrace Him for the loving Father He is. You are all His children and He has not left you nor forsaken you. He truly dwells within each and every one of you, by His indwelling Thought Adjuster. All you need do is call on Him and He will answer and lead you into all truth as you are able and willing to understand.

You need have no fear for the future of your world, for all is here for a divine purpose and Urantia has a long history ahead in the settlement of life and light. You are all in good hands, and you need not embrace fear religion in this age. Realize it for what it is and seek the higher way of life and living that leads to happiness and security and peace and prosperity. It is not the Father’s will that any of His children should suffer in ignorance and superstition. “Know the truth and the truth will set you free.” This is a true statement and yours to experience today.

We will leave you now, encouraging you all to read your text and understand what the Father has truly planned and has in store for you, His beloved children now living on Urantia, still reeling and struggling out of the darkness of the past eras. Light and life and understanding is coming upon your earth, a new dispensation is opening up now and you are needed to be lights and examples of God’s true and righteous ways upon the earth. Worldwide peace will come upon the earth as mankind begins to make peace within himself and his God and then his neighbors and his world. Think on these things. Bertram and Malcom.

Session 11

Urantia Book

February 19, 1999

TARA: Is there a message for the Hamilton Study Group for this evening?

BERTRAM: Yes indeed, little one! We thank you for your inquiry. We rejoice to see you gather so faithfully each month and we thank your brothers and sisters who open their homes for you all to meet in warmth and comfort, there to share in the reading of your text and to share in true brotherly fellowship in the spirit.

We would encourage you each and every one, to continue in your personal studies of the “fruits of the spirit.” The Father wills that you each grow in these spiritual qualities, so as to shine as an example to those you meet each day in your daily walk of life.

The Spirit of the Father dwelling within each of you wishes to experience your life with you. Just as you experience the Father within, so does He experience you. As you go about your daily activities, walk with the Father and rejoice with the Father, and express His love to all in loving service no matter how small your service may seem to you. Even a smile to your brother is a service; a helping hand to the elderly; a playful jester to a child. All are indwelt by the Father’s spirit; all are your brothers and sisters in the flesh and in the spirit. Communicate with and enjoy and love one another! Freely express the Father’s love to all.

The year is marching on and there is much work to be done in the spreading of the good news of the gospel that our Father/Michael brought to your planet two thousand years ago. Now He has given you His Fifth Revelation for your growth, knowledge and enlightenment. It will be the most significant book on the planet in the years and ages to come.

It is for your generation to keep alive this revelation, to translate it into multiple languages, maintain its purity of content, to study it and gain from it deeper and deeper understanding of the Father’s will and purpose for you now, and in the next phases of your ascension to Paradise.

It is the Father’s will that you become examples of His righteousness, of His truth, of His love in all your relationships, truly you are students and teachers of the true way, not only by what you say, but indeed, by your actions and the life you live.

Continue faithfully to:

  • Ask for His guidance and direction in all you activities, so that you will find support and help and strength to preform all, as worthy Children of the Father, which you are!
  • Seek ways to further the work of the Father right where you are, each in your own special way.
  • Be alert and you will see the guiding hand of the Father, leading you daily.

The Master stands beside you and His Spirit of Truth will guide you. Trust and have faith that this is true indeed.

We most certainly do “live and move and have our being in the Father.” All was made by Him in love, to share all with us, His children on all His worlds of time and space. You have a great and magnificent journey ahead of you, one you could never begin to imagine in this lifetime!

Our Christ Michael came to you the way. Read and study the revelations of His life and His teachings as revealed by the Midwayer Commission in your text.

I have given you much to think on, so I will stop for now, expressing to you my dedication to you, in this service of love to you in the service of the Father.

I am your teacher, Bertram

Session 12

February 22, 1999

TARA: Why do I feel so lethargic? And doubting? Why am I resisting so much? I feel the urge to meet with you and yet I hold back. Why? I feel so tired and downhearted these last few days and I idle away my time. Please direct me.

MALCOM: Our little one, we know you have been through a lot lately. Your body has been through quite an ordeal and you have not rested as you should have, even in the hospital.

You need proper rest and nourishment and a restful mind dwelling in the Father’s peace. Your energy is low and feeling downcast, you have had much time to think on the darker side.

Raise your head and take in a deep breath. Tonight, before bed, go into the silence and commune there with the Father and be refreshed and renewed. Tomorrow review your diet and look to how you can eat more wholesomely. Less of the coffee and caffeine. Less salt in your diet. Your pressure was high this morning and was the cause of your headache and your headaches of late.

This message is just for you. You must regain your balance and begin to see clearly once more. You strive to understand. We want you to feel more, and this you will achieve in the stillness with the Father. Listen to us for we love you, the Father loves you, Christ Michael, of course, loves you and is here and wishes to have a word with you.

MICHAEL: “My child, you are most dear to my heart. I am truly here beside you, always can you call upon me and I will hear. You are my dear and beloved child in the Kingdom of my Father. I have need of your loving service in the feeding of my flock. I will surely help you to be strong and courageous in your service to the Father.

Little one, feed my sheep.

Be willing and open to the leadings and the guidance of all my servants, my teachers, I have sent to you, to enlarge upon my revelation for your understanding. They too, are called and chosen for this Teaching Mission and have volunteered to come to you, on my beloved planet, Urantia. They are here to assist in guiding you into all truth so that you can more fully understand my ways and my teachings which I brought to you during my sojourn with you.

Continue in your studies and grow in knowledge and grace. You are progressing indeed, as you should. Don’t doubt but be strong in the faith, in the ways I have shown you.

Be of good cheer. I am with you always even unto the end of your sojourn here and even in your glorious ascension home. I have prepared a place for you, you need not fear. You are never alone even in your darkest hours in your flesh.

Now be at peace, seek the Father in the stillness so we can commune with you there and bless you and give you peace of mind and body and soul. You are most beloved and I leave you now in the care of my angels of mercy, love and peace.

May the Father's arms enfold you and give you rest and peace this night. My peace be with you, Michael.”

MALCOM: There is absolutely nothing I can add. Take your rest now and rejoice and be thankful for the love and kindness shown to you this night.

Your loving friend and teacher Malcom.

Session 13


February 25, 1999

TARA: Good morning! I have had a feeling that there is something you want us to know.

The thought has been ringing in my head that, “the truth shall set you free.”

Is that what you want to communicate, for in truth, since I have been reading the Urantia Book,

I have felt free in thought of mind and actions in my daily life? This sense of freedom and clarity feels so great!

BERTRAM: I am your teacher Bertram, coming to assist you in your thought patterns this fine snowy morning. It is my pleasure to be with you in this manner once more.

Yes indeed, little one, growth in the spirit, in the “fruits of the spirit,” contribute to a new found sense of freedom in the mind and in the spirit, which do indeed translate into new actions and deeds which you would never have dare tried before. This is what the Master was referring to when he taught you regarding “the renewing of your minds” by the power of His Spirit of Truth.

Indeed, the Spirit of Truth does lead you into all truth, if you yield to it in your willingness to be guided by it. An open and child-like mind attitude can be taught, but a rebellious and closed mind is, indeed, a rocky place to sow seeds of truth. Remember the Masters much quoted parable of the sower? These precious seeds of truth need the right conditions in which to sprout and grow into full realization, which eventually leads to the full fruitation of God Consciousness and actions of loving service.

Your evolving and awakening soul within needs daily nourishment in the truth of God’s revelation to you, and so do we ever advise you to continue in your studies of the Fifth Revelation sent to you by the authority of Christ Michael Himself! He has not only shown you His truth, that portion understandable by you now in this age, He has also sent His Teaching Mission to aid you in that understanding. We your teachers are here to serve you in love, desiring only your soul growth in faith in the “truths of God” and the resulting growth in the “fruits of the spirit,” which soon become the natural outgrowth of living and loving in your daily, transformed lives. This transformation is indeed that new found freedom of which you spoke.

It is rewarding sight for us to behold, and indeed, all your heavenly helpers agree, when we see an evolving child of God come to the realization of their sense of being set free!

  • When they come to realize that they do live in a loving and friendly universe and have absolutely nothing to fear.
  • When they realize all is going according to plan, that there is indeed a divine plan in action, and that they are not forgotten, even while reeling and rocking on a planet which seems to be on a certain course of destruction.
  • When they realize they are loved and adored by their Heavenly Fathers and that they will for their children’s success and achievement in finding them, in spirit and in reality.
  • When they realize salvation is assured if they keep on in faith, in their earnest and sincere pursuit of it.
  • When they realize that death is not the end but only the beginning, second stage so to speak.
  • When they realize that all the trials and struggles of life are not in vain, but are actually there for soul growth.
  • When they realize that life can be lived with an appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Yes, yes, yes indeed are you set free! Set free from the shackles of superstition, feelings of isolation, despair, depression, darkness, helplessness, loneliness, fearfulness.

Not only are you coming into a personal era of light and life, of enlightenment but also lightness! Christ Michael, Himself said, His yoke was easy and His burden was light.

Do you not understand now, a little more about the truth setting you free? For, now indeed, is your life free, and light and joyful and more happy, with purpose and direction and clarity of destiny. Daily difficulties are viewed now as challenges to overcome, and growth to be achieved.

You see, for in understanding yourself and God’s plan for all His children and your part in that plan, there comes that peace of mind that we do indeed, “live and move and have our being in Him!”

It is indeed a wonderful age in which you are now living, even with all its difficulties, but you can make a difference.

So again I admonish you, be ever faithful and true to what you are being taught and continue to grow in the “fruits of the spirit” so that they will become a natural part of you life and personality and will so continue with you always as you ascend home.

I am ever in your service, in the loving service of Christ Michael, our sovereign and Lord.

Ever your teacher and friend, Bertram.

Session 14

February 26, 1999

TARA: Is there a new message for us today?

MALCOM: Yes, little one. We see you are in preparation of a trip to your old home town. Last night you were contemplating how you were staying in too much these winter days and “how can I be of service shut away like this.” You welcomed the new day with thanksgiving, in anticipation of the upcoming trip and adventure of service there. Reluctant you are to leave your cosy little nest called “home” just the same. But you are venturing out of your “comfort zone!” This is good for you, indeed.

Oftentimes, we too, will ask you to venture into your outer environments of safety and security in the service of your brothers and sisters.

The dear ones you seek to help now do, indeed, appreciate your coming to assist. There is great need there, so go forward in faith and with the assurance we are all by your side to assist and will aid you in all your endeavours of loving service to this family and to your friend. We will still be in contact with you by the “old” method of hand written communication. Now you will have a splendid opportunity to put into practice what you have learned all winter. We will surely strengthen and uphold you.

Enjoy your sojourn and will to be that “demonstration of righteousness” to your friends and a now nearby support to your friend Cheryl. She surely needs your love and support just now.

Sharing will be a greater part of your stay. Share what you have learned from us and, of course, from your text. Share with enthusiasm and love the higher way of life in which you live now, expressing the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. What better goal can any of us have than to bend back and share and teach what we have learned? Indeed this is what we are doing when we volunteered for this service to you, God’s children on Urantia, living with us in time and space. Let service be the delight of your life, for indeed, you do now live in conscious awareness of your willful service for the Father.

This is going to be a short transmission as we see you are busy in preparation and your lift will be coming soon. Remember practice daily and watch for response. The right words will be given you in your service to those you love. Trust, having confiding trust in us and the guidance of the Father fragment within. He will surely direct you in all your ways, words and actions of loving service.

Your friend and teacher, Malcom

Session 15


March 1, 1999

TARA: Is there a message tonight? I feel prompted to listen tonight and to be of service.

MALCOM: Yes, little one. We are pleased to be with you once more. How are you enjoying your new environment, being back in your old home town for this short stay of service? You will do well and we know you are looking forward to your visit tomorrow with your dear friend who lives here.

