1999-03-28-Nature of Perception

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Topic: Nature of Perception

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, friends, I am Ham and again I want to thank you all for coming here tonight. We have come far over a very short period of time. You have all dedicated yourselves to understanding these lessons and carrying them out in your lives. This has not been easy, nor has it always been comfortable for you, yet you all have persevered and I am very grateful to you and to our Father for this.


Thought Adjusters

Let us talk once more about the nature of reality and perception. You are all learning about the nature of time and of space through your ability to perceive these things. The mind is able to traverse both time and space, so you are somewhat free of these constrictions.

Due to certain actions of your thought adjusters, some of you have had quite extraordinary experiences. Your indwelling spirit is not constrained by either time or space in any way. This good spirit can be simultaneously on the mansion worlds, and with you. He can be on Paradise and with you at the same time. He is also present in your past and in your future, at once. He can bring forward important memories, very vividly, when they serve his purpose. For he can project the life that is to come in a few years, or in a thousand years, should is suit his purpose.

Spacetime, Decision

The past and the future are hinging on this moment. The decisions that you make today, greatly influence the future you will experience and the adjuster changes his experience of your future depending on these decisions. So, a decision you make today may impact you days from now or years from now when it comes to its fruition for the adjuster that decision has immediate impact and changes his experience at that moment. Also, your decisions in the present time impact what the adjuster chooses to bring forward in your memory life. The adjuster really guides and directs your memories, even though it seems quite random that one thing should lead to another, it is not.

Think of it like a pie chart, with your decision being in the middle. As you make a decision to turn in a certain direction, there is a wedge created that goes out in time which holds the possibilities in the future that are created by that decision. The indwelling spirit experiences all those possibilities. You, in time, experience some of these possibilities and they each change as you make new decisions.

Often times people seem to get side tracked in life and go in directions that do not seem to lead to where their first feelings of self would seem to point. But, believe me, sooner or later, in this life of in the next, your adjuster will lead you back to where you need to be. Other people seem to go in a straight line from early childhood to old age with a single mindedness. And these people have missed a lot of experiences that would have aided in their journey.


None of your experience has been in vain. All experience is fruitful. As you grow and progress in your lives, you become more sensitive to the Father's guidance because your eyes are opened to it, you are alert to the signs. Be assured, the Father does have a plan for your lives. It is a plan that expresses the best you that you can be at any given time.

Some of you feel that you have taken a long and roundabout road to get where you are today and, yes, there might have been quicker routes, you might have saved yourselves some pain and suffering by following the Father's will sooner, but I assure you there is great value in all your experiences. Throughout them all, you have learned something about yourselves and you have learned the hard way what is fruitful and what is not. But, these lessons now are deeply ingrained in your characters. They will not be forgotten, a thousand years from now.

You are also learning deep lessons early. They are lessons that will stay with you throughout your eternal career. Most of all, you are learning that all good things come from God and that you can't find the love of God anywhere else. In this short and intense life, the greatest lesson you have learned is how to turn to God so that you can turn to him often and in any circumstance. You know now that you can trust the Father to guide you, to give you comfort, to give you aid, but most of all you know that he will give you love.

Now you are learning the next step and that is the art of surrendering your will to his greater will. When you learn to do this, you can be assured that you will learn that which is necessary for you to know. You will experience that which is necessary for you to experience and you will grow in love and in wisdom throughout your days on this planet.



Q: There is a question from Charlie. In the UB it states that many aspects and mysteries surrounding death would be greatly cleared up for us humans if many borderline interactions that occur surrounding death could be revealed. It then says that cannot be revealed at this time. Can this information now be revealed to us, or is it still restricted?

Ham: Each person's crossing over experience is unique. No two are exactly the same. Some people remain conscious while their morontia body or soul is separated from the material body. Then there is the experience of a transition in perception beginning to experience the what we would term the morontia-land awareness which occurs at roughly the same time so that though this person's morontia body is still in the physical proximity to the material body, one's perception is greatly altered and seems to be in a completely different world. In this awareness comes the greetings from your angels and midway creatures and anyone else who is concerned with this transaction period. People can also feel a greater awareness of their lives as a whole and can experience repentance for past wrong-doing. For some this may seem like a punishment to perceive their lives the way they truly are. Others can experience some satisfaction and will feel more welcomed into the next life than others. At the end of this period of life review and eventual welcoming you are told of the mansion worlds and are prepared to be enseraphimed and will then give up consciousness voluntarily in order to travel. Most humans, though, relinquish consciousness at death and do not regain it until reawakening on the mansion worlds. On the mansion worlds is where the life review takes place. An increasing number, though, are quite conscious going through the death experience and this is wonderful to observe.

Q: Is this a choice of the Adjuster as to whether you will be conscious or not?

Ham: Yes, and it is dependent greatly upon spiritual advancement in this life. It is really quite pleasurable to relinquish the heavy body and the pain that may be associated. I remember being overwhelmed with love and tranquility. Although I had great faith while in my mortal body, I was surprised at how quickly and easily and joyfully I was allowed to pass over. I remember thinking that if I had known that is was going to be like that, I wouldn't have tried to hold on so long to my mortal life. Does this answer?

Q: Ham, I have to leave early so if you have anything for me tonight I would appreciate it.

Ham: Certainly son, you are beginning to discern the Father's higher will. The higher morality, the higher life calling to you. You have long made decisions based on your own needs or what you perceived your needs to be. Now you must make decisions based on what is the higher good and if all things should crumble in pursuit of the higher good you know that he will care for you regardless. Everyone comes to decisions were we must choose between what is seemingly best for us and that which is higher, which God calls us to which means we must renounce our own needs and trust the Father with our care. Look in your life, if there are any decisions like that.

Error, Acceptance

Q: When we make a mistake or a poor choice, does the Thought Adjuster project ways to recover and even what we can learn from this? And so can we really believe that God makes everything we do turn out for the best?

Ham: Absolutely. And very well put.

Q: In a way, that implies a level of self-acceptance we are so unwilling to give ourselves.

Ham: The good father does not condemn his child for choosing childishly. He allows the child to choose again, pointing out the better way. The Father does not condemn anyone for their so-called mistakes. In many of those mistakes have been the greatest lessons. Sometimes, what you would see as a mistake, the Father had already forecast and has given you all the good that can possibly gleaned from this choice. Therefore, do not fear making mistakes. From the Father's point of view, there are very few real errors. To knowingly sin, is something else and when you engage in something like that, you do reap the consequences which are inexorable. The consequences are a part of the act. But, making a mistake along the lines of should I move to this town or should I go to this school or something like that, there are no real mistakes in these kinds of decisions.

Q: I want try to articulate an insight. The Father sees and knows the final perfect beings we are going to be and the plans for our lives are the course we are to take to get to that final state.

Q: Do you have a personal message and or advice for me this week?

Ham: Certainly Ricalo my son. You are experiencing some difficulties that are full of lessons and will help you very much later on. When humans go through difficulties and are frustrated with their human partners or coworkers, it is hard to see the value, but later on, when time has passed, the value seems to multiply. Be assured that all is as it should be, that you are learning what you need to know for greater work in the future. You are being led, step-by-step, into greater things. Have complete faith in this process, and all is well.

Q: Ham, may I ask for a personal message this week please?

Ham: Daughter, you have much to give and much to learn in this life. You are still dealing with some issues that seem to be insoluble but you must see, with the aid of God's hand, how many things seem to melt away that seem to be like stone. You are learning to relax, to let go of problems. There have been times when you have guarded your pain like this dog is guarding his treat, but your don't have to do that. You can allow the Father to take these burdens and open your heart to increasing happiness without fear that it will all fall down tomorrow. You are safely in the Father's care.

Thought Adjusters, Circuits

Q: Ham, I have a question about the lesson. There is a passage in the Urantia book (109:2.6) that talks about our Thought Adjuster leaving us and being trained. It worried me the idea that the Though Adjuster might leave us, even if it is during our sleep. In light of what you told us tonight about the Thought Adjuster being able to be in two places at once, can you explain this so I can understand?

Ham: Certainly. What in the Urantia book is termed Thought Adjuster detachment? The adjuster can travel tremendous distances in a flash of an instant and be trained in another realm, even while you sleep. Yet, truly, the adjuster has not lost consciousness of you . He is still connected through the circuits. When your planet was in isolation, there could be brief periods of what you would experience as lost contact, but still very brief. Now that the circuits are reinstated, that doesn't happen.

Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, son. You are learning humility, learning to lay aside your own needs and wants for a greater good little by little. You will have to understand that the Father holds many hard lessons for his children, that you cannot learn to follow him by following yourself. The Father will always lovingly guide you to the higher road, but this higher road is not an easier one. It is one that requires more from you. Be at peace, for you are making good progress. Allow the Father to guide your life without bridling or pulling in your own direction. Learn to carry those burdens the Father has given you to carry, but to renounce the ones that you insist on carrying yourself.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, daughter, allow yourself to love but don't force yourself to love. Allow yourself to receive love, but don't require love from others.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, be yourself, not who you think you should be in any given situation. Be aware that the efforts to please others do not always make you feel happy. Begin to acknowledge some unconscious anger with the pressures to conform.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, find increasing joy in the little things of life. Don't deny yourself the things you want to do, the pleasure you want to take. Give yourself permission to be joyful.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Certainly, son. You are making great progress even though this is not conscious. The effects of spiritual growth always bear fruit. Allow yourself to bear these fruits. Let go of your control, be more present in the moment and conscious of how you feel.


Q: That thing about letting go of control, but there is no one who would like to do that more that me. How do you do it?

Ham: In the present. You have to be conscious of your body and its needs and wants. When you overeat, for example, you are not conscious of your body you are conscious of greed and taking and getting as much as you can. If you would step back from those impulses, be in the moment, how do I feel? Does my body want this? You see?

Q: I am never hungry when I am overeating, that's not what it is about. It's not that I am hungry. Thank you.

Q: Ham, I would appreciate a personal message please.

Ham: Son, you are doing very well. You are coming to new beginnings. New beginnings in the same things, new beginnings in old relationships, for example. You are allowing yourself to be wrong. You are allowing new changes into your life that are for the best and this is wonderful to see. Be at peace, for all is well and as it should be.

Q: Ham do you have feedback for me this week please?

Ham: Certainly, son. You are likewise doing well and are getting closer to your authentic self. You are finding love and acceptance from many places that are new to you. Remember to continue your consultation with Imanni, they are very helpful and important.

Q: Continuing to think about... If I knowingly continue to overeat knowing that . ... is that a sin?

Ham: Yes, it is self-destructive and contrary to the Father's will.

Q: One last question. On this whole issue of overeating. I have read that a lot of overeating has to do with a problem with the mother. We have talked so much about our failed fathers, I would like to request at some point we discuss mother love and how that might effect us and these issues of overeating that I struggle with too.

Ham: Yes, I would look to feelings of abandonment. This does not have to be physical abandonment as much as emotional distance and emotional abandonment. It is the mother who give comfort and emotional support to the young child and when this is missing, the child finds ways to comfort himself with food or later with alcohol or drugs. It is very much a part of that syndrome.

Q: Can we heal ourselves by somehow accessing the Mother Spirit?

Ham: Certainly, yes. The Mother Spirit is a key, especially with men, it is important to access the Mother Spirit and to access their own nurturing side. All the comfort and the love that you are missing is available. You must be open to receive it.

Q: So you pray that you can be open to receive it?

Ham: Certainly.


Farewell and go in peace children.