1999-01-19-Times We Live In

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Topic: Times We Live In

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Geronimo, Malvantra, Lantarnek, Mantutia

TR: Rick Giles, Jill, Mark Rogers, Sheila




  • January 17, 1999

LANTARNEK (TR: Rick): You do well, my friends, sharing your experiences repeatedly each week that you have undergone through the week, for they appear in new light, even to the one who expresses the episode in the sharing. It is a rehearsal of a process that is continual in the Morontia life ahead of you. You are learning to develop Morontia vision here on Urantia. This vision does not entail perceiving the materials of morontia form, but rather the patterns of Morontia approach and behavior to events that transpire around you and within you. It is that stereoscopic perspective where one dimension of yourself experiences directly your human episodes, those actions and reactions. And the other is that overview wherein you adapt to a greater meaning, where you do not merely perceive an event as all-important and forefront before you at the moment, but rather the context in which it lies wherein you grow. This enlargement expands the boundaries of your abilities to discern and to choose wisely. You thereby turn trials and tribulations into triumphs and tribulations.

By practicing this in this group format you’ve developed a second-natured response that will function at the spur of the moment throughout your days. You will need not ask “what” is the Morontia perspective, for you will automatically begin to respond in this dual manner. I can only express in simple and often-repeated words how much the Father is truly, not only interested, but invested in your life. We teachers continually struggle with means whereby we may better emphasize our communications to you. We run the risk that repetition begins to ring hollow, but the truth that supports the phraseology is as-ever fresh and ever worthy of expression as is the many times repeated smile and hug you give one another in a physical manner.

I am truly impressed with your diligence, with your enthusiasm. It behooves all we teachers in this Melchizedek Outreach Program to sharpen our skills, to not rest upon our past accomplishments, feeling that we have been successful in fostering your growth, but that as you continue to develop your spiritual sensitivities, we are continually returning to our classrooms to develop our teaching skills. Yes, you may ask, “Haven’t you been trained before assignment?”, and we have, in principle, but as we have interfaced with you over the years, we have had to acquire training that is based on practice. Every individual is unique. There are no formulas which can predict thoroughly your reactions and your decisions. You are all accepting a two-fold purpose in your life, that being your growth and journey toward the Father, and your participation in the upliftment of your planet. Service and worship remain the most valuable avenues for you to undertake both processes of growth. Time alone with the Father is the reflecting time of the Correcting Time. I am Lantarnek. I remain with you today and welcome my fellows to present to you their thoughts.


GERONIMO (T/R: Jill): [Jill says:] This is wild! [then...] Oh my gosh! What have we here! A group of lovers. The love energy that is resonating in all that you spoke of when you were conversing has reached phenomenal distances today. I don’t normally attend these gatherings, but you all are an incredible human example of the Truth that Love Is The Answer. You said it without thinking it was all that important. Jill said her tweak of the week was “I guess love is the answer.” And then Mark, kind of jokingly said, “Well, what’s the question?” And bingo, you have shared with one another one of the greatest Truths of Our Father. When Daniel added, “Love is the answer. Choose the question.”, for that is the message your Father and your Mother and your Universal Parent wish you to have. With that tool in your tool box, you truly need nothing else, because that tool will build bridges; that tool will unlock doors; that tool will bring you alive as you’ve never been before.

It is a tool, that you can start out with the least expensive model, and it will do the job. But as you perfect your skill of loving, your tool will need to be replaced with a more refined, more exquisite tool, and then you will indeed reach even more and you will, indeed, accept that you are one of Father’s teachers of love. All the rest eventually comes back to this center, that Love Is The Answer. All of the triangles you learned of kept bringing you back to the ground rule, Love Is The Answer. And each of you so greatly seeks and emanates your highest ability of love in so many moments each day, perhaps even the 1000 and you just aren’t aware of it. But that is how full of Father’s Love each of your hearts is when we look down upon you. You WILL change your world. You already are changing your world and raising the consciousness of all of Father’s children and all of the seekers (to understand) that love is bigger than simply being human. And that’s the love you are giving, and that is the love that is changing your world, person by person, group by group, “by chanceinteractions, because the love you give is greater than you are. It is your Father and Mother’s love. We applaud you. I think I will come to more of these gatherings. I stand in awe. It’s a pleasure to greet and meet all of you. (Jill: now this is really weird but what I’m hearing is:) This is Geronimo. (She and others laugh.) I shall share it!

ELYON (TR: Mark): I would not pass this opportunity to join in the group today. This is your group teacher and associate Elyon.

It is very pleasing to us to see so many of the group assembled at one time and so much light focused into one place. Those of you who are here today in attendance who are not as regularly at out scheduled groups, I am aware that you are following the lessons and have been participants all along in this process, and indeed we consider you equal playing members on our team.