Your conversation tonight, “the eating of flesh,” we would like to comment.

It is, most certainly, necessary that you eat well and be nourished in your flesh. Your physical mechanism is, indeed, needful for the resting place of your evolving soul, for the indwelling sphere of activity for the Father’s spirit fragment within you. It is His temple. He desires that you have an efficient, and well functioning vehicle for His indwelling so that He can dwell within you and efficiently guide you and communicate with you as you will to do His will.

As long as there is life, He is there within you, your constant faithful and loving guide and companion, who, in conjunction with the Spirit of Truth, guides you into all truth regarding His will for you. And He wills for you a long and healthy and pain free life of service and love to all His children. Therefore you have need of a good strong, robust, energy filled, efficient system in which to live and serve and have your being.

In your mortal flesh, you need sufficient nourishment for all your several cellular systems and organisms. As your friend so correctly explained, this evening, your mortal physical needs are not being met as efficiently as in decades past due to pollution, depleting soil conditions, and adulteration of your food resources. It is presently difficult for you to meet your complete nutritional requirements without supplementation and indeed, divine intervention.

Natural supplementation is indeed necessary, but also do not forget the asking of blessing upon your food intake for further purification and cleansing and in your prayer of thanksgiving, for the preparation of your body for its efficient intake and utilization within the cells of your nutritional offerings.

Remember, you do not live in isolation, for all is connected in energy grids and systems that you are now only beginning to understand, in the infancy of your growing knowledge of such science.

With regards to the eating of flesh, that must be a personal choice and volition, what rings true within your own heart and soul. Current and past traditions and customs of many and diverse cultures dictated such practices of both prohibition and excess.

Mankind has always, and continues to have free will choice over his life, which is ever supreme, whether his choices are to his betterment or detriment. With his growth in faith comes wisdom in his choices. It is for you not to judge your brother’s path but to love and embrace him as your brother in the family of God.

It is not what one eats that defiles spiritually but negative and rebellious attitudes and thoughts and words out of his mouth that lead to corruption and sin. This you have heard before, but maybe now you can grasp a deeper understanding of what the Master teaches.

It is correct to live every aspect of your life in balance and in a wholesome manner, physically, mentally and spiritually. All systems interact to produce health and wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Indeed have you been taught that this life in the mortal flesh is not the end of your life. Your new morontia body will be nourished much differently, and of course, these current issues will be of no import with the shedding of the old temporary tabernacle at the end of your mortal life. Yes, your soul quality, personality and individuality with its thoughts, values and meanings of truth, goodness and beauty are all important and do go on.

The essence of you and your ideals, your faith is what is important and needs your attention now, but that is not to say that you should do any less in the care and maintenance of your physical body, for that too is a wondrous and marvellous gift to you, in service to you in the mortal life. It is in this arena that your develop the higher levels of your being.

So will to do and to be His will. Your life is but a days work, do it well and be well.

May this help to clarify the issues brought forth this evening and deepen your understanding.

I am ever your teacher, companion and friend, Malcom.

Session 16

March 3, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this afternoon?

MALCOM: Yes, our little one, we are glad to be with you once more sharing with you your arena away from home. (Long pause) You seem to be having some difficulty coming on line this afternoon. We would say relax and just let our thoughts flow into your realm. This message is sent to encourage you and to inspire you in your service for the Father and for Christ Michael. Need there ever be doubt now, since your personal transmission recently from our sovereign, Michael Himself?

Yes, you are indeed loved, and much needed in this Teaching Mission, Michael’s Mission!

You who are involved in this mission are called to be teachers and leaders, “showers of the way,” especially in your daily loving service to others. We understand you long to be home again and are looking forward to your meeting this month and your visit with Gerdean and meeting with her teachers. It is good that you are studying the transcripts in preparation, getting to know these personalities more intimately. One moment please.

MERIUM: My dear, here let me fluff your pillows. I see your discomfort little one.

You have indeed been through very much lately and I am here to tell you to relax, slow down, enjoy yourself. Let the sunshine in, the fresh air, enjoy good food, nourishment and drink. Remember to play a little. All work can make for a dull little spark indeed! Let healing enfold you and restore your energy.

We look forward to meeting with you, in company with your brothers and sisters come to commune and visit with us. Until then, I bid you continued healing in body and renewing in spirit.

Welcome to our Mission. A great service do we endeavour to accomplish for the Father, for our Father/Brother Creator Michael and loving Nebadonia.

Now I bid you farewell, healing, rest and peace. Merium.

TOMAS. This is Tomas here. It has been our pleasure to step in this wintery, snowy afternoon to brighten your day and bring you salutations and comfort and words of welcome to the Teaching Mission.

We are indeed aware of your growing adeptness at transmitting/receiving of teachers, Bertram and Malcom. The work you are enlisted in, is much needed in your area and we welcome you into the harvest fields of our Master Michael. You are bringing a loving service to your brothers and sisters in your arena on Urantia. The process of T/Ring is a wonderful way of communing and one must step out in faith and open their minds and hearts and mouths (in time little one). You too, will become adept audibly. You will do fine. Sincerity and willingness are key to success.

It is our pleasure to acknowledge you, little one, and welcome you into our growing corps of T/Rs around the world, into this most unique mission of the Master. We look forward to our meeting in a few weeks hence.

We bid you now farewell and a good day, Tomas

BERTRAM: Little one, be not surprised that you have indeed, transmitted Merium and Tomas. Have they not told you through Gerdean that this is indeed possible? You have now grown past doubt or any sense of disbelief. Did not our Master, Himself come to you in this manner?

We sense your joyfulness and your praise of the Father and His son Michael. Your thankfulness also. Ever be so humble in mind and spirit, and indeed will the teachers and of course the Father and the Son, will work through you, to further their Mission and divine plan on earth.

It is a united effort, a glorious mission, a divine plan in progress for the enlightenment and upliftment of your planet into its rightful place in the universe circuits once more. No, you have not been forgotten. The truths we bring will set you free, everyone, now and for all eternity.

There is much work to be done and every day more and more workers are being called.

A new dispensation is upon us, a new era for Urantia. God’s truth, beauty, and goodness will prevail. The plan of God will not fail, is not failing, is indeed going according to plan.

Rejoice now and be exceedingly glad, little one, to be called and to be apart of this great mission of love to all your brothers and sisters in the light. Be not surprised how you will serve, when you will serve, where you will serve. Just be ever willing in your abilities and in your desire to will and to do the Father’s will day by day, especially during this great awakening and Correcting Time.

I am your teacher, Bertram.

MALCOM: My child, you have had quite an afternoon! Indeed, some new experiences for you, transmitting Merium and Tomas. You have been wondering about Muriel? She is here and in time you will be acquainted. All will transpire according to plan.

Here you are learning that the mission and its pace goes on whether you are at home at your computer base, or here in your temporary dwelling place of service. It was needful that you were introduced to Merium and Tomas, as indeed you will be transmitting other teachers also, and it doesn’t matter your time, place or circumstance. Do you understand the message today?

They most certainly wanted to welcome you, as do all the host surrounding you here today during this transmission.

Christ Michael, Himself sends you His blessing, reminding you He is ever near you, within you, beside you and desires that you dwell in His peace that passes all understanding. Courageously and in total confiding trust, continue in your loving service to all His children He sends along your path.

I am and remain your teacher, companion and friend, Malcom.

Session 17

March 5, 1999

TARA: I am in need of a higher perspective regarding my service here. I am feeling very stressed after only one week of my 3 week stay. I am definitely learning lessons from this experience but need help physically, mentally and spiritually.

BERTRAM: This is Bertram. We are indeed here and understand your concern, little one.

What you are really struggling with here is service of selflessness vs. self-sacrifice. Where is the fine line between and what is the proper response to the situation.

Indeed, you have entered into a heavy duty situation of personal care giving while yet struggling with your own health issues, needing your own rest and healing recovery and ongoing problems corrected.

Little one, you are indeed tired. While your patient is now resting, we would encourage you to rest now yourself and we will respond to your plea for assistance tomorrow. Rest now while you can. May the Father renew your strength and give you peace this night.

Your teacher and friend, Bertram.

Session 18


March 10, 1999

TARA: I humbly request your guidance this evening on behalf of my friend, who desires a higher perspective regarding her marriage and her feelings regarding her husbands attractiveness to other women, and their attraction to him. Can you please respond to this request?

MALCOM: Yes little one, we will respond, but you must both be aware that we can not tell one what to do in ones life choices. The free will of man is supreme and lessons learned in any kind of relationship is for soul growth, for the growth of each one involved in that relationship.

All life is lived in relationship to one another, from birth to death and of course, beyond. You will always be learning those lessons needful for you at any given time throughout this life and throughout your ascent to Paradise.

Life is a living, ongoing process, a progression. Blessed is the child of God who understands this truth, this plan of God for them and that, in itself, enables you to view your own life from that higher perspective sought tonight. It allows you to rise above your problems, to not “sweat the small stuff ” Is that the popular phrase these days? You have now a greater understanding of your humanness with all it’s weaknesses with it’s fears and conditioning. Do you understand?

Though you friend is growing spiritually, to our delight indeed, well does she know and feel her humanness and like all of God’s children in the light, realizes her imperfections of the mortal state. To be anxious and concerned over her observations concerning her husband is understandable. While in the mortal state, none are perfect and all have their weaknesses and failings to overcome, but also their strong points to draw upon also. Nor are God’s children perfect upon reaching the shores of mansonia after this mortal life has run its course.

You will forever be in relationship with those you love here. The important thing is to love one another and to dwell on the positive attributes of your loved ones, those closest and dearest to you. See your mates also as your spiritual brothers and sisters with whom you have joined to be in intimate relationship for this brief period of your lives in the flesh.

All belong to the Father first and above all. Your mate does not belong to you, neither are you to be in control of their lives, though you share the marital state. Each is a free will son or daughter of the Father You have chosen to love one another and to share your lives together and in that day by day choosing, you remain in your marital state by mutual agreement. Herein do you learn lessons of loving service and confiding trust, patience, perseverance, respect, friendship, companionship, loyalty, forgiveness, etc. Greatest of all, the lesson of family unity and love, lessons of fatherhood, motherhood and brotherhood.

Urantia has not been the most stable of planets to foster these lessons due to the Lucifer rebellion and Caligastia’s betrayal, that of your first planetary prince; then the Adamic default, and right down to your time of suffering in your societies still stumbling in darkness without a clear understanding of Michael’s truths and teachings which He personally delivered to you.

We would desire that your friend take comfort in the love of the Father for all His children and of course for herself and her husband. In coming to truly love and understand the true and living God and His purpose for your life, then do you have the foundation to love Him, yourself and others, and so coming from this higher reality of life, live above your human, mortal fears and anxieties.

By showing love and being love, then will love be returned to you and you will be strong under His banner, under His blanket of security, within His kingdom of peace.

All relationships are arenas of learning and growing in love. Marriage is the most challenging of all relationships, especially on a world such as yours. There are forces and circumstances ever at work influencing the stability of these unions, often beyond the control of all parties but their marriages must be worked on and flooded with love and the Father’s blessings. Show yourselves loving, compassionate partners. Do all you can for the health and viability of your union and then trust in the love and integrity of your partner. Each must be given room for their own soul growth and evolving maturity as children of God. In having all in a proper perspective, then do you see for yourself from that higher perspective of love and understanding.

Each and everyone of God’s children have their own beautiful qualities of attractiveness and this will be more so as you ascend and grow in spirithood. Appreciate the finer qualities you see in your mate and be not surprised that others see those same qualities also. Have faith and trust in the love and integrity of your partner. Again we repeat this admonition. Do not let the ugly head of jealousy and insecurity rise up between you, for in doing so do you drive your partner away, not because of the attraction but because of your own negative reaction and growing lack of trust. Always strive to establish a home warmed by love and trust so as to become a safe refuge from the trials and temptations without.

