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Topic: Beauty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am enjoying your conversations. These stories are like Father's fingerprints on your pathway. Today I will be discussing beauty within the individual and how this beauty manifests into the world around you.


I once thought beauty to be something that was for only my own pleasure, something to be perceived through my eyes. It was sort of a selfish attribute that I had learned. My first real understanding of beauty was through my friend, Machiventa Melchizedek. He taught me to see beauty with my heart and inner self. I had learned that beauty was not only perceived through the eyes, but it was also a feeling. To me, understanding beauty, I must almost become one with the object, person or deed. I have learned the truly beautiful things I must see or know, my Indwelling Fragment assists in my ability to perceive.

Think of the most beautiful thing you have envisioned here on the Earth and magnify that visual account a thousand times. My friends, this is what awaits each of you: Beauty that transcends your five senses; beauty that you are so connected to that you cannot possibly describe, but beyond visual beauty there lies a deeper experience.

True beauty is in that generous deed performed without thinking. True beauty is that impulse to do good to another. Beauty is facing your adversities with an attitude of steadfastness. Beauty lies in that moment you realize that your Creator walks by your side and you can understand why your Creator leads you in a certain direction.

Confidence in your own inner beauty bestows a feeling of freedom to understand and know that your own inner beauty is a gift from Father, and that you are His child, undoubtedly frees you of limitations put upon you by others. Beauty is not an object to be held and guarded. Beauty is living just as truth is living. To understand and know that beauty is everywhere and in everything is to know that where there is beauty, so also, is there God, for He is the source of true beauty.

I can say, that I have witnessed some truly beautiful moments in you and some moments not so beautiful. I can say that each one of you are filled with a beauty beyond description. As the soul grows so does the beauty of the soul. In your world beauty is not so commonly recognized. The ugliness of disastrous events seem to be of more interest. Without focus on the beautiful deeper meaningful things in this life, the acknowledgment of beauty dwindles. But a positive attitude and a recognition for the beautiful by an individual is shared with another, this acknowledgment of beauty can spread, can grow.

This week I ask you to acknowledge your own inner beauty and how you can share and attract attention to the beauty in this life. As for visual beauty, art, I ask you to be at one with the art, feel the colors, notice the shapes and textures. I also ask you to pay close attention to the beauty the Father bestows in your life.


C.: Abraham, in trying to acknowledge the beauty of our own selves, how is it that we can acknowledge that without getting into conceit or something, especially if you are expressing that? I can see how you can appreciate the goodness that comes from within and what you are growing and learning, but acknowledging it or expressing it would be a different thing.

ABRAHAM: Yes, in acknowledgment of inner beauty could be witnessed through good deeds done on impulse without having to think about it. This shows that you are acquiring attributes of your Paradise Father. Recognizing inner beauty takes much time. You can look back five years perhaps and realize you are not the same man that you are now. I would say you have grown in beauty and God-consciousness. But as I understand your question, to go overboard with perceiving your own inner beauty is not to worry about, for a child who truly desires to be corrected by Father, will be corrected, and if you are off balance in your self perception, Father will surely let you know. Good question! Another question?

E.: Abraham, I'm increasingly becoming aware that when you talk to someone and there is goodness and truth, there is also beauty, regardless of how they physically appear. Is this an accurate perception?

ABRAHAM: Yes. Truth and goodness intermingle with beauty. Where you have truth, goodness, and beauty therein lies our Father. You are correct in your understanding. Yes, beauty goes beyond visual perception. Does this help? (Yes.) Another question?

L.: Abraham, I have very little trouble seeing true beauty and love in other people, but when I look inside myself it is very difficult to see it. A little bit is there, but I just see kind of my own life and my self-centeredness...very little love, even though I want to have love for other people, a lot of it seems to have died with my son.

ABRAHAM: Understood. You are not alone in your individual perception of yourself. This is why my lesson asks you to search for your inner beauty and not so much the beauty in others, because as you have said, to see this beauty in yourself is more difficult. You need not feel bad about your feelings. They are perfectly understood. I can say, Father sees your true beauty and He knows your true heart and your desire to love. Your inner beauty is there and the search for it need not cause anxiety or impatience. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome.