1999-01-10-Purpose of Correcting Time

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Topic: Correcting Time Purpose

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon

TR: Jonathan



Elyon (Jonathan TR): Greetings to you, friends, this is your friend and associate Elyon. I mingle with you today enjoying your company, witnessing the radiance of your souls, and experiencing my own joy in the enthusiasm that you express and the sincerity of your cares, as well as I take delight in observing how you discover and discern solutions for your conflicts, how you create new pathways for your progress.


Purpose, Correcting Time

The purpose in the Correcting Time is to reposition this planet that it may benefit from ordinary operations. You each have been enlisted in this experience in this program because humankind is a significant factor in what takes place on this world regarding the plans for Light and Life. The midwayers are always poised and ready to perform functions that have been granted to them by other celestial administrators. Many volunteers do attend the activities on this world, many being trained specifically for those undertakings, others acquiring the experience in process. The humans of Urantia, however, lack this training, lack the exposure, and this is where you come into play for us. We have said that your work for the betterment of this world is effective even if your ministry is to one single individual. The transformation is in the hands of millions of beings. You participate in this grand process, and what is expected of you is simple one-on-one ministry.

Those who develop the conscious awareness of their function with this correcting mission will have that arena enlarged to effect many people in any given activity. It might be said that soon will be the season opener. You have each read the rules of the game. You have each been to batting practice. You have become familiar with the field. You have helped us lay down the lines that define in-play and out-of-play. We have dusted off the bags. We have groomed the dirt and mowed the lawn. We have picked up the litter. You have skirmished, in a sense, taken on small activities wherein you have practiced the plays of the game. Now does arrive the opening season. Those who begin the play we are assured will not go on strike, for our selection process drafts those who are fully willing.

The transformation of the world appears to be an ominous project; it is equally as ominous as the prospect of batting a 1000 throughout the entire season, an event rare in occurrence. So, I assure you that in any given game you will hit a foul ball; you may strike out; you may be tagged out, but we are certain of your dedication and your willingness to return inning after inning to strive again for the goals set before you.

In your small ministries you do often hit homeruns, and we wish that you could but hear the celestial grandstands cheer. It is a solemn awareness, this consciousness of being part of the planetary project, of Light and Life. It can lead to the feelings of, "Who am I, Lord, to undertake such endeavors?". And this is why I draw the analogy of sport, for it is a grand game, one to be played rather than worked out. You may liken it to the play of a child who "plays house", who plays fireman, who plays doctor. These are lighthearted, though they are serious to the child. The more mature mind can perceive the simplicity, the lack of burden. Yet this playfulness is the training for the career of the adult where the burdens do become real and the tasks do become difficult. So, do let your teachers bear the burden, and you be lighthearted and playful in rehearsing and practicing and eventually actually undertaking programs which do significantly contribute to the betterment of Urantia.

I repeat, that we are assured that every one of you will progress as a spiritual individual for your Divine Parent. This is a foregone conclusion as we witness the divine ministries bestowed upon you. Our purpose is to draw you into the upliftment of Urantia as an assistant and as a co-worker. You will each derive the added benefit of expediting your personal growth, for you do know that lessons well learned are lessons that you teach.


Reserve Corps, Healing

I will pause and allow another associate to speak with you at this time.

Jessona: This is Jessona, and I know that I have been requested today and would like you to present your question.

Tom: I had a discussion with a young lady interested in healing. I got the feeling that you would like to be associated with her. If you would like me to introduce the two of you, please confirm these feelings.

Jessona: We are currently enlarging the corps of reservists dedicated to health and healing and would welcome her involvement. We perceive the dedication is already a real aspect of her soul. Everyone who enlists in any one of these corps undergoes much training, and we welcome her into this fold. You are encouraged by me to engage her in the understanding of our structure, the mechanisms through which we work, so that she can deepen her understanding and appreciation of the group factor of healing, all the guides, all the ministers who help the servant who seeks to bring upliftment on a physical and a mental level to a fellow.

I encourage you all to review the words of Abraham, for they have great value in the group. They will increase your effect as healers by practicing with one another. In the assembly of numerous personalities more power is present. Perhaps you can guide others here in this study of these points and tips of Abraham. [These were read to the group before the session and are [appended to the end of this transcript. ed.

Machiventa (Mark): I would greet you as well. This is Machiventa. Once again it is my pleasure to return to the classroom with you.

I would use the imagery of my dear associate Elyon and recall the image of the baseball game. I would add to your perception of this image the realization that in a giant stadium filled to capacity there are many, many individuals responsible for the promotion and continuation of this endeavor, of the game itself. There is no single individual who has entire responsibility for the many different details involved in the assembly of a game of this magnitude. Rather, it takes a cooperative effort involving many different levels of commitment, from that of owners and coaches of the teams, to individual players who have given their commitment, to the practice and undertaking of the actual game itself, to the commitment of the many fans who would come to witness the entire affair and who would leave the stadium having gained from the commitment of all the others before them who have made the entire arrangement possible. It is indeed a cooperative effort much the same as we undertake together. There are no key individuals without whom this process would not occur, yet commitment is required from many key individuals to function and be effective in this game we have before us.

