1999-03-05-Encouragement, Ongoing Transformations

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Topic: Encouragement, Ongoing Transformations

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Altern, Machiventa

TR: Bill K.



Lori (reading Alturn's message): Good morning my dear Lori. How good it is to be home again. I feel it, too. We had some connections in Philadelphia and I will confirm, yes, you were hearing your TA clearly at the show, on the streets, and in the airport. The cruelness of the big city brings new challenges to you.



It is difficult when your senses are overcharged with threatening and strong stimulus. You made it, and had some truly pure interactions. You spread more love and reached more people far and wide than usual. There were very few negative moments in your booth and throughout your experience. This helps to feel good about the trip and you made true progress both spiritually and professionally. You were God-conscious much of the time and it was not a coincidence people would stop and turn back to share their story with you. You had hundreds of true exchanges and you gave your love freely. You put your faith in God many, many times. True growth occurred.

You may have expected to be drained emotionally but instead you find you were charged. This is the result of being open and ready to exchange love. True, in this mode you are ready to receive hurt, too. But when you are guided by God and are not indulged in personal emotional gain, you transcend beyond the pain another may be discharging and feel remorse for your sibling. You again give love in return. This is a beautiful reaction and one we hope to see many more of your earthly siblings experience. As I have been relating to you my dear, all you do is integrated, woven deeply together. It is not in clean and separate little categories you can open and close as you like. Your life is made up of what you do and you are given a chance to serve at every level during each moment. This is just the beginning for you, my friend. You are existentially working on a creation that will carry you beyond this realm and reveal itself through the ages.

Light and Life

Machiventa(Bill): Greetings my dear children, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Prince. As is my habit, I attend as many meetings of this mortal Corp of the Reservists so that I may observe and rejoice with your instructors and residents, your devoted teachers, as we observe your morontial awakening. For you see, the soul being a morontial entity, your true self, is growing and developing while you are yet in mortal estate. This is the experience on a normal planet in the early stages and later stages of light and life. You sense that your conversation has multiple levels of meaning moving from everyday normal chit-chat to issues of greatest import. Your sense of being fed, of having your thirst slaked, is real. And yes, you do experience rest in this process.

My orders from our universe sovereign, Christ Michael, enjoin me to give all encouragement to the efforts of every God-seeking mortal on this planet, Urantia. So, in fact, this is being expedited in every way. Of course, we are completely supportive and wonderfully enthusiastic to see the degree of alignment that you are learning with your Indweller, the presence of God, within your minds. I realize that your society looks askance at claims to being in touch with Deity, as so often these kinds of statements have issued from a life of fanaticism. But, my friends, on a normal planet this would not be a laughing matter nor a matter for psychiatric intervention. It would be the majority experience.

When you gather together and speak the truth at the deepest level it shows that you have achieved a sense of security, a depth of compassion, and a sturdiness of trust in each other. That is, in fact, the experience of advanced worlds who have not experienced rebellion. My statements are meant to tell you that the dawn is not merely a slight perceptual change in the amount of darkness to become lightened. No, it has moved from that distant perspective right into your very midst! You are experiencing light and life in its beginning; and as Lori has so beautifully shared, you are all learning to become more God-conscious. When you speak the truth to each other without any degree of falsehood, without the shadow of a hair's turning, you are safe. For you are communicating soul to soul, Thought Adjuster to Thought Adjuster.

This transformation that you have experienced, which is ongoing for you is also happening in many places throughout this world. The circuits are connected. We are back fully instated in the constellation. The nightmare of the ages has ended. Thank you for your loving dedication to doing the will of our Father on Paradise, and our father/brother, Michael, and mother, Nebadonia, here in their universe. I am pleased to be associated with such stalwart mortals as you are. Indeed, you are the spiritual seed of Abraham, children of faith, whose destiny is to multiply and become like the stars of heaven. And so it shall be on Urantia. Good evening.


Daniel(Bill): I am Daniel. My joy is overflowing this evening as I sit here in your midst. I am thrilled to see the kind of progress that you are making. You have indeed surpassed my expectations many times. You are becoming to each other most effective teachers. And this is exactly what our Melchizedek school was hoping would occur. It is our prime objective to provide an emergency ministry and mission to this planet in the place of its defaulted and rebellious administrators thereby to bring into reality the correction, the redemption, and the transformation of this world.

I am not saying that you no longer need to hear from us, your teachers and mentors. I am saying that you have achieved a level of sharing which is not ego-based. You are not interested in winning arguments or persuading other people to think as you do; but you are, with true spiritual democracy, on equal eye level, sharing your souls' experience one with another. This TR is tired and his voice is shaking. I will allow for a period of questions, briefly, and then we will close our time off today. Here with me are also all of your personal teachers, your Melchizedek in residence, teacher Aaron; and there are others as well. I heard a question but I was still speaking. Please offer your comments again.



Nancy: Yes, Daniel. I'm sorry for interrupting you. My question is to Machiventa as it was stimulated by something Machiventa said in connection with an experience I had last night. I am certainly willing to have you, Daniel, answer it or any person there.

Machiventa said that we need to speak soul to soul in perfect honesty, that you are safe, is, I think, what I heard. I am wanting to hear more about that. What I am wondering is do both people's souls have to be willing to speak in total honesty to be perfectly safe? Here is the intent of my question...Can an individual, I, for instance, speak in perfect honesty with somebody who is not open to what I have to say and be perfectly safe? I know that we are perfectly safe with God, that nothing can happen in eternity, but I was just really struck last night by a situation in which I thought I experienced a very beautiful sharing of self, and I was touched by it. Other people were very judgmental of it and I thought they judged the person harshly. I suddenly felt very vulnerable because I see myself as being open very often and have thought of my openness as being a positive trait. But I am realizing that there is probably lots of judgment that goes on. So that is the context of my question and my reason for asking it.

Daniel(Bill): The statement that in sharing soul to soul you are perfectly safe was in reference to this context here in which each person has chosen to follow God's will. To suggest that you can be open and honest with everyone or anyone is erroneous for you need to know the level of discernment of your listener, of your person in conversation. If you talk about things, experiences, values and beliefs which are so foreign to them, they will either be intimidated or they could be persuaded that you are not mentally stable..and there could be other reactions.

Jesus was a master in many ways including the way that he could tell to what degree a person was open to truth. He did not talk with some people at all for they were not ready to hear his words. So the meaning of that statement was in fact an affirmation of the sharing level that occurred tonight and was partly for the benefit of this TR who, I am told, had no intention of sharing his phobia, but because of the safety, his soul was free to speak.

Ken: Daniel, I have a question. Do we have time?

Daniel(Bill): Go ahead, my friend.


Ken: As you know, there is a friend that asked a question of a statement in "The Center Within" and I would like to read what he is asking. "Teacher Will says, when you pray, you show the Father exactly where you are and provide him with information that he could not gain any other way. The question is, 'This statement appears to be counter to the perception that the Father is all knowing. What is it that the Father does not know and how can this be achieved only through prayer?'"

Daniel(Bill): This question addresses the whole concept of experiential Deity on the level of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and possibly experientially Absolute. It is like asking the great 'I AM' what need did he have to create the perfect universe of Havona around the perfect Isle of Paradise and what need did he have to facilitate and authorize the evolutionary universes so that God the Supreme could evolve? To answer this question fully and adequately would require a reply from the First Source and Center himself. However, we can speculate. I agree with teacher Will in that there is a knowledge born of experience which is unique and different from other kinds of knowledge. For example, one may read many articles on the experience of flying in an airplane, but the actually life experience of flying in a real airplane is so much greater and more complete that while mind can imagine, from information in one's memory banks of similar sorts of things, what it might be like to fly, still, there is nothing that can be substituted for the reality of the experience itself.

Obviously, God has many reasons for creating space-time finite level reality. It is of the nature of love to share; and the Father, the Son and the Spirit, one Deity, are the authors of that love. Sharing is a two-way street. You mortals know the pleasure of the reciprocal relationship that you have with children who know virtually nothing of life's experiences and yet enrich your life with their presence, their questions, their behavior and their lovely personalities. In prayer men and women express their true soul's desires. The Father, through his Fragments within each person, experiences that soul's identity and nature, even as parents experience the identity and nature of their children. This is only an approximate, speculative answer, perhaps; but at the risk of sounding arrogant, I will say that there is no substitute for experience, even for God! This is my answer.

Ken: Thank you Daniel. I thank those present for giving Isaac the voice to speak this evening. That was a very thoughtful answer. A very loving answer. Thank you.

Bill (Daniel) Actually Ken, this is not a foolish question. We often discuss these sorts of things on the levels above mortality. So while we have more experience than you, we must always qualify this sort of speculation. But of one thing we are sure. We know the universe of universes exists because of the love of God. Of that love may we all draw on freely; and it is our greatest joy to share with others.


On this note I do believe this evening has reached its fulfillment. I thank you for your pure desire to follow the leading of your divine Pilot within. I love you all very much. I am a most proud teacher and elder brother. In behalf of all the staff here, all the hard-working teachers who work with you and love you, I say, "Let love answer all your questions." Good evening.


Lori recently returned from an art show in Philadelphia, PA, and read a message from her personal teacher to the group. It was decided to include this message in this transcript