1999-01-31-Hierarchy Teachers

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Topic: Hierarchy Teachers

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Rantarason, Jessona

TR: Sarah, Jonathan, Jill



Michael (Sarah): I am Michael. I love each and every person in this group as I love each and every person in the universe unconditionally.

You must remember to start with a little love and keep making it grow until mankind has the God-consciousness of being with the Father. Anyone is capable of the ability to be as I was on Urantia. Urantia gave me life, and I still claim Urantia as my land that I hold dear because of the chance that I have to inhabit. Each of you is like a brother or sister, and please think about your ability to be like me. It is not just Michael who is of the Father; it is everyone.

Love is usually like, "I will give her love if she does this. I will not give her love if she does not do this", conditions that don't equal unconditional love. Let me say that there is only love. Everything else is minor. God is love. We are a part of God or God is a part of us, whichever way we want to think. Let's take the focus off me and put it into God, our God, our Father, the Person within.

The presence of God is felt in this room right now so strongly that I am sure each of you feels that you could do anything with the love of God on your side. God is an essence very few of us has had the pleasure of sitting with, of being with, the great light. Urantia has much darkness at this time. If each of us could pull that darkness into the light we would have more light and less darkness.

I am your brother and I walk with you. However, God is our Father and He gives all of His children unconditional love. God is a part of us that we never need to doubt. We can move mountains; we can show you miracles. Miracles do happen when just our little group here is out in the world. A miracle comes from God. The presence of God is of a father embracing his children.

I love you all and I am with you always. Thank you for today.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings to my beloved students and dear friends. This is Elyon. I will take a moment to remind you of the long range perspective you are increasingly learning to hold in your mind that enables you to factor in the many episodes and experiences of your life in a way that will, over time, alleviate confusion and foster clarity.



This life in which you are beginning your training is much like, in your educational system, daycare. When you are reach the realm I am passing through you will have before you the entire educational experience that is likened to your grade schools, middle schools, and high school. When you bid farewell to our sovereign Michael you will enter into your college phases. Havona will bring to you your graduate work. There you will undertake a form of training which amplifies, compounds in layer upon layer, all previous educational undertakings. It is your Ph.D. training. But your real career will not begin until we have all completed the Supreme experience. Then you will have your jobs; then you will have your assignments.

In no way do I intend to lessen the tasks you experience now. I, in reality, hope to intensify the significance of what you undertake these days. You may not see fruition in an undertaking on this level. You may have to leave the accomplishment to one of your fellows. But the very patterns you go through here repeat and replicate themselves at every level of your ascent only to become extremely valuable in the age awaiting us all. The great distant future we all are heading towards is not far off and to be ignored until its arrival but to be seriously invested in at this very moment.

Some upon this world have yet to learn to walk. Others of you are doing well at tottering about. It brings delight to the Divine Parent to behold your stumblings, for it is indicative of your progress. Every stage of accomplishment will bring its sense of satisfaction only long enough for it to dawn upon you that there is a whole new chapter of uncertainty and unfoldment. For most of us mortal origin creatures, we do not like that sense of uncertainty, but as you attain this morontia form, you will begin to understand the beauty, the thrill, that is entailed in such an experience, in such unknowing. It is not unlike your childhood experience of anticipation on Christmas morning. Welcome your conflicts. Accept your assignments. Go for every experience that comes your way that incorporates the Father's will, both in the form of teaching you and in the form of you teaching His will.

I remain with you this day and will enjoy your comments. I have many of my fellows here who wish to contact you, as well.


Rantarason (Jill): Greetings from abroad. This is Rantarason. I don't often get to lay down on the job. [Jill: Let the record note that the TR is lying on the floor on her back with her legs over a chair.] The TR also asked silently for some confirmation that this is me, and this is exactly the lesson you have been discussing today, those little fears that keep you from getting clear reception. This particular TR does generously acknowledge when she recognizes her fears, and that then allows for communication. You will not succeed if you try to fight your fear. Fighting an obstacle is never the way. Look for the base from which the fear springs. and nurture it with love and assurance.

You describe your world as one fighting at atrocious levels, of humanity that you can hardly recognize as human. So, know today that fighting is never the answer. In each opportunity send love where there is darkness. Fear not, your thoughts will travel and land where they belong, and they will, over time, fertilize the soil of the human mind that right now is poisoned. Fear not and be conscious love every moment.