Therefore, I would encourage each of you to see yourselves as embracing your role, your individual part in the overall scheme of the game, and lift off your shoulders any thoughts of burdens you have placed on yourselves of overmuch responsibility. All on the teams share in the responsibility and share in the overall outcome just as every individual in this room must do. One individual baseball player would not draw an entire stadium of observers, but two teams of many individuals committed and united activity has this effect. Likewise, realize that we are the promoters, we are the managers, we are behind the scenes in promotion of this undertaking, and you play the roles of the individual players of which many are needed to comprise a successful team.

So, I would encourage you to simply focus on your individual commitment to the team and making sure it is strong and making sure that you remain prepared in your training to successfully perform your function as a member of the team. That is all that is required of you, and the outcome of the game is a foregone conclusion.

Does this enhance your image?

Jonathan: Yes, it does.

Machiventa: I wish to congratulate and thank each member of the team. You are all valued players and all necessary to the overall effort of which I am a part and you are a part.

Jonathan: The idea of teamwork is helpful. We express our desire to be of service and our individual aspirations, but alone we feel nearly powerless to accomplish those things. Reminding of us of group support helps us to maintain our zeal to continue.

Machiventa: That would be the idea. I would encourage you to also gain strength from the knowledge that you have the support of not only those behind the scenes but of your teammates who surround you. Should you stumble, your teammates would most adequately assist you. Should you succeed, you may have the privilege of sharing your success with your teammates, as well. In this way your experience is enhanced many fold when seen through the eyes of an entire team, as well as your own.

Evelyn: Elyon mentioned earlier "millions" of people. I assume these are the team, thus, if each of us works on one person that is a very effective army. Are these millions reservists?

Machiventa: These millions might more aptly be categorized as activists, activated by the reservists. There are fewer of the reserve corps who are at a sufficient stage of evolution to be in realization of their affinity in the cosmic reality with this overall plan. They are able to infuse and subsequently activate a larger number of individuals who will faithfully execute the inspiration of many more around them without necessarily being in full realization of their affinity with the cosmic directives. They are nonetheless very necessary and advanced in their purpose, however, not affiliated with the group of reservists directly. That is one distinction you in this room should be aware of in your efforts to be about this business of the Correcting Time and the Teaching Mission. One aspect that separates you from others around you who are equally inspired in their purpose to be of service is the link which you maintain with the other side, the spiritual helpers, and your realization of this link and of your role to be played as a result of this. Many desire to be of service and are simply seeking direction to work out this inner longing. Far fewer are in actual realization of the progressive steps involved in this evolutionary process and, as reservists, you enjoy the benefits of a deeper understanding and a deeper realization of the overall plan and your position in it.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to accept the responsibility that comes with this position and to use this realization to its greatest benefit and effect. You are all attempting this very process by your presence here in the Melchizedek classrooms and are doing quite well at laying your own foundations for future service opportunities.

You are well aware of the phrase of, "To whom much is given, much is expected." Each one of you is living up to the expectations of you, and we are only looking to the future with great joy at the potentials to be unfolded by you.


I would take my leave now unless there are any other questions.


Excerpt from Abraham shared at our group meeting:

on "PRAYERFUL HEALINGS" from the Woods Cross TeaM dated APRIL 14, 1997

I am requesting of you this evening to begin a prayerful service for your fellows. This act of service will begin small within this group and go forth from there. I will perform these acts of prayerful healing myself until your level of comfort is adequate where you can take over. I would ask for your prayers for one another be verbal, in that it creates a greater reality for you, one or two to spend time in prayer with a recipient who may be suffering from the emotional disorders I previously mentioned. To engage in verbal prayer with your friend creates a sharing connection, with not only between you and Father, but also the Supreme Being. Prayers are healing. Prayers bring comfort to those clouded by despair, anger, and other various spirit poisons. To engage in prayer with your fellows is to create mindal healing, therefore physical healing is affected. I would ask of you this new service to create a more brotherly connection between you in the group. In time we will go beyond that. This world in its mental anguish can receive comfort and healing through the care of another who would spend time in prayer for them. There are great benefits to behold from these prayerful healings. There is peace, confidence, security and knowing that comes from these prayerful healings. Do you see how our lessons have led us to this point? I would give you a few guidelines to this, but your inner feelings are always trustworthy to follow when praying.

  • 1) It is helpful in the transfer of energy to be closely seated by the healing recipient.
  • 2) It is always wonderful to begin with a pledge to the doing of Father's will and acknowledgment of His all-knowingness.
  • 3) There would be great benefits to acknowledge yourself as Father's child, loved completely as you are.
  • 4) It is wise to have healing recipient state their desire. This allows them to participate in their own healing, whether this is verbal, it matters not.
  • 5) To pledge faith and belief that the prayer was indeed heard, and the answer is forthcoming, peace is on the way.