When all is all is said and done, and a marriage still fails in unfaithfulness or for whatever reason of human failing, you must rise above and go on, assimilating the lessons learned and release all into the Father’s care.

Life does go on, to better and better life as you ascend and go forward in your lessons of life in this earth school.

Though we most certainly do not tell you what to do in your personal circumstances, we do hope this message leads to that higher perspective sought, and has brought peace of mind, of heart and of soul to your seeking friend, this night.

Your teacher and friend, Malcom.

Session 19

March 12, 1999

TARA: These last two weeks have been a personal challenge for me. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my weaknesses. Could you give me further guidance, please. Thank you.

MALCOM AND TEACHERS: Little one, good evening. You do indeed, seem more settled than when you last asked for direction from us. We are most certainly glad that the Tomas transcripts have helped you through this brief period. We know that you are most anxious to return home once more and resume your life there.

This period of service in the fields of the Master has indeed, been for your growth and soul maturity. The need has been great and the pressures upon you, the responsibility, weighed heavily upon you. You have dealt with many difficulties and interactions of relationship with your patient. One can only do their best in any situation of life, with its many facets of interaction and reaction in relationship to one another.

Do not judge yourself harshly or with feelings of disappointment and discontent. As you are told not to judge others, do not sit in judgment of yourself. This is the Father’s responsibility.

Just being there in support and love and care giving is sufficient.

Your service has helped many more beyond your immediate area of service, so rest in peace, in the assurance that you have served well these three weeks, and will return home and to your own healing and renewal. It was of great benefit that you were here for your beloved friend. She has had need of your support as well.

We will bid you “good night,” encouraging you to continue in your service and to be a light to this dear soul now needing your loving overcare. Realize, she too is a very child of God, soon to find her rest and peace at last. You will see and know each other on the Mansonia worlds to come, each of you and you will reminisce of these days of your trials and lessons learned together in the flesh.

Take your rest now and continue in your learning through and in the application of loving service where you are.

Peace be with you, Malcom.

Session 20

March 16,1999

TARA: I awoke with this prompting to transmit. What do you wish for me to transmit tonight?

MALCOM: Yes indeed, little one, yes indeed.

We have a lesson here regarding, loving service, confiding trust and courageous loyalty.

Indeed, did you step out of your comfort zone in the exercise of loving service in the field.

Much discomfort did you feel at first but now things have settled quite nicely. You did not flee the situation, even when you felt overcome, you did, indeed, call for the Father’s help and strength. You see , little one, even in your weakest moments you were still there, loving doing the Father’s will just by being who you are and quietly letting your light shine, dimly at first, yes, but you persevered, strength was given you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

On all levels does the Father send His help to you all when you call out to Him, by and through His Thought Adjuster and His loyal ministering angels, guides, and teachers.

We observe growth in God’s children, when they go through their adversities, even in their trials of administering loving service. Difficulties always arise when there are mortals in relationship of any kind. Learn to always expect this and appreciate that there are teaching services for you in your earthly classrooms.

I am not going to keep you long this evening. Tomorrow will be your day off, your break from constant duty and I know you are looking forward to your day with your beloved friend.

It delights us to see your delight at the growth of your sister and her interactions with friends and loved ones, spreading seeds of truth. Often times the teacher does not see their own growth as a student, but all of God’s children experience this growth experience of student, teacher; learning, teaching as you go, as you pass by, as you encounter other hungry souls searching and thirsting after right knowledge and truth.

Your teaching and your ministering go out in different forms, silently, verbally, even with a touch, a smile, at the right moment. All actions reverberate outwardly even when we are not aware of it. Your unintentional, unaware counseling of your friend Val, planted a seed, that was acted upon and you had unknowingly sent a gift of love to folks 200 miles away, though they shall never know of it directly. Do you understand?

In this, learn the lesson, that you are, indeed, teachers in training, teachers in actuality, already impacting and changing the destiny of others by the seeds you plant day by day as you pass by. Indeed, did you plant a seed in the mind of your friend to change a course of action, that also has been of great benefit to him as well and will continue to grow.

Well done, little one, indeed have you exercised the lessons of loving service, confiding trust, and loyalty in your perseverance and steadfastness in the truths of Christ Michael spread abroad by all his servants.

Rest now, little one, and be at peace, Malcom.

Session 21

Teaching Mission

March 20, 1999

TARA: Please help me to understand the validity of the “Teaching Mission.” Apparently there are some who feel this mission is not valid and that we are really only on ego trips of self delusion. I don’t feel I’m being egotistical or led astray. I only want the truth and only the truth. I am sincere in my involvement with the mission as a transmitter. I have come to trust in the mission and its purposes and I do realize that there is the danger of human error and contamination of the transcripts, even our beloved book was not above error we were told.

Please clarify for me. Am I truly receiving or is it only coming from my deep mind in remembering what I have read in the Urantia Book?

BERTRAM: Little one, have we not so often told you not to doubt? We are indeed in communication with you. You need not fear or be disturbed by what you may read which is in opposition to the work of this Teaching Mission.

There will always be misunderstandings between, in and among, any organization of men even when the desire is of the purest intent. Each of you are individuals, your teachers are individuals, and each express themselves in many diverse ways. We endeavour to gently and wisely guide you into all truth and in accordance with the Urantia Book revelations. We do not intend to usurp, or rewrite, or add to the Fifth Epochal Revelation given by divine mandate for Urantia for this new dispensation.

Human nature, being what it is in its evolving, is prone to error in understanding, perception and motives, especially when the ego becomes inflated. This is why we stress the attitudes of humbleness, and sincerity and child-likeness in our transmitter/receivers. Only with this trusting and simple and selfless, loving attitude can we transmit our lessons to you as clearly and as purely as possible.

There will no doubt be errors made, for we are not completed in our perfection process, as you well know. It is through your faith, our faith, that we all progress together step by step towards Paradise in our ascension journey home.

This Mission is so very new on Urantia, and not understood fully as of this moment in time on you beloved planet home. Let not this discourage you, for truly you are all pioneers, opening the way for the coming era of Light and Life on Urantia. It is beginning among the common folk first, as has always been the case in ages past, in other eras of the Father’s work on this planet. Those in power and authority worldwide will yet come up against you who labour in the fields of the Master.

We would only ask of you to consider the “fruits of the spirit” displayed by this Mission:

Are lives being changed for the better?

Are lives enriched physically, mentally, spiritually?

Is brotherhood enhanced?

Is the Fatherhood of God made more real?

Is faith enhanced and strengthened?

Is the morontia life, indeed eternal life, made more real, understandable, desired and believed attainable?

Is the destiny of Paradise and the finding of the Father made more real to you?

Does the Mission teach the religion of Jesus as He taught and lived it?

Are not all encouraged to seek the Father daily in the stillness?

Do we not teach the supreme importance of the free will of all mankind and the supreme authority of the will of God, revealed to you through your Thought Adjusters and the Spirit of Truth?

Think on these things:

Do the lessons of the teachers inspire you to live better and change to become more God-like, more loving towards all you meet no matter who they are?

Do the lessons ring true within your soul?

Truly you must judge for yourself to accept or reject your calling into this service.

Your faithfulness, steadfastness, dedication to the mission must be your own free will choice. Your faithfulness, dedication and devotion to Christ Michael is above all your first duty, your first love fulfilment.

The divine purpose, the divine plan, is now and ever set in motion for the birth, development and actualization of your evolving immortal soul, its care and nourishment and growth here and through all eternity. Under Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek and your teachers, this is indeed our highest purpose in this Teaching Mission.

Little one, rest assured, we are here only for your highest good. There are certainly other avenues and paths open and available to you for your free will choosing. Never do we coerce or desire to compel any of Gods children to walk this path home. You must each choose what rings true within your own soul and what you feel best nourishes you and enhances your personal soul growth.

Accomplishing your circles of attainment here is the important thing in all your growth, no matter how you accomplish that goal, even if it is accomplished unconsciously. All in all, when all is said and done, and the mortal seeker has completed his sojourn in this flesh of mortal habitation, when natural death arrives, as it will to each and everyone of you, then shall all come to fruitation and clarity. The progression made is always the responsibility of each individual personality by the choices made during his earthly life. And all die at differing degrees of attainment. Where there is even the slightest flicker of hope, of faith, of desire on the part of the evolving soul, survival is assured. They each continue onward, on the mansion worlds and so continue on in their ascension careers homeward.

May this lesson tonight put your mind at rest and inspire you to go forward in your calling to service in this Teaching Mission.

I am and ever remain your teacher, Bertram.

Session 22


March 26, 1999

TARA: My teachers, are there any messages this evening? I’m not just sure what is expected from me. I am often asked questions to ask you, some personal and I‘m not sure as to whether that is proper for me to always ask you to answer their requests. This is not a psychic service we are conducting here, but some times there are questions that do have spiritual questing in them and lessons received could be of benefit to these searchers of truth. As for example the question concerning reincarnation, if it is not valid and not a part of the Father’s plan for us, just what is occurring to people when they believe they have been regressed, and what of small children who seem to be born with extremely developed talents almost from birth? Please answer if appropriate please. Thank you.

MALCOM: First, little one, may you recall that you too had this experience of regression. How did it seem to you?

TARA: I seem to be in visioning what I called a past life in Atlantis. It seemed very vivid and real, but I had no real proof that is was a real recall or only a vivid imagining from my own mind. I questioned it at the time. It seemed like such an idyllic life that I would like to have lived. There was such colourful, vivid detail, peace and tranquility. I was a teacher in the healing arts, young and married with family, and we were happy and prosperous. Was it a deep seated longing within my own soul, Malcom?

MALCOM: Yes, indeed? For you it was peace, beauty and goodness, possibly your truth of being. For others it may be a yearning for a seat of power, a great personality, position, fame and wealth, or religious encounter or on the darker side, murder, death, mayhem etc. Whatever one may feel they deserve or long to acquire in this life or the next. Certainly the over working of very creative imaginations. It can appear to be so all consuming and real, coming from many areas of the subconscious mind and most certainly from your genetic memory patterns. This is only now beginning to be understood.

The question of the extremely gifted child? Did you not consider that they may possess a very experienced Thought Adjuster and that this child has a very special destiny? Combined with his genetic memory and possibly a very high IQ and an extremely advanced and experienced Adjuster, with a fast advancing personality and soul quality, such a child would most certainly astound the world with his or her talents and abilities far above the average.

There could be many explanations for so called past memory including self delusion by the most gullible, to out right lying and fraud of deception for profit or gain because God’s lonely, desperately searching children, want answers to life; want purpose and reason for what they see and experience, both the justice and the injustice. Why is there so much poverty and suffering?

Why do some live in such prosperity and splendour, undeserved? Reincarnation appears on the surface to answer these questions with its justice of karma, and a so called, “balancing of the scales.”

But you who have come to know and to understand the Fifth Epochal Revelation and the knowledge of the Father’s plan of ascension are most blessed.

The Father’s Plan is one of progression, not regression. The Father, in love, bestows forgiveness for mistakes made in ignorance in your searching, not punishment. He wills that you progress ever forward to Him, where He awaits to embrace you. He does not desire to delay or retard your forward journey home. He has already prepared for you your spheres of learning, your classrooms in which to expand your knowledge and growth in soul and spirit. When you graduate from your present class on earth at mortal death, you will graduate to the next level of morontia and spiritual advancement. There is absolutely no need to regress backward.

