1999-02-28-The Celestial Hierarchy

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Topic: Celestial Hierarchy

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham speaking now. I am grateful that you each have come here this evening and hope that I can share my love together with you and in some way guide and expand your understandings of spiritual matters.


Hierarchy, Angels

This evening we are going to discuss the natural celestial hierarchy and how this division of labor is efficient. Your textbook explains much of the inter-workings of the heavenly kingdom. It tells you of the many orders of sonship and all the varying roles that each order plays or orders that they discharge in the universe.

It is easy for the immature student to feel intimidated by this hierarchy and to feel somewhat oppressed by it but you must understand that it is for your benefit, you who are the lowest in this hierarchical chain, that this hierarchy exists at all. The higher orders of sonship exist in order to serve the lower orders. It is your welfare, your eternal careers, that are seen as having the upmost importance and in this way the lowest is the highest.

Your Creator Son, Michael, has the responsibility of millions of worlds. Hundreds of millions of sons follow his direction all for the purpose of shepherding the trillions of material children born upon the worlds of time and space through their mortal lives and on into their immortal career. It is the individual human life that is seen as the most precious thing in the universe.

Does not the ideal parent live in service of the children to nurture the child and to shepherd the child through childhood and adolescence. Likewise has the Universal Father, the creator of all things and beings, the infinite upholder of a vast universe, send himself to indwell the minds of the lowliest children in the most humble of places.

In all the Universe, this hierarchy of angels and various orders of beings exists to serve those that are lower. Thus, it is our mission task, it is for we who have gone on in our ascension careers to return to the lowly places from the splendid places on high, in order that we may serve the lowest of God's creatures, the humble material beings called human. We teach you also that you might serve your fellows and begin your ascension careers in service.

Yes, there is certainly a division of labor and or responsibilities and this is as is should be. In our immediate mission assignments, I have been given the responsibility of teacher organization and assignment. The teachers are trained directly under the Melchizedeks. Abraham has the responsibility of overseeing the mortal component and thus when you undertake your mission task, you serve technically and sometimes directly under Abraham. Abraham also, being responsible for the lowest is therefor my superior and all the teachers report to him. Whenever there is trouble within the groups between mortals in these teaching groups or whenever the teachers feel challenged by a mortal student, Abraham is always consulted. Abraham in turn reports directly to Machiventa Melchizedek who is the acting planetary prince of Urantia. He in turn, consults with other Melchizedek and ultimately with the Father Melchizedek, but he also has the open, direct, and complete communication with Michael himself.

There are roughly 200,000 teachers now upon Urantia who are undergoing training or who are working directly with mortals. More are arriving every day. All of the teachers are eager to serve and serve whenever there is the first recognition of communication. Sometimes this communication takes strange forms in the minds of those who are being communicated with and humans can imagine all kinds of things but as long as the message is being received with a fair amount of clarity, the communication will proceed. Some humans may think that they are receiving telepathy from a beast or from a spaceship or many things, but you can be sure that it is just the teachers. I give you this at this time because there has been some confusion and even some fear of our benevolent hierarchy. Are there any questions at this time?


Q: I imagine that the relationships between superordinate and subordinate are very respectful and very loving and not at all like the relationships that we find in this world in the military or in corporations.

Ham: Yes.

Q: Ham this past week I felt like I had some specific messages from Lisa but they were not what I wanted to here. Is it possible for you to give an assessment of my transmitting with Lisa?

Ham: Yes, it is my assessment that this communication is developing well and that you are getting a sense of her directness which is accurate. She is a very no nonsense type teacher which I felt was perfect for you and she is very excited and hopeful about being able to meet your needs and aid your growth.

Q: Ham, I have two questions. I want a personal message. Second, my mother is having a very difficult time right now and I am not sure how to help her and also she has asked if she can have a personal message.

Ham: Daughter, certainly I can give you some guidance. Your mother is in her core a very sweet soul and somewhat innocent. She can be somewhat brittle with her feelings, easily crushed because she idealizes others around her and doesn't choose to see a more rounded realistic picture of people. Also, her feelings of self-esteem are bound up with other people so if one of these people suddenly shows her a less than idealistic side then her own self-worth is even further diminished, she feels.

This is for her, this part here. Beloved child, you have come through much adversity in your life beginning with your parents, dealing with your parents. Some things you have not seen as being really adversity, as being difficult, but the Father who knows all things knows of all your struggles and all of your triumphs and fears. Lean on God the Father and allow his son to hold you in his arms. There is no shame in admitting that need for God and that need for comfort for he is the one who knows you completely and loves you completely just as you are, for yourself. Place your burdens upon him for he desires to shoulder them for you. Don't feel like you have to carry them alone.

Now, daughter, for you. You have much being thrust upon you event though you have desired it. This new responsibility is great and is yours not anybody else's. Don't let other's fears and worries and anxieties unduly influence your own best choices, your decision making. Know that you can trust yourself, that can trust your inner guidance. If you do this, you will have no regrets. Lean on your own inner spirit, the Father who lives within you, and ask for his guidance and you will receive it. But, being young, you will receive a lot of advice so you will have to step back from all of that and consult your own inner guidance before you make big decisions. I hope that this is helping.

Q: Very much, thank you.

Q: Ham, every day I a grateful to be involved in this mission, that you have made me a part of it, and that I have the great guidance that you and everyone else has given me. I have consulted with my teachers today about the situation that happened yesterday about the young boys, and they have answered as they see fit. Still it gnaws at me that there might be something I can do to help these boys. I am not disregarding my teachers advice, but I am asking what you think please. (Note, Carol and Jim were robbed at gunpoint by two 13-year old boys yesterday).

Ham: Well, it is my observation that a situation like that can bind people together in very deep ways and you feel that binding to these boys because that moment in time may have changed everyone's life. Getting them off the streets, getting their weapons removed was the best thing that could have happened for them. But, I see that you do not want them to be harmed further by the system that is in place to protect the public. If you feel especially to visit these children, it would not be against any rules and may be a benefit for all of you. There may even be a story in it. Is this helping?

Q: Yes it is as usual, thank you so much.

Q: Ham do you have a message for me tonight please?

Ham: Certainly, son, you are doing very well. In my view, you are really beginning to come into your own, beginning to self-realize. You are gradually leaving behind the pain of the past and are embracing the joy of the now and a love of life that is just now showing up and opening up. As you grow more and more in the spirit, you will have to acknowledge some of the pain from the past and let it go so that you can integrate all the parts of yourself. So, when you have episodes of this kind, don't feel that you are slipping spiritually, you are not, it is a natural part of spiritual growth.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me please?

Ham: Certainly, daughter, you have come through some hardships as well, some difficulties with your parents, your mother, that have hurt you more than you want to admit to. There is now quite a lot of confusion of issues of trust going on and this is really quite normal and a part of your maturing process. Don't be overly disillusioned to find some people can't live up to your expectations of them. You'll have lots of disillusionment until you just realize that everybody is human and that everybody makes mistakes. Your own feelings about yourself shouldn't be influenced by others. You also tend to get your own feelings of self-worth and self-esteem wrapped up with other people and when they turn out not to meet your expectations, you feel it is a reflection upon you. So, to navigate these waters that are full of obstacles and things that are unexpected, you likewise must go within and trust in the Father and in his ultimate care of you and ultimate control of your life. Your faith is very, very strong and the more you experience of life, the more that faith will be tested and strengthened so long as you have the right perspective and you know where your self ends and somebody else begins. Is this helping?

Q: yes, thank you.

Q: Ham do you have a personal message for me?

Ham: Certainly, son. Yes, you have been having some ups and downs, some emotional ups and downs. This is normal and is part of the growth process. As you grow in the spirit, these mood swings will gradually become less severe, less extreme. As you grow in faith, you learn that faith can overcome everything, and especially can overcome fear. Indeed, faith and truth cast out fear completely. But that fear is there for you to overcome, for you to reach out with faith, time and time again. This is part of growing, an integral part of the strengthening of character. So, know that all these feelings and emotions and inner turmoil, if you will, is all there for a reason. If you can take time every day to practice the stillness, that is having a few minutes, at least 10 minutes, of meditation, of quiet time, you will begin to be able to quiet the mind and to feel the Divine embrace in that time and this consciousness, this feeling of God's love, is the only thing that strengthens men. Practice the stillness and the Father will give you all that you need to tackle whatever problems come by. You will find that this is true.

Q: Ham I wonder if you have a personal message for me?

