1999-03-07-Self, Havona, More

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Topic: Self, Havona

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Isaac, Elyon

TR: Sarah, Jonathan



Isaac (Sarah TR): Hello, this is Isaac. I am known to be the playful one. Most of the time I am away from Urantia. I go to other planets; I go to another universe. I check out all the voltages and the fuses, the energies. I can use my imagination to form new playthings. I come onto Urantia to restart another project.


The picture you can see as you are embodied is so small compared with the large picture. As a pure spirit you will be able to travel, to enjoy, without the problems of food, shelter, cars. You would be free from all this. You won't be guessing about what is coming next or in the future or be stressed out. It will all be there for you to see.

Those of you who have had someone you love pass over, the feelings would be very happy if you could see how they are enjoying their spirit life. All spirits are loving and caring. You have chosen to be embodied on Urantia. This is a test to further your growth, therefore helping you see how people feel when, as an angel, you will be back here on Urantia to help. As the currents and the lifelines help the Teaching Mission... [Sarah: I can't get any more with that.]

We are with you always. You have little partners walking along with you, and yet you could experience mind travel. To be open to ask what you would like or how you would like to have something explained is very much...

[Sarah: I'm having trouble here. I'm going to have to quit, I'm drawing a blank.]

Jonathan: Isaac, you mentioned having friends pass on. Last Friday I lost a good Urantia friend, she moved on. I don't know what proper procedures are, but if the Ancients of Days take requests, I would like for her to be considered for special resurrection. Her dedication and service to Michael have been strong for decades. If testimony from an evolutionary creature is considered, I would like to submit that request.

Isaac: This is Isaac. In your friend's case you can talk with her yourself. Ask for a mediator, one of the teachers you feel comfortable with, and he will act as an interpreter. You will find it very hard to speak with the loved one, but you will be able to easily talk with Elyon or any teacher who knows you are not trying to play a game. Let him act as middleman. You can say something to her; she can say something back. There is this power that is seldom used. As far as the Teaching Mission goes, we have opened these channels, and they will continue to grow in depth. It is a part of life, and you can be assured that each of you will have a post-life when you leave here.

Has this helped?


Jonathan: Yes. It will be fun to work toward a communication like that. Being steeped in The Urantia Book, I would allow her at least a three days' rest before expecting resurrection! Thank you.

Elyon (Jonathan): Greetings today, friends. This is Elyon. It is good to be back in your company as a group, knowing you know full well I attend you during the week, not only to witness your experiences and thereby better prepare our teaching staff to assist you, but I also am simply desirous to fellowship, to sit beside you and enjoy your ordinary experiences without the purpose of directing you in the form of lesson, for part of my mission is to be your friend as well as your counselor. Though you know that your focus in human form does not always accommodate higher morontia sensitivity, that does not deter myself or my associates from enjoying your company. We do laugh along side you. We do share all your human emotions, even after eras of morontia life have transpired for us. Being one who has been mortal, physical in form, I will never entirely lose this sensitivity. Your angels may not grasp some of your turmoil, your emotional distresses, but I do.

Personality, our very being, is from the Father, and you know from your studies it does not change. You can count on "you" being "you" no matter what the experiences you go through in life are or how you react to them. You will emerge "you". The benefit of all experience, whether it be tumultuous or ecstatic or the gray spectrum in between, is that you derive good in one degree of intensity or another and carry this forever with you. You know this to be your accumulated soul experiences. These are not simply memories; this is living substance. And this living substance is not simply your possession; it also is "you". Including the Father's Fragment in this threefold relationship you can be assured that you are divinely blessed, that whether your experiences are painful, delightful, evil, or good the result will be the beautiful gift of soul, the inevitable ascension of your personality, and the continual ministry of the Father.

Not one of these three will need to be fixed as the years and ages roll on. They naturally will undergo the processes that the Father wills be undertaken. However, that leaves another realm or dimension of your life that is in your lap to change, to correct, or to develop from its infancy into maturity. This is the, what you might call, lower realms of your human composition: your mental, your emotional, neurological and physical arenas. You are wholly in charge of what takes place in these realms. Here is where you make your corrective work. Even your character is adjustable by paying attention to your thought patterns, your emotional reactions, and the health and well being of your physical vehicles. Know when the chips are down that on the higher side, the level of the presence of the Father, your permanent personality, and your ever-growing soul, all things are developing perfectly well and in line with the Father's will. Rest in the assurance and trust of this very truth. Then be emboldened and invigorated and surcharged with power to approach the mental, emotional, and physical dimensions that have that more perilous element of danger or infection or insanity. These are temporary turbulences that yield soul growth as you apply yourself diligently to the task at hand for righting a wrong or for amplifying goodness you discover in your life.

Always know the end result will be beautiful, and trust yourself to be strong enough to do the work that lies before you. I witness this as I watch you live your days. I know when you feel helpless or unskilled. But I also see the entire mechanism, the integration of all these dimensions of your selfhood. They contribute to one another well. Rise in your perspective when things are difficult, apparently gloomy. Know that this small shadow of gloom is only one of six or seven dimensions of your entire being. The others can radiate with all the brilliance of spiritual goodness and overcome, uplift, and transform that one dark element.

Years ago I related to you that I loved to watch you struggle, for, though I wish no undue pain upon you, I do witness the growth, and I see the brilliance emanating from your beings these few short years since I first relayed that to you. Your light has magnified immensely. Let the records show that your assigned teacher Elyon approves of all your efforts to this date. I give you all high graded commendations. We have much work to do. We have arenas in which to apply ourselves that we as a group have not yet entered. But they will come upon us in due time as we each make our freewill adjustments and dedications.

I have said plenty today and will pause.


Ginnie: Thank you for the commendation.

Elyon: You are welcome.


Ginnie: This probably sounds like a silly question, but can you recommend ways to improve upon or bypass the conditioning I have that forms my beliefs and behaviors?

Elyon: I would first say that this is indeed not a silly question, for you drive home to the center of my speech this morning. Your conditioning does have great bearing upon you, but it is not inflexible, that is, the conditions of what I mentioned as the lower half of your selfhood, for the upper half conditions are themselves based in truth, beauty, and goodness, and these conditions we all desire to have effect our ordinary lives.

One helpful tip I could offer is to evaluate when you behave based on a condition whether or not your reaction, because of this prior condition, bears upon your own self needs and choices or another individual's. If it is another individual that your preconditions are stimulating your behavior, that is the starting point for detaching and providing the opportunity for alternate behavioral responses, to allow another the freedom to be themselves at whatever scale in spiritual development they are in, in order that they may learn the lessons of that level of awareness.

Your conditions are only a small fragment of the entire scope. You can be a minister, you can help, you can offer your love and your mercy, but they are the ones who must take on the changes. Then as you discover the freedom of allowing and tolerating another, you can better permit yourself to undergo these same cycles that take time to bring change. You could play the game of "high self and low self" and be as tolerant of your low self as you would be of another. Love transforms all, and love of a friend for another friend has transformed many an individual. This same love of your perfect self will transform your imperfect behavioral self.

Conditions are like set switches. They can be toggled into new arrangements. Some have grown rather rusty and locked in a position and will require a great deal of force to switch it. These may have to be permitted to remain in their setting as you busy yourself with the easier reconfigurations. But even these reconfigurations can have an effect upon those more stubborn settings and soften them, even go so far as to eliminate them entirely. It is popular at this point among many of your kind to ask, "What would Jesus do?". This is helpful. You can also ask, "What alternately may I do?" Know that the chemistry of your own physical organisms reacts and begins actions often ahead of consciousness of your mind and its decisions. This disjunction needs to be allowed. It can be helpful to let the initial transaction transpire with watchcare, of course. Then, when you have caught up with yourself, begin to effect change. To be frustrated at the initial response which is semiautomatic will not help until you have taken care of the reactions that follow that, and those changes will have a reactive effect upon your more automatic responses. Before you know it, episodes in your future will transpire similar to your past and, behold, you will have reacted the way you would desire to in your ideal senses.

Does this help?

Ginnie: Oh, very much, thank you. I just keep forgetting that I may have conditioning that is not easy to look at. I also have other conditioning, namely my Thought Adjuster that I can focus on.

Elyon: That is one toggle switch you would not want to switch.

Ginnie: This is a curiosity question: In reading through The Urantia Book I think it was on Havona, the Central Universe, it says that if we want to know something we can just read it in the registry. What does that mean? How does that happen? How do we acquire any new information in the higher realms?

Elyon: I am taught in the schools I attend that Havona is a beautiful place, replete, a creation perfect and revealing of the creative perfectibility of the Father. There is built into the Central Universe the patterns which eventually will result in the time/space and transcendent time/space episodes that are taking place now and in the future. Contained in Havona are the answers to the questions not even yet conceived of in these realms. These registries reveal these patterns. However, our orders of being have to undergo experience. So, even for us to expose ourselves to these registries, we will perceive the pattern, we will perceive that Paradise ideal, but we will yet need to undergo the experience of acquiring and imbedding that pattern into our own soul makeup. Havona is apparently one incredibly huge, wondrous realm that will keep us all occupied for many ages just beholding the remarkable exquisiteness of its construction and its inter-workings. It is, I understand, so different from the superuniverse levels that we will have to be reminded to continue our progress; the sightseeing will be distracting.


It pleases me that you are pondering the Central Universe. I do much of that myself. Though many in your group have remarked how I am many ages older than yourselves, when we think about Havona we put ourselves right at the same level of accomplishment.

Ginnie: Thank you.