1999-02-14-Meeting Dynamics

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Topic: Meeting Dynamics

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, JansEl

TR: Mark Rogers, Jonathan



Elyon (Mark TR): Once again I am happy to be made welcome among you; this is your friend and spirit guide Elyon. I would join you today with some observations about considerations within your group.


Circuits, Internet

These truly are exciting times in which a lesson can be delivered by a fellow associate many miles away, and within days, even hours, this lesson is broadcast to you within your own homes for your consideration. This is truly a state of high achievement and must be accessed with the proper intentions and motivations. It is thrilling to see the lessons being rippled through the community and being effective to many others than those who were present at the time of its delivery. The same is true here now in this group. The work we do together here today has many ramifications outside this immediate reality, of which you are unaware, but trust me when I say that the effort put forth to record, transcribe, and then distribute these messages has a great positive effect on the stream of consciousness of all those who come in contact with it. This is an important side effect of the meetings you hold so regularly.

While each and every one of you may personally experience transformation and growth, you also provide the field wherein others may likewise receive benefit from the lessons. Indeed, from someone in your perspective it must appear as though your mechanical circuits are wide open and all that is remaining is for the spiritual circuits to be sharpened. And this is in large part true. Your world has reached an era when information can be disseminated rapidly. Now in this life, in this time, the quality of spiritual information will radically increase, and this is what this mass information age needs the most, an isle of stability, a sense of purpose. These are what spiritual truths provide. It is all very well and good to spread physical information back and forth as pertains to your world and how it works, but it is extremely valid to offer to those not immediately accessible the teachings you all are taking for granted.

I would recognize and encourage the thought pattern thread of enhancing your capacities as has been discussed in the past few weeks. It is a training process in which you must commit to receive the benefits, and most of you are tasting many benefits as a result of your commitment. These are the gifts in your life that come your way and are also as a result of your faith and your commitment to your spiritual growth. Because this arena that we gather in is now a public arena, we strive to deliver messages that can accommodate many more than are present in this room at any one time. However, we look to you for inspiration and guidance about topics of interest and patterns to pursue. This also is helpful to your brothers and sisters outside these immediate surroundings, because many of them as well are encountering similar situations in their lives. Therefore, your discussions before the taped sessions may in fact be your individual and private sessions with each other, may be the format not exposed to the masses in which you may explore in depth personal issues. Then, as the scheduled meeting proceeds, we often pick up on your subjects as well as deliver lessons on topics of significance to many others as well.

With this in mind I would offer to open the floor to other personalities present or to field discussions on questions of any kind.



Jada: Is it coincidence that this planet is at a stage of mass communication at the same time as the circuits are opening? Are you making use of that as a part of the overall plan?

Elyon: If by coincidence you mean that the one aspect is totally unrelated to the other, then no. They are indeed related. Mankind has grown in the past years since Michael walked on this world, and the time is right to inject more spiritual material into the mainstream to redirect popular thinking, so the two are definitely related to each other.


Jonathan: We all resonate to the truth of enhancing capacity; we realize a certain amount of effort is required to expand. You have to confront your fears or uncertainties about territories to explore or skills you still have to attain. Spirituality often has tagged onto it peace of mind, that you have eternal rest. How do we take pleasure in the unrest and find satisfaction in the uncertainties of expanding ourselves? Adventure is as much of a thrill as the sense of attainment. I'd like to hear more on how we might avoid procrastination in pushing our boundaries.

Elyon: I would opt to direct this to each of you personally in that even now, this very minute in your life, you exhibit a degree of commitment to this group process to the Teaching Mission as a whole. Each of you consciously makes this decision and then consciously follows up this decision with your action, with your life, this very moment. Each of you, in turn, when this process is over feels a certain reward for having endured sitting still for this long. I realize that even this is asking something of you that is, at times, straining. We appreciate your commitment, and I think you each appreciate your commitment when it is all said and done, and you are left with the reward of the feeling of having been to this meeting and having received something in return spiritually. I would ask that each of you, when confronted with a crossroads of increased commitment and questions of the cost to you, reflect on the rewards you receive each week by this commitment and realize that the greater the commitment, the greater the rewards. You all have a feeling of this within you, a recognition of this reality. So, when the situation arises, think back to your success here and now in these times, and it will provide you with the strength to not be wishy-washy, to commit yourself to whatever the process is to be about your spiritual business.

Does this help?

Jonathan: You are saying that commitment will take us through our difficult endurances as well as take us to our goals. It reminds me of, "decisions, decisions, and more decisions".

Elyon: It is also a series of decisions, rewards, future decisions, future rewards. Realize that the cost to you is always offset by the benefits you derive as a result of your commitments. There will come a time in your ascension when you directly correlate these rewards with the cost, and you will overshadow any cost by the appeal of the reward to be gained. As you become familiar with the certainty of this reward, you will look for opportunities to pay the cost.


Jael: Putting what you have said together with what Ham said about staying in the "now time", it's full of potential to expand our consciousness Godward.

Elyon: That, in a nutshell, could be said about your entire existence. It is full of possibilities and potentials simply waiting to be actualized, waiting to be realized by you as the fruits of your efforts.

Jonathan: That "now time" perspective would contribute to enlarging our capacity in that we know that the past is done and the future has not yet appeared. So, where is the potential for anything to unfold? Right here and now. That enlarges our capacity by dropping previous patterns and expectations.

Elyon: And the consideration at hand is the challenge to simply not be preoccupied, to not have your residence in another place so that you miss the here and the now, to not be preoccupied with events passed or potential events pending so that you fail to access the potentials present in the moment, because, as you so well stated, those are the ones which can constitute change and growth instantly. What's past is past and what is present [sic] may never even occur. So, to miss an opportunity because of preoccupation with either of these other conditions means the waste of a very good opportunity.

Sharing, Supreme

JansEl (Jonathan): This is Jansel, and I greet you warmly. I am enjoying this opportunity to make this contact. I have a few words that I hope to help you regarding capacity and that is along the lines of community and fellowship, or in a shorter, simpler word, sharing.

To encounter limitation brings an individual to a point where something must be done, yet equally the ability to do so is not present. The nature of the Supreme is to overlay experience with others' experiences such that every individual is enriched by the experiences of others. You can overcome hurdles and obstacles simply by taking in the fellowship of another, receiving their services, commingling your talents to step above any one particular shortcoming.

The realization that you are a child of the Father is a spiritual experience. The realization that you are part of the family of God is a Supreme experience. The Supreme seeks total enlargement of capacity to the extremes of finite possibility. Each of us is undergoing a microcosmic -- I would say imitation -- but you are a significant contribution of this Supreme process. This is exemplified in your weekly sharing as you trade experiences of your week. Oftentimes you have encountered an event in the week before your meeting that did not seem to have spiritual implications until you do attend your meeting, and in sharing with one another the significance is revealed. What appears to be an unrelated experience of a fellow ends up enlarging your understanding of the experience you underwent in the days prior.


I would conclude my remarks by saying that, when you find that you have reached your limit of your ability to do it yourself, remember that in the universe scheme we can do it ourselves. Take one another into your confidence, and take one another into your tasks. Be equally willing to perceive and pursue the needs that others have about them. Often times your fellows may not engage you in assistance because they have not yet come to the point of realizing that assistance is the answer to their complications.

I thank you for hearing from me today.

Kirk: It was nice to hear from you, JansEl.

JansEl: I am pleased to make this contact. I am always willing to be here.