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Topic: Stillness

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Andronason, Aaron, Minearsia

TR: Nancy, Bill K.



Ken: I will not give any quips tonight. Except I will say, welcome all visitors, guests, and friends.

Daniel (Nancy): Greetings my dear students. I am so pleased to observe and participate in your interaction this evening. It has been most charming. I have enjoyed the many levels to which Ken has referred: the personal level, the philosophical level, the spread between past and future, the speculation of purpose, the testimony of purpose, the enthusiastic questioning, the enthusiastic searching and response. I am your guide, friend, teacher, and colleague, Daniel, here to open this session and give you my love and greeting. One moment please.

I will continue. We have had a discussion and have determined that tonight's format will be one of questions and answers. Although we had a prepared lesson, this lesson can be put on hold. You have already delivered many marvelous lessons to one another in your time of interacting and sharing. If there are questions, please bring them forth and we will attempt to evolve a teaching apparatus from them. Please proceed.

Daniel (Nancy): My, how the silence grows.


Truth, Facts, Value

Gwen: I have a question, Daniel. Although you may say it is a curiosity question. I have a hard time in quiet time, or in other times, and maybe it is because I haven't set a distinguished area or time in which to do my quiet time, but I'm having a hard time recognizing where and whom I'm hearing from. I guess a little bit of doubt. I feel myself keep looking for something to prove to me, like, for my darn candle to go on, or something like that. I'm wondering if you can give me any insight as to my teachers and any suggestions on how to access it more regularly. That would be great! And a name would be good, too.

Androneson (Bill): This is Androneson, a Melchizedek known to you by several names. I am present here tonight and I would reply in part to your question Gwen. It is normal to experience periods of doubt, questioning, etc., mixed with faith as a mortal, for God has given you minds that use processes of logic and make assessments about evidence and encourages the scientific method when dealing with facts. There is no conflict between faith and reason, however, because that sort of construct is a misunderstanding of both the nature of faith and the nature of reason. Facts have to be established by proof, by repetition, by consensual agreement and this is the realm of science in which you are trained. But the next level is understanding the meaning of the configurations of facts that appear to your senses. In a sense there is a hard-wiring of the mind; partly in the brain, but also in the nature of the reality response. Otherwise no one could come to understand truth from a collection of facts. Then beyond the level of meanings are the questions of value and importance, the size of the stones that fill the jar, to use the illustration already presented. When it becomes clear to you what your stones represent in your life and you place them first in the jar, then the relative placement of the sand, gravel, and water will find it's own.


My advice to you my dear is to continue to practice a regular time period, preferable of 10 minutes duration once or twice a day; a time when you come to be with God, to listen to the voice of your inner Adjuster; when you place your many activities in your Maker's hands and ask for help to sort them out according to their respective value; a time when you think about all the goodness that showers down upon you like the rain, filling the earth with newness and creativity; a time when you come to truly say,"It is my will that your will be done." Do not hide your doubts from God for He/She/It, as in pre-personal Adjuster, can handle anything that you decide to share. The main purpose of stillness is to share your inner life with your divine Pilot; to speak in familiar terms with your Heavenly Parent. To say Daddy rather than Father, perhaps; or Mommy rather than Mother, whichever has the most intimacy to you.

Of course you wish to know the name of your teacher. But it is our practice for your personal growth to have to continue to struggle with that issue, the name, so you may gain practice with hearing. I must say that there should be no fear involved in this matter. For you are not being graded on an exam. Not everyone is constitutionally gifted with the ability to communicate in this manner. But everyone has some ability. No one is, as you would say, retarded. So therefore, if you value doing transmission/receiving, it is one of those big stones. And yet, the biggest stone is to be intimate with God. I suppose this is not the answer you wished to hear. However this is my answer at this time. Can you interact with me on this?

Gwen: No...yes, I can interact with you. But that was a great answer! You were able to address, I think, the underlying issue which is not only the fact that I get caught up in the science of it but to know that is a mortal trait and, what I basically got out of what you said, is to be patient and as the "Center Within" says the continuous visits to quiet time, I will benefit from. Thank you especially with your fear issue, since I've always been the one who strives for the A. It was definitely something that I'm sure was an issue for me and I am very thankful for your insight.

Androneson(Bill): Your personal teacher and I would like to tell you, Gwen, that you do very well. Have no condemnation towards yourself. Spread the wings of your beautiful personality and let the currents of God's love lift you. You have seen the tunnel and you have seen the light. And yes, you are striding forth towards your goal. That is all.

Daniel: (Nancy) Gwen, my dear, I wish to comment, also. I am Daniel. I wish for you to be relaxed with this process. As Andronesen has stated, and you have reiterated, this is not about performance. This is about communion, about relationship, about enjoyment, trust, and interaction. Performance brings with it the possibility of failure, of not living up to certain standards, marks upon the wall. The "come from"of communion, of relationship, of interaction has the experience of openness verses the closeness that comes with the strive and the drive for achievement. And so I would call this to your attention, to be about relationship, and interaction that brings with it openness, breadth, lightness vs. tenseness, narrowness. Sometimes the word 'focus' can be misconstrued into a constriction. Stillness is receptive. This is all I wish to add.

Gwen: Thank you Daniel.

Roxy: I would like to know how to overcome envy.

Aaron (Bill): I am Aaron. I will take your question.

Envy, Ego

Envy implies a lack within yourself that you perceive as being filled in the life of some other person. It is essentially an illusion; and is illusory because it does not see the symmetry and beauty, the creative potential, and spiritual status of your true self, of your God-given personality. Envy implies a certain sense of injustice in the universe, that somehow you were not given some thing or some status, some aspect of life that you should have had. It is an implicit criticism of God, in a sense, you see. It also is based on the false supposition that the outer world provides happiness and adds to the essential worth of an individual's soul.

So, the correction of envy is a new perspective on the universe, in the large aspect, and on yourself, in the most near and small aspect. It is not something that is suddenly removed from one's character bank, but, gradually disappears as one's perspective changes. Like any negative or ultimately illusory thing, trait, habit, it does not disappear as a result of effort to suppress it. The best technique that I suggest is not to shy away from it but to honestly look at what it is that you envy. Find out what it is that you feel you lack that produces this envious desire and then take it to the Father, to God, to Michael, to Nebadonia, (any aspect of sevenfold deity) and ask for guidance. Envy is a measure of incompleteness of perception and understanding. It is a normal aspect of being a human being. You, my dear, have made great spiritual progress, and I have no doubt that your concern with this aspect of yourself will soon no longer trouble you. Does this assist you?

Roxy: Yes.

Aaron (Bill): Do you wish further comment, further questions?

Roxy: I don't feel like I know enough about it to ask good questions. But you've given me great insight!. Thank you.

Minearisa (Nancy): I have further comment to make. I am Minearisa. My dear friend. Your question speaks to the heart of a curriculum that was presented to this group several years ago in which the nature of being human was examined and the relationship of the individual to their self was examined. I wish to give a brief review and put your question into this context of your humanity.

God bestows upon every creature of sound mind freewill capability -- personality. It is the job of the personality to make choices. As part of your human/animal nature, you have ego. The job of ego is to assist you in making sense of the world, in defining and separating the oneness of reality into informational segments that make sense for functioning in the material realms. Ego is based in animal inheritance. And then, there is a divine voice of the Adjuster within. As the personality makes choices in union with the Adjuster, eternal survival results. Envy is in the realm of ego. It is common to animals and is part of the animal nature. You can observe it in many species. So, do not be alarmed to find it in your own makeup. Of course it will be present as you are animal and divine. Your awareness allows you to choose higher consciousness; to choose, with God, who loves the ego, who understands the ego, and nurtures, and cradles it, and is very tender toward God's entire creation. And so this ego, animal nature, is won over, as is all else, through love, through acceptance, through tenderness. So, as Aaron has said, as you examine the sources of the envy, be tender, be loving. Have understanding for this aspect and it will indeed dissipate with time.

Daniel (Bill): I am Daniel. I want to have my two cents also. Remember that all experience is not to be gained in the mortal career. Indeed, the mortal career is analogous to preschool! Those things that you desire which are not able to be fulfilled in your life, if your desire is sincere and spiritually motivated and persists after you become a morontia being, the universe provides endless opportunity for fulfillment. However, as has just been discussed, there are limits to the ego and no one person can experience all the ramifications of mortality, one cannot be male and female, both. One cannot have blue eyes and brown eyes both. There are these givens of mortality. But spiritual growth allows the personality to operate on higher consciousness than the animal nature and this concern, as has already been addressed, will gradually disappear as you make progress. Do not be hard on yourself, my dear. You do very well. And it is my great delight to have you now as a member of this teaching mission group.


Light and Life

My friends, the hour has come to conclude our meeting. We feel this has been an exceptional night, for your conversations have been at many levels, as I have indicated, as has already been stated by Ken.

Think back on this evening this week as you go through your activities. Consider how fortunate you are, by your choices, to have arrived at a forum where these kinds of conversations can occur! This is indeed characteristic of advanced worlds who have evolved into stages of Light and Life. You see, light and life is being experienced on this planet, individually and in small groups, and it will grow. It is growing.

All praise to Christ Michael for the opportunity to serve God on the planet of his nativity. Go in peace. Good evening.