1999-01-21-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



All that exists is upheld by Everlasting Arms.

Remember to focus when you write, to eliminate little spelling mistakes. Your mind is ahead of your hands. Synchronization is another keyword, together with focus and intent. Yes, we can also give practical advice. It is not always esoteric or metaphysical -- whichever word you here prefer.

The limitations of human life and abilities are quite apparent to us, including early childhood restrictions placed there by parents, who ‘came from their own limitations,’ and therefore, no blame is needed. Your religious culture was quite restrictive too. Again, that was the wisdom and light of those times. Of course, even the social climate and the mores . . . Accept all these things, for they have all contributed to your growth.

It has been a wonderful journey with all your joys, satisfaction, heartaches and deep emotional sorrows, some of which you have brought about by your own decisions. Meanwhile, it has still been a journey of much growth.

We commend your perseverance and self-discipline, which you practice daily. It helps in furthering your emotional intelligence and intuition. Indeed, your emotional release work on yourself has contributed, and is contributing, a great deal. Continue with this, as this will increase clarity and, so the focus and intent will also improve.

Be ever mindful of your Mystery Monitor, go within and seek Its guidance. Find this High Vibration within yourself, and thereby effect greater cooperation with the Father’s will. It is so simple, and yet so difficult for you to do. Therefore, become more aware of developments in your inner life. Allow Spirit the freedom and the space. It is ever obedient to human will, so present-centered awareness is a requirement to be here and be ‘in the now.’

Spirit desires communication, but so often finds ‘nobody at home’, as the mind is pre-occupied with other things. Train yourself to keep your daily appointments with Spirit, without allowing intrusions, and so wonders will unfold, as they already have in your life.

Be ready for the unexpected.