1999-03-02-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Child, you are asking for a perfectly functioning mind, so you will not be so scattered in your thinking. This is the lesson to bring order out of chaos; for chaos to be harnessed into a razor sharp mind. With intent and focus, it will and can be done. You are on the way, for you know that awareness of a problem is half the battle. This is how it evolves. The fact that genetics play a role, cannot be overlooked, and of course; circumstances.

However, your prayer to the Healer of all certainly does not fall on deaf ears. Continue to work at it diligently, center yourself, and focus in present centered awareness. Let not your anxiety and low self-esteem run away with you. These are the two defrauders in your system. Look at this and notice these seed thoughts when uncertainty and insecurity tend to overtake your thoughts.

In the Name and in the Power of the great Healer, you can overcome negative tendencies. These are no longer required. Keep on an even keel, harmony and balance must prevail. Present centering in the Christ mind is the walk of the ages; the progress of the soul. The mind functions only as a tool to be sharpened for use by the Spark from God.

It will develop in time and space. More doors for healing are opening. Be aware of opportunities which will be placed in your path. And do not forget all the help available to you from the unseen world. All you have to do is ask, trust and believe.

The unfoldment of awakening souls is a continual source of amazement to us. We marvel at the creativity of First Source, which you collectively are mirroring and reflecting to the cosmos. Yes, there is truth, beauty, and goodness on dark little Urantia.

Bring it forth in your own life, and in time your light will merge with other lights to the greater glory of God, and for the upliftment of your home-planet. Rest assured that the plan of redemption shall not fail. Make it a joyous journey, for you are well cared for and protected.

Your friends and Teachers.