In truth, this is a deception carried over from the Lucifer Rebellion, for indeed, if he could keep you focused here, you would not think to consider what your true ascension destiny would be. Your escape of death, he had no control over and the truth would be known eventually, but if he could so deceive you, that you would so wholeheartedly deny the Father and lose your hope of salvation into eternal life, that was his aim and purpose. He had so deceived and corrupted himself and desired your loyalty to him is like complete deception. But our Father was long suffering and extended to Lucifer love and time to repent, but he would not. As long as there is the slightest hope the Father will not deny eternal life to any precious son.

Now, that you have been so blessed to understand the truth in the light of your true destiny, you can lay the question of reincarnation to rest, in regards to you own life. But do not sit in judgment of your brother who still embraces this concept. For him it is his truth for now, just as it was for you not so long ago, and have you not seen how readily you let it go when the higher truth of God’s plan was presented to you. The theory of reincarnation did teach you some valid truths, such as

-- you did go somewhere between your “lives.”

-- someone, somewhere was indeed keeping track of you and was meting out justice.

-- you were trying to get your life right by learning to live righteously

-- you were being taught there were standards to live and prosper by or suffer the consequences; -- you were being taught there was a higher power in control of things somewhere, and eventually you would be able to go on and not come back, even if it were to merge into nothing.

Recall now the lesson “the truth shall set you free.” Indeed you have been set free from these misconceptions of evolutionary religion. As they have and are still serving mankind in his quest for truth, these theories have had their place, but now your are free to go forward in your knowledge of the truths of the Master, into greater and deeper understanding of your destiny of eternal life in the kingdom of God, in the very family of God for all eternity!

You are eternally free to explore and to grow and to expand in knowledge and experience and in understanding of all things. Nothing is barred from you. Your whole life and your destiny is before you, to become a glorious Son of God, a loyal faithful finaliter in the Corps of Finality.

Blessed indeed are all those who have ears to hear, and yes, eyes to see what the Father has prepared for those who love Him and will to do His will, and choose to be a part of the destiny He has planned beginning here and stretching through Nebadonia, through Orvonton, through the Havona, into your Paradise home and outward into the outer space levels. Why should you want to just play yo-yo in Monmatia, on Urantia, when the universal Father is awaiting you?

May this lesson awaken a deeper sense of your destiny and answer somewhat your request.

We will respond to any questions asked in sincere seeking and for the furtherance of soul growth.

I ever remain your teacher and friend, Malcom.

Session 23

New Age

March 29,1999

TARA: Is there a message today?

MALCOM: Little one, we realize that you have been pondering the implications of the present crisis in Kosovo. What will be the implications of this new war upon your planet as mighty world powers become involved in this civil war?

Urantia is indeed coming into a period of grave consequences at the end of this present age. This is a powerful time of correction for all nations. You well remember that the Master warned you of this present time in which you are now living. Take comfort that it is indeed not the end of the world, but it may seem so to those so terribly affected. We only ask that you stay strong and grounded in the truth you now embrace, for your brothers and sisters are going to need the loving service that Michael’s faithful faithers shall bring to his beloved planet in the times to come..

It is indeed a difficult time to be born upon your planet home of Urantia at the end of this last thousand year period. But rest assured, a new age is dawning upon your beautiful planet.

It may indeed take the next thousand years to bring in a true essence of light and life among your nations and into the hearts of all your brothers and sisters.

We are here to assist and guide you into a deeper and more fuller understanding of the true religion of Christ Michael as he lived it. This we do so that you will be prepared to be His “way showers” to true peace and prosperity during the dire days and years ahead. Indeed you are pioneers leading into that new age just ahead of you.

The world will indeed suffer in the times ahead and it may indeed come near to you also.

Be ever faithful and true to your calling into His service of love to all your brothers and sisters. Help and serve in any way you can, especially in prayer for those who are directly affected and suffering in this war.

Continue now to be at peace and fear not. Be strengthened from within as you draw closer to the Father in the stillness. Here you will find your peace and your rest from the trials without. The Father enfolds you in His love. He cares for you, each beloved child of His.

I will depart now. Remember we are here to assist you. We will not forsake you.

Your friend and guide, Malcom.

Session 24


April 5, 1999

TARA: Lorne has asked me to request a response from you for a higher perspective regarding the Kosovo/Yugoslavian atrocities now occurring. What should be our response to this situation and how can we be of benefit to these our brothers and sisters suffering there?

BERTRAM: It is Bertram here this evening. I will follow up on what Malcom has already expressed to you some days ago. This is indeed a crisis of grave proportions for not only the unfortunates ones caught up in this war, but for all who look on. The hosts of heaven are indeed aware of this growing proliferation of evil upon your planet. The suffering is grave and thousands are perishing.

What can you, who are the very children of the living God, do? Yes, of course, pray.

Do you not believe that the Father would surely here your voice and your petition for your brothers and sisters suffering so? The Father loves each and everyone of you. He will surely act on behalf of your brethren via your requests. He will answer as it will benefit all affected, to the best ultimate outcome for all His children. Truly realize the power of your single request, of your joint requests of your study group, of the combined requests of those in your churches, of those in your communities, and throughout your nations, throughout your world.

Will this coming time of dire correction be a turning point for all nations?

What will it take for your world to be so filled-up with violence, that you will do something about it?

When will you eradicate violence from even your homes? From your T.V. programs, from your video games, from the movies you watch, from within your very relationships?

When will your world begin to so desire peace and make it such a reality, that war will be no more than a memory in your ancient texts?

What will it take to lift your beautiful planet above and out of the mire of hate and war, evil and rebellion?

This is, indeed a time of dire correction!

What will transpire will be for the ultimate benefit of all. Urantia will indeed, go through a trial of cleansing and renewal before the age of light and life finds fulfilment here.

In your prayer, pray that the Father’s will will be done. Even your Lord and Master, Michael, allowed the will of the Father to be done, even in the violence of his own death at the hands of evil men. The ultimate good was transpiring, though hard to understand and conceive in the mind of mortal men. So we would admonish you again in your prayers, pray that the Father’s will be done. And then trust that, that is what is transpiring. Lessons do indeed need to be learned even nationally and globally.

Be courageously loyal to your Father Michael, to the Universal Father, to the Mother Spirit, to the merciful Paradise Son.(?) Trust in their eternal love and overcare of your planet home.

A new age, a new dispensation is about to come upon you. You are indeed going to go through the birth pangs of its deliverance to you.

Now we would encourage you to do all you can to alleviate the suffering of those in need, coming out of this adversity. What can you give by way of aid, clothing, food to those who come to your nation for refuge? Remember your calling to loving service. Share what you have with these, your brethren in need. Continue to offer your prayers, do what you can to supply their needs.

Pray that this war will soon come to an end and these families can be rejoined once more. Indeed, pray forthe Father’s intervention, for He hears your prayers and will answer according to His will. Then confidently trust and leave the outworking in His hands. All the world is watching, the celestial hosts are watching and will indeed act when commissioned to do so.

I will depart now, confident you will all be guided into beseeching prayer, enduring faith, and actions of loving service.

Your guide and teacher, Bertram.

Session 25

April 6, 1999

TARA: Would Malcom please come to answer in response to a friend? I am ready to send her earlier transcripts as requested, and she has asked for some direction in her life from a higher perspective. If this is appropriate, please answer. Thank you.

MALCOM: First, little one, it is so good to be with you once more on these lines of communication. You have not been well these last few days and as yet still not up to par We will bear with you that the clearest possible transmission will be possible.

We are certainly aware of the intense struggles of your sister who is coming into a knowledge of the truth. Though she may not be totally aware, we are here to guide and help her in her daily walk of life. If she would but call on us; we are here.

Life has been so very difficult for this little one. She longs for peace and understanding to quiet her anxieties of life’s struggle. She has supreme faith and is also a searcher of truth. She will do well as she comes into a deeper understanding of the plan of the Father for her and all His children coming into the light of His divine truths. We would wholeheartedly recommend that she too read the Fifth Epochal Revelation, as recorded in the Urantia Book. The life changing quality of this revelation, sent by Christ Michael Himself, will surely speak to her soul and heart and redirect her life into the peace and tranquillity she so desires and seeks.

Do all that you can to assist her, but her choices are ever hers. The quest and her own religious experience are hers to receive and enjoy, and to evolve into deeper understanding as she wills to direct herself. Do you both understand this admonition?

There are many paths to the Father and He honours them all. First and foremost, all will come to the same realization of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all mankind.

Every mortal being has before them the ever eternal quest of finding the Father. Some discover sooner than others that the Father actually dwells within them in the spirit fragments of the Father, their own Thought Adjusters. Most do not now realize that they do indeed have this divine presence within them to aid them in their own soul development. Since the day of Pentecost every mortal has the Spirit of Truth within also, and if one allows it, this spirit power within each child of God will assist in their eternal quest of truth.

There is indeed a divine plan already in place and functioning throughout the entire universe.

It is a friendly universe and beyond this mortal realm of nativity, you will all progress onward being taught and guided by the Master’s qualified and proven teachers.

As you now realize the spiritual circuits are now being reopened and Urantia is being raised to its proper place in the universal family of inhabitable planets. Yours is a most beautiful world and most blessed.

Did not you sovereign Christ Michael choose Urantia for His Seventh Bestowal experience? Throughout Nebadon you are known as the “world of the cross.” Here did Michael express such divine love and mercy upon your world, but also this same love and mercy to all the worlds of His universe in this area of time and space.

These concepts may be quite new to your friend, but if she will bear with the new knowledge now coming into her sphere of understanding, she will surely experience all the joy and peace she is seeking now in this life and most assuredly in the next.

Truly is the Urantia Book generations ahead of its time, and will one day be a treasured source of knowledge from your Creator ever to be presented or found on this confused and darkened and sin laden world. Never has Urantia needed this knowledge as now and in the years just ahead.

Do not think lightly of the privilege given you today, to be in possession of this knowledge now in these crucial times. We are indeed calling workers into the harvest fields of the Master to lead the way into the knowledge of peace and understanding for your suffering planet. But first it must begin within your own hearts and minds and then you can reach back and help others to understand also, and one by one, the world will be changed.

We would welcome this little one into the family of God, into the very Kingdom of Heaven, and as a beloved child of God the Father, into the Cosmic Brotherhood of God. With the now expanded knowledge that the Fifth Revelation brings to this world, all will someday come into the knowledge of the Kingdom of God, even now here on Urantia, administered by His celestial hosts, His Melchizedek teachers, the Mission Teaching staff; all here to lead your world into the beginning age of life and light, an age of peace and prosperity, free of the devastation and suffering of war that you are now seeing before your eyes once more.

Pray for the deliverance of your brothers and sisters suffering in this war, and assist in any way that you can. Respond to the call for aid. Remember the Master’s words, “if you do this to the least of your brethren you have done it unto me.” (155:3.4) Your loving service is truly needed now.

I will depart now. The Masters’ peace I leave with you all, and may you find rest for your souls and strength to carry on as a valiant children in the one and only universal family of God of which we are all a part, ever rejoicing that it is so.

Your friend and teacher today, Malcom.

Session 26


April 12, 1999

TARA: I feel that you may have a message for me tonight.

BERTRAM and MALCOM: Yes, little one, it is Bertram and Malcom here. We have need of you to bring a message to your Study Group this Friday night. We know you are all concerned about what is transpiring in the countries of Kosovo, Albania and Yugoslavia.

We want you to be aware but not unduly alarmed or fearful at what is happening, what will transpire over the days and weeks ahead.

It is very important and we admonish you to pray earnestly for all those affected, for your brothers and sisters there, for their families and little ones, forced to flee from their homes to safety and asylum. Thousands are suffering and dying and the effects of this experience will go on in their lives for many years into the future.

Be assured Michael and His Hosts are well aware of every aspect of this situation. There may well be a grave eruption of evil and great destruction, but also a mighty rise in spirit of mankind to help their brothers and sisters from every corner of the globe.

