1999-03-22-Scribbles from Lytske

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Topic: Scribbles from Lytske

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Lytske



Here you sit again in attendance waiting for words to come. You have no needs, other than the need to focus and be present, everything is taken care of. ‘Those who wait upon the Lord shall have wings as eagles, to fly and do His bidding.’ Many there are who fly, and are not aware that they are in His service.

Service becomes more alive and filled with holy instances, holy moments, when the living in the present is being done in greater consciousness. Everything moves in its own relative perfection. Choices are made or not made, decisions are made or not made, sometimes totally unconscious without any awareness of the consequences, and so life gets chosen and lived according to decisions without any great awareness about the ramifications, the repercussions.

At times it is better to pause and ponder about the wisdom of a choice, or a so called opportunity being missed. The human system can handle only so much. It needs time to grow and integrate. It needs time to breathe, to love, to play, and to learn to serve with clarity and joy. This life is meant to be lived in joy and in harmony with the self.

Your inner delicate balance is coming unto a surer footing as you are beginning to learn that the system has compensatory mechanisms in which it learns how to be in balance amid imbalance. How slowly, very slowly the co-ex matrix, (condensed energy matrix) aligns itself with the divine blueprint, as nothing is gained by going into chaos.

A slow steady climb upward is required without skipping any steps in the process. Sometimes you climb faster, at other times you need vistas to pause and enjoy the view, otherwise, there is much beauty lost if no time is taken to enjoy the sights and wonders in the present.

Know that everything is in the planning of the Creator, who knows all, sees all, understands all, and knows your intent. You will grow exponentially the more you apply yourself to the task at hand, rather than mulling about the future or the past.

Allow yourself to be. Growth, true growth, happens in the inner life when the physical, mental, emotional and chemical systems are in balance with each other in Spirit. There is no need to overload the circuits. A time out, a resting period, an inner sorting through, is now in the process. Much needs to be integrated, so be nice to the self, love yourself, and give yourself time without the ‘must do’s’.

Enjoy the vista, for life is beautiful, and remember God’s Love for you and each of His creatures, alive and breathing, for He is the ultimate Creator and Source of all energy vibration. It is all One. Ponder this and enjoy His Energy in ‘stepped down’ form coursing through you, and through everything else in its own shape and form. Enjoy the connectedness of the All That Is.