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Topic: Co-Creation

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Minearsia, Tomas, Merium

TR: Unknown



MINEARISA: Greetings, my friends. This is Minearisa, a visitor, a Melchizedek on Urantia, and I am visiting today briefly today to greet you and bring you warm greetings from your peers in other realms, in other arenas, in our work toward uplifting our Master's natal sphere from the darkness inherent in its long isolation. Isolation is ended, and we are stepping out. We are venturing forth. We are stepping up. And today it gives me great pleasure to be able to be in your midst and give you myriad greetings from your neighbors in the flesh and in the spirit in other parts of this realm.


CELESTE: We welcome you! We're very glad you're here.

Minearisa: You are very gracious. I am well aware of your stable group and your untiring efforts at socializing group consciousness and developing community ties, community loyalty, in the framework of our gospel, this greater reality which rises above any former understanding of mere social graciousness, inasmuch as it has been augmented by the understanding that you are dignified sons and daughters of the living God, thereby adding a new dimension to your social graces, adding also a degree of complexity, for therein you must assimilate a lot more reality in your relationships than you did when it was merely form.

Accepting the entire personality, the human elements as well as the divine element, is a far more complicated undertaking for you as well as for your peers, and yet as you have been led to learn, the results are also greater, more lasting, more satisfying, almost mystical in its reality presentation.

ALAN: Are you resident on Urantia? Are you visiting?

Minearisa: I have been resident here now for some time. I am one of the Receivers that you hear of. I am part of the Melchizedek schools; part of what you call the Teaching Mission. I am a supporter of the efforts on-going in correcting (if you will understand the phrase) the abnormalities and aberrations of a world such as Urantia in its diseases as a result of the rebellion and the default. You are fully aware, as an advanced mortal of the realm, Alan, the circumstances as well as the vagaries inherent therein.

ALAN: I didn't catch your name, I'm sorry.

Minearisa: "Minearisa" is how it has been pronounced. You fully understand our challenges in terms of the human language. It has been invaluable for you to assign names to the faces, as it were, certainly an identifying nomenclature to an energy configuration in personality manifestation. And the personality manifestation of myself has been identified as Minearisa. I am a teacher with the greater effort, but I attend more regularly a Mission Base in Idaho.

In fact, as Tomas was assigned to the Pittsburgh area, I was assigned then to Pocatello. That may or may not have had any direct connection, but it was established that way and so I have been availing myself in these many months of morontia-izing as well as many others. I am not here particularly today to give a lesson, but to greet you. It is an exchange program, if you will.

ALAN: Great! HESTER: Welcome to the group.

Minearisa: I will come again and I will convey your affections to those in the field at large in homage to your devotion to our purpose. Shalom.

GROUP: Shalom. TOMAS: I am Tomas. Good afternoon. GROUP: Hello, Tomas.

TOMAS: I am the regular, the host, and Merium is here as well and she would also like to say hello, inasmuch as I did not afford her a platform last week and you know Merium. She gets nervous if she cannot straighten the curtains on occasion. One moment, please.

MERIUM: Here we go! How are you, my dears? It is so wonderful to be here with you and be given an occasion to voice my affections and attentions upon you, my little chicks.

GROUP: Hi, Merium.

MERIUM: I guess it's fair to say that girls and boys are chicks in this context and so I welcome you also, Alan, our new fledgling bird in the nest. It is wonderful to have you here. I am delighted with your spiritual entourage. We have been having many "fun and games", telling stories. I am enamored of your associate Jack and your guardian seraphim. Your personal teachers are more interesting, full of good stories about your sojourns, and so we have not been bored as you have been adjusting to your new environment.

Indeed all of us have been assimilating the new energies that you have brought with you in your invisible baggage and we are enjoying going through your parcels, finding what kind of treasures you have lugged in from the Orient. Many, many fun things in here Alan, and you must enlarge our lives by your exposure to these treasures, these values, that have been given to you as gems and jewels of understanding Our Father in many, many colors, many languages, many ways of life.

All of us are enjoying our life these days in this busy mission. There are so many things to do, so many places to go, so many people to contact, so many things to follow up on. It is a never-ending party for those of us who find this way of life joyous and enriching. I am far more into having fun that studying too hard or in thinking too hard but Tomas assures me it is good for your development to be able to use your brain.

I watched you as you attacked the Paper today on energy, mind and spirit and in my humble estimation you have already extended yourselves adequately; however, it is not my curriculum, and so I will fluff up your pillows and let you be comfortable, knowing that you are well loved, that you are eternally looked after, nurtured and enjoyed by all of us who have come to tend to you and care for you in your spiritual growing. Good afternoon.

CELESTE: Good afternoon. It's wonderful to know that we're cared for.

TOMAS: All right then, here comes old professorial Tomas and bringing with him no fun. I am very surprised, Celeste, that you voice that it is good to know that you are looked after. Was there question in your mind, my child, that you might not be?

CELESTE: No. (Group laughter). I just like to read about it. I've always felt looked after by our Lord.

TOMAS: And indeed you are. It is indeed good to know that you are loved and looked after. In fact, every day is a good day to be reminded of how much you are loved and how well your needs are looked after, not only your physical needs but your emotional needs and your spiritual needs as well. The more, in fact, you can become aware of what your needs are, the more readily they can be filled by your own efforts and in harmony with the efforts of the whole.

CELESTE: Tomas, I feel as long as I'm having this great joy in my heart, that I'm healthy, and my surroundings must be graced. I always feel very joyful in life inside.

TOMAS: That is your true home, Celeste, and this is the proper perspective. Your home begins within you, within your citadel of the spirit, that sanctuary wherein you abide with your indwelling God fragment. Your Thought Adjuster is your eternal home, even though it and you may wander throughout the vast realms of time and space. From that vantage point you are able to visit and sojourn into many environments, into spheres of varying degrees of density or light.

It is a limited perspective to perceive that the human being lives in the world, in a house, even in a body that focuses its reality on the physicality/ material realm disallowing for the wonders of the other side of the coin, the reality which will last you into eternity.

This afternoon in your lesson you read about energy and how in bringing into existence an idea, a plan, you can engage your available ultimatons of energy with assistance from power directors and so forth and bring into existence yet another reality, a plan. We have talked at great length in the past about how it is that you are a microcosm of the Paradise Trinity, and that you can create. You are an offspring of the Creator, and that as you work with divinity, you may be graced to bring into existence many good plans, schemes, ideas, projects, and organizations which can benefit your world and the worlds to come.

This evolving and revealing aspect of creation is yours for the making and you may make these things for evil or for good. We assume those of you who are learning how to be teachers, that you are also learning that good is the only true reality, that evil is mere shadow and will be overcome as mere error in time, and so we can proceed then to learn how to create beautiful true and good works for the Father.

This is an element of how it is that the Thought Adjuster is able to express itself in your life. If you seek guidance and say, "Father, it is my will that your will be done. How can I serve?" If you are sincere and if you honestly listen, if you know yourself and if you trust your own motives and intentions, if you listen well, you may hear that still, small voice divulge to you an action, dependent upon the Thought; and if you give yourself permission to think the thought, and create the Deed, then the Action can come into line and His will will be done and you will have helped it come about.

It is peculiarly sad to see how many of you have divine ideals, truly noble of stature, and yet when you come up with an idea that is do-able, you say, "No, it's not good enough. It doesn't attain the heights of glory and grandeur that I would have for the Father. I want to do GREAT words. I don't want to do these little, silly things." How sad it is indeed for us because you have deprived yourself of the exercise of the experiential opportunity to see that you can put your Thoughts, your Deed in to Action, and bring about an altered state of mind and being for yourself and for others, for the greater good.

And so when these things come to your mind, and you feel that you are being led to experiment, to create, allow yourself the opportunity to go forward in faith that it is experiential (remember too, this is a decimal planet and these kinds of things are encouraged) and allow yourself to experience the scientific aspects of discovery. See if your ultimatons are not brought into a joint effort with the efforts of others to create life, to create life! I am not saying you are creating life such as the Life Carriers, but you can bring into being greater impetus, greater expression, greater opportunity.

Be entrepreneurial about your ministry, and this is one of the advantages of reading a paper such as you read today. It brings it into a concrete realm, a "What can I do about it? Am I hopeless and helpless? Or can I actually do something about something?" Working in the field.

Well, I have spent enough time on my soapbox for the afternoon. I am eager to engage with you if you are inclined in a discourse. Have you commentary or questions regarding my "lesson" , our visitor, or anything on your mind. The floor is open.


CELESTE: At this point in time, I'm not too sure how to serve the rest of the world or the people around me, or my family. I guess I feel that if I'm joyous ….

TOMAS: Having an affirmative attitude and a living faith is a very viable testimony of your good cheer in the spirit. I am not certain that it is adequate to portray the entire message, inasmuch as there are a full range of interpretations as to your attitude of good cheer. How can you know if they regard that as your spiritual state of mind or merely a creature comfort frame of mind.

CELESTE: Well, if really make contact with them, then they soon know, because I tell them. This is … I feel very foolish talking like this.

TOMAS: Please do not feel foolish in expressing yourself and in expressing your desire to expand your ability to reach out and effectively touch your brothers and sisters in ways that will add meaning to your life and to theirs. In reaching out, in learning how, in realizing you want to, you are engaging upon a new course of study. It is difficult to attend the first day of school. It is hard to know what classes you want to sign up for. Many of them you will already feel you have a degree in.

You will say, "I already know all about that. What shall I do in this university? I don't even know what I'm doing here." And these are fears that are natural to one who embarks upon a new adventure such as you are embarking upon. I urge you not to allow these fears to stop you in your pursuit of your studies of your investigation of the Father's universe. And how you may grow and learn in order to be of optimum use to yourself, to God, and your fellows.

It is important to be gracious, and this is a manner which the Master used, and yet as you desire to be of further service, you will be taught. I commend your seeking. I encourage you to pursue and not feel silly. Even if you do, so what?

The faith path is a very thrilling adventure, and when you step off the main thoroughfare of that which all of humanity seems to be doing, you feel self- conscious, you feel you are going to stray, you may be heading for trouble, you may be in danger, you may be lost, you may be crazy and all of these feelings arise in the mind because your ego identity does not want you to go away from that which is comfortable for it. But I urge you to take your ego in hand, befriend it, assure it that you are not going to abandon it but are going to put it to good use. It will learn new things also. Actually the only real difficult part is to master the animal nature which is surely something you have mastered long ago.

It, for you, is now a matter of making your mind behave, and your spirit is sufficiently strong and your desire is sufficiently great that you will be able to figure out how to allow your mind to be at peace as you set out. Indeed, I encourage you in stillness to allow your mind to recognize the rest inherent in the spiritual experience, for soon the mind will begin to assume the mind of Christ, the mind of the Infinite Spirit, and this divine mind will enable you to make great strides, will enable you to ace all your courses in the Father's university.

CELESTE: I think that's one ambition we all have.

TOMAS: And so we are all going to the same school. I hear a deafening quiet this afternoon. Have you all gone brain dead on me?

CELESTE: No. I think we are all so thrilled and amazed always when you comment and feel sometimes the things we are involved in are so trite.

TOMAS: But you don't understand. I am telling you that if you have God in your life, there is nothing trite. You will recall that Jesus said to the Alpheus twins that no matter what you do, if you do it for the Father, it is not common. It is exalted work. Now, perhaps you may want to question how much integrity you have in that which you do; if you are doing something simple, is it for the Father or is it simply busy work?

How are your intentions affecting what you do? Are you embarrassed by how little you do with God-consciousness? Is that what you are saying? Because otherwise, tending to your elders, or your loved ones, your working realm, all of these things are noble and good. They bespeak certain loyalties, certain disciplines, that when taken in perspective are representative of values which are important. Relative importance. But important nonetheless. Are you belittling yourselves?

LIANA: Not me! Are you?

CELESTE: No, I hope not!

TOMAS: Well, alright then.

ALAN: Well, I personally don't feel that anyone is doing any belittling. I feel nothing but positive.

CELESTE: We really want to talk with you and sometimes just getting a conversation going seems so simple, but it's … that's what I meant by … (indistinguishable).

TOMAS: I don't think so either. Otherwise, how could your companionship be so satisfying. You are all a reflection of Father. As you work with your indwelling Adjuster and allow it to express itself in your environment, you are expressing divinity; you are manifesting a light, an illumination, a luminosity of spirit reality just because of your acknowledgment of your association with divinity as a child of God. In giving your God permission to BE within your reality, you have given Him permission to shine upon your arena. You radiate His light simply by Being.

Your lights are like that parable of the light on the hillside that draws people. If you don't hide your light, if you light it so shine as to let them know you're there, they'll come. Those that you give off that beacon to will come. In the meanwhile, it behooves you to keep busy while you wait for your hour to come, and in those moments of being busy, perhaps you could consider being co-creative in a God project.

That's something to cogitate. Ask your Father to guide you in terms of whether or not, first, this is a thought you should be thinking. And next, is it something you can do something about? And ultimately if this is something you should/would/could want to do. It's just an exercise, but if you can be a creator, then why not look to see how it is that you can help to create, and what can you create. Otherwise, dear ones, continue to create your own faith by walking in it and recognizing Our Father as He leads you from one day to the next into the light of His love and understanding.


Are there any questions? I and my peers will take conscious leave of you this afternoon, but understand we are with you always. We watch you in your work and in your play, in your efforts and in your rest; we observe you, we hope for you and pray with you, and we rejoice in you.

CELESTE: Thank you for all of that!

TOMAS: Amen and farewell.