1999-01-27-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



There is no right or wrong in what you do. There exist only the consequences.

Ponder these words, child, for they are stripped of the core belief of what people ‘think’ is right or wrong.

People’s minds, especially those of the male of your species, are rife with imaginings, which were written into law. Particularly your so-called religious writings are a prime example. The words of God inevitably became quite garbled due to the imperfect human minds His words came to, and this with far-reaching results, especially for women.

There are so-called holy writings, which state that ‘all women are flawed.’ This is an abomination to the First Source and Center, who only holds perfection in His mind. It is a much debased concept which has long wreaked havoc in the lives of countless women and children, even men. Man and Woman are created equal.

Extreme views are rampant on the planet, and they are a stain on the very fabric of life. It shows the insanity, the imbalance of polarity, the increasing emergency proportions of a world getting out of control.

No one is the property of another. The First Source and Center has bestowed upon man and woman the power of choice and of free will.

Females everywhere are evermore beginning to feel the stirring of Spirit within them, but males especially need to wake up, to bring this inequality into focus and balance. There is much work to be done all around, and each has her or his duty to become balanced in the dance of life.

With every little forward step in balance you achieve in your life, the whole world benefits and will be uplifted. Continue on your path. We encourage you to do so.

Blessings abound.