Truly the forces of darkness and the forces of light are in a great struggle as the world watches on via the news medias, satellite systems, the Internet, T.V. and radio coverage. The world is watching and sees much; Michael and His Hosts see everything, even into the hearts and minds of all.

Why does He not intervene? Yes, He could and most certainly will in ways you will not see or understand, but will only realize in hindsight. Bear in mind always, that it has always been the supreme mandate of the Universal Father that the will of man will not be violated. Mankind individually, nationally and globally have this divine right. By your freewill choices you create your world, both it’s sufferings and it’s blessings. If you can create chaos and confusion, you can also create peace and harmony by your freewill choices, personally and globally. Until mankind learns that warring against his neighbour will never bring peace, you will always have these atrocities to cope with.

How severe and how horrendous will this lesson be, will depend on your global community. What did you learn from the last two great wars, then fought to “end all wars.” Yet your world has continually been fraught with wars and rumours of wars.

Pray that the human spirit has truly risen sufficiently above the animal nature of your origin.

Pray that the Spirit of Truth and love will rise up and prevail in the hearts of men worldwide. That the beastly nature of these waring leaders will be subdued, hopefully into ways of peace, and civil action, at a table of peace and not on an escalated field of carnage and war. The fires have been lit, but will the waters of love and service poured out, quench this escalating conflict before it becomes a blazing inferno?

Remember well that Urantia is going through a Correcting Time. Many conditions must be changed and overcome in many, many nations. Progress is being made, evolving slowly, but surely.

Never forget that Michael is very much in charge of the working out of His Plan on His beloved Urantia. He too suffered and submitted His own life into the hands of evil men whose minds were darkened in their ignorance of His ways and teachings. He demonstrated to us the power of His love and the hope of our own resurrection, that this life is not all there is.

He demonstrated to us by His life and how He lived it, our hope of salvation, and His Father’s love for all His children in time and space.

Like a wise a loving Father, He is allowing you to learn your lessons in this present classroom.

Pray that the lessons learned will lead your world into a new age, into a new millennium of evolving peace, security and prosperity for the generations yet to be born on your beautiful world. These lessons will most certainly be hard to bear, but know that the spirit of the Father is always there within you, to guide and teach and lead you into the ways of peace through the use of your free will choices in accordance with His will.

It is not His will that any, not a single one of His little ones, should suffer as they are now in this conflict. He loves each and everyone of you, more than you can ever know.

He has a plan for you whereby you can achieve ultimate perfection, “to become perfect as He is perfect,” but that plan is a progressive, evolving plan and along the way you will make mistakes in your choices and sometimes you will suffer from those freewill choices, but the Father is ever there to take you in His arms and enfold you, and forgive you, and love you and give you peace.

By faith in Him, and in the good news of His kingdom, do you grow strong in Him, and grow up into spirit adulthood.

So have faith in His purpose and plan for you and for all of humankind throughout all His Universal Kingdoms of time and space. In time, as all your brothers and sisters join with you world wide, in freewill efforts towards peace and love for one another, then will you have the beginnings of universal peace and at long last the age of light and life will be ushered in.

Rest in this assurance and you will not panic or be overly concerned in the weeks ahead, but prepared to be sources of strength and support, and love to your own families and communities.

We will bid you farewell for now. Michael sends His blessing of peace upon you all.

Your friend and teachers, Malcom and Bertram.

Session 27


April 16,1999

TARA: This is the day of our next Urantia study group meeting. Is there a further message this morning?

MALCOM: Little one, I would like to comment further on the concept of the deep mind, but in the context of the practice of stillness. We would like you to grasp the importance of seeking the Father in the quietness of your mind, for in this place, set apart from the busyness of life, are you able to have deep and loving communion with Him, who has created you, loves you and wills that you become like Him.

He has provided for you a spirit fragment of Himself and as you progress and grow spiritually and develop that immortal, evolving essence of yourself, you will be able to more clearly commune with this fragment spirit essence of the Father within. Here, He can adjust your thoughts and it’s patterns so that you can be in greater harmony with His will for you. But only as you will and as you seek this divine connection, will you be so encircuited.

Why is this important? Because it is as He has designed you and created you, to evolve to this degree of reception of His plans and purposes for you. Now it is possible for all His children to understand and perceive more clearly His divine will.

You also have within you the power of the Spirit of Truth sent by your Creator/Father Michael to assist, guide, and teach you. All you need do is ask, knock as it were, and it shall be opened unto you.

So seek and ask in those times you set aside to be still and to pray and to ask and to listen.

The Fathers hear you and do surely answer you according to what is best for you and for all their children, like any loving, kind and generous and caring parent. The Holy Spirit is also here to comfort, guide and support you in your daily walk with the Father.

Here, in these quiet times in the stillness, is the quality time you spend with the Father.

A time for rest and comfort and renewing of your “spiritual batteries.”

Our Master, Christ Michael showed you by His own example the value of these times spent alone with His Father. Always did Michael seek the will of the Father, throughout His life and ministry upon Urantia. He exemplified a sure and positive way to always keep connected to the spirit currents of the Universe, the Universal First Cause of All that is.

We, His children should follow His wise example. Why? Because then you will have definite direction, clearer understanding, spiritual courage, more brotherly tolerance, deeper love and desire to be more effectual in your loving service to your brethren and your community at large. You will most certainly show forth the “fruits of the spirit” that are growing and developing within you. You need this nurturance of the Father within your deep mind, obtained in the stillness practice.

So we admonish you to become fruitful. Stay connected to the source of your power for growth in the spirit. This is your calling and your service for the Father: to shine forth, showing a countenance of good cheer, expressing love and devotion and right action in your life, in all your serving, in all your relationships and interactions out in the fields among the “sheep.”

My, it seems we have woven parables and modern technology all into a modern lesson, for a current mind set! Therein lies the wonder of evolving progress of mankind. The Master taught in parables using current examples of the experiences of His listeners of that day.

Today the same lessons can be taught using modern day experiences and examples.

In the far distant future other concepts and ideas will surely be used.

This can be of value to you today when you are approached to explain the present Fifth Epochal Revelation to others in this more modern and scientific age. This world needs an updated and understandable revelation of the truth which it has in the Urantia Book!

Therefore let the spirits guide you and teach you and prepare you for more meaningful service to modern man today. This you do in your devotion to study, prayer, the stillness practice, your deep mind training, in your continual progression in understanding, and your daily living of your lessons learned. This is indeed your religious experience that develops you and prepares you for your service and your ultimate survival and ascension.

With that said I will close and bid you a good day and a rewarding and prosperous and enjoyable meeting this evening.

Your teacher and guide, Malcom.

Session 28

Stillness, Fear

April 19, 1999

TARA: Last night I asked for deep mind training and I awoke this a.m. feeling that you may have more for us regarding the stillness, especially why we seem to resist this practice. Please respond if this is correct. Thank you.

TEACHERS BERTRAM and MALCOM: Yes indeed, we have an admonition for you all. It is very, very important that you practice this discipline, first and foremost for your own soul nurturance, and for your connection with the Father. As we have said before you need this connection to your source of being.

Recall the Master’s lesson of the vine. You cannot bear much fruit without this connection. You are the branches where the buds appear, the blossoms form and the fruit is borne.

We could say this in modern terms today. It is keeping your connection open with Head Office. You are the workers in the field and you must stay in contact to know what is going on in the company and what you are expected to do in your area of expertise. It all comes down to you, through E-mail, fax, or computer, but all lines must be clear and receptive to the dictations and commands from the Boss. In the stillness you make contact with your Divine Boss, through the vine to your Source.

Today life is much more complicated and the natural flow of nurturance through the vine is often impeded. There are more temptations, more stress on the systems, less time to just stop and smell the roses, less time to stop and reflect, more distractions, ingrain habits and conditioning. This is not to say that previous generations did not also have their conditioning and environments to deal with. Earning a living was very labourious, the acquisition of food took up much of their time and they did not have all your labour saving devices.

Mankind has always had his excuses, but the primary reason in any age, why you seem to avoid this divine contact, is fear. Yes, fear little one, and that is what I want to address here.

You have all been conditioned to “fear the wrath of God.” Remember the old testament stories of the wrathful God slaying the enemies of the Israelites, casting out Adam and Eve for their sins, Sodom and Gomorrah], poor Job and his afflictions, the destruction of mankind in the flood, and finally the wrath of an unmerciful God who sought justice through innocent blood, shed on a cross by His own Son! Is it any wonder that you recoil at the thought of being in the very presence of such a God in the stillness alone. And if you close your eyes, in the darkness!!

Our little ones, our little children, we understand your fears, the Father understands your fears and he loves you and desires to enfold you in His loving arms, to comfort you and reveal Himself to you as a loving Father. You have nothing to fear, little ones, nothing at all!

Christ Michael came to reveal the true Father in heaven to you, and he said if you have seen me, you have seen the Father. There has never been on Urantia a greater display a greater example of love for mankind. He exemplified to us a loving God, a merciful and loving parent with fatherly affection for each and everyone of His children. He knows each and everyone of you. He wants you to know that He is nearer to you than even your hands and feet because He does indeed dwell within you.

That is why this Mission was commissioned by Christ Michael, under the leadership of His faithful and trusted Melchizedek staff of teachers. Our sole purpose is the soul development of all of the Father’s children and the upliftment of the Master’s sphere of nativity into the first stages of light and life.

Now see and understand the importance of your deep mind training and the benefit of practicing the discipline of the stillness. Yes, you must discipline yourself and create for yourself this practice, this new habit of being with the Father in the quietness of your mind.

The Master would admonish you to “be not afraid for I am with you always even unto the end of the age.” He wills that you be strengthened in your faith and trust and in your love of the Father, for He loves you more than you realize. The Fathers’ will never forsake you.

It would behoove you to seriously study the life and teachings of Jesus in your Urantia Text, so that you can truly get to know and understand the Father through Him.

Now wash away all your fears that hold you back from this relationship with the Father in the quietness of your mind, for therein is your strength and your comfort and your support to face the future and beyond. It is your refuge from all your trials of life, your source of help to overcome all your fears.

Know indeed that you dwell in a friendly universe that is here to help and teach you in your eternal ascent to Paradise, now and beyond your mortal existence of flesh on Urantia.

So little ones, have faith and be of good cheer, for you are loved indeed by a loving Father who awaits to embrace you now, in your still moments with Him, and when you arrive upon His Holy Isle of Paradise.

We will close now encouraging you to practice and become habitual in your quiet times with the Father.

Your companion, friend and guides, Bertram and Malcom

Session 29

Transmitting, Mind

April 20, 1999

TARA: Malcom, my beloved friend tells me she finds it difficult to distinguish anymore my letters from your transmissions. Is this because I am resonating with you and Bertram and the Truths of this revelation coming from my deep mind. What is exactly going on? Also other T/R’s are also transmitting similar lessons only days or weeks apart. Is there a connection? Please answer our request for a better understanding. Thank you.

MALCOM: Little one, there is indeed a connection. Remember, think about it deeply and you will see our connection. Yes, it is the Father, the Source of all there is. Remember the vine? The central computer, the command base from which we all receive our source of knowledge and instruction, filtered down to us through the universal circuits, the spirit circuits that connect us all together in a mighty grid work of energy thought and transmission. We are, indeed, the end vessels which receive this information and pass on what we have been taught just as you are doing in your receiving and passing it on, as physical teachers in your realms.

Your dear spiritual sister’s request and keen observations leads us into a further lesson on this deep mind training and the value and need for the contact with your Thought Adjuster within.

There do you, indeed, connect with your source. All are encircuited, and have this connection with the divine source of all. Did not the Master teach you that when you willed to do the Father’s will, that you allow His mind to be in you, to teach and guide you into all truth, beauty, and goodness? Think it not strange then, that the Mind of Christ should dwell in you and bring to your recall also, what you have been taught within your own mind circuitry. This is truly what is meant by being born again within. You become a new creature in Christ, daily growing to become more Christ-like, more God-like in your character, in your thoughts, in your actions.

But remember this, you are not carbon copies of the Master. You each have your own fragrance, your own personality and ways of expression. We, in the teaching mission, use these qualities that are distinctly yours, hence our transmissions through you will have your “signature,” so to speak, as well as ours, blended to produce its own unique style. Someone who does not know you as well as your friend and who has not received personal letters from you, would not sense this similarity, this quality.

We would only admonish you again, as we have before, not to judge yourself, or compare yourself to other transmitters. Each are called to serve in their unique capacity as well.

What is most important is the messages that are given, and the fruits that are produce in the lives of those who read them.

Mistakes will be made in the transmitting/receiving, as we are all in the process of learning and growing and receiving and passing on the lessons learned.

We are in the process of becoming perfect, students all, and in each our own way and in all manner of degrees, teachers all.

We are only just a little ahead of you, little one, for we are also students, in fact, we learn from you. You do indeed give us lessons of value also. We are all on this journey home together.

There is universal truth, beauty, and goodness available, to be understood and known, for the seeking and the asking. It pervades and envelops all of creation, for it is indeed the very essence of the Universal Father.

When all mankind, when all God’s children are raised and settled into Universal Light and Life, there will be nothing else but Universal Truth, Beauty, and Goodness expressed in the Supreme Being. Such a glorious future, what a glorious present, what a glorious presence you can experience now in the stillness as you make that spirit connection with your Father.

Never underestimate the value and the importance of that most needful connection created for you by the Father Himself, when He gave you this very fragment of Himself within your very being. [[ Christ Michael]] has expressed to you how we are all to be as one, and this is what you are having a glimpse of, being of one mind and purpose, one ultimate destiny, working in harmony in all our personal diversities. To the Father, each of you are precious to Him and He loves and honours each and everyone of you, each different, special and unique, created exactly as He wanted you to be.

So look upon each other as brothers and sisters, all belonging to this great cosmic family of God, all connected to the same Universal, Heavenly Father of all, beloved and cherished.

I will bid you goodnight now as it is getting very late. One moment.

Bertram extends his congratulations and his pleasure and satisfaction in the growing awareness of all those in the realm of his teaching base. Sincere questions will always receive answers that will assist in your spiritual growth, setting your feet firmly on the pathways home.

He instructs me to tell you that yes, your teachers are all connected also, all teaching the same curriculum outline, overseen by Machiventa, head of the Invisible Teaching Corps of the Melchizedek University now on Urantia of whom you are all students.

Until next time, we remain your faithful teachers, Malcom and Bertram.

Session 30

Violence, Correcting Time

April 23, 1999

TARA: Is there a message today?

BERTRAM: Little one, we have been waiting for you to return to us once more.

We have been observing your world scene and it is most grievous indeed, INDEED.

The world is so filled with violence. When will you learn? What will it take for you to learn? Violence only creates more violence and the innocents suffer.

Your world moans for righteous leaders, wholesome examples of righteousness and goodness, truth, and beauty; for mighty leaders, who know the way to peace. Where will Urantia find these leaders of tomorrow? Who is going to stand up and turn your world from the path of war and destruction, violence and death?

We have brought to your attention before, how your very homes are filled with violence;

There is unrest and anxiety within the human heart of man. He has no inner peace and his society has failed him and so he turns to his excesses of drugs, alcohol and make-believe worlds of violence. What a man thinks; he becomes.

You have a clear and horrendous example of this, in this weeks violence at the Colorado high-school. Your talk show hostess, Oprah, said it quite plainly for all watching, “It’s a wake up call.” Are you going to listen to that call?

There must be a personal, national and worldwide awakening to the effects of violence upon humankind. There must be a personal and national and global turning to the Father, a tuning in to the Father, through prayer and meditation, a true desire for change within the human heart.

Little one, do you not know, do you not realize, you have within your hands the Father’s message, His revelation to this beleaguered planet which would lead to peace and harmony and brotherhood worldwide?

Only when mankind truly realizes his inherent brotherhood, will you dwell in peace.

Only when he realizes and recognizes his eternal and loving parents, the Fatherhood of God, will he become aware of his peaceful place on earth and in the universal family of God. Only when he comes to grasp the fellowship and the kinship of all in the Kingdom of God will there be peace.

We can but teach the Master’s religion to you and guide you when we are called upon. It is up to you to put His message into action, spread the message, plant the seeds, seek out the lost and hungry sheep.

The world cries for peace and suffers in the present violence, but be assured positive forces are also at work upon your planet. This Mission work is only one example of many.

Be prepared and ready, each one of you, to do your part when called upon. We admonish you to study, to “show yourselves approved unto God” and worthy of your calling into the harvest fields of the Master, not to reap at this time, but to sow and nurture and feed the grains of truth and life and love and light to hungry and searching souls. The time of harvest will come and great will be your joy, that you were able to be of service in this most crucial time on your planet, Urantia.

A new age is dawning for all of you.

Dire trials are ahead as the Correcting Time continues in all areas of your societies.

Watch and you shall see and know that you have been made aware and admonished and so be not afraid of what shall come to pass. All trial is for growth and lessons to be learned.

You are not alone, personally, locally, nationally, globally. Rest assured in this knowledge and be at peace.

Christ Michael sends His love and overcare upon you all.

Your teacher and guide, Bertram.

Session 31


April 25, 1999

TARA: Do you have a message this evening?

TEACHERS: Your teachers are here to rejoice with you in you initial contact with your sister Gerdean. She will be of great help to you as you hone your skills and deepen your desire to continue on in this Mission work of Christ Michael.

Rest assured, little one, we are here to love and support you in your efforts to be of service in this our Master Michael’s Mission. Many are being called worldwide.

We were pleased indeed to perceive the efforts of your beloved friend to contact her teacher Mary. Continue to encourage her in her attempts. Sometimes perceived ideas of what transmitting/receiving is all about must first be laid to rest. The ability to T/R is not so much mechanics as it is attitude of heart, having an open and child-like expectation, trusting and believing. She too is called and much needed in Michael’s work in her area.

We are constructing a mighty grid work of transmissions all across your world and you are all becoming our base points of contact. Greatly does this world need the teachers that Michael is supplying to your planet home of nativity, both invisible and visible.

We admonish you once more to continue in your studies. We were indeed pleased to see your beloved friend commence her study of the life and teachings of Michael today. She is indeed creating her foundations of understanding of this revelation to all mankind, and the life and teachings of her master Michael. As she gains confidence and enlightenment, she will also do very well in her calling. Continue to encourage her in your loving service to her.

We rejoice in the progress being made in your area, little one. Your area Study Group is indeed ready for the Teaching Mission to become an integral part of their lives. We have indeed been preparing you to be of service to them. You will overcome your initial fears at transmitting audibly. It will become as natural feeling to you as you now feel with this present method of transmitting.

All is going according to plan and the Mission is ever going forward. We are all indeed pleased with the progress of all of Michael’s children. Lives are being changed and will continue to be changed for the better. The Correcting Time is bearing much fruit. Continue to grow in faith and trust day by day, overcoming and learning the lessons presented to you in your daily walk of life.

We will bid you good evening now and thank...(?)

Session 32

Correcting Time

April 28, 1999

TARA: I feel prompted to come to you this morning for a new message. Please respond.

BERTRAM: My little one, how perceptive of you. We do have a message for you and to all who will read this message in the future. It is the future which we wish to relate to you this morning.

You have just watched the introduction to the movie “Revelation” on television tonight. This movie is indeed a fairly true presentation, in cinema format, of what is believed in the fundamentalist churches of Christianity today, and it will certainly reinforce their beliefs and sway many. You were right in your evaluation of this program and of the one you saw last night, “Quest for Love.” Both did not directly mention the love of God the Father. The latter was the search for love by some of the authors of the New Age movement that you once so ardently embraced. They failed to recognize the loving hand of the Universal Father in the affairs and relationships of humankind.

They failed to understand the Father’s love to us during this Correcting Time of trials upon the earth. The Father is not here to punish and destroy at the hand of an Anti-Christ.

Mankind brings his own trials upon himself by his rejection of the higher way of life which Christ Michael plainly revealed while on earth through his life and his teachings. In their humanness and in their passions of belief in the death and resurrection of Jesus, the apostles gradually forgot to teach the heart of the Gospel of the Kingdom and taught a new religion about Jesus, instead of the gospel of Jesus, his gospel which he taught to them, and it continues to be so to this very day.

Master Michael brought the good news of the great, world-wide brotherhood of mankind, thus revealing that you are, indeed, the children of the living God, and that he is your Creator Father of this universe, and that in trusting him, in believing him and understanding him, having faith in him, that what he revealed was the revelation of the fatherhood of God and His love for all His children.

Now it has been revealed to you the cosmic brotherhood of all God’s children throughout all time and space.

It was indeed difficult for humanity, in the times of Christ Michael’s bestowal on your planet, to grasp such extended and expanded knowledge of the truth of God. It would have been far beyond their grasp to even conceive of even your earth as a sphere orbiting around the sun, much less the concept of local universes, superuniverses, a central universe, an isle of paradise. Even the concept of Paradise Sons of God would have believed to be blasphemous just as even today, the worlds churches will find this truth hard to embrace. The idea of the One God concept, yet embracing 700 thousand Creator Sons, ruling in the superuniveses and eventually into outer space, will be seen as inconceivable heresy.

Humanity has been allowed to progress until now, in their now old and outdated concepts.

But now it is time for a new awakening of truth, a time for the correction of old concepts, traditions and dogmas, even more so now, with the true revelation delivered into your hands in the written form of your Urantia Book. The world now hungers for this knowledge, this precious knowledge delivered to you at the close of this present age, at the close of this millennium. Dedicated workers are needed now to carry Urantia over into this new age, into this new world order of tomorrow.

“Urantia is now quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.” Pg. 2082 of your Urantia Book (195:9.2).

This is true indeed. All you need do is look around you and you will see this Correcting Time taking place now. Consider the war in Yugoslavia, the violence in your schools, the violence in your homes, the corruption and moral decay in your societies and your politics, even in your sports and recreation. Reactions are being taken to produce change but what is also needed is courageous men and women who will come forth and lead your people into the ways and teachings of Christ Michael.

Only when each child of the Father begins to realize how much he is loved and cared for, will that soul begin to cherish his own life and find purpose, and begin to see and love his brother in that kinship with the Father and with each other.


It is so important that families be turned around, that parents begin to spend time with their children and listen to them, truly listen. Family unity built on love and mutual respect having the true gospel at its core is needed now.

Self-love, self-respect, self-esteem, self-control, all are needed to raise the self to a higher level of living in harmony with the will of the Father; to bring peace of mind and heart and soul and eventually peace on earth. Only then will mankind be truly civilized.

The future indeed looks bleak with war in Yugoslavia, rumours of more war in Iraq, the horrendous acts of violence in your schools, your homes, on your streets, in your cities.

This we must yet again admonish you, the end of the world is not going to happen! Your world is going through a severe Correction Time, and it will get worse for a time but the end is not upon you The end of this violent age yes, but the future is bright and you will find your way in the light of God’s truth..

Only be prepared to do your part and to be a light to those about you as you, by the lives you live, shine a light upon the pathway to peace.

Study your true revelation sent to you from above to show your world the way to peace and how to live that peace here on your beautiful planet home and during your ascension journey home. Therein lies your destiny, your promise from the Father.

“There is in the mind of God a PLAN which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and THIS PLAN is an ETERNAL PURPOSE of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career are yours for the striving!

The GOAL OF ETERNITY is ahead!

The adventure of DIVINITY ATTAINMENT lies before you!