Believe it or not, simple gatherings such as this that are based in love are making a difference in those atrocious areas of your world. So, be not afraid to be one little spark of light.

You all travel during your sleep. We do call upon you and your superconsciousness. You are making a difference around the world. So go forth each day and do not think that you are insignificant, for it is the millions of you all on the same current who will transform this world.

Have an active week being your unique love. I love you all.



Tom: I have a question for Jessona. The Urantia Book says that physical things must be known in order to be loved and that spiritual things must be loved in order to be known. (102:1.1) In as much as healing is both spiritual and physical, could you shed some insight on this? It's like to get a job you need experience but to get experience you need a job.

Jessona (Jonathan): I observe several willing receivers for my contact and will make this short comment through Jonathan. This is Jessona.

I observe this day a comment by Mark regarding how the perspective can be shifted from a human being having or seeking a spirit experience to a spirit seeking or undergoing a human experience. You have illustrated this same truth in your two expressions, the one from The Urantia Book and the other one from the frustration of employment. It illustrates how healing can reach its desired goal on one level and on another level appear to fail. For instance, the long-delivered prayers for a loved one and, following this, their inevitable death. These situations can bring confusion, sometimes causing the pray-er to feel like they failed in their prayer for healing. Yet, on a spiritual level, this episode of the transfer of consciousness from the physical realm to the morontia realm is itself the very healing this individual required. Each of these expressions cited illustrates the juxtaposition of your dual nature and that it is a dynamic balance; not a static, level balance but an oscillation. Sometimes the answer comes on one side and other times the swing is to the other side. Keeping this in mind will help to clarify the significance of any desire for healing and any perceived result.

The Teachers

Jonathan: There has been some discussion of the hierarchy of teachers and that we are all here together in this mission with no one teacher better or to be regarded more highly than another. I thought that the celestial teachers are extremely organized and go by some sort of ranking reflecting their order and intent. You strip your rank when you interface with us; we aren't privy to that ranking, though we hear from time to time of positions a teacher holds, like Ham or Abraham. Could you comment on if you have a chain of command? Does that have any relevance for us in the ranks of privates in the Teaching Mission?

Jessona (Jill): Just as you have teachers from kindergarten up through six or eight years of college, each of those teachers has trained and specialized and, when seeking their full potential, each of those teachers excels. So it is up here, we each follow the gifts of the Father that are inherent with us that we choose and want to reach a potential in. We study very hard just as you do to reach a level that is considered the appropriate level for then teaching you. So, it is then not in general that any of us spirit teachers are greater or lesser than the other; we simply are specializing and receiving our guidance from, yes, more advanced teachers. But in terms of working with you, all that is important is that we all are simply being our Father's will in our unique ways.

Jonathan: Thank you. It's the roles that need to be performed like a college instructor, a kindergarten teacher, both are important in the education of an individual. We understand that Machiventa is Acting Planetary Prince, which sounds heavy duty to us, yet he can be a friend, a pal, to Sarah here. One role isn't in conflict with the other.

Jessona: That is a correct perception.

unidentified (Sarah): I will speak on behalf of a group of us who would like a chance to communicate with you. In our prior studies we have been specialists in such fields as we would like to help you in. This means if you have a medical problem, call on a doctor among us to help you with that problem, to tell you how serious..., just to help you with it. If you want your house redecorated, there is a teacher for that. If you have a special job you want to do, call on us and ask for a specialist. We have been watching Rick, by the way. Maybe he should call on a specialist, too. It makes it easier.

We are waiting for you to call on us. There are so many teachers who would like to be in the Teaching Mission but there just isn't room. If you have such a problem as you don't have enough time, there is one of us who can schedule for you. There are specialist teachers and please start using us more because we could help you, probably, and we really need a little more to do than we have right now. So, we send our love.

Mark: And you have ours.

Mary: Perhaps the lesson we had that we are all a team and that there is no one player more important than any other applies to the teachers, as well. Everyone may have a specific role, but it's a team effort and without all the efforts of the team members, the game wouldn't be in motion.

Jonathan: Here power is used to control others. With the teachers they don't flaunt their positions of pitcher or catcher; its just their position, not a means of control.