1999-03-12-The Loving Father

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Topic: The Loving Father

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you. From where I stand, I perceive your comments and what you learned on shame, very impressive. I know my lessons appear simple and short, and there are reasons for that.


My brother/co-worker, Ham, began the seed of information in 1991. His words were more of a variety and quantity. Ham began with the seed that would start this Teaching Mission. From there the tree grew and began to take root. From my friends words I now pick up where he left off. I add more roots, shall we say. My roots are small for now, but nonetheless required for a firm hold in the soil, a firm hold in the foundation that is our spirituality. My lesson will be short to leave more room for questions.

I wish to bring to your attention the loving personality of our Father and how it leads us to true worship. Long ago when I walked the Earth I worshiped Father out of a sense of duty. I worshiped Him so I would be pleasing in His eyes. I worshiped Father to find favor with Him. As time passed I learned a new and different concept of the Eternal Father with a little help from my friend, Machiventa. I learned of Father's generous attributes slowly through life experiences and it occurred to me, His goodness draws me to Him. His kindness drives me to recognize Him.

In my recognition I am touched by His powerfulness, His magnificent over-control of this world. I am then drawn to worship and appreciate this loving Father who has so carefully guided me, although the way has not been smooth.

I am in the realization that the same Father who creates the universes dwells within my own being. As time goes by I still stand in awe and wonder of the Father of the universes. Now I realize the road Father planned out for me is the best road. I wouldn't have taken any other, as I look back. My friends, I realize it is difficult in the material form to feel His closeness, Father's love, Father's concern, but I ask you to make an effort to recognize His loving watch-care over you, recognize His closeness, His kindness, His concern for every living thing that contains soul.

Stop a moment to ponder the greatness and grandeur of our loving Father who builds the universes, who hangs the stars at night. Yes, I tell you this Absolute Personality of Pure Love and Life Energy, fragments Himself and He dwells within you. His love for you is complete and pure. He truly needs nothing from you in return. I tell you, the Father desires to know you and for you to know Him. He desires for you to give Him back your love. I say, the more you know our Father, the easier it is to love Him. I ask you all to take a short moment that we may thank our Father together. (MOMENT OF SILENCE).


Our Father, you know us through and through and we know that you love us, no matter what. We need not hide from you. We stand in awe of your magnificence. We know of your great tasks you have performed, but we are here to bid you thanks for your contribution to our individual personalities. We are small. We are young beings just recognizing your awesome love and strength. We who recognize your indwelling self are overflowing in your radiance and light. We extend to you our deepest gratitude and we send you our unending love.