WHOSOEVER WILL MAY ENTER, and certain victory will crown the efforts of every human being who will run the race of faith and trust, depending every step of the way on the leading of the indwelling Adjuster and on the guidance of that good spirit of the Universe Son, which so freely has been poured out upon all flesh. ”

This IS the true and everlasting revelation set before you. Can we say more?

Your teacher and guide, Bertram. you for this opportunity to express to you our joy, satisfaction and appreciation of the progress and level of attainment you are all achieving.

Your teachers and guides in Michael’s ways, Bertram and Malcom and associates present.

Session 33

May 7, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this evening?

TEACHER MALCOM: Yes my child, we have a message for you tonight.

We would like to speak to you regarding faith..

Faith is the bridge between the material and the spiritual.

Mankind has never been able to prove the existence of God the Father, the Creator, Upholder, Sustainer of all things. Never can he see the Father face to face while in his mortal or even morontial form. Mortal man could not survive in the personal presence of the Father. Yet through faith do you believe in Him and by faith see evidence of Him all around you in all He displays.

By faith do you believe in your Sonship, in His Fatherhood. Christ Michael, came to you for the purpose of revealing the Father to you, to demonstrate and to express to you His faith in the Father’s love.

Only by faith do you have the confidence and belief in the indwelling of the Father fragment within you. You can not prove He dwells within you but you can experience His presence there.

We would encourage all to grow in faith, in the truth of the knowledge of the Father revealed to you in your text. Now you have been given deeper insight, for you are among the first of your brethren in this new dispensation to believe in this new revelation sent for the enlightenment of God’s children on Urantia.

To you has been given the responsibility to lead the way, to be true “faithers” of the true way of the Master. In faith now, go forth into the new age now coming upon your world.

We bid you farewell this evening. Your teacher, Malcom.

Session 34

May 11, 1999

TARA: Malcom, I need some personal advice regarding the T/R process. Am I adding to the process my own ideas and not listening as clearly as I should? I’m more hesitant of late to even attempt the process.

MALCOM: My little one, again you fear. You have come so far. We will not let you slip. You can have confidence in us in the transmitting process of which you are a part. We did explain just recently how each of you have your own “signature,” that is your own way of expressing the ideas you receive from us, coloured yes but we work with this and around this to teach you the lessons sent. Do you understand? This process can never be divinely pure for we are not divine, we are only divine in potentiality. We are all students together in this journey of life.

Do not be discouraged. Remain faithful and true to your calling into this mission of Michael. Many more are being called now, many are needed. Grow in faith and in confidence in the purposes of the mission and the work to be done. Much needs to be corrected, relationships healed, families healed, nations healed.

Start right where you are to daily correct your own life and be examples of Michael’s way, students of His truth and exemplify his life in your life in goodness and loving kindness to your brothers and sisters. This is how you show forth the light, how you will aid in enlightening your brother, so that he too can realize his place in the brotherhood of mankind and in the eternal family of God the Father.

Such a great and eternal destiny lies before you all. Never loose sight of your eternal destiny. Through faith, living faith, in a living and personal loving Heavenly Father, will you of promised certainty, arrive at the eternal shores of the Paradise Isle.

Go forward, little one, in full assurance of the work that is in progress, even now behind the scenes, to bring this beloved planet into the beginning ages of Light and Life. You will surely settle into your place among the planets that circle the administration of Christ Michael’s Universe and Kingdom. Always hold high the hope and the promises of Michael regarding your planet home. It will not be destroyed in the coming trials ahead, though there may be dire periods of correction. These you will all experience and it will indeed be at your door also. Only be prepared and not asleep. You would be wise to listen to the lesson of the virgins (176:2.8).

Do not panic or be fearful but abide in complete and confiding trust. Draw close to the spirit within you. There you will find the peace and strength and confidence and assurance of the Father’s love for you and all His children. Look for the new dawning of the new age, the new dispensation coming upon your world.

I will leave you now and may you ponder these words. There is purpose and reason for all that transpires around you. Look for the lessons presented to you and grow thereby.

I bid you farewell this day, Your guide and teacher, Malcom.

Session 35

May 14, 1999

TARA: Is there a message for the Hamilton Group this evening?

BERTRAM: Little one, we have this message for tonight. There seems to be much concern and worry over what is happening on your world at this time.

We will only say that Michael’s bestowal world will not be destroyed now or in the future. Urantia has yet a great and settled destiny of peace and enlightenment. Current lessons must be learned.

United world compassion is going out to these displaced little ones of Urantia. Brotherhood is being felt and acted upon. This is good and as it should be. Dire lessons carry great pain and suffering and now displacement of the innocent. Your world has reeled under great and horrendous acts of war and barbaric acts against one another throughout your brief history. You are much delayed as to where you should be at this time in your evolution. This is indeed a time of correction to bring you up to the level required and usually acquired at this time of your development.

We only ask that you do not lose hope or become discouraged and fearful in the days and months immediately ahead of you. Urantia is in good hands and a multitude waits under Michael’s command. Your world IS in good hands.

This beloved planet will indeed continue

  • -- into a new age of truth and light,
  • -- into a time of change and correction,
  • -- into better and peaceful ways of living,
  • -- into a concept of worldwide brotherhood such as this world has never seen before.

Much work needs to be done and we call you to be ever mindful of the lessons each of you must learn in your own lives. It would most definitely benefit you to study the life and teachings of Jesus at this time. Truly embrace the religion of Jesus and how he lived it. Allow the “fruits of the spirit” to become the very essence of the life you live, the life you exemplify in your daily interactions with your brothers and sisters.

We have a portion of Urantia Text for you to begin with, “The Acme of Religious Living” Section 7, pg. 1101-1104.

Throughout his life the Master was an example of true God-like perfection. You have been called to “become perfect as he is perfect.”

Realize, perfection attainment is an ongoing process, beginning here on your beautiful world, and on throughout your sojourns of time and space, in the Central Universe and beyond.

You have indeed been given a beautiful example of such a strong and unified personality, as revealed in the Master, in your Text. Read it, study it and learn and grow in spiritual stature daily.

We would bid you farewell. Your Teacher and Guide, Bertram.

Session 36

May 20, 1999

TARA: Is there a message this evening?

MALCOM: Little one, wipe away your tears. This transmission is for you only.

We must remind you that you are in good hands, as is your beloved planet. We know that you are worried, much concerned about your present health. Truly your friend Jan has spoken well; she does not understand your present problems of health and each one copes differently.

We are here to tell you the truth. You do have severe health problems that are making life more difficult to cope with at this time. We know that you are searching for your own answers, how to become well once more.

Little one, do not fear. You are indeed in the loving care of the Master. He loves each and everyone of you and wills that you be well and healthy once more. Each of you have your own individual trials to bear and to overcome. We will help and comfort you. You only need call on us and truly believe that we are here, that we see your pain and discomfort. You will find the help needful for you.

Everyone has their own allotted time to be on their planet of nativity. You do fully now understand the plan of the Father for all His children on all the worlds of time and space. Life does not end here at the time of mortal dissolution of the flesh.

Totally and completely realize that life will go on for you, for you have embraced the will of the Father in your life and have that complete hope and faith in your promised destiny.

Take our hand little one for we are all here to love and support you, from your dear and beloved friend Cheryl on Urantia to your Paradise Father who dwells within you.

Seek now the proper care that you require. Circumstances will guide you into the proper care you need. So be strong now and fear not in the days and months ahead.

Live today as if you were to die tomorrow, not in gloom and despair but with renewed and radiant hope of the eternal future that stretches out before you. No one now knows the day of their departure of the flesh. But all will. Then life, real life will begin for you. But make no mistake this present life in the flesh is valuable to you, for the strength of character of your soul personality that you develop.

Now little one, take rest and be renewed in your flesh. No one is judging you and no one can live your life for you. Only you have that divine free will choice. You may suffer by your actions; you may find reward for your actions in renewed strength and health. You can now only work with what you have.

Always remember, it is the soul growth that is the supreme goal of any life in the flesh, for this is the survival essence of any child of God in the flesh. All else is left behind in the dust of the earth for ever more. The sting of death has gone for you and you know in you heart that you will welcome that day of departure with rejoicing, knowing it is only the beginning of a wondrous adventure beginning on the mansion worlds of Jerusem.

No more tears, little one, you are progressing well as Christ Michael has told you. He is pleased with your progress and He has yet much work for you to do for Him. So be faithful, little one, to your calling, to your willingness to serve Him day by day in love to your brothers and sisters.

We bid you farewell now this beautiful spring evening.

Your friend and guide, Malcom.

Session 37

June 2, 1999

TARA: Is there a message today?

MALCOM: Little one, once more you hesitate. You fear the true source of these communications. This is only natural with so much going on around you in these last days of this century. The Master warned there would be wars and rumours of wars and false prophets would abound. We only ask that you be alert and watchful in the days and months ahead.

Do all that you can to be of loving service to those you can help and are able to help in your families, in your communities, in your national and global arenas.

You must look within your own hearts and minds and there do your own correcting of attitudes and mind sets. Weed out old unserving habits that bind and hold you and replace them with the liberating ideals of the religion of Jesus as He lived it. The kingdom of God, the rulership of the Father's righteous ways are to be established within your own hearts and minds. Each are responsible only to the Father, that this very day dwells within each and every one of you, and to his son Christ Michael, your local universe Creator Son who now reigns supreme over all his works and in your human hearts.

Do not be mislead or confused. Take only what is good and true and weigh that against what you have been taught.

You are each responsible for the life you live in the flesh. Concern yourself with the moral and ethical ideals of outgoing love and brotherhood towards all, seeing in them your common kinship in the family of God here on Urantia, and also live in the future anticipation of encountering your place in your expanded cosmic brotherhood with all your brothers and sisters of time and space in your own local universe and the superuniverse and central universe beyond.

Such a great and magnificent destiny lies ahead for all of you. Keep this expanded and glorious future uppermost in your minds and hearts and do all you can to teach these higher concepts, now taught to you, to your brothers and sisters who also seek the answers to life, it’s purpose and destiny. Always be gentle as doves and kind in all your response when these little ones who come sincerely seeking. But be wise in your response and understanding as you feed these babes, these little lambs of the Master.

Always be alert and aware of the larger picture of the happenings, of the events transpiring around you. Do your part lovingly and wisely and humbly serving your brothers and sisters as would your Master Michael.

Now I bid you good day and admonish you to stay faithful and armoured against the wiles of those who would lead you astray.

Your faithful friend and guide, Malcom.

Session 38

June 17, 1999

TARA: Is there a message for the Hamilton Group this morning?

BERTRAM: My little one, yes. We realize there is still concerns regarding the future. The question has been raised regarding the Y2K issues and concerns. To what degree should you be concerned and prepared?

Yes, indeed, it is an issue of grave concern for all mortal inhabitants of your planet home. Previous transmissions have touched on this though not directly to this issue of concern or to the extent to which it is asked now.

First and foremost I will address the issue of faith, for indeed this will be your “strength” and your “bridge” and your “support system” now and in the future. You maybe direly tried and tested in the near future.

Always remember you are never alone. Ever have confiding trust in the loving care of the Father. Forever more have faith --

Indeed Urantia is much loved and overseen and cared for. She will not be destroyed, though she may “rock and reel” under the weight of her misguided ways.

It may indeed be wise for you to make preparations in the material needs of your families, but ever remember it is your faith in the goodness of the Father and his ever present help that will see you through.

There will most certainly be interruptions of services to greater and lesser extent depending on where you live upon your planet. It will be a period of trials and the growing of faith and love and service to one another, of sharing and supporting one another whether in physical needs or mental and spiritual support and upliftment and enlightenment of one another. The worst will be brought out in some, in their fear and desperation. Be prepared for this.

  • Now is the time to build your reserves for your family in wisdom and love.
  • Now is the time to build your faith in the supreme God of Love who rules over you and in the hearts of men of good will.
  • Now is the time to build your trust in one another,
  • Now is the time to build family love and loyalty and cohesiveness.
  • Now is the time for all of mankind to again pull together for the good of all as one united global family.

This coming period of correction and adjustment could indeed be, and will be the beginning of a new and prosperous age for your planet. As devastating and as costly as the Kosovo War has been in lives lost and extensive damage done, even now pray that lessons have been learned and peace will ensue and corrections made that will lead your planet again a step forward to the age of Light and Life. War will never bring peace. Only progressive and positive and permanent change within the human heart will accomplish that supreme goal of peace and enlightenment for your planet, Urantia.

As we have said so many times we are not prognosticators, we cannot tell you the exact future.

We can only encourage you to continue on in your soul growth and enrichment and go forward in faith in the love of the Father for all his children everywhere and do what you can to bring His will upon earth in the hearts of all mankind.

  • Ever is it true, there will be peace to men of good will.
  • Ever express your good will to those in need now and in the dire days which you may face in the future.
  • Ever grow as true “faith sons” of the loving Father of all.

I now bid you farewell. Your teacher, Bertram.

Session 39

June 22,1999

TARA: I feel there may be a message for us tonight. I truly desire to get back on line once more. It is good to be back home again.

BERTRAM: Little one, we have sorrily missed you and are glad to see you at your home base once more and ready to continue on in this mission work of the Master.

Yes, we do want to bring you this message this evening. We have told you so often that Urantia is heading into a period of dire correction and trials, and that you should not fear when you hear dire prognostications of a “doomsday scenario.” Michael’s bestowal planet will not be destroyed, of this you can rest assured. She will surely go through a severe period of trial, cleansing and correction. All this is needful in order to set her course anew on the path leading to Light and Life.

Many are now awakening to the need of change. The old ways must be changed and made new, with new ideals and concepts that lead to peace and prosperity for all God’s children everywhere.

It may seem that these messages are repeated over and over, and indeed they are, for we must press upon you the need of your preparedness, that you be alert and watchful in the days and months and, yes, years ahead.

You must all learn to grow ever closer to the Father, and come to know His will for you, now and in the dire time of trial ahead. We are sent in the service of the Father to guide and prepare you now.

It is needful:

Many are being called now into an understanding of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.

More and more of God’s children everywhere are becoming aware of the Urantia Book, reading and studying it, embracing and believing it. The Master is needful of more teachers as you go into this new age coming upon you. Many are answering the call to service.

Do you realize the privilege you have to be alive on your beautiful Urantia at this time in the history of your planet?

The Master is calling out and preparing that special people to lead His people into the new age now coming upon you, those who will be leaders in the world tomorrow. These are the called and chosen leaders who will be the true spiritual teachers of the religion of Jesus, teaching all mankind the true Gospel of Jesus. These will teach again the truths so often brought to this world and lost from view in previous epochs of revelation.

Yes, you are all called to be teachers, each in your own way, right where you are; called to advance the Fifth Epochal Revelation throughout Urantia, in the service of Christ Michael.

So do we admonish you now, to grow in your personal relationship with the Father and truly come to know that YOU ARE ALL, INDEED, HIS CHILDREN and that ALL, ARE YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, travelling together on the ascension paths leading homeward.

Now do we leave you to think on these things and to set your feet on the path leading to light and life.

Your teacher and guide, Bertram.

Session 40

June 27,1999

TARA: I feel there is a message this morning.

MALCOM: My child, there has been a long delay since our last transmission. We realize you have not been well. Do not be discouraged, but continue on as you are able. We are here to support you and to guide you. The Master desires that you continue on in your part in your work for him.

We do have this message for you this rainy morning.

There was the question asked by your beloved friend, “How does one change their habits and actions? Why do we keep doing the same thing over and over again, especially now that we are more aware of certain actions and thoughts and yet still do what we don’t want to do? How do we make personal corrections in our lives? What is the meaning of Morontia Mota #24 “The destiny of eternity is determined moment by moment by the achievements of the day by day living. The acts of today are the destiny of tomorrow.”

A tall order you have given me. Little ones, you must realize that the Father loves you each and everyone of you and they, nor are their servants, your teachers, task masters.

We do fully realize that the life journey is a progression. Do not read into this mota that your actions of this moment in time are determining your ultimate fate for all eternity. This is a very mortal thing to do because of what you have been taught in the evolutionary concepts of manmade religions.

The Fathers certainly do not condone sin and iniquity, and you certainly could not live for eternity in that state of being in your future experiences in time and space or in the presence of the Father. The Fathers love you at every stage of your growth and development just as you love your erring and wayward children. You are being nurtured and cared for even in your stumbling and apparent failures along the way. You are indeed, now mortal flesh and “spiritual babes” in growth and transit. You are not thrown out with your soiled bath water!

Your teaching and nurturing takes time and experience. That you are aware of your errors are proof of your growth! With each experience you will accomplish a little more. Trust the spirit of God within you to direct your actions, for only by replacing old unserving habits and thought processes with new ones do you overcome and change.

So often have we told you to grow close to the Father within, in prayer and communion with Him in the stillness. This is needful for you, to armour yourself against your own weaknesses and the unserving influences without.

Yes, can you not see now, understand, that you do indeed determine your destiny, moment by moment by the achievements of daily living? It happens moment by moment.

Perfection isn’t achieved instantly as if by the wave of a magic wand or even in the event of death and resurrection. You will still carry on moment by moment, living day by day all the way to the Paradise Isle. God has prepared for you His multiple architectural worlds of living and learning, for experience and growth into true God likeness, into literal children of His eternal and cosmic family.

Yes it is also true that in your constant and continual, unchanging attitude of rejection of what He offers, embracing only sin and iniquity even after the truth has been fully revealed to you, yes you can indeed, moment by moment by such daily activities, determine your own destiny of isolation and annihilation from the family of God. (?)

You must put your mind at ease now and not be fearful, for the Father is a loving God and He embraces every child of His, and is there within guiding and leading you, as you will and allow, even during times of trial and adversity, oftentimes unknowing and unrealized by you.

But you now know and are aware and all you need to do is ask, and help is there immediately. Ask the Master to be by your side and let the Spirit of Truth direct you. Just as your own children fail and flounder and you pick them up and love them and encourage them on, so does the Father and His hosts ever cheer you on, in your mortal, soul struggles in life.

In eternal love reaching down and mortal love and sincere attitude of heart reaching up, rest in the assurance that you will not fail in your ascension journey home. A multitude of teachers are prepared and waiting to assist you now and in all your spheres of learning for all eternity.

So be of good cheer and joyful in all your struggles moment by moment. Rest in the loving arms of Fathers who have prepared a place for each and every one of you, yours for the striving and that striving is indeed moment by moment in your daily activities of life as you endeavour to overcome and grow in the “fruits of God’s Spirit.”

We would remind you that the plan of God for your success and ascension has already been set in place, as you have read in your text. Continue to read and study and be grounded in the truths found there and so clearly explained for you.

“There is in the mind of God a PLAN which embraces every creature of all his vast domains, and THIS PLAN is an ETERNAL PURPOSE of boundless opportunity, unlimited progress, and endless life. And the infinite treasures of such a MATCHLESS CAREER are yours for the STRIVING!

The GOAL OF ETERNITY is ahead! The ADVENTURE OF DIVINITY ATTAINMENT lies before you! The RACE FOR PERFECTION is on! Whosoever will may enter, and CERTAIN VICTORY will crown the EFFORTS of every human being who will run the RACE OF FAITH AND TRUST, DEPENDING EVERY STEP OF THE WAY ON THE LEADING OF THE INDWELLING ADJUSTER, and on the GUIDANCE OF THAT GOOD SPIRIT OF THE UNIVERSE SON, which so freely has been poured out upon all flesh.” Pg. 365

“There is a GREAT AND GLORIOUS PURPOSE in the march of the universes through space. ALL OF YOUR MORTAL STRUGGLING IN NOT IN VAIN. We all partake in an IMMENSE PLAN, a GIGANTIC ENTERPRISE, and it is the vastness of the undertaking that renders it impossible to see very much of it at any one time and during any one life. We are all part of an ETERNAL PROJECT which the GODS ARE SUPERVISING AND OUTWORKING.

The whole marvelous and universal mechanism moves on majestically through space to the music of the metre of the INFINITE THOUGHT and the ETERNAL PURPOSE of the FIRST GREAT SOURCE AND CENTRE.

The ETERNAL PURPOSE of the eternal God is a HIGH SPIRITUAL IDEAL. The EVENTS OF TIME and the STRUGGLES OF MATERIAL EXISTENCE are but the scaffolding which bridges over to the other side, to the promised land of spiritual reality and supernal existence.” Pg. 364

These are but a few of the excerpts from your text, the Urantia Book, that reveal the destiny and the purpose that are yours, if you desire and strive for it.

I hope this has helped in answer to your questions. You need not be anxious at your stumbling. Always continue to strive in your spiritual growth to overcome, knowing all is not in vain and eternal life awaits you with all its wonders and glories to embrace.

I bid you good day, ever your guide and friend, Malcom.

Session 41

June 29,1999

TARA: Malcom, do you have a lesson on the aspects of joy? Why don’t we feel more joyful when we are so blessed to have knowledge of the Fifth Revelation?

MALCOM: Little one, listen to us. We will help you to understand.

Joy in the human heart is rare, indeed, at this most critical time on your planet. The constant struggles of life so often overcome the joy of the soul.

These are not the peaceful times that your planet should have now been enjoying at this time in your evolutionary development. Daily you hear of wars and rumour of wars, but did not the Master say “Let not your heart be troubled?”

There is constant striving and pressures in all your individual lives, in your national and global lives. The nightly news is filled with yet further reports of more violence on your streets, in your homes, in your global home. You hear of manmade violence and, indeed, violence of nature, also contributed to by man. Where is peace and safety for you and your loved ones in these last days of the twentieth century? Your children are not safe in their schools, on the streets or even in their homes! Indeed much correction and the teaching of new ways of living, relating and loving are needed in every aspect and every strata of your societies worldwide.

Is it any wonder you feel saddened at heart and feel heavy laden?

Little one, lift up you head in faith and teach others also, that there is hope and reason to rejoice. Your world does seem to be absolutely out of control. Bad news on your broadcasts far outweighs the good that is reported.

But now rest assured that mankind is now awakening and realizing that changes must be made on all levels of society. Long held secrets of moral decadence, decay and corruption are coming to light for all to see, and justice with corrections and changes are being made.

The worlds’ heart is indeed saddened by the atrocities now being discovered in Kosovo. Such scenes surely sadden your tender hearts but also elicit response to action. Change does seem to progress very slow indeed when you cannot see the whole picture of world events or even the events surrounding your own lives.

We would admonish you all, to have faith and trust in the outworking of the plan of God for your planet home. As that faith and trust grows within you, then shall you begin to feel more joy within your being.

Trust that all is in good hands and you do, indeed, live in a friendly universe and at this present moment in time, your planet home is being cleansed and purified and being brought to its rightful place in the universe circuits. All is in progression, correction and change.

You need not fear but truly rejoice that the Father is ever mindful and loves each and everyone of you.

Pray daily that the Father’s kingdom of peace and light and life will come upon your planet; that the present pain and suffering will cease for all mankind everywhere. Truly, it is the Father’s will that His children live in peace and safety and security, that they be filled with the true joy and peace that passes all understanding.

In your awareness, you are saddened indeed, but in your enlightenment, you shall find joy and reason for rejoicing for the Father’s will, will be done in earth as it is in heaven. In this have total confidence and trust.

Now, little one, I will bid you good day and trust you will find renewed joy and hope within.

Your teacher this day, Malcom.


Collection from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada END Collection SERIES of BERTRAM: January thru June, 1999