1999-02-09-Your Place In The World

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Topic: Your Place in the World

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I feel energized by all the enthusiasm here. Yes, it appears that all stand ready for new steps toward enlightenment.

My last two lessons [1], [2] were seemingly controversial causing much untangling of the thought process. Relationships are an extremely important step in your spiritual attainment. I would ask, did everyone find a way to include our fellow brothers and sisters? Were you impressed by certain examples of either the motherly or fatherly roles? It would be beneficial for this group to make an effort to provide good parental examples to your fellow brothers and sisters.


I wish to speak on your place in the world. I would ask you, do you really feel at home in the world? Can you walk into a public setting and feel that you are a child of God? When you observe other people, do you look at these other people as a child of God, as your brother and sister?

Many everyday find it difficult to feel they belong in the world. Many find that they are so different that it leaves them with a feeling of separation. Be it man or woman or child, all have experienced this feeling of separation. It is said, "we are not of this world," and that is true, but also I would say, "there is a greater purpose for our existence in this world."

Many mortals that feel this separation from society, this may be partially self imposed. This feeling is mostly imagined. This feeling of homelessness in this world is mostly taught from generation to generation. This feeling of not belonging is learned as a child.

Many times children unknowing of the consequences will inflict another child with this feeling of separation. Also, many adults tend to separate themselves from what they believe to be abnormal, not common, not fitting in the average mold of society. Those who have traveled their own path, those who have marched to a different drummer appear to be cast out from the so-called average in society.

People of this world having been through this isolation period, have a worldwide feeling of discomfort on their home planet. I would like to say this feeling of homelessness, this feeling of separateness from your fellows, will soon come to an end.

This week I would ask you to make an effort to feel more at home in the world, feel that you belong. Look at your brothers and sisters as though they also belong. Abandon your feelings of transience, abandon your feelings of unworthiness or not belonging. Let not another persons ignorance make you feel separate, alone.

I would say to you, along with feeling at home yourself, to include a brother or a sister in that same feeling of belonging. Individuality, YES. Acceptance, YES. Unity in diversity, YES. A feeling of not belonging, not included, not a part of the world, NO.

When this world can feel at ease in their place of birth, in their world or origin, when the people of this planet are accepting of one another's place in the world, then shall we see a giant step towards Brotherhood on Earth.


C.: Abraham, your lesson was quite intriguing because I noticed just what you are saying....one or two or three and then a group of people. There seems to be a great difference in embracing a brother and sister, versus just tolerating or accepting them. This embracing is a bigger word, has a much more rippling effect out of it. Am I kind of catching the thing here?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Tolerance and understanding are important but not necessary steps to embracing a fellow brother or sister. Accepting each others differences, knowing that a person may have some strange quality about them, and being able to overlook the strange qualities of another, and embrace the child of God in that person. More questions?

C.: Are our meetings proceeding in the direction you would like them or would you like to be more individual, personal things coming out, kind of like they are here tonight? That's a question a couple of us had last week.

ABRAHAM: If you are receiving my message, if you find them helpful to your daily living, I would say the meetings are proceeding sufficiently.


this is a duplicate of a session dated Your Place in the World-1995-04-17 that has been deleted. Perhaps an accurate date can be obtained from the Woods Cross TeaM.--rdavis 22:53, 27 October 2009 (UTC)