The times you live in, allow for great flexibility and expansion of the teachings, as many of you can attest to; receiving them in many different forms and gathering information in many different fashions. This is an incredible resource you enjoy at this time on this world. Never before in the history of your planet has it been possible for you to share vast amounts of information locally and even globally. This is to your generation, one of your great gifts and one of your great challenges. How to utilize this wonderful accomplishment to it’s best ends and to it’s most fruitful accomplishments? You all realize to some degree, the potential inherent in this ability to capture these lessons and then to make them available to those far and wide, and spread the many, many ripples you speak of.

Teaching Mission

I applaud you, as I do regularly, for your effort and for your commitment to this process, without which there would be no teachings to share; no new spiritual information to make available. You all play a key role in this process in your participation, and once again, we are in great appreciation of your involvement and your commitment. I find myself at times wishing I could bestow upon each of you, the greater vision of all the activity that goes on around the activities you are involved in; the many helpers behind the scenes, the commotion raised by your willingness to participate. But then I think it is probably best you are unaware of all this, as you may become overawed by the process itself. Trust me, it is magnificent to witness, and you will of course one day see much larger portions of it than at this time you are able to observe. But your roles in this process are key, are essential to the teamwork that has been assembled around this process.

I urge you to move forward in whatever direction you are led, in all directions you are led, as we can always use different avenues of expression and expansion within the movement. You have understood for some time that the responsibility of initial action is Yours. That, my friends, is your gift back to Michael, to the Father, in this process, your willing participation. You give this gift so freely and the love is so evident that it is awe inspiring.

Therefore we shall move forward together. We shall move forward individually. We shall move forward as a whole. As this is Michael’s plan, this is the Father’s plan. [tape turned- lost a little] …dear students and my friends, and many, many on this side are in appreciation. I will withdraw at this time unless otherwise engaged.

Correcting Time

MANTUTIA [T/R Sheila]: There have existed many, many years in the life of this planet. Years that for today’s conversation we will cal the UN-Correcting time; Where values, limitations, rules have been set for all to follow. It has been a great tool for learning in many, many ways, what not to do; how these ideas lead not to the Father. How many of these ideas have led to misunderstanding, and above all, not, to the idea of love; as time errors of the Correcting Time. Great changes are being made. The foundation for ideas, laws, patterns, are now being based with the foundation of love. In many, many ways, you are creating these new ideas, these laws, the rule, for others to follow. It is indeed a spiritual step to take, to stand up and say, “This is the new way, and this is how I will live my life.” But you have been blessed with courage. You have accepted the courage. You have set aside many of the fears, and it is these decisions that you have made to replace the foundation with love, that has caused the result of this Correcting Time, or else it would have never changed. It is very bold to stand up before millions and millions of people and say, “This must be changed.” or, “I see it another way.” or, “I refuse to do it again another way, without a foundation of love.” Had you not accepted and developed within yourself this foundation, these changes could have never occurred.

If it had not been for your strength, you would have been run over by all those who do not understand or oppose. But you have not. If it wasn’t for your desire to be of the Father’s will, nothing would have changed. You would have not changed or grown, and we would have no position to hold as your guides, as your older siblings. This teamwork has proven successful and valuable. Not to just each of us involved, but for many, many more and eventually for all. We are all standing in a position of being great leaders as we work together for one cause. The chain which has yet to be broken, only gets bigger. The miracle is that every single new link that is added to this chain, is added without a break, continuing to make this circle larger and stronger. We all have such great value. We must continue to make new ideas, new rules to live by with that same foundation of love, to continue to reach others. And I have no doubt in my mind that as a team of leaders, our success is becoming greater, faster, deeper. I thank you greatly for the support that you give us in this team effort. I thank you for each moment that you hear us. . I thank you for each moment that you pray for us. And I too say, “Life is grand, Love is the answer.” I am Mantutia, and I embrace this day as though it were the first, the last, the best, the most. Good day.



MICHAEL (T/R Rick): I would speak with you today. I am Michael. I bring you my peace. This peace is not the peace of passive emotions nor the tranquility of a calm mind, as soothing as these states of being are. It is rather the transcendent quiescence of soul assuredness. Many times do I take you to the Father and in my communion do I seek your welfare. The Father reaches to you ever and always. With His presence and my administration, you have every reason to grasp this peaceful assurance of the soul. Come with me as I go up the mountain to worship. Sit beside me as we pray to the Father. It is good to go off alone and pray, but take me with you. Let me be in your company. When your words seem trivial and your cares insignificant before the grand scheme of the universe, know that I stand as a Divine translator of your intent and your wishes to the Father. He is the Almighty, but that should never lessen your sense that He is your most close Divine Parent, Friend and Counselor. I come to you today not to present who I am for your upliftment, but do always remind you of our common Creator. He who upholds all things, upholds each of you. I give you my Love.