1999-02-25-Motivating Motivators

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Topic: Motivating Motivators

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack, Tomas

TR: Alan



GROUP: Are you with us this evening, Tomas?

TOMAS: Indeed, I am. Greetings, this is Tomas, your friend, companion and associate in ascension. I am here in great delight of your voluntary gathering, your unscheduled yearning to conjoin with your spirit companions and exercise your higher natures proceeding yet further into your morontial understandings of yourselves in your realm.

We are pleased this evening to have on board with us a long term worker in the field of Urantia, indeed, a mighty midwayer, those who have been with Urantia for a long, long time, and alas it would seem are destined to remain on Urantia for yet an inordinately long sojourn, and yet I am given to understand by my association with these wonderful beings, that they have been enjoying their efforts and the fruits of their efforts.

Well, without further ado, then, I will sit back and enjoy with you the presence and victories of our associate in ascension, 0802-AB, a secondary midwayer assigned to planet Urantia.

0802-AB Jack here.

GROUP: Hello, Jack. Greetings, Jack.


JACK: It's nice to be here. It's been a long time since I have worked with this channel directly like this. I am frankly amazed that the channel is as open as it is at the moment. I remember years ago when the channel was anything but open, and when we worked so hard to get the channel functioning, but historically you must remember that I have said a long time ago that my assignment was to learn to do this work in anticipation of the coming events that so many of you have been able to see fulfilled as time has gone by. But not only was I being prepared to do this work, the channel was being prepared to do the work, and historically the efforts were being made prior to the publication of the Urantia Book. I think Alan used the expression, "Before it hit the news stands."

I have learned, during this process of contacting, that greatest advances are made when questions are asked, but before we get into this business of asking questions, which I hope you do ask me some questions, it's not often that we can, as functioning midwayers, we can find ripe candidates as Alan later proved to be, to go out and do the kind of work that was required, or that we felt was required in the early phases of the Urantia Book and its presence on this planet.

Some of you know, some of you are very aware of the efforts that he performed getting the Book placed in various countries and libraries and institutions so that they could be permanently placed. We were aware of the fact that many vagaries would occur; in some places perhaps there would be destruction of libraries, there would be book burnings. Things like this are still possible. I cannot nor will not predict when and where but they will occur and it was important that these things be taken care of as soon as possible.

The movement is not exclusive to the United States of America or to the English speaking worlds, but it takes a strong commitment to this type of thing for - as you would call it - the work to be done. We are very grateful that Alan persevered, and when, under very dire circumstances and when his choice would have been to stop, I think today he is still very angry at me for having pushed him on like I did, and I think he has earned the right to take a certain rest from it all.

It is true and I know because I was there at a conversation he had with Claireesa at lunch, when he made the comment that he "got the Books placed in these bloody Buddhist countries where they don't speak English, so I had to teach the . ....’s English so they could read the Book!" and I think that after that he decided that enough was enough and I can't really say that I blame him. We're very grateful to him and for the effort that everybody makes, but the work has just begun.

Your time is coming. The decisions that it requires to go out and do these types of things are not easy decisions to make, so we are grateful when we run across candidates who are willing to cooperate with us. Jesus had to find twelve men and teach them to go and do what you have to be taught to go and do, and you must not think that its an easy job. Your work is going to be very, very difficult. The surface is just being scratched.

Ask me questions.


GERDEAN: Well… Hi, Jack. It's surely good to hear your voice, feel your presence and to have you with us once again.


GERDEAN: I hear you talk about working in the field. This is what our teachers have been teaching us to do, to be teachers, to be fishers of men, to stimulate spiritual growth, to plant seeds and then to further spiritual reality. I understand that Alan went abroad and into foreign countries and I am certainly appreciative that he did and that others are, like the guys who have taken the Book into Africa now on this more formal jaunt, and I also fully respect what you said that it is difficult, that it's not easy, particularly when you go out, away from your companions did, like Apostle Nathaniel did - he went into Africa, he went by himself. I mean that's hard work! It's easier when you can go two and two but that's not always possible. But it's also important, it seems to me, to take this spirit of evangelism, if you will, into the fields of our homeland, if you want to call it that. I feel that being in Butler on assignment is an outpost.

RACHEL: The trenches.

GERDEAN: It's truly the trenches. I am really delighted that I have made the acquaintance and fostered the fellowships I have.

JACK: You never know what seed is planted with whom.

GERDEAN: This is true. This is true. I say these things not to take anyone off the hook, but for the fact that it would seem that you are encouraging us all to go to Ghana or Bangkok or Singapore or somewhere out into the foreign realms when in fact it can be very foreign right across the street. I just wanted to say that, and not to argue with you, Jack, but to point it out that we can't all do what Alan did in taking The Urantia Book into countries early on in the early days of the revelation.

JACK: Yes?

GERDEAN: And I appreciate that it wasn't a question, so it's not that I'm requiring you to make comment or to put you on the spot, but I do feel a little bit like, "Okay, so what am I supposed to do? Feel guilty because I didn't?" I can't! It's not my calling, if you will. I feel that those of us who do …

JACK: You never know what seed is planted when and where, but that you should find your comfort zone.

RACHEL: It's just making the effort, huh? Well, I'm perfectly willing to go out and teach and preach, but I feel wholly inadequate sometimes. It's like coming up against a brick wall. There are those you find who are receptive and those who just want to spit in your face!

JACK: Well, that's all part of it.

RACHEL: I guess so. I just get p.o.'d that I don't get to sit at Jesus' feet and listen to all that he had to tell to his apostles. You know, I feel as if I'm missed so much teaching.

GERDEAN: Oh that reminds me. Peter. Apostle Peter was a great preacher and he gave lessons to the evangelists on how to teach. Were you privy to any of those, Jack?

JACK: We were there for most all of them.

GERDEAN: Can I presume upon you to share with us perhaps some of Peter's pronouncements when he would teach them how to teach?

JACK: There was basically no difference than the conversations you are having right now. Everybody feels inadequate. That is the very first thing that a teacher like Peter has to do, is to help people overcome feelings of inadequacy, and every individual develops their own technique. Some people are better in certain areas than others. It's simply each individual finding - it's like water finding it's own level.

RACHEL: Finding your own comfort zone.

JACK: Teachers of teachers, I think is what you're talking about.


JACK: The teachers of teachers. Well, teachers learn to become teachers of teachers. The same process that a student learns to be a student.

GERDEAN: Well, this is built on that universal law that you must pass on what you know.

JACK: What you've learned. That's right.

GERDEAN: What you've learned.

JACK: And it's always subject to prejudice.

GERDEAN: Bias of one sort or another.

JACK: That's right.

GERDEAN: Surely.

JACK: So what one person thinks Peter might have done a good job teaching about, maybe someone else would feel totally inadequate. You learn. You have to make a decision. Do you want to be a teacher? Or do you want to be a student. Good students are good teachers; good teachers are good students. You should never stop learning, but not everybody can be everything. That's why I prefaced my original statement saying there are few people who are willing to go out and do what Alan was willing to go out and do. That doesn't mean that everybody has to go out and do what Alan did. But, we, the midwayers who are so actively involved in all of this, are always grateful for what each and every single individual does, providing the motivation is there. That's all! We are talking about motivation. Motivating motivators.

GERDEAN: I was interested in what Tomas said about how it is that on this planet that has had so many setbacks -

JACK: More to come.

RACHEL: More to come?

JACK: More to come.

RACHEL: You want to be a prophet about that?

JACK: I just did.

RACHEL: You just did. You weren't explicit, though.

GERDEAN: Let me continue asking my question. - that you were "unfortunately" going to be here longer than most midwayers are assigned to their natal spheres. Do you feel that that's "unfortunate", Jack?

JACK: Oh, many times, you may recall, I complained about it.

GERDEAN: Also, Tomas is not inclined to get out a crystal ball. He says, "We are not crystal ball gazers" and yet you did make a rather provocative remark. What is it that he said? Setbacks!

JACK: Book burnings, I said.

RACHEL: Book burnings.

GERDEAN: Then it would behoove us to become walking Urantia Books!

JACK: You got it!

RACHEL: Right. Restated in modern phraseology.

GERDEAN: Yes. And live the love that Jesus taught. Yes.

JACK: Has anybody talked to you about how close to this very thing that I just mentioned, that Alan got to in this country, in Malaysia, in Moslem country?

GERDEAN: No, I don't know about it.

RACHEL: Are you going to tell us?

JACK: No, I won't take time to go into that now.

RACHEL: Okay. Not only book burning, but people are still getting persecuted for their religion in this world.

JACK: Yes.

RACHEL: Greatly! There's a big uprising about it!

GERDEAN: They're being murdered for being a nationality, much less a religion. Well, people are still barbaric.

JACK: Has anybody reminded you recently as to why this movement occurred in the United States of America?

RACHEL: No. I'm curious about that.

GERDEAN: Not in the celestial realms.

JACK: You had the money to do it.

RACHEL: We had the money to do it.

JACK: You had the money to promote it, to keep it alive. Have the money. All you have to do is use it.


JACK: And language.

RACHEL: Yes, because we're a large country that all speak the same language.

GERDEAN: And it's spoken -

RACHEL: World wide, almost.

JACK: So the country of America was picked for the revelation.

GERDEAN: Certainly not for its moral stand.

RACHEL: Or for it's God-consciousness. Well, there are a lot of God-conscious people here, I think.

JACK: (Deliberately mute)

GERDEAN: Jack is not going to make any comment.

RACHEL: Judgment!

JACK: So you have many advantages, but your advantages are sometimes disadvantages.

RACHEL: I get this thought that when we read about the life of Jesus, we don't really know about each of the apostle's or evangelist's personal doubts or inadequacies. We just take an overall view that they had success and that they taught and led and …

JACK: They fought among themselves.


JACK: They disagreed. They had many, many, many, many, days and weeks and months of antagonism

GERDEAN: We do that.

JACK: … resentments, to overcome.

GERDEAN: We do, too.

RACHEL: Today's depressions, feelings of inadequacy.


JACK: Well, I think that is enough for this channel for one night. It's been a long time and I think we should let off.

GERDEAN: Alright.

RACHEL: It was nice talking with you, Jack.

JACK: Well, it was nice talking with all of you!

GERDEAN: Thank you, Jack.

JACK: Maybe we can all come back SOON. Good night.

GROUP: Good night.