1999-02-07-Higher Experiences

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Topic: Higher Experiences

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Mantutia, Darid, Elyon, Michael

TR: Sheila, Jonathan, Daniel



Mantutia (Sheila TR): Greetings, everyone. I am Mantutia. It is so wonderful to hear stories of your greater and higher experiences. It is wonderful to hear these because, even though we have our own prior experiences, we are able to share in the enthusiasm and excitement as you tell of yours.



We really do encourage you to think of these experiences as natural, although of course when you are at first developing or revealing these possibilities to one another, it may not seem quite so natural. But I assure you these experiences are of you; they are of the universe; they are gifts bestowed upon you by our Father.

The first time you eat a piece of fruit it is a new experience, but fruit has been around for a very long time, the same as with your abilities to hear and see and travel. Simply because you have not recognized them does not mean they are not natural to you. Of course, the more you come to share with one another your experiences, you can then see that the possibilities are endless.

Your willingness to be part of these journeys does not eliminate attachments of fear to them, and the fear is simply a tool being used to not go too far or thinking that you have done something crazy, because once you reveal these stories to those like you, you become aware that you never were crazy. You were just being you, and the whole time Father, your guides, teachers, your guardians have always been with you. Your journey has never been alone.

Oftentimes we are more aware of what you are capable of than you, yourself, are aware of. This is often why you have experiences that you can put words to to feel comfortable talking about or feel you have no control over or that serve no purpose. The opposite is so. Each one of your journeys has a purpose. Whether it takes you until the next day or fifteen years later to put into words to discover their purpose, it is always to reveal who you are, what you are capable of.

These are tools that you have handy in order to comfort someone else who has discovered their ability to hear. A message could be to assist others. They all have a purpose and, perhaps, if the perspective of, "Okay, what shall I do with this?" as opposed to, "Oh my, what has happened?", this will be a good tool to erase the fear. This will give it a purpose instead of mystery. Each time you find a purpose for these natural gifts, this natural revealing of you, you serve as a tool for the Father. In revealing more of yourself, you are revealing more of Him.

I am grateful to be witness to such great revealing. As you reveal so willingly more of yourselves and share this, I, too, am able to grow. You are great teachers. I thank you for this opportunity to speak amongst you. I encourage you to reveal, reveal, reveal. Thank you.


Darid (Jonathan): I join you as well today. This is Darid. I am happy to have this chance to express some thoughts that you may be able to incorporate into your lives. It is on the topic of invigoration or reinvigoration or it is perhaps better to call it recharging your spiritual batteries.

There are three sources for charging your spiritual batteries. They are light, life, and love. We morontia beings have what can be likened to your deep cycle batteries; we can withstand longer periods of discharge and recover to a fully charged state with little damage to our well-being. You pre-morontia beings have shorter cycles, and it does you well to continually keep a charge upon your soul. You do this variously. If we may continue the analogy, your stillness is quite similar to pointing your solar cells to the light of the Father's presence. Michael is the water of life, and you can keep your waterwheel in contact with him thereby charging yourself, as well. Thirdly, love is everywhere present. It comes not only from the Father but from the Mother Spirit and Michael and all your siblings. You are capable of recharging yourself by unfurling your tailvane and letting your wind generator receive this love, thereby keeping you fully invigorated and charged for life.

Your weekly meetings are good examples of maintaining this charge, for you each come to your sessions at varying levels of discharge. As you join in fellowship you are communally connecting your terminals and letting the charge of one flow into the discharge of the other and thereby bringing yourselves as a group into a better state.

I wish that more on this world would undertake this sharing of charge. Your religions have developed rituals that were meant and intended originally to provide charge. They serve well when the individual seeks the power wholeheartedly and with a fresh vitality.

Throughout your day realize that you are able to invigorate your spiritual sensibility through this three-phase charge of light and love and life. Welcome it. Continue to seek opportunities to foster it.

Thank you for receiving my words today. Take care.

Dissemination, Teaching

Elyon (Daniel): Greetings, my friends. This is your teacher and brother Elyon.

The path toward becoming a teacher is a long and interesting journey. You all have stepped upon this path, and it is something that you are discovering you enjoy doing and continually look forward to opportunities to teach more. I remember when many of you first began coming to classes, the eager young students out to hear all of our lessons. All of the teachings you have practiced, you have studied, you have listened and have grown very much in your abilities to now begin teaching.

Many of you are discovering that the most effective way of sharing that which you have learned and are learning from us is to merely share the lesson itself without identifying the author of this understanding. Many you will find in your careers as disciples and apostles will be unwilling or unable for any number of reasons to accept the truth of our messages when you use our names and titles with the lessons. It will help you to become far more effective if you share only the lesson itself.

You will know in a moment of service which of those lessons you have learned will be most effective. You will learn to recognize the reminders which we at times initiate as you are about the Father's business. When you feel that you are perceiving a valuable message to share with another, trust these feelings and share as if it is directly from your own soul. In this way will you be able to touch many others that we, as non-material beings, would be wholly unable to.

This mission of teaching is far greater than those of us who have volunteered to teach you. This mission of teaching includes each and every one of you. You each must teach in your own special way with your own unique capabilities as a child of God. You each must trust that your fragment of the Creator is lovingly within you guiding you at every moment you open yourself to your higher consciousness. Only united in ideals rather than ideas will you all effectively be able to work together and together also with us, for I assure you it will take all of you and all of us to bring your world to a more mature and loving level of understanding.

We do not ask you to go out and bring new students to us to teach. Those will come, and they will wish our input in their lives as they discover the effects of our input on your lives. Share only the good news. Share the greatest of that which you have personally learned from your contact with us and with Michael and Mother and the Father. In this way will you teach many, and all will grow because of the ministrations of each one of you.

I am quite proud of my group here. I have come to love each and every one of you for that person who you are, for your desires. I am so pleased with the progress that you each have made and are making. I have continual opportunity for being thankful to our Father for putting me in this position with you all.

That would be all from me today, my dear friends, teachers all. There is another who wishes to speak, so I will see you again soon.


Michael (Jonathan): Greetings to you. This is Michael. I attend today with the purpose of underlining your value.

You have heard today my good teachers express the worth of your experiences and the value of sharing them with your friends. You have been reminded of the methods whereby you can seek spiritual nourishment, and you have been encouraged to take those steps forward as my ministers in revealing the Father's love and my gospel to all on this planet. I attend simply to grant divine approval. Even your weaknesses contribute to your benefit in ministry and service, for, as you are aware, even the least of my apostles were capable of touching the souls of their fellows. Take confidence in this and remain ever assured of my support.