Ham: Certainly, son. You will learn over time that to lead is to serve. You have a natural leadership ability and some times you tend to push a little hard and push others a little hard out of your own enthusiasm and really good intentions. The Master said. "He who would be greatest among you must become the servant of all". You will learn that to humbly serve with the Father will accomplish miracles. While trying to lead the charge from the front lines will sometimes get you shot and you'll have to learn humility the hard way. So, this week, take some time to contemplate these words and let go a little bit and don't be afraid that everything will fall apart. You don't have to figure everything out all the time. Also, practice the stillness with complete sincerity and an open heart and the Father will give you that reassurance and love that you seek.

Q: Ham do you have feedback for me tonight please?

Ham: Certainly, son. Your life seems to get out of control quite a bit, but you are learning to let it and not be driven into anxiety by that. You are becoming an increasingly effective role model for many young people in your care. Your loyalty and devotion to them and to your work is very impressive. Maintain that complete loyalty to your higher calling that is becoming so evident and is manifesting in such remarkable ways. You are truly learning to allow the Father to comfort you and to receive his love. This is wonderful, continue and continue your interaction with your teacher Imanni. This is important.

Q: Ham, A. requested a message.

Ham: Certainly, daughter, you are growing in the spirit day by day and thus you are given the strength that you need to face trying times. You can't explain faith, you can only demonstrate it to others by living. Give your love unconditionally to those who need it. Be open and honest in all your dealings. You have always loved the truth. So, now is a time for complete honesty with yourself about your feelings. Don't be afraid to feel what you feel instead of what you think you should feel.


Q: Charlie wants to know what happens to children who die before receiving thought adjusters and whose parents do not survive?

Ham: The answer, actually changes, during different mortal epochs. In this time on your planet, there are very, very few such cases, in fact practically none and during the times of light and life, should such an occurrence happen, which is extremely unlikely, the child's records would go before the Ancients of Days for review and they would decide on the child's resurrection status. During the early human epochs when very few adults receive thought adjusters, then such children would not be resurrected. During this time, which is in between, a time when all normal minded humans receive adjusters and the spirit of truth has been poured out upon this world, in such a rare case the planetary prince would have the option of recommending such a child's records to go to the ancients of days, they would not go automatically as in light and life and would be on the recommendation of the planetary prince. But again, I wish to stress that these happenings are very unlikely in all the normal minded human beings. Those children born, say to severely retarded parents and who are severely retarded themselves or who have severe brain damage, if the parents are not resurrected then that child is not resurrected.

Q: Do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: First, I wish to say something to Charlie. Son, you are beloved by many more that you know. You have long felt somewhat isolated and alone and yet if you could have known how you have been surrounded by many beings who love you very deeply and who know you very well, the weight of many years would fall from you shoulders. I have watched you for many years, and know of your struggles and of your sincere seeking. Let me reassure you of your full and complete status in the kingdom, of your complete acceptance and total love by all the attending celestial beings and of your secure sonship with the Father. Plant your feet firmly son, for you are at home in the universe. Know that you are home and that you are welcomed and love.

Esmirelda, daughter, I know of your struggles and your severe testing at this time. Be assured that you faith is growing stronger every day, that your love of you fellows is growing stronger, broader, and more complete. Accept completely the love that is around you, the love that is offered you. Don't feel slighted if complete and unconditional love is not forthcoming from you mother. Receive it from the Father, from the Mother Spirit and from Michael. Don't expect it to come from human sources. It cannot. Therefore, exist in love, give love and receive love. All is well.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, you have much in store for you, much love coming toward you from unexpected sources. Be open to receiving love from all sources. Continue to grow in your self-awareness and self-realization. Be at ease, for all is well.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Continue son to follow the light, to love truth, goodness, and beauty, and to realize your own potentials. Continue to strengthen your faith in overcoming fear. Reach out with love to those who least expect it and continue to love the Father with all your heart and all your mind and to realize his love for you.

Q: Anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you are meeting may challenges well. I am happy that you are focus continuing to focus on your work, even while aiding Jarad in the task before you. When you are ready to write again, you will have much to contribute, much new to say and this is wonderful.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Son, you have much work before you and you are rising to the occasion which is wonderful. You will find many new situations coming that are unfamiliar and yet you are meeting these challenges very well with an appropriate sense of smallness and thankfulness and humility. This is all wonderful and will take you far. That is all.

Are there any further questions?


If there is nothing further, then I will take my leave and be with you again next week. Until then, my love and my prayers are with you each. Farewell.