1999-02-21-Your Mission Assignments Are As You Pass By

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Topic: Your Mission Assignments Are As You Pass By

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. As I listen to you each speak I am intrigued by your ideas and inspired to ponder upon these topics, yes. I understand more each time we meet how your lives affect mine and visa-versa, yes. Upon answering these mission callings do our lives connect and we create new living energy circuits, yes.


As Jesus fulfilled His mission, His focus was indeed always Father's will and He performed His mission tasks with that in mind. His supreme desire was always to reach for Father. His supreme goal was to manifest Father's will on earth. His strength was indeed His Father in Heaven and He performed His mission tasks on the way toward reaching His goal.

As Jesus lived His life in the flesh--going about daily chores--He could always find a way to assist a fellow in one thing or another. Jesus could always be found manifesting Father's will in His mission assignments that were a part of normal everyday living. On His way to fish, He could pass by a lonesome child who was in need of some upliftment, some encouragement, some humor or playfulness. This task did not drop from the sky, but was an ordinary part of mortal living.

When He was at work building boats, could He find time to stop and aid an elderly woman with her bundles of goods. This took but a few minutes and very little thought. At the Master's home there were always brothers and sisters in need of help concerning their education or personal problems. These all appear to be somewhat ordinary and uneventful, and yet, in each of these tasks Jesus manifests Father's will on earth.

Your mission assignments are as you pass by, just as the Master's were. There was no calling from Father that would ask His Son to sacrifice anything, or no call to show the amount of human dedication through suffering. Mission callings are about assisting one another through this mortal life, uplifting one another, to feel a part of the whole. Mission callings are asking us to focus on Father, and take our brothers and sister by the hand and help in whatever capacity.

Mission assignments are on your way to your supreme goal towards finding Paradise Father. In our acts of service are we learning and finding joy. There is not a temporary surface joy, but a soul joy, a deeply felt Father-connected joy. I feel that our lessons on mission callings are sufficient at this time and we will be moving on to other areas of spirituality. Yes, as for now, I would take a few questions.


MIRIAM: Abraham, we have a new visitor tonight--Joe.

ABRAHAM: Greetings, Joe. Have you a question? (No.)

CHRISTOPHER: Abraham, actually I was wondering if you had a message for me tonight?

ABRAHAM: I can say with certainty that your spiritual beliefs are firmly rooted in a secure and confident foundation. Your courage to wear your spirituality as your best garment is to be commended. I have no particular message other than I am happy to meet with you and am indeed available for any help you might need. (Thank you. I appreciate it.) You are welcome. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, what concern do you and those on your Teaching Mission staff, Machiventa, Michael, etc., have toward the Teaching Mission's falling into a pattern -- into a crystallized complacent place maybe, more so than to continue to forge ahead in new learning ground, new awareness? I think you gather what I am saying.

ABRAHAM: After time, most all things become complacent, and at this point in our mission, we only seek to make this an ordinary part of mortal living. We strive to lean away from the ‘phenomena' of this particular method of communing and we worry not for crystallization, because the circuits continue to send forth new information. There is a continual supply of spiritual food. There is no need to preserve. We seek to empower our mortal friends with the knowledge that spirituality is a necessity as is breathing, and also, as normal. Our goal is to uplift and reconnect Urantia with the whole... to make a place at the table and feel as if you have always been there. Yes. Is this answering? (Yes, thanks.)

INERIA: Abraham, welcome back from the beach. It seems to me lately, as I have been reading other groups lessons, that the teachers are right now going through reevaluation of the groups and teachings, communication. I don't know what my question is... Are we looking for a better way of communicating or going in a different direction?

ABRAHAM; My understanding is -- all things are becoming new and as individuals receive these spiritual gifts, there will need to be explanation. Everyday, there are individuals who receive morontial senses, so to speak, and they cannot receive without education and enlightenment. These morontial gifts are not bestowed upon those who are not ready. As the Mission participants have understood our main message then are we able to bring froth more light. Is this understanding? (Yes, perfectly. Thank you very much.) Another question?

MIRIAM: Abraham, I got the idea to ask you this today and I don't know if it is improper or if you are able to or not--but could you describe to us what it is like to die from this mortal experience since you have done it? Is that improper?

ABRAHAM: No. Not improper. One moment. (Pause) I can say a little, for each individual is different--each death is different. Various factors play a part in death such as pain, the time length of the illness, what is left on earth unfinished, the amount of life experience, the spiritual beliefs. For me, I can say -- as a mortal I was indeed ready to lay down my mortal body. My life had been sufficient and I had done the best to my ability. In these moments, one hopes that what they have always believed, to be true. And even then, there is at times a slight inkling to hang on, to not let go of the mortal life and what you know. I can remember the feelings of a rebirth. I could say, it was as if I had become more alive, more aware than I had ever been. (Pause) I am told to stop. (Pause) Each individual will experience different things. My experience is average and each one who believes in Father and His overall purpose greets death with more familiarity and acceptance. There is not fear or bewilderment. There is an indescribable feeling of excitement and pondering upon what comes next, yes. One more question.

ALAUNA: Abraham, I really don't have a question as much as I just want to... I have been rearranging my schedule and quit some of my work so that I can pursue something that I feel like I have been working up to doing. I am just kind of asking for your help with what I am doing, what I think I am being trained for--my gift will be.

ABRAHAM: Yes Alauna, I believe at this time you are finding it acceptable to have time alone. You are at ease with must taking time to be. There is allowances now for spiritual intake which is much easier to absorb rather than always being on the go. Your missions, as you know, are quite spontaneous and you answer without hesitation. This is having great trust in Father. There are times however when you need to take a moment to clarify your thinking, to reflect on what has brought you this far. Your time for spiritual seeking is not idleness, no. The affects are not seen with the eyes, but felt in the heart and through peace of mind, yes. Is this answering? (Yes. Thanks.)


As always, I am with such joy to speak with you. Our time together has certainly been of great benefit to me. Next week, we will reflect upon our past years together and perhaps set some goals for the future. As always, my love is with you